Fixed Signs

The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Fixed signs share similar qualities but they may be expressed differently through their element. Taurus is Earth, Leo is Fire, Scorpio is Water, and Aquarius is Air but all are united in being a people-oriented sign.

The term fixed in astrology is closest to its definitions of “secure or stationery”, or “stable and unchanged” and not as in something that has been repaired. Fixed signs tend to be concerned with building structure in life, the structures of relationships or actual material structures. As a people sign, they tend to love to be around other people and in general, fixed signs are wonderful people to be around. They are reliable, stable, secure, trustworthy, and are concerned with the welfare of others. They also tend to be hardworking signs which may lead them to tremendous success in life, often financially.

Fixed signs are known to be the most stubborn of the three groups of quadruplicities, and probably because Taurus is also an Earth sign, their stubbornness is the most famous and pronounced of the bunch. Those in relationship with the other fixed signs however may quickly find out they can be just as stubborn as Taurus! But this quality also transfers into great strength. Fixed signs can endure almost anything and may in fact be more patient than the rest of us.

fixed signs help people
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Fixed signs show interest in helping other people. They are usually reliable, responsible and conservative people and because of their excellent people skills they tend to build strong, loving relationships with others that are long term. They have a steady energy and are motivated to care for others. Some of the warmest, kindest, and most giving and sacrificing people can be fixed signs. They appear to love humanity so much they are truly laudable and they will put up with the rest of us being very gracious. You may feel like royalty when a guest in a fixed sign’s home so concerned are they for your comfort and welfare. Although at times stingy you will have all the comforts of home when visiting a fixed sign.

They may be very concerned with comfort and are known to appreciate the various comforts in life that appeal to all our needs and desires. They like to feel comfortable and do not like to leave comfort behind. This may be negative at times as their need for comfort and security appears to make them unmotivated and lazy and they rarely move quickly.

They Are People-Oriented

The fixed sign are people-oriented but also materially oriented, always seeking material security and they may become materialistic or acquisitive. They like material things and anything that appeals to their senses, especially their sense of touch. They are tactile and sensual, enjoying the “feel” of certain materials and have a “gravity” much like the Earth itself. Because they are such down-to-earth people others gravitate to them as much as they are drawn to others. They can greatly enjoy hugs and cuddles and other forms of affection and will often enjoy a very healthy sex life without the need for PDA.

The Good Traits

There is an attraction to power with fixed signs. Like gravity, which collects material due to its attractive forces and thereby gains mass, many fixed signs gain power over their lifetime. This power can be symbolised materially such as wealth, accumulation of material goods and luxuries, and their own bodies may be massively powerful with fixed signs even if not large. They tend to be “square-built” and are often thick, muscular, stocky or sturdy in appearance. When not physically powerful, or even when they are, they may also be big-hearted teddy bears. They also grow to be powerfully wise people over time but they can be a bit thick-headed. They are more likely to learn wisdom over time and have a reliable intelligence although just as many may have a genius intellect as they retain knowledge better than other signs.

Although people-oriented they may look out for their own needs first but are known to be generous. Insecure fixed signs tend to be power-hungry or materialistic more than those who feel balanced and content. This warm, kind group of signs may also show signs of a controlling or domineering nature. They need to share power within relationships or at work otherwise that old cliche, “power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely” may be manifested. If you try to take power from a fixed sign you may be in for great conflict and danger, particularly with Scorpio who may be vindictive. This need for vindication may be more prevalent in all the fixed signs but they may choose to walk away from conflict knowing their own innate power. They will choose their battles as they are not often quickly reactive. The need for striking out at others or striking back is more common with insecure fixed signs or when they are overly stressed. Some are passive aggressive people.

fixed signs are powerful
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This group of signs is attracted to power as a form of security but can do very well in leadership roles as they are willing to share power, unlike cardinal signs. If push comes to shove and there is any chance someone else may control or dominate them then their insecure feelings may steer them into a greater need for power or control, otherwise they are great team players. They are rarely dominated by others and their more forceful personality traits may arise when pushed. E.g. Aquarius is a flexible, humanitarian and giving air sign but only until you push them to their limit. Try to force them into anything or dominate and you will find they won’t take this lying down.

Many fixed signs are aware of their own innate power and have no need to show it off except maybe for Leo sometimes as they’re more egotistic or self-involved. This gives all the fixed signs confidence and a sense of accountability and responsibility. They may also be conservative and display great values, character and moral fibre which adds to their strength and power. Fixed signs can be quite formidable people and this may be for good or for bad depending on how secure they feel or how self-empowered. Again, insecure fixed signs may at best tend to be bossy and domineering and at worse become deluded, tyrannical or narcissistic, although these traits may technically become true for any sign that is mentally ill, terribly insecure or feels severely disempowered.

fixed signs make good coaches and leaders
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They are good coaches and teachers because of their patience and people skills and are wonderful at passing along their usual adherence to good values, morals and character. They are the people the rest of us look up to for advice in the family or community as they often develop wonderful skills at how to live and lead one’s life. Fixed signs are resistant to change however, as they dislike leaving their comfort zones to take risks but some may be an exception to this if the risk is well thought out. They may take a gamble now and then but they tend to not leap before they look and will often conform to what life expects of them.

Their rigidity is what gives them their famous stubborn moniker but they are capable of change, although Taurus may be the slowest at this. Fixed signs tend to be methodical and will approach life step-by-step and except for Aquarius they are rarely erratic. Their attachment to civility and cooperation, good work ethics, sensible spending/investing and an ability to build positive relationships can make fixed signs some of the most successful people in life however success is measured.

The Difficult Traits

Unfortunately, if there are too many planetary afflictions in fixed signs the very worst of their traits may be manifested. They can be overly prideful, obstinate, immovable, miserable, angry or violent, overly materialistic, secretive, cold, bitter and hard people. Their rigidity can be their greatest downfall while creating their own problems (often long term problems) due to their resistance to change. A good rule of thumb is that a fixed sign is not going to change theirself until they are ready so keep that in mind if you ever think you are going to change them. With those fixed signs you are more likely to move a mountain.

Fixed signs can be provoked
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On the negative side these signs may be more prone to bullying others when angered. However, they are not generally quick to anger or violence but when pushed up against a wall they will push back and hard. They are more likely to defend themselves when provoked than just take crap from others and they will hit back hard. Their anger is more like a slow burn and when they do erupt they can be very frightening as they normally are so self-controlled, patient and kind that it can be very shocking when they lose their temper. Being a bit stubborn at best, they tend to live in the past and hold grudges for a very long time if you have hurt or attacked them. And don’t be fooled just because they don’t show it. They do not forget a word you said or an action you took against them and may bide their time until they have the right opportunity to kick you back. If that happens, I guarantee you will be sorry you got aggressive with them.

There is no nice way to say this; some fixed signs are as dumb as a post, but not because they are unintelligent, it is more likely they are a victim of their own rigid and insecure refusal to be proven wrong and give up power. Fixed signs more than any other may have a “deer in the headlights” manner. They may know they need to change, they maybe know how to change, even know it is time to change, yet be unable to change or move and be run over by a speeding train called life. This is a trait that is beyond stubborn but let’s leave the reason why they are this way to the therapists. At first glance you believe it is their refusal to give in to change or admit they are wrong but something deeper is at work with these misguided fixed signs.

What Is Fixed Sign Behaviour?

Fixed signs may be as gentle as a lamb or as nasty as an angry bull (Taurus), as supportive and kind as an attentive dad, or roar powerfully as a lion (Leo). They can be secretive, resourceful or as dangerous as a scorpion (Scorpio), or as humanitarian and caring, or coldly detached and committed to ideals as the water bearer (Aquarius) but they will all leave an impact in your life.

Fixed signs rule the succedent houses and these houses are geared to things we may be “fixated” on or where we need to build stability and consistency: our money and possessions (Taurus 2nd house), our children, love life and creativity (Leo 5th), outer security and other people’s money (Scorpio 8th) and our hopes for the future and the community (Aquarius 11th). Many fixed signs will develop a career or lifestyle that is devoted to one or more of these houses and most will enjoy any activity that takes place around any of the four succedent houses as they usually involve other people.

How Are Fixed Signs In Relationships?

Fixed signs will often treat others they way they treat their material possessions; like gold. They can be some of the most enjoyable people to spend time with as they know how to enjoy the comforts in life and will share what they have. Fixed signs may verge on being a bit bossy at times but their advice is usually good. They will help you achieve in life and they often know what it takes to climb slowly to the top of the heap.

Affliction to the fixed signs or houses can create an assortment of material difficulties. Money problems, troubled children or love life, a lack of material comforts or other restrictions that hold one back, and in some cases criminal or antisocial behaviour, or ills suffered by all of society and not just pursuant to an individual.

Whereas cardinal signs may learn about themselves by looking in a mirror, fixed signs look at others to learn They understand the concept of cooperation, looking out for each other and finding security in relationships. Their communal nature is not so much socialistic as it just plain old caring about their fellow humans. They enjoy helping others as it helps them feel useful and secure. They are often loved and admired because they can be so kind and giving and do not always need to draw attention to themselves.

All fixed signs and yes, even Leo can be the most humble people yet show some of the best and most human traits. They have no need to put on airs or pretend to be people they are not because what you see is what you get and many are the “salt of the earth”. Steady, reliable, and mature and they help sustain the rest of us. Often understanding that counting one’s blessings is the key to happiness, they bless us all by just being some of the most kind, caring and humanitarian people one will ever meet.

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