Adult Horoscope Reading

astrology is organic

A personal adult horoscope reading may be a valuable experience at any age because it may help you move forward more positively in your life from that point on. Here is what a horoscope reading and forecast from professional astrologer Rob Shaw may reveal:

  • hidden talents, creative abilities & skills yet to be utilised
  • hidden problems, situations or people to avoid
  • your best options for educational and recreational pursuits
  • your best options for work and career
  • hidden health issues & how to avoid them
  • your financial health; when & how to improve resources
  • how to improve family, romantic & other relationships
  • previous life choices and experiences and how they may be affecting the present
  • specific times, situations & areas of life where improvements can be made

Astrology is Organic

astrology is organic
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As the planets are constantly orbiting the sun creating harmonious or challenging relationships they appear to indicate cycles of change or events in life that astrologers refer to as planetary transits. Through centuries of observations, astrologers can cast a horoscope for anyone or anything that has a birth or beginning. As occupants of the universe, we are all subject to changes whether these are under our own control or not. Similar to how a meteorologist has observed/learned about weather cycles, astrologers use the planets and horoscopes to predict the “weather patterns” of life.

Knowledge provided during a personal horoscope reading puts you in the driver’s seat of change to create a better future for yourself. Through better understanding of your self and the astrological cycles of life most people can learn how to take better control of their own lives. Click here for our FAQ page to find answers to a few common questions or assumptions about astrology.

If you’d like to purchase an appointment for a personal horoscope, a gift certificate, quarterly subscription or monthly transit reading just fill in our form through the SUBMIT BIRTH DATA button below. Please read our Purchase Page and Agreement of Services before buying any subscription, seminar, appointment or gift certificate and you may use our Contact Page to get in touch with us during regular business hours EDT in Canada and that includes weekends.

1 hour adult personal horoscope reading – $125. CAD*

Your personal horoscope is interpreted in a 1 hour reading which covers most stages of your life with a focus on current or recent past cycles and situations. Understanding the patterns unique to your life experience are explored. An emphasis is on self-understanding and how to better resolve problems and challenges while discovering and utilising your skills and gifts. General information about upcoming future cycles will also be discussed. Choose one of the forecast options below which allows for a more in-depth analysis of near-future cycles and trends.

NEW! Quarterly transit forecasts now available by subscription! Click here for more info.

Option A: 6 month subscription – $100. CAD* – 2 quarterly appointments

A six month period of planetary transits covered in two separate appointments for 3 months each. This can give a good snapshot of half a year and with a chance for questions and regroup about halfway through.

Option B: 12 month subscription – $175. CAD* – 4 quarterly appointments

A twelve month period of planetary transits covered in four separate appointments dividing the year into 4 quarters. This would give a good view of an entire year with four opportunities to ask questions, make decisions, and make life changes as needed at each quarter of the year.

Option C: 24 month subscription – $325. CAD* – 8 quarterly appointments

A twenty-four month period of planetary transits covering 3 months at a time in eight separate quarterly appointments. This may be a better choice when there are several areas of life that are in transition and for long-range planning for greater achievements in school, your career and most important relationships. Prove to yourself that astrology can help you make more successful life choices. And it’s your best cost-savings option.

Traditional Monthly Transit Forecasts

6 month transit forecast – $75. CAD* – 1 appointment

A six month period is covered in one 30-40 minute appointment.

12 month transit forecast – $125. CAD* – 1 appointment

A twelve month period covered in one 50-60 minute appointment.

Transit and subscription forecasts are not available for children. Adult horoscope reading appointments do not include a personal monthly transit forecast or quarterly subscription. Choose one of the options above if you wish to include either of these. Clients who previously received a personal horoscope reading by Rob Shaw may order just a transit forecast or subscription using the form below, or contact me directly by email.

Payments can be made at our Purchases page via debit or credit card using our secure PayPal account but you do not need a PayPal account. You may also pay for any horoscope reading or subscription via Interac eTransfer and explained on the invoice. Thank you for your interest in our services.

*Note: Appropriate Canadian taxes for your province will be applied. No tax added if outside of Canada. You must submit birth data first before sending any payment; appointments are not confirmed until payment is received. Please read our Purchase Page and Agreement of Services before buying any subscription, seminar, appointment or gift certificate.

After submitting form, please check your inbox, or spam/junk folder for our confirmation email. An invoice for your choice(s) will be sent by PayPal. Once payment is received, you’ll get a final confirmation of your appointment and Zoom link.

TESTIMONIAL – I wanted to let you know that it has been wonderful to have your readings as they surely have helped me navigate through these last few months full of obstacles. For example, back in January when you told me to save my money and avoid spending it on non essential items, I am sure glad I listened to you because shortly thereafter Covid-19 hit, and I lost my job! Another example is just recently when I came to you full of stress wondering how I was going to survive without a job, you told me my reading showed great promise, and that a positive change would happen at the end of July. Guess what Rob? You were right! In fact I received two wonderful job offers at the end of July, so wonderful that I could spend a week trying to decide which one was best. So thank you Rob – what a talented man you are!

J.S. – Rochester NY – 8/6/2020

If you’ve had a horoscope reading from Rob Shaw and would like to provide a testimonial please click here and use our contact form. Thank you in advance!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay