Gemini the Twins

Gemini the Twins

May 22 to June 21 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Gemini


Gemini the Twins
Gemini the Twins

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury, and its symbol is the Twins. The Gemini twins are usually attributed to the ancient Greek legends of Castor and Pollux, the names of the two brightest stars in the constellation. However, to the Babylonians they were the Great Twins Meshlamatea and Lugalirra, to the Egyptians twin goats, and to the Romans they were Romulus and Remus mythical twin founders of ancient Rome. Western astrology identifies the Twins as Castor and Pollux while Gemini is actually the Latin word for “twins”. They are not identical twins although both male.

There are a variety of stories about Castor and Pollux but the primary story is concerning their parentage and their mother Leda, a princess and daughter of the Aetolian King Thestius who was married to king Tyndareus of Sparta. With him she became the mother of several children but Zeus (king of the gods) was so taken with Leda that he turned himself into a swan to seduce or rape her. As Leda also was impregnated around the same time by her husband, Castor and his sister Clytemnestra were fathered by him but Pollux (aka Polydeuces) and Helen of Troy (yes, that Helen) were fathered by Zeus; all four were said to have hatched from twin eggs, two apiece.

In most stories Pollux was considered immortal like his father while Castor was not. When Castor was killed in a battle Pollux was heartbroken so Zeus allowed him to give half his immortality to his brother and they divided their lives between Olympus and Hades, usually on alternative days. Later they were immortalized as the constellation Gemini.

Gemini the Twins were revered for their skilled horsemanship and hunting and held a strong following in Greek and Roman cultures that carried through well into Christianity. The early church could not get rid of the “immortal” twins so they adopted them into the religion, using Saints Peter and Paul in their place and gave them dominion over travellers and healers. They were depicted in Christian literature as late as the 5th century.

Gemini the Twins endures today as a near universal symbol for twins. The Roman numeral for the number two is their glyph. The US space agency NASA called their two-person spacecraft program Project Gemini in honour of the Twins and which followed the Mercury program. The Apollo space program followed Project Gemini.

Here is an interesting story relative to the media and communications trades that Gemini governs through Mercury and the 3rd house. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are American identical twin brothers who along with a third friend came up with an idea for a social media networking program for Harvard University students. They hired Mark Zuckerberg to do some coding on the project and within a few weeks of his hiring he instead launched his own version of social media called Facebook appearing to steal their idea while also not fulfilling the job he was hired for. The twins later sued Zuckerberg (worth 88 billion US dollars today) and won a multimillion dollar settlement after 7 years in the courts. Today, the twins manage a venture capital firm and also a cryptocurrency exchange company called Gemini. Mercury is a symbol of the trickster and con artist.

Relationship to Mercury

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury the Roman messenger god; Hermes was his Greek counterpart. As both Hermes and Mercury he was known as the “trickster of the gods” and was often depicted with winged sandals or a winged hat to represent his great speed. DC Comics’ earliest and more recent depictions of the Flash superhero used both the winged shoes and a winged version of a hat called petasos, a wide-brimmed head covering worn by ancient and modern farmers to shield from the sun in some countries.

Image by NakNakNak from Pixabay

Mercury’s primary role in mythology was as an intermediary between the gods and mortals which he performed in a variety of ways. He delivered goods and messages and was held in high regard as a benefactor to merchants and trade in general. He was thought to look after travellers and escort dead souls to the underworld; some believed he was a deliverer of dreams. He was widely known as a trickster who pulled pranks, and he was admired for his cunning and intelligence, while also known for being deceitful.

Gemini is the first sign of travel and communication and is well-served by Mercury. Gemini loves to talk and communicate in every way possible and fortunately Mercury is associated with languages and education and along with Gemini rules the 3rd house of early education.

Most Geminis work or play in a field of life that utilizes their resonance with Mercury or the 3rd house. Gemini can work in any job that serves people and the community such as education, travel, retail and sales, courier and logistics or the many forms of communication. They love parties and group activities which is where they really shine. As a mutable air sign Gemini is very suited to Mercury’s symbology

Relationship to 3rd House

The 3rd house is the house of siblings, peers and neighbours and all of these may be called your brothers and sisters in spiritual philosophy. In the mythology of the twins Pollux and Castor it was said that they looked out for each other in spite of their differences of actually being half-brothers. They knew that sharing the everyday burdens in life was helpful to both and the 3rd house carries a similar association. By working with our siblings, peers and neighbours we grow collectively as individuals and as a society.

The 3rd house is also a house of communication, education and travel. Gemini excels in these fields where their natural abilities and expediency are well-used. Gemini loves groups of people and the 3rd house exposes us to our first groups in early schooling and in the family, but also throughout our lives. Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd house are especially inter-related as all three may represent these qualities of community service to benefit all.

Gemini people
Image by Pixabay

The 3rd house is where we hang out with peers, talking, laughing, swapping stories. This kind of camaraderie between friends builds relationships as well as a network of people we can call on for help. While the 2nd house is a house of material resources, this house focuses on people, places and learning as resources that are just as valuable. Gemini is a symbol for all of us. With the 2nd house life is materially transactional and in the 3rd house we develop more a barter system of shared human resources that is quite unlike the 8th house of shared material resources. The 3rd house is people working together as a group.

As the person who is always ready to pitch in and share the load, Gemini is invaluable as a friend, peer, sibling or some other fun character in the community who has our back. These qualities are like gold to a mutable 3rd house which gives us an apprenticeship for life in general. Most of the experiences we face while being educated, travelling or when hanging out with peers prepare us for more serious life experiences. This perhaps is the greatest value the 3rd house offers everybody. For Gemini, this is second nature.

Gemini is just the right salesperson, labourer, teacher or courier for 3rd house matters and the Twins are perfectly at home here.

Basic Character


Gemini is one of the most entertaining and fun signs of the zodiac. Known for their dual nature, the Twins is all about the urge and need to communicate. The term mutable was perhaps created for Gemini as they are the most adaptable, versatile and changeable sign, although it shares these traits with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Gemini appears to have a dual personality but many Twins have multiple personalities, not in a psychological sense; they are just very changeable. When Gemini learns to focus their attention while retaining their adaptability they can be very successful. Otherwise, Gemini often has a hard time focusing on one thing at a time and they may waste a lot of time.

Their fickle nature is seen in a variety of ways. Talkative one minute, then silent the next. They spend a lot of time on a job, relationship, interest or project then suddenly abandon it for the next thing that caught their attention. Their fickle nature appears similar to Attention Deficit Disorder as they may switch gears several times a day. They tend to tell fibs to cover up their inattention to details but generally they do not intend to lie or deceive, just cover up mistakes.

Gemini is ruled by the trickster of the zodiac Mercury which makes them a lot of fun if not a bit high-strung. They flit from here to there and everywhere and the biggest trick may be trying to keep up with them. They have the energy of two people but their high-strung nature also makes them anxious and nervous. Their anxiety is almost always palpable and many Geminis appear to go from one upheaval to another and whether they elude stability or it eludes them is debatable.

Debate is something Gemini loves to get into as they greatly enjoy the exchange of ideas. Although preferring to avoid conflict they often create a lot because they may spread themselves so thin they may not accomplish set goals. This has them appear irresponsible and reckless but some Geminis appear to know they have a short attention span and will really apply themselves to counter this trait. They really like to keep busy and enjoy work as they like to socialize with others. To some employers this is the problem; too much talking and socializing and not enough work being done.

Gemini sales
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Gemini does best in sales and other jobs where communication is key. They are so good at telling jokes and stories that you can’t help but listen to them and buy whatever they’re selling. This is where and when they can also show how refined they are. Gemini can have a lot of class and refinement and since they are often very well-read they can converse about nearly anything. Their charming ways and sense of refinement make them friends you need to invite to the party as they keep everyone entertained.

Gemini’s famous versatility makes them a bit difficult to pin down. Just when you think you’ve figured them out they change or show a different side of themselves. Their versatility also gives them great potential to be really good at nearly everything. Although they usually don’t go deep into any topic; they tend to know a little bit about a lot of things and often they appear well-educated even when not. There just may not be a job that Gemini is incapable of doing except maybe if it involves sitting still and keeping quiet for a long period.

With Mercury as their ruling planet Gemini is always on the move and they always have something to say. They can be very good friends although not always reliable as they keep so busy. They are spontaneous, with an eager, ready wit and since they are so changeable it is difficult to get bored with this sign. Gemini is often your favourite friend, workmate or relative who knows how to keep you laughing and entertained.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

In the body Gemini rules the pectoral girdle which includes the hands, arms and shoulders. Through Mercury the Twins may also be associated with the brain, senses and voluntary nervous system. It has been said that the hands are the outer organs of the brain. The palms and fingertips of your hands contain many specialized nerve endings, some modified to muscle and bone specifically for the use of tools. Most Geminis are very good with their hands and although every sign will use their hands in their work or hobbies, Gemini may have the best manual dexterity

Gemini can be tall but often that is because they may have longer legs and arms compared to a short trunk. Some Geminis can be very petite and they may be any other size but their energy level is often a giveaway; they operate only on high speed and are rarely obese. They keep active, like to be up on their feet, and that’s a great way to stay in shape and not put on extra pounds. The majority of Geminis are thin, lean or athletic looking. They can be muscular and in very good shape because they love to be active and enjoy sports and fitness.

Gemini runners
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Geminis usually have nice hands and shoulders. Females should show them off as they can be their best feature. Males often have a nice v-shape and six-pack. The Twins have bright sparkly eyes and a beautiful beaming smile. They are lively on their feet, often great dancers, acrobats, gymnasts and contortionists, and don’t forget jugglers, magicians and sleight of hand. Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac.

Geminis tend to be slender built and wear clothes well; many are models and entertainers as they are natural and unafraid before an audience. Being refined they may wear the latest fashions and they can lean a bit to outlandish as any of the air signs can carry that quality. Gemini is the sporty looking active girl or guy next door and some are very attractive. The mythical deity Mercury was known to be quite the hottie and very into sex with men and women and others. It’s been said that Gemini has the sex drive of two people.

Some Geminis are real health nuts. All mutable signs can be and they can get some odd illnesses so may seek unusual remedies. Natural health, Asian medicine, ancient Shaman or Celtic practices may all interest the Twins. Regular medicine and health or social care are also fields of interest to the Twins as they will check out anything. They love to explore the tried and true and the, “hmmm, never seen that before”.

Because of their nervous disposition Geminis may have anxiety or other ideations that cause them worry and resultant stress-related illness or phobias. Often their relationships will suffer and they can be prone to sudden changes of tone or emotion, evidence of their dual nature or underlying unresolved issues. They are the best at talking about their problems and can sort things out but no one should use friends or family for therapy. Many Geminis are excellent therapists or practising similar work in psychiatry, social services, or mental health.

Twins are also a bit accident prone often harming their hands but since they often work with their hands more directly that is understandable. Some may get arm or shoulder issues and the Twins are prone to respiratory issues as Gemini rules the lungs in the body.

The Gemini diet is sometimes good and well-planned for health, but it may be haphazard while they eat on the run. They don’t always eat at the usual times people eat; others need to eat at exactly the same time or a type of food each day or there could be trouble. Geminis may have a terrific palate while others could eat too many refined foods and have dietary issues. Gemini is always dual in nature somewhere but their two arms, hands or shoulders are almost always considered attractive to others or their best physical feature.

Personality & Psychology

Gemini can be the very best friend of the zodiac. They are so much fun and they bring out your wacky side; and don’t worry if you’re the quiet type because Gemini is very communicative. They love to talk.

They are ruled by the trickster of the zodiac and full of fun, games and they have a lightning quick dry wit. They can be the most charming sign, bright, entertaining, and they keep you on your toes to keep up. They love to tell a story and they’re not always short stories. But they’re usually funny, often outrageous and their green thumb with people has them being appropriate to the situation most of the time. They are often the favourite relative.

Because Gemini enjoys travel they can have tales of their adventures to share which are always exciting and likely a little exaggerated. They can be imaginative and slip in a few embellishments to the story but usually to good effect or gales of laughter. They may lead a long and exhausting day that others would struggle with.

They are great at languages and accents; some of the best mimics are Geminis. They may speak more than one language and are natural at sign language. They are also good drivers. Their manual dexterity is well used in several areas and trust me, always say yes if a Gemini ever offers you a massage.

They can be excellent writers of quick yet entertaining emails and messages and they are natural flatters. Gemini knows how to make you feel good and be aware, like the rest of the mutable signs they are also natural manipulators.

Gemini juggler
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

The Twins crave excitement and a continual stream of new information, new faces, new places and changes so they are custom built for the internet. It’s one of the reasons they are associated with travel it’s one of their methods to expand their knowledge by learning about other cultures. Geography is often of interest to Geminis and they are generally born blind to sex, gender, colour, culture, religion, etc. They see everybody as just like them and they should have their fair share too. They often support or are members of a variety of social causes, brotherhoods, sororities, business networking groups, art and theatre groups, and so on.

Some Geminis are bookish and voracious readers; some are perpetual students like Sagittarius but that is more often undertaken in spurts or to some other schedule that suits as the Twins tend to really load their agenda. Unfortunately, that may leave some things unattended and unresolved. “Well, on to the next thing,” is likely their attitude.

This sign is forever curious, they are gregarious, clever and at times tricky so be warned. Some are monkey like and most are always moving one part of their body or another even while sitting or reclining. They are active people.

Their love of gadgets, psychiatry and “how things work” make them scientific but infographic or armchair style. They tend to have a little knowledge of a lot of things and can sound very intelligent even if they didn’t finish that degree they started, or that job that could have given them professional status. Many Geminis can learn to focus and become highly educated or degreed but all are street smart. They are the original buskers and hustlers.

The Twins are not just dual some are chameleon like. They may change their manner and more to play a role, often to what they believe is expected. They don’t see the facade as fake but others may. It may also be tied to their dual nature and like all signs Gemini has a negative side; they may be liars or lie more than is healthy and appear too versatile, vacuous or shallow.

Education is their forte as they are naturally bright. As a mutable sign, some Geminis have a difficult childhood or early life trauma that contributes to their anxious nature but also to their desire to learn and grow. Like other air signs, Gemini likes to look ahead and to the future but often deadlines are not met and things are not done on time. They tend to go in too many directions at once.

A quickly moving sign like Gemini needs to live at their natural pace but they come into conflict with the rest of the world that isn’t like them and this may trip them up. Being such a nice and charming sign we can’t resist helping these good friends who were there for us and support their next wild adventure.

Some Geminis can be very good at detail. These Twins are excellent engineers and architects and maintenance professionals that keep everything going. Many juggle many activities and details in their life very well and we wonder how they do it; others can’t keep up with the simplest of things as their mind is always on the next thing or somewhere else.

Like the other mutable signs, Gemini is group-oriented and loves to be around others. Their airy nature gives them a great skill in communication, learning, activities, or entertainment and if you are not boring and they have nothing else to do they will greatly enjoy your company like a loyal friend.

Love, Family & Relationships

The Gemini child will keep you on your toes. Their favourite question is “why?” and they want to get into and know everything. The other mutable signs can do that too but the mutable air sign with a symbol of Twins can talk your ear off in double-time. Most Gemini kids are smart and witty and will crack you up but they may get into mischief. And they may fib or be a tad light fingered. Proper handling of those situations if manifested would normally prevent worse behaviour. They usually are just playing fun and games on you.

If you have a Twin for a sibling they have probably helped keep your life lively at the least. Some go through melodrama but they will usually be there for you when needed. Brother and sister love is important to Gemini but they are independent. Gemini may be more often bullied than be the bully in families but if their mischief is tied to an angry temper look out.

Most Geminis want to have fun not fights but they can hold their own with their fists and may have a more dangerous mouth. They can be mean with words with angry like the other mutable signs and downright abusive if Gemini planets are afflicted. Gemini can be flippant and appear superficial as they get sidetracked a lot. Some Geminis are so fun loving they are terrible flirts and is one of the signs more prone to have affairs. They have a strong sex drive.

In love Gemini may be smitten at first sight and they may also play the field gaining some experience. They can be attentive and ardent lovers open to repeat or command performances. All the mutable signs get a bit kinky and Gemini is no exception being a tad prone to fetishes and multiple partners. Mercury was a sexy god to the ancients and with the potency of two males, Gemini may be charming and skilled in every room of the house.

Gemini chariot
Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

Many Geminis prefer a spic and span home and are excellent at cleaning and organizing. Others not so much as they’re too busy for that. Some Geminis are amazing cooks but it better be quick and easy unless you run into a Gemini chef and they will usually have a few foreign or local specialties to whip up quickly. Gemini may have invented fast food and drive through as they speed through most meals.

Gemini likes to travel and they like people and one time I told a Gemini they should put wheels on all their furniture to make it easier as she changed homes so often. But, on vacation Gemini likes to pack up the whole family and take off somewhere with lots to see and do. The amusement park may be on the list as well as games, gambling, music and the clubs. I wouldn’t call Gemini a homebody but they like to have a neat quiet home in which to crash and recharge when needed. Although the Gemini home is more often like a three ring circus.

Gemini is so good at travelling their work may take them on the road and they may be away from home periodically. This may actually help keep a relationship together with Gemini’s short attention span. Don’t mistake this for not taking love, marriage and family seriously. Gemini is very serious about all of these areas but will run them in their own fashion—at high speed or while juggling several other things.

Their strong curiosity can get them in trouble, some Geminis like gossip and they have a bad habit of letting secrets slip out. They also fully understand the power of using words and behaviour and may play a role in their relationships instead of being authentic. Some can be nasty when angry and they are also clever and quite able to humiliate and verbally cut down their adversary when needed. Fortunately, Gemini is not fond of conflict nor vindictive but they will defend themselves or others when in need.

As parents Gemini may be hands off or very critical or a mix of both and be confusing. They may have very strict rules and expect the kids to follow them. However, they are also not consistent and some Geminis just leave parenting to the spouse though they want to be consulted. Many Geminis have children with different spouses so their kids may have more than one family or step-siblings. Some Geminis are excellent parents raising bright independent kids with good refined values and ambition in a lively but healthy home where the children can thrive, learn and grow. Others are like Queen Victoria and appear to despise their children or are too critical, neglectful, controlling or negative creating lots of family melodrama.

If you are in love with and planning a relationship with Gemini know that there is a kit and kaboodle that comes with them. Geminis have a lot of friends and acquaintances always hanging around, some even have an entourage, so getting them alone in quiet times is not always easy. Geminis accommodate a lot of friends and family so you may have to as well.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Gemini can be very creative as they’re imaginative and good with their hands. They are very attracted to music, literature, design, and arts and crafts. They love the regular weekend or occasional art class, or maybe its in philosophy or political science. Gemini is very versatile in their interests. Most of them will surprise you with some rare or exotic interest, hobby or possession. They keep busy doing a lot of things.

Many of Gemini’s projects don’t get completed but they also have the ability to focus when it’s important enough. They’re best doing anything in short bursts of energy but some have the endurance of two people and happily work or play overtime.

Gemini is inventive and original and when in relationship with the outer planets can indicate some pretty amazing skills and talents. They are often good at any handiwork; sewing, knitting, quilting, drawing, painting, model building, or other fine assembly work as they are good with tools and fixing things. Gemini may be a great handy person to have around but they tend to take on too many things and get sidetracked. Like some other signs, Gemini may be best at starting things and having others complete them.

The Twins love to dance. They like to move in any manner and they don’t seem to be still for long. They may be very animated people but also very fine, refined and graceful. They are pretty good at anything repetitive or sequential like dance steps and playing or singing musical notes and they are excellent composers and musicians especially with the Moon involved with Gemini in nearly any aspect. The Moon rules rhythms and Gemini has a natural one, two beat.

Gemini likes all games whether games of chance, board games, indoor, outdoor sports, and especially any involving the hands and arms as they’re naturally good. They are also naturally competitive and generally very good sports whether they are winning or losing. They are kidders and hecklers for sure and very spirited fans. They want to be involved with the game.

You’re liable to find Gemini at the new class you’re taking, maybe at the gym or sketching outdoors or playing with the dog in the park. They love their family and friends but they prefer life on the fly. When devoted to a spouse or family they are pretty fun to have around and make life worth living.

Work & Career

If anyone has ever met a Gemini who had only one job their whole life I may say that it’s impossible. Don’t even say working at home as mom or dad because that is not one job—that’s a lifetime commitment of many different jobs and responsibilities. I mean a vocation.

Gemini the Twins not only does not have just one job their whole life they rarely have just one job at a time. They probably invented the part-time gig. They are great multitaskers and they can get a job done eventually so often they have more than one job. It may be contract or a couple part-time jobs or even self-employment but they are not the 9 to 5 type.

Gemini can be very motivated and ambitious but their execution sometimes is a little all over the place. Unless they are the type of Gemini who can sit still for the fine detail work they need to be up and about and multitasking. They can have issues at work due to not meeting deadlines or scheduling properly. Once they learn this they are amazing and efficient administrators. Gemini is often the assistant possibly more capable than you (maybe just in their head) but administrative work is kinda their thing.

That’s not to say that Gemini is not successful. Far from it, many Geminis are successful in business and are entrepreneurial. Their inventive nature and skills in systems, engineering, sales, and media give them many options. Most often they gravitate to fields like education, social work, sales, marketing and media especially the lower communications.

Gemini teacher
Image by Sanu A S from Pixabay

They are excellent speakers, writers, teachers and entertainers. They also may have a knack for math and sciences or geography, psychiatry or philosophy. Many work in media including digital media and graphic arts and advertising. Any of the publishing or arts industries may attract Gemini. They also may wisely choose a job that is fun, has variety and excitement and their work may be specialized in some manner.

Gemini bosses and coworkers are lackadaisical usually and great fun. They’re not often on time for meetings and appointments and may have to use the phone during the meeting but that’s just all part of the day for Gemini. Their personal lives are busy and may intrude on the working day and vice versa. Some Geminis are helicopter parents when working several jobs. But they are good jugglers and some Geminis are amazing at what they can get done in one day.

The Twins’ attitude at work may be frustrating as they appear to be aloof at times as if they know another job will beckon around the corner. It could be the second job is. They prefer to skim the surface than have to get too deep into things but they can be hard working and devoted employees even if missing occasional deadlines. Staggered work hours are more doable for Gemini than 9 to 5.

Gemini may be the person who got your information from a form or application, they may have delivered a package from Amazon or the food or mail, they could be teaching your children or helping them at the hospital, helping you pick out fashion choices, or performing at tonight’s concert. They may be processing your bills at the bank or writing computer code to create an online store. Gemini is not just the Twins they could be anybody you pass on the street or talk to today.

Here are just a few famous Geminis that appear to manifest at least one of their usual capabilities: Queen Victoria (Queen of UK, Empress of India. May 24, 1819), Clint Eastwood (screen legend. May 31, 1930), Rachel Carson (marine biologist. May 27, 1907), Nicole Kidman (screen legend. June 20, 1967), Shia LaBeouf (screen actor/artist. June 11, 1986), Venus Williams (professional athlete. June 17, 1980), Morgan Freeman. (screen legend. June 1, 1937), Barbara McLintock. (American scientist. June 16, 1902).

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay