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New! Windsor Essex Astrology is a social club open to anyone* anywhere to discuss astrology and related subjects.

Currently hosted over Zoom by astrologer Rob Shaw, Windsor Essex Astrology will eventually meet locally in person occasionally to allow astrology aficionados a place to meet others and share their zodiac related interests. Launched in July 2021, each month we’ll have a new “theme” but open discussion is encouraged. Whether you’re an astrology professional, student or newcomer we hope to have topics that will interest everybody.

Please register below to join us and receive our Zoom meeting link each month. Attendance at meetings is completely FREE! Only registrants will receive the link to be allowed into meetings. Note that all dates and times are Eastern Time zone, currently Eastern Daylight Time. Please read our Privacy Policy and Agreement of Services which detail the use of our shared information.

Did You Know the Three Wise Men Were Astrologers? – Wednesday, December 10th, 7 to 8 pm EDT

Image by Dorothée Quennesson

Around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ the ancestors of today’s Mideastern people followed the advice of sages they called maji or magi (magus singular). Known for their wisdom, magi were well-regarded and consulted for astrology and other esoteric arts. The word magic is derived from the term magi. Join us on the 10th and learn more about these fascinating ancient astrologers.

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    Upcoming Meeting Dates & Topics

    Did You Know the Three Wise Men Were Astrologers? – Wednesday, December 10th, 7 to 8 pm EST

    We’ll be creating our 2022 meeting topics and dates soon!

    * A few rules:

    1. Open to adults aged 18 and over only. Please have any children in another room while attending as some topics discussed may not be suitable for minors.
    2. Expletives, foul language, aggression, anger, and racist, bigoted or prejudicial comments or language will not be allowed and will result in being blocked from meetings.
    3. “Commercials” or marketing of a business will not be allowed. Mentioning your professional background is okay but the intention is for this to be a fun place to socialise.
    4. Only registered attendees may attend and will receive the private Zoom link a few days before each meeting. Links cannot be shared.
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    Let’s talk about astrology

    Astrology is a very large body of information with very many sources, branches, methods, and philosophies. Most astrologers agree today that at its heart astrology is a language. The planets and zodiac signs used (along with other components) are merely symbols and archetypes plotted into a map representing the heavens called a horoscope. In the same way a meteorologist can read weather maps and forecast the weather, astrologers look at their version of the weather map (horoscope or natal chart) and make their forecast of life’s events.

    In ancient times there was no psychology, family therapy, or terms like dysfunctional family. It may be odd to us today with our modern miracles of psychology and technology, but our ancestors kind of used astrology to understand human behaviour. Studying and using an archetypal Pantheon of gods and mystical beings as guidance was their version of psychology.

    In reality astrology is more a language than anything else. Once the word symbols, inflections and syntax of astrology are understood like any other language it can be used for communicating. Granted, the esoteric information being communicated is what throws off science and religion from astrology.

    Click on History of Astrology to learn more.

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