Classes in Astrology

classes in astrology

We’re excited to announce that beginning in 2021 Rob Shaw will again be offering seminars and classes in astrology. Rob Shaw has facilitated seminars in astrology topics for hundreds of clients, and created formal training in Western Astrology for beginners and intermediate level students since 1980. He has also been a speaker and presenter at numerous special events concerning astrology, mysticism and natural health since the 1970s.

Look for our new classes in astrology in early 2021. Seminars and formal instruction will be conducted via live Zoom video and private recorded content on our AstrologyTV YouTube channel. Some of the specialised astrology seminars planned include:

  • love & romance compatibility
  • parent-child relationships
  • how to know you’re on the right career path
  • emotions and the moon in astrology
  • past lives and karma in the horoscope

How can I become a professional astrologer?

The best way to learn astrology is through accredited organisations that offer professional level or formalised training in astrology. Visit our Resources page for a list of a few.

Another great way to learn professional astrology and how to read a horoscope is to apprentice with a professional practising astrologer. Rob Shaw has practised astrology professionally since 1978 and as a speaker and educator since 1980. Beginner and intermediate classes in astrology are planned to start in early 2021.

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