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Neptune: The Planet of the Psyche

Poseidon Neptune
Image by intographics from Pixabay

In mythology the god of the sea and all things watery, Neptune the astrological planet contains a myriad of symbolic imagery, dreams and hidden realities. A true “new age” planet of mind, body and spirit in this seminar you will learn how one can weather the stormy seas this mysterious planet symbolises and align with a higher consciousness as indicated in the horoscope. This microscopic view of the planet Neptune would best suit students who have completed at least a Level 2 Intermediate Astrology course.

Option 1: Tuesday & Wednesday, November 9/10, 2021 7-9 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Option 2: Saturday & Sunday, November 13/14, 2021 1-3 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Pluto: The Henchman of the Zodiac

Pluto Charon
Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay

The tiny, outer planet demoted by astronomers reveals much more than can be seen by the eye to astrologers. Pluto is often misunderstood due to its painfully slow travels through the backdrop of the zodiac signs. It also has a relatively unique relationships with its best known satellite Charon leading some astronomers to believe the two are actually a double planetary system. Learn about the dual creative and destructive forces symbolised by this mysterious dwarf planet that still holds its status as a major planet in astrology. This telescopic view of Pluto would best suit students who have completed at least a Level 2 Intermediate Astrology course.

Option 1: Tuesday & Wednesday, December 2/3, 7-9 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Option 2: Saturday & Sunday, December 4/5, 1-3 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Discover Your Past Lives – Using Your Horoscope

Did you know that past life information can be obtained from your horoscope? This information can be very helpful in learning how to resolve current issues in this lifetime or help to understand why you attract certain people or situations that may be holding you back from progress.

Esoteric Astrology is a special branch of astrology, and pertains to the study of past lives and karma through interpretation of one’s natal horoscope. In this two-day workshop, attendees will be introduced to the basic concepts of Esoteric Astrology and other theories which explain the laws of reincarnation.

Students who have at least a basic knowledge of astrology will greatly benefit from this presentation, but practising astrologers will also benefit from an increased awareness of a horoscope’s karmic legacy. Each participant’s natal horoscope will be cast in advance and during the workshop each student will have an opportunity to identify karma and related issues in their own life. There will also be time for individual questions. Personal horoscope readings are not a part of this workshop, but your facilitator can help provide clues to those willing to share their nativity during the class for group interpretation.

The seminar will be held over two days/nights via Zoom and you may choose to register for two weeknights OR a Saturday and Sunday. This seminar would best suit practising astrologers or students who have completed at least a Level 1 Introduction to Astrology.

Option 1: Tuesday & Wednesday, January 4/5, 2022 7-9 pm EDT – $60. CAD*

Option 2: Saturday & Sunday, January 8/9, 2022 1-3 pm EDT – $60. CAD*

Chiron: The Wounded Healer and Maverick of the Zodiac

Chiron instructs Achilles
Image from Wiki Commons

This tiny centaur (the new name given by astronomers to some asteroids, comets and other inscrutable celestial objects) was only discovered in 1977 and orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus. Its symbology in the horoscope may be considered somewhere in between or a combination of these two greater planets yet Chiron has its own story to tell about pain, suffering and healing. This exploration of mysterious Chiron would best suit students who have completed at least a Level 2 Intermediate Astrology course.

Option 1: Tuesday & Wednesday, January 18/19, 2022 7-9 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Option 2: Saturday & Sunday, January 22/23, 2022 1-3 pm EST – $60. CAD*

Uranus: The Oddball of the Solar System

Image by Giorgio Vasari Wiki Commons

An insightful look at the fascinating planet of science, technology, invention, the industrial age, and astrology. Learn more about the planet of sudden change, how it is much more than just science and industry, and how to manage the wild “rollercoaster” ride with Uranus in some nativities and by transit. This intensive look at the planet of Uranus would best suit students who have completed at least a Level 2 Intermediate Astrology course.

Option 1: Tuesday & Wednesday, February 8/9, 2022 7-9 pm EDT – $60. CAD*

Option 2: Saturday & Sunday, February 19/20, 2022 1-3 pm EDT – $60. CAD*

Space is limited for each seminar so please enrol early to not miss out!

All classes and seminars will be conducted via Zoom live video and private recorded content on our AstrologyTV YouTube channel.

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    How can I become a professional astrologer?

    The best way to learn astrology is through accredited organisations that offer professional teacher and formalised training in astrology that offer diplomas or certificates. In Canada that would be through the CAAE – The Canadian Association for Astrological Education. As a board member of this 28 year old association of professional teaching astrologers and student members, I can attest to its great value to the student and professional astrologer. The CAAE offers a diploma program in astrological education and proficiency. Visit our Resources page for a list of a few other web sites.

    Another great way to learn professional astrology and how to read a horoscope is to apprentice with a professional practising astrologer. Rob Shaw has practised astrology professionally since 1978 and as a speaker and educator since 1980. Beginner and intermediate classes in astrology are planned to begin in 2022.

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