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Astrology is the study of the celestial bodies in our home solar system against the backdrop of the zodiac signs of the ecliptic. The ecliptic circle is the band of 12 astrological constellations that surround the earth at the equator. Astrologers determine a horoscope chart based on locale, astronomy and a time of birth. Over centuries it has been observed that specific behaviours and events have archetypal symbology in the zodiac signs, houses, planets and their inter-relationships. In essence, astrology is a subtle language of symbols and archetypes which can be understood, like any other language, as representing thoughts, ideas, words and actions.

I’ve been told astrology is bad

Astrology is a topic that encourages quite a variety of reactions. The most common response from naysayers is, “I don’t believe in astrology” or “that is nonsense.” These people react as if astrology was a form of faith or religious practice in competition to their own beliefs. Likely because many people have been taught by their organised religion that consulting astrology is satanic or it is a tool of the devil and to be avoided at all costs lest one lose their soul to Satan. Or something along those lines.

Scientists commonly refer to astrology as a pseudoscience which it is not. Astrology is an esoteric language and saying you do not believe in astrology is like saying you do not believe in French or Japanese. Astrology is no more evil or satanic than any other language although some people use language to hurt or take advantage of others. It is a natural human reaction to fear the unknown or anyone and anything different and some will strike out at anyone or anything different from the familiar. In essence, their subconscious xenophobia and religious or social interactions may support fearing unknown people, ideas, and theories especially if they nullify or counter their own current belief system.

A just as common response in some people when hearing about astrology is, “The zodiac; cool. What can you tell me about my sign?” For many people, astrology is a language or practice that may entertain, provoke thought, or help guide them in self-empowerment and greater success. Its roots in ancient history and mythology should not be denigrated any more than other practices, art forms, religions and sciences that have the same or similar origins. In ancient times astrology was the form of psychology for the ancient people as psychology and therapy did not exist then. Astrology can still serve to bring understanding to behaviour and unexpected events in the same way that ancient mathematical theories or medical practices still have value today. We know much more about astrology today in the same way we know more about math or medicine but it would be foolish to toss away that knowledge or deny its validity just because its roots are also ancient.

It’s because of both reactions that I’ve created this astrology web site because no matter how aggressively religion and science attempt to discredit astrology it has endured. Many clients have reported to me that I have helped them. Just as many return annually for another horoscope reading so I am happy they feel they received value for the fee charged.

My aim is to provide basic and intermediate astrology knowledge to the general public and also to students of astrology. Monthly sun sign horoscopes are posted here and a weekly video forecast at AstrologyTV on YouTube for each horoscope sign. In 2021 seminars and formal classes in astrology will be offered through Zoom video.

Astrology is a language

Astrology is a language for the community of astrologers and its followers. Like any other language it is derived from many contributors and sources and when used properly the words and sentences convey thoughts, feelings and ideas that are profoundly helpful. Due to its esoteric nature based on predictable planetary cycles it can also provide information based on archetypes. These words and archetypes in turn can be understood and interpreted by astrologers as reflecting certain behaviours.

Creating mythological archetypes was the way ancient people understood human behaviour as there were no psychologists then. Astrologers were consulted the way modern people consult therapists or counsellors and it is rather mind-boggling that those ancient archetypes can still make sense. Any language is a powerful tool in that it can instruct, create thoughts and ideas which lead to identity and actions. In the same way that the Spanish language joins Latin people all over the world, astrology creates and bands together a culture of people with beliefs, customs and practices or behaviour that is similar and unique to astrology.

No one can yet explain exactly completely HOW astrology works but this astrologer believes that theories in quantum physics such as quantum entanglement may one day add to its understanding by science and serve their need to have it explained. It has already been proven to be a practise with repeatable results although that is largely ignored and disputed by science and religion. Astrology is not a science; it is not a religion; and it is also not a pseudoscience. It is a language.

Can I be harmed by astrology?

Human beings use astrology and as we know not all people have positive intent. The language, activities and culture of most professional astrologers as practised today is similar to that of a lifestyle coach, therapist, or counsellor and less so the ancient soothsayer, sage, magician or predictor of fortunes and disasters. There are many people calling themselves astrologers yet their primary art form or practice is tarot, palmistry, Wicca, or other tools of self-understanding. Astrology can be associated with other practices for understanding archetypes and human behaviour but it is a separate discipline and there is no magic or witchcraft involved. Some practitioners of these practices may also dabble in or study astrology but it is not at all a part of the history of witchcraft, wicca or other arts deemed to be magical.

Professional astrologers study their craft for hundreds of hours to obtain a diploma or certification from the few astrology schools available or under apprenticeship with master or teaching astrologers. Some also have interest in and include other art forms with astrology. You should choose an astrologer carefully to ensure their intent for you is helpful and positive when using the language of astrology as a tool and that they have professional experience specifically as an astrologer. One does not have to be psychic to be a great astrologer but most appear to be naturally intuitive but anyone can learn astrology as it uses common human skills of logic, analysis and interpretation of words, language and symbols.

Astrology uses information determined by astronomy such as the positions of stars and planets at certain times and tools of modern psychology such as Jungian archetypes. Archetypes have always existed and are represented in cultural legends and mythology but we can thank Dr. Carl Jung for coining the term that can be easily applied to the symbols representing the signs and planets.

In reality, astrology is just a tool or language that one could choose to understand and utilise or not. It is no more good or bad to “speak” or learn astrology as it is to speak or learn Italian. Although, an amateur using a new language may use the wrong phrase or wording and make mistakes this is also true for astrology. Following the guidance of amateurs can create problems.

As a tool of self-discovery and insight astrology can be used to predict specific behaviour and events based on past experience as indicators. That is true for a number of theories and practices we blithely use daily such as the weather or mathematical probability. Astrology is not a tool of the devil, nor is it magical, and it’s not in itself good or evil. It’s the intent of every person using any language and its components that should be judged if one wishes and not the inanimate tool or language itself.

Professional astrology

Much of astrology is misunderstood due to the lack of astrological institutions and governing bodies worldwide to oversee and license astrology professionally. Thanks to religion and science doing whatever they can to discredit astrology followers and students must wade through a lot of misinformation to find a reliable astrologer. This may expose them to amateurs, con artists, charlatans, or egotists that try to convince them they are wizards or perform magic and some of these people are misguided or outright criminal and may give erroneous, fraudulent, or less than accurate astrology.

Rob's Astrology Diploma
Rob graduated from the Institute of Astrological Studies in 1981

Check our Resources page for our list of astrology associations and schools. They can all refer you to a professional astrologer. Personal referrals from happy clients are also usually a good way to determine the proficiency of an astrologer. You can also check out our Horoscopes page for readings offered by me, Rob Shaw an astrologer with 40+ years’ experience reading horoscopes. I also have Testimonials from happy clients.

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Rob Shaw, Astrologer