Many people are not aware that having a personal horoscope reading by a professional astrologer can be very helpful in providing information about their life. Most sun sign astrology apps and web sites use computer generated information. Rob Shaw has practised astrology professionally since 1978 and personally writes or reads all horoscopes for clients.

I’m curious about astrology where could I learn more about it?

Well we think the best place is with our Education button on our top-level menu. As we are building the site more astrology instruction will be offered later and for now we have a lot of info to share about the signs and planets. One of the best sources for accurate astrology information is astro.com and we have no paid affiliation with them.

What is a horoscope reading and what can I expect from one?

A horoscope is a map of the heavens at your hour of birth. In the same way that a meteorologist can create maps showing atmospheric changes and movements to predict the weather, an astrologer uses planetary changes and movements primarily to forecast events in your life.

Isn’t that like mystic mumbo jumbo or something?

No, astrology is an art form that has endured and evolved over 5000 years of practice. The Three Wise Men mentioned in the bible were magi who practised astrology which even then was well regarded although tied to religion. Most astrologers today are more like consultants although some may tie their version of faith and spirituality to it. It dovetails nicely with certain philosophies of spirituality and mythology, or other theoretical practices used to guide and understand people like therapy, psychiatry and religious rituals or practices. Many astrologers have a background in these fields or other psychic or health practices. Some astrologers focus just on being an astrologer offering advice and their interpretation of the astrological cycles. Anyone can learn to interpret astrology and like anything else some people may have a more natural skill for it than others.

What will buying a horoscope reading do for me or anybody?

It may bring you greater insight into yourself or pathways taken in life. It may do nothing. It may reveal hidden talents or gifts not being utilized, or areas where time or money may be wasted. It may just be entertaining or intriguing to hear a stranger tell you about yourself. It may be eye-opening or just confirm a lot of what you think you already know. Everyone’s experience is different because much of what a horoscope reading will do for someone is based on what they do with the information given.

How can I get a personal horoscope reading?

The best way is in person but being the age of the internet and a pandemic online is the preferred way to go now. Technology has caught up enough to enable person to person video calling and Zoom is the best way to have your horoscope reading as it is private and the reading can be recorded on your end for future review. The astrologer will not record the meeting on their end so the client must if they want a permanent record of the reading. Phone calls or other methods are not suitable; a video connection is therefore required for a personal reading at Rob Shaw Astrology.

I don’t have Zoom, can Facebook or WhatsApp work?

Most any peer to peer video connection can be used but Zoom provides the best ease for recording and is secure between two private individuals. The reading does not have to be recorded; that is entirely up to the client. Zoom is a free app available here.

How long will a reading take?

If this is your first reading with Rob Shaw Astrology it is best to have a one hour reading as a lot of information is shared. Follow up clients can opt for a one half hour update reading at any time they wish. There will be time for questions in each reading but the client should be at the appointment to hear what the astrologer has to say and not offer information unless asked. That sounds rude, sorry, but some people get excited and don’t listen to the information being given and instead do all the talking wasting their money. Readings cannot go overtime and must be completed in 1 hour or 1/2 hour if a follow-up.

What is the cost and how do I pay?

The one hour personal horoscope reading is $100. CAD and the one half hour is $55. CAD. Payment is accepted by eTransfer or PayPal when your chosen appointment time is confirmed and must be paid in advance of the appointment.

Is my information kept confidential and private?

All information shared is private during a Zoom meeting and only recorded by you if you so choose. Our Privacy Policy is here and will assure you of internet security. Rob Shaw has practised astrology for over 40 years remaining confidential to thousands of past clients understanding the value and ethics of trust established during the reading. All information discussed and revealed between client and astrologer is not shared with others except in anonymous fashion for research, articles and educating students.

This may be a great idea for someone I know. Do you have gift certificates?

We have gift certificates for a one hour (for first reading) or one half hour reading appointment (for follow up appointments). Check out info for that here.

Hmmm, okay where can I book an appointment?

That’s great! Click here to fill in your birth data and choose an appointment time convenient for you. Please read our agreement form here.

I would just like to subscribe to your bi-monthly horoscopes I think.

No problem, please click here.