Capricorn the Sea-Goat

Capricorn the Sea Goat

December 22 – January 20 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Capricorn


Capricorn the Sea-Goat
Capricorn the Sea-Goat

The 10th sign of the zodiac and the smallest constellation of the zodiac Capricorn proves that size does not matter when it comes to big achievements and success. First recorded as a goat-fish by Babylonians about 4000 years ago to represent their god Ea, its unusual and mysterious mythology attests to the many hidden layers that Capricorn people manifest. Capricorn means “horned goat” in Latin but its Babylonian version Ea was the god of creation, creativity & crafts, intelligence, magic and the waters of the sea.

Most people know of Capricorn’s symbol as a goat, which it is, but in the Greek mythology for the constellation of Pricus he originally was a Sea-Goat, an animal hybrid with the front portion of a goat and his hindquarters a fish’s tail, often depicted curled. In this mythology, Pricus fathered many sea-goat children but all of them eventually swam ashore to languish in the sun and soon their tails transformed into two more hind legs enabling them to roam on the land.

Seeing this, Pricus used his ability to turn back time so his children would be forced to revert back to having a fishtail to swim with him again. Over time, the kids always found their way back to a shoreline and reverted once again to land goats and Pricus over and over again would turn back time. Pricus eventually realized that he couldn’t really stop this normal evolution of his kids so in his grief and loneliness at being the last sea-goat he asked Kronos (Greek god of time who created Pricus) to take his life. But in his compassion, Kronos (aka Cronus) instead placed him in the sky as the constellation Capricorn so Pricus could forever gaze upon the children below he loved so much.

In other mythologies, Capricorn has associations to Pan, the god of the forest glens, the wilds in general, fields, the flock, shepherds and music. Music was often accompanied by wild sex in the outdoors (no temples for Pan; he was worshipped in the great outdoors) and lots of alcohol when celebrating Pan’s festivals. He has been depicted as a satyr—half man half goat and was known for great sexual power and general lustiness. Pan has many associations in mythology; so many that the prefix “pan-” has come to be equated with all or many.

Amalthea was the goat that suckled the infant Zeus and is associated with Capricorn. Zeus was the last of the children born to Rhea and fathered by her brother Cronus who devoured each of their children as they were born to prevent the prophecy that a son would overthrow him. Cronus was dumb as a post apparently as Rhea substituted a rock for Zeus to swallow and he wasn’t the wiser. More on this story here.

Relationship to Saturn

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn, named for the Roman god of time but preceded by Cronus/Kronos his ancient Greek version (yes, the same Cronus time god that created Pricus). Kronos is the origin of the word chronometer (clock or timepiece) and in astrology Saturn is an indicator of events that may occur over a cycle or span of time, and often denotes milestones wherever it is placed in a horoscope natally or by transit.

Kronos also had connections to agriculture and celebrated the harvest, another nod to Saturn as the celebration Kronia resembled Saturnalia. Saturnalia and most of its practices (likely not the orgies part!) were absconded from the pagan Romans by the first Christians in an effort to convert more of them to Christianity by celebrating Saturnalia instead as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is interesting as the tangled family mythology of Pricus/Capricorn, Saturn/Kronos, Uranus/Rhea/Gaia, God/Joseph/Mary and Jesus is rife with patterns of mysterious divine paternity, the love of children, caring for or shepherding “the flock”, and the son overthrowing the old ways of the father to make way for the new order. All of these stories unfold over time and explained or led to new practices or versions of God to be worshipped and practised as a new religion.

Jesus turned water into wine, miraculously cloned bread and fish to feed the many, and shepherded the world into a dominant new religion celebrated as zealously today as the ancients celebrated paganism. In truth, whatever the main basis of faith, many organized religions have a history of marginalizing one or more groups of people, declaring war on them to overthrow their authority and/or killing them just because they worship a different form of God or have a better head for business.

Righteousness is still in use today by some who use religious prejudice as an unholy tenet or ritual to justify ruthlessness against others while supposedly ministering the Spirit of God. Often, these so-called religious people fanatically espouse lies, violence and murder which would more likely show the face and intent of the opposite spirit to God—Satan. Saturn has a very dark side when afflicted in astrology.

Saturn has often been depicted as a mysterious dark figure but not always so evil. In the Tarot Saturn is well represented by The Hermit card, an old man in solitude but who is a wise forefather sharing his knowledge, guidance and wisdom. The first authority we learn to respect or fear or both after mother is father and he is often the primary disciplinarian at home. Many fathers are dark, mysterious figures especially when they work too much outside of the home, have a violent or controlling temperament, or if they abandon their family. Capricorn the sign and Saturn the planet are both rife with daddy issues.

The taskmaster of the zodiac, Saturn represents learning, teaching and wisdom, accountability, responsibilities, and self-discipline. These responsibilities often are to do with the care of others or society in general. Saturn is the unseen structures of the general public that keep everything humming and that we call progress yet are based on human needs rooted in history. Saturn is the planet representing authority figures that may take the form of dad, step-dad, police, military, the government, religion, teachers, the business owner, the boss, and so on. Capricorn is attracted to many of these fields and also has a great regard for matters relating to its opposite sign and house, Cancer and the 4th house of home and family. Some Capricorns are excellent fathers.

In Greek mythology Saturn/Kronos defeated his father Uranus who was cruel and because he wanted the power. After overthrowing his father Uranus he severed his genitals with a scythe and tossed them into the sea. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Perhaps because of this, although there is always more to these penis-chopping stories, Saturn also heeded a prophecy that he would be overthrown by a son so he swallowed all his children as fast as Rhea gave birth, the last one being Jupiter/Zeus. When Zeus came of age he challenged his father, forced him to regurgitate Zeus’ siblings and defeated him. He let his father live imprisoned in a cave according to some legends. And you think you have family issues.

Learn more about Saturn on its own page but just in discussion of some of these comments above one can see why old Saturn is working its hidden magic in a way that Capricorn resonates with. And maybe this explains why Capricorn is generally taciturn and very strong. If they can survive their family, they can survive any challenge to make life a success.

Relationship to 10th House

The 10th house in astrology is also known as the midheaven point in a horoscope. Most house systems in use by the majority of astrologers use the MC/midheaven as the 10th house cusp. It makes sense as this house is entirely to do with the general public, the face and environment we show to the public. Our private self and life is in the 4th house of family opposite house 10.

The midheaven or Medium coeli (abbreviated to MC and actually Latin for “midheaven”) indicates the highest point in the horoscope and describes your greatest milestones in life; or where you may manifest your highest achievements but also your lowest points of status in life. The 10th house governs public affairs in general and is known as the house of fame or notoriety.

Capricorn is the sign of the general public; it represents a panoply of people throughout our past with father time Saturn as the ruler. We all share the same God the Father in many religions, have seen some governments as patriarchies, and in other ways place Saturnine symbols first or at the top. The midheaven can reveal wonderful gifts or our greatest tragedies, sometimes for all the world to see. Capricorn and the house of public affairs have a natural affinity for one another.

As an angular and cardinal house the Sea-Goat’s 10th house domain suits for furthering your own aims no matter the sign there. Wherever Capricorn is found in a personal horoscope is often where a skill, talent or ability can be used for personal gain and growth or in work. The 10th house is what you can or will bring to the public.

The 10th house represents matters that pertain to the general public, society and government. It is your standing in society, where we go to for government help and leadership, and we give power to government and authority to rule over us, and which we hope is fair and beneficial.

Capricorn the minister
Image by Deborah Windham from Pixabay

Of course many businesses, social services, utilities and more are licensed and controlled by government and there is a mutual responsibility between the public and people. Capricorn often works in any of these areas or in another way where they may have power. They’re not all power hungry but they generally want to be the masters of their own destiny so may get involved with politics and community works. Many Capricorns have earned the compliment, “the pillar of the community” and just as often are the pillar of the family.

The many archetypes contained in the symbol of the Sea-Goat or Goat-Fish for Capricorn are complex and not at all public. Just as the fish’s tail is generally hidden or unknown for those who see him as Capricorn the Goat, this sign has many secret talents and problems hidden from the public eye. They can use their father time energy to transform their own lives or others, be seen or unseen like shadowy Saturn, but their affinity for this powerful father-god and the earth and water gives them great personal power and influence. Capricorn, its house and the ruling planet all require discipline, commitment and respect to work with their magic.

The nature of all house relationships is that they are often best understood, expressed and utilized through their own planetary and sign rulers. However, any planet or sign may utilize the 10th house in an infinite number of positive or negative ways.

Basic Character Traits


When first meeting a Capricorn one may be struck by their retiring, conservative nature. Many Sea-Goats are not quick to speak about themselves which is admirable considering they are a self-oriented cardinal sign. Their taciturn nature is just who they are but many others see it as being impersonal, mysterious, brooding or hiding something. These traits are possible but it is more likely they have nothing to say right now and are enjoying listening. Their taciturn nature often belies wisdom and when they do communicate what they say may carry weight.

There is a shadowy mysterious side to most Capricorns however. Some of them carry the weight of the world on their shoulders; carrying pain from the past or present but you wouldn’t necessarily know about it. When they do show their pain or let it out you need a strong constitution. The sign is very powerful and they have often survived some horror in their life that has made them very cautious, always ready to complain, and at times caustic.

Much of their dark side has to do with harsh trauma, more often in childhood but also as adults that leave some with a sardonic view of life. Pain is a symptom and the emotional pain felt or inflicted by Capricorns indicates deep and dark hurts. Time heals all wounds, and some Capricorns understand self-healing and they have an amazing knack for survival. This is what gives them a striving nature. They know they can survive anything because they already have. Inside many Capricorns is a very wounded soul that has suffered.

With suffering there is lack or loss of material or spiritual nurturing. Great losses of material wealth usually teach one to conserve more when new resources arrive. In time, things grow and mature, or they just arrive and whether consciously collected or not become daily resources or wealth. All that we need is around us in nature and is our daily bread so to speak as we can collect our resources and manufacture other materials with them like food, clothing, shelter. Whatever spiritual philosophy or faith we may subscribe to we need material goods to survive. As an earth sign with an affinity for power and self-preservation, the skills that Capricorn utilizes or develops usually help feed us all in some way.

Because Capricorn is attracted to work that helps society, the public or people their work in those fields may bring them great success and wealth as these are basic needs and always in demand. This indicates the great business mind that Capricorn often has and even when not working in business their manner is still business-like. An increased attraction to material needs could make any sign materialistic and at worst, Capricorn can be stingy and greedy. At their best they happily share their resources to benefit all and in the middle ground they have a balanced approach to materialism.

This tricky sign can be a con artist because Capricorn is the sign of hidden faces. They are a pro at hiding their real selves if driven by fear and insecurity but when digging deep into most Capricorns you find their sometimes crusty outer skin protects a gentle, sensitive soul and yes even those big masculine Capricorn old goats can have a heart.

The sun enters Capricorn right before Christmas (and Saturnalia) at the Winter Solstice. It is here in Saturn’s domain that we change years on January 1st with a big public celebration that actually begins with Christmas gift giving. January is Capricorn’s month mostly and this is another association with wearing a mask or face in public and not in private as January is named after Janus, the two-faced Roman god of time, duality, passages and transitions, the future and the past, war and peace.

It appears that Capricorn possesses gifts not just material in nature but also ethereal and obscure. Their dual nature can be pronounced and is more often shared at home than in public. This duality is not necessarily negative and in fact can illustrate powerfully positive traits that work well together for both the Capricorn and the rest of us. But if push comes to shove, Capricorn strives for self-possession, material security and status and may do whatever is necessary to obtain these.

Each zodiac sign is challenged to bring the very best character traits to the fore and become a version of their self using their own unique natural gifts. These gifts have good and bad expressions, meaning people will use them in different ways. One Capricorn who has wealth will be very generous to those in need, the next may be stingy; it depends on each person’s intent and will as to how they will use their abilities.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Capricorn rules the knees and through Saturn the skin, bones and teeth. These areas of the body are the sources for most of the health problems a Goat-Fish may face but they may also represent their greatest strengths. Capricorns often have strong sturdy teeth or skin and great bone structure.

The knees like the other leg bones support the upper skeleton and the rest of the body. These bones particularly need to be strong to support weight but many Capricorns eventually suffer some sort of knee problem. Their connection to Saturn leaves them prone to diseases of the bone and skeleton such as all forms of arthritis and osteoporosis or broken bones. Many doctors or practitioners in these areas are Capricorns or have strong Saturn/Capricorn influences.

Capricorn muscle
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Most Capricorns are sturdily built and have good healthy bones and teeth and they’re often thick-skinned (literally and figuratively). Others are plagued by dry skin, acne or dermatological problems most often related to allergy or poor glandular activities, digestion or diet. The skin is a major organ of elimination like the excretory system and most responsive to showing symptoms of illness through the skin.

Capricorn is often sexy. Females are usually very curvy and bodacious and their strong femininity create wonderful positive and strong role models for young females as well as turning on males. They may be leaders in the fields of aesthetics, beauty and celebrity well into old age. They also are known to take on traditional male stereotypes and often become a lone female surrounded by males or are the famous mothers and wives pushing others to be their best. Independently famous in their own right, many Capricorn females outshine their male peers and are the boss. Yet their admirers don’t mind as they love the feminine mommy mystique many Capricorn females exude.

Males often look deeply masculine and may be muscular or athletically built with a stern look about them. Whether average height in build or tall they may exude sexy and have a bit of macho swagger. Confidence and masculine manners can be very attractive to others. Some are just naturally very masculine or work in fields seen as traditionally male and that are icons of sexiness like police and uniformed work.

Capricorn may have many admirers and they enjoy playing the field when single—and even when not. Most Capricorns like to make the rules but live their lives like rules are made for other people. They may be attracted to older people when young. Some have a daddy-warbucks image and are often seen with a much younger female on their arm. And yes that female you called a cougar may be a Capricorn too; Sea-Goat ladies know what they want and go for it. Saturn is the planet of generations and they don’t mind an age difference in love. Many Sea-Goats become parents for the first time at an age much earlier or later than average, or not at all as they work so much.

Personality & Psychology

Capricorn is the last of four Cardinal signs and like their cousins Aries, Cancer and Libra, Sea-Goats are goal-oriented and self-directed. Knowing they have good business and practical skills gives them a calm, quiet, self-controlled exterior. They are able to channel their energies into an enormous drive. As an earth sign, they can patiently work towards a goal when all others may give up.

Capricorn is as resourceful as Scorpio and their taciturn and reticent natures aren’t that far off from one another either. Their ruling planets, Saturn and Pluto have a dark mythology and are very powerful influences each in its own right in a horoscope. It’s a good thing that these two signs sextile one another (a harmonious angle) in the zodiac as together they may be a formidable partnership but there are differences and ways to tell them apart.

Earth sign Capricorn is more concerned with accumulating wealth in material form and although materialistic, they are more self-made earning their income from their own hard work. That is called working for the money and they like to show off all material possessions as a symbol of how much money they have made and how hard they have worked. They have a deep inner fear of poverty and their nature to compete to be top of the heap has them in constant competition for status. In their minds anyway. The other cardinal signs and fire signs can be status-conscious too but Capricorn takes it to another level.

Capricorn is practical like the other earth signs and will do what is needed when it is needed. Their patient attitude is conservative and even old-fashioned but they are responsible, reliable, industrious and dutiful human beings. They are the go-to people whenever there is trouble.

Capricorn dad
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Their desire for status sometimes will create a workaholic. It is almost cliche to have a father not present in the home if one is or has Capricorn for a father. This may or may not be because of work but it often has many Capricorn’s father themselves, or have a mother or grandparent fill in. Daddy issues can create some complex emotional psychology and the Sea-Goats may live through a home life with much suffering; or create one.

As students of the School of Hard Knocks, they may have more than their fair share of testing throughout life. It is this understanding intrinsically that life is not fair that adds to some of their greatest strengths and abilities. They generally are a thrifty sign, able to make do on little and they know how to save for a rainy day.

Capricorns are honest, loyal, hardworking and often philanthropic; they enjoy doing things to help people and may give great advice. Just be prepared that it won’t be sugar-coated; they do not gush over people generally. They believe they don’t show their feelings but many Capricorns forget their fishy tail that has a connection to the waters of emotion. When they show gentler feelings it is usually through a very well-planned and well-thought-out gift. They can be very modest and shy about their deepest feelings, talents or accomplishments and their philanthropy is often anonymous.

The Sea-Goats are ambitious, cautious, and not particularly flamboyant or adventurous but they are very strong physically and emotionally. Durable should be their middle name.

They forget or don’t care that not all people are as durable as they are and may earn a “slave-driver” nickname as they push pretty hard. Often, only the other earth signs Taurus and Virgo can keep up with them. Sea-Goats can be domineering, possessive, insecure, jealous and they may regard people and accomplishments as possessions. This can make them very overbearing or dangerous people as they tend to drive themselves and others too hard. They are normally a possessive sign.

At their worst, Capricorn can be cold, ruthless, inflexible, crafty and calculating. They can be very mean when thwarted and will not tolerate competition. Do not stand in their way; if you are interfering with their achievement of a goal or plan you may be provoked or attacked. They can be particularly ruthless or bitter regarding money or financial loss. Often appearing cold or undemonstrative they may also be seen as self-centred and hard as nails.

At their best, their understanding of right and wrong and their capacity to care deeply while also protecting and defending the structures of life and home make them valuable family and community members. They may become crusaders of positive change or reform which is why they can make good parents, teachers, business, religious and political leaders. They have a quiet strength. Like a tank.

Although they will usually look after theirself first, it is very likely right now you owe your wealth or success in life partially to the efforts and support of a Capricorn. Human beings so easily go off the rails at times we should all be grateful to Capricorn for their staid conservatism which is sobering and inspires calm and perseverance in us all to strive farther and higher. The way they do.

Love, Family & Relationships

Traditionally in astrology Capricorn is all about the fathers in the family; their own fathers and fatherhood in general. Their ruling planet Saturn represents father and authority figures in general (for everybody that is). The primary qualities of this sign and its planet can create some of the very best fathers out there; but also some of the worst. The Capricorn experience of fatherhood or its lack greatly shapes their attitudes in love and relationships more than other signs.

As children, they often raise themselves. With a strong constitution and natural “street smarts” they quickly learn the dynamics of family life to be used later in their work. Usually neat, with a place for everything they can be organized and self-disciplined. It isn’t easy for even young Capricorn children to express their feelings and often they learn to withhold them or bury them instead.

Uncomfortable with PDA (public displays of affection) seeing it as undignified they are only less so in private where they have difficulty verbally expressing love and affection. This can lead to loneliness, isolation and problems when in relationship with people who need verbal reassurance. What is sad is that Capricorn may feel very deep, caring and kind love but are instead mistakenly thought to be cold and unfeeling. The feelings are there but for some nothing short of an oil rig will be able to pump them up to their mouth to be verbalized. Say “I love you” to a Capricorn and your reply is often a grunt. That is Capricorn-speak for “I love you too”. A slight exaggeration you think until you find yourself in love or in family with a Sea-Goat.

For those Capricorns that are in touch with their feeling nature and express it in ways other than financially, they will likely become your most loyal and supportive of friends, lovers or family members. Once Capricorn feels real love it is forever but don’t mistake that for romantic love. They are capable of separating love and sex and may “play the field” during times in their lives but they also take commitment seriously; eventually. Many Capricorns marry and become parents later or not at all as they may be married to the job first.

Some are incapable of saying those three little words but they will show love in many other ways, most often financially. For the record, they have no trouble sharing unloving feelings and it is best to have a thick skin when involved with this sign as they tend to see the glass as half empty. Their cynical attitudes and behaviour can drive some people away which hurts them because they really prefer long-term relationships. They are usually loyal, are there when you need them and you would be fortunate probably to be numbered as one of their very few but lifelong friends.

Capricorns make great parents if they aren’t too strict. They are excellent providers but may expect kids to “toe the line” and be very obedient and not lower the family status by misbehaving. Some may expect children to behave like adults or grow up fast unfortunately as Capricorn’s own childhood may have been short or non-existent. The other parent may have to remind them to be kinder, more present and share parenting as the Sea-Goats like to rule the roost or insist on having the final word.

Some of this sign need to learn that in time, all things can be healed, regained or overcome and with patience and perseverance they eventually reap the rewards they desire or set as goals. Others get stuck in a rut of negativity, being unable to accept the progress of life, taking root in and nurturing their own self-misery. Overcoming their fears may bring the success and status for which they strive.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in the French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Capricorn is an earth sign and like the others may have creative interests that involve the earth. They tend to be collectors of currency/money, gems, jewellery, or nearly anything; coin and stamp collecting attracts them as does geology, pottery and ceramics. Carpentry, horticulture and gardening are other interests involving the earth enjoyed by some Capricorns.

Capricorn arts
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

Many are accomplished painters but they also have great musical talent, or at least an appreciation of music and dance. Their mythology involves the many sea-goat children that amused their father with their musical hoof clapping and rhythmic “water ballets”. Their ability to easily wear a mask make them accomplished actors and they may have an appreciation for theatre arts and TV/film as entertainment provides them the time and space to unwind after a heavy work day.

With Capricorn rulership by Saturn a planet that is involved with building structure many Sea-Goats work in the building industry, but whatever their career they often are great at home renovation or building projects. They are naturally disciplined and like creating systems or other structured activities and this can be very handy around the home or workplace. They usually take their time to do good work.

Capricorns like land and sea. They enjoy roughing it in the mountains or in forests camping; they’ll hike or drive through rough terrain, chop their own firewood, grow their own vegetables and they know how to survive in the wild. Their resourcefulness is well used in crafts and artistry as well as survival.

Being competitive and physically strong they are often very capable athletes and gravitate to coaching and training positions. They also enjoy working with kids in juvenile sport and may have a sport they once excelled in but left behind for one reason or another, commonly a knee injury or other bone/skeletal issue. They often remain lifelong armchair athletes being fond of nearly any sport or game where being the best is the ultimate prize.

Their music is deep and soulful, often ballads of lost love or some other human condition that makes us feel their buried emotion. They usually like music and just about anything from nostalgia to rock and roll to Country and Western, but they may also enjoy contemporary or classic sounds like jazz, chanting, POP or classical music.

Whatever medium they choose their artworks often evoke deep seated emotions. Their crafts or building projects are often well-constructed and serve long term needs.

Work & Career

Capricorn can be very successful in life as they are disciplined, principled, and hard working while also seeking goals that raise the standard of living for themselves and the rest of us. They are born leaders who find they can shine when working for the public good while also being able to build strong family dynasties. Their work is often done well and following set procedures but they don’t follow the rules necessarily.

Often self-made entrepreneurs, Sea-Goats are industrious and may become the kingpin of the business even if not the owner. They tend to stay at the job long after others have gone home or left the company. As they are with friends, Capricorns are loyal and reliable at the workplace and just a bit pushy. They make good bosses as they get things done while pitching in themselves making it a collaborative effort—but everyone knows who calls the shots.

Because of their incredible resourcefulness you will find Capricorns working in nearly any field and they have natural abilities to run nearly any business. They do well working in banks, investment and insurance, mining, geology, land speculation, manufacturing and real estate.

Capricorn usually has great respect for nature and you may find them working the land, in the earth, with animals or in veterinary work. Being Saturn ruled, Goat-Fishes have an affinity with health and medicine. Saturn near the midheaven was a core indicator of becoming a scientist or doctor as found by Dr Michel Gauquelin and his team’s research into astrology in the 1970s. This indicator was proven statistically and to be a reliable predictor of a chosen field or career by this research.

Saturn, the god of time in mythology is also an agricultural god. With the passage of time and the seasons we have a birth and renewal cycle of crops and food production. As the ancients knew, food is medicine and in time all is renewed and healed. The passage of the new year celebrated by Saturnalia is symbolic of old father time giving way to baby new year in an ever-repeating cycle. Time heals all wounds; new skin and bone can grow to repair and heal; and these appear to be primary connections to medicine for Capricorn through Saturn. Health Care today is also more a matter of public bodies like the government or large corporations providing health care for the public (10th house).

When working in medicine Capricorn is most often found specializing in internal medicine, dermatology, orthopaedics, dentistry, osteopathy and chiropractic or naturopathic medicine. However, just as many work in animal health and other forms of health and healing.

Capricorn is physically and mentally strong and may be found working in manufacturing, factories, mining and construction and often with heavy equipment. They can be very good with their hands taking their time to patiently assemble or reassemble anything that needs fixing. They can be very handy in just about any room of the house or business and may be the “expert” everyone goes to.

At worst Capricorn can be the tyrannical dictators at work or home and be a real taskmaster. Many have to be reminded that slavery is a societal illness they push so hard. Having a good open conversation with them will often reveal the source of their tyranny and they have respect for people who don’t take their crap and try to understand them. Be careful when taking on a Capricorn however; they are known to surprise with unmatched fury if they see you as a competitor or trying to take advantage. It’s better to convince them you are working with or for them, not against them.

Capricorn is not always so bad and in fact far from it for most. These people are the salt of the earth, spending free time volunteering with kids and teens (children can melt their hearts) and they are great donors and fundraisers. Many are teachers, lead Sunday School or arts and crafts programs; they love to teach kids and adults how to camp and live off the land in all their resourceful ways. Capricorn also has a knack for finding and helping the underdogs, having been the underdog sometimes in their past so they can be very empathetic and compassionate people.

Sea-Goats understand the need to support the structures of society that sustain us all. For this reason you will often find Capricorn working in social services, religious and health services, military and police work. They are superb at working undercover or in supervisory or inspector positions that ensure proper procedures and adherence to the rules and laws, often for our self-preservation as well as theirs.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay