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How Will The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Affect Me?

jupiter saturn conjunct

When seeing social and news media posts lately there are a lot of people who believe the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Whether you are an Aquarius sun sign or not you may also be wondering, “How will the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn affect me?” Admittedly, when hearing the “Age of Aquarius” song by the 1960s band 5th Dimension it’s difficult to not get excited about the potential dawning of any new age that will get us out of this 2020 mess.

Depending on who you believe some say we’re already in the age of Aquarius and have been for 500 years; others think the dawning isn’t for another 500+ years or so. One only has to look around at this Capricorn-dominant year and what has transpired to realize we are not yet in the age of Aquarius, but perhaps some feel its shadow approaching. We appear to be still dealing with the effects of a very polarised Piscean age with its fish swimming in two different directions. Politically and philosophically there is still far too much polarity in the world today that is typical of the dual sign of Pisces to think we have already made it to the age of Aquarius. With Jupiter moving through Aquarius in 2021 and Saturn in the Water-Bearer for the next 2.5 years, we may have a preview of a new age in the next year. This great conjunction in the sign of Aquarius may influence each one of us individually and society as a whole and give us a hint of what’s to come.

There are astrologers who believe that this rare and wonderful celestial event between the solar system’s two brightest planetary “stars” will bring doom and gloom, rebellion, and all sorts of apocalyptic events. Most of us endured a calamity of devastation already to some degree in 2020 due to Covid-19. Losses were endured in wealth, the economy and labour due to businesses closing and cutbacks, and many have lost their lives or health to the pandemic. We can’t deny that the worst of what Saturn, Capricorn and the 10th house represents manifested in 2020 and likely was emphasised by Saturn traveling along with Pluto and Jupiter much of this year. That’s not to say that this conjunction cycle will not give another kick in the butt for some people but for most it will be a period of relief, adjustment, new beginnings, and adapting to new societal structures.

jupiter saturn conjunction
Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter is in conjunction to Saturn now in the sign of Capricorn where they have been most of the year and on December 21st (the winter solstice) they will conjunct at 0º 31’ of Aquarius. While blending temporarily with Pluto in Capricorn earlier we’ve seen how a tough-as-nails sign like Capricorn can manifest with major planetary contacts. We have all been forced to dig deep into our survival instincts while facing a worldwide pandemic and its resultant labour, economic, and political crises.

Does This Conjunction Occur Often?

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens every 20 years. What is most exciting about this time is the rare opportunity to view the astronomical event in the night sky with the naked eye and not seen like this anywhere for about 800 years. Also, this conjunction in Aquarius demarcates its movement out of an earth sign cycle the past 200 years and into air signs for the next 200 years. This article by astrologer Christina Rodenbeck well explains the significance of this.

To understand any contact (planetary aspect) between two planets and what could happen when they get together the first thing to analyse is how well the planets may blend and work together or not. With these two big boys of astrology Jupiter and Saturn we have a mythological pairing of father vs son and polar opposite energies and archetypes. Jupiter expands while Saturn shrinks; Jupiter gives and Saturn restricts; Jupiter speeds up and Saturn slows down, and so on. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction literally becomes a push me-pull me device. Jupiter wants to push forward, up and away and Saturn wants to pull back, down and stay put.

dynamic duo
Image by Momentmal from Pixabay

In this conjunction we have the major benefic (Jupiter) and the major malefic (Saturn) representing opposite matters and they are at cross-purposes—or are they really? Astrologers know that any planetary opposition can provide an opportunity for the two planets opposing to find a bridge with one another and work dynamically in tandem depending on sign, house location and other aspects. In any conjunction the two planets must usually find a way to work with one another to manifest positively. Sometimes a conjunction mixes as well as oil and vinegar, yet when forced together they’re a dynamic duo.

Like any other polarity, Jupiter and Saturn are actually two sides of the same coin and have much to do with the law and judgment in general. They represent the natural ebb and flow of life; sometimes we are able to expand in life’s activities or life speeds up, and sometimes it slows down or we are cut back. Jupiter and Saturn actually may provide a balance and counter-balance to one another that can do more together than separately. They may not always be in competition with one another and may find a way to work together. Aquarius is one sign that is more about cooperation and humanitarianism than Capricorn and other signs because of the Water-Bearers’ ability to put their own needs aside to help others.

How Will The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Affect Me Personally?

Some people may experience this conjunction with another loss or delay at first but Jupiter is also poised to provide what is necessary to rebuild or replace what was lost. Some may go overboard into excessive behaviour (Jupiter) and create more personal devastation requiring Saturn’s patience and discipline to recover. Most will probably find just the right balance if they do not think or act from a fear or doom and gloom perspective. Faith can move mountains and so too can the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction when balanced just right. Jupiter is faith; Saturn is discipline.

In mundane astrology, the zodiac of worldwide and societal events as opposed to personal individual horoscopes, astrologers look at how the planets and configurations affect what is called the natural horoscope and for each of the 12 signs will base their interpretations on this. This is the basis of mainstream “sun sign” astrology as given in news media and on our sun sign page here. For society as a whole astrologers look at a natural horoscope with Aries as the 1st house through Pisces as the 12th. This puts the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction just into zero degrees of the 11th house in Aquarius. A worldwide cycle beginning at this house cusp would involve matters to come that involve our community, associations, societal structure, and our collective and individual hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

As Saturn enters Aquarius and the 11th house on the 17th of December what Saturn brings first into this new cycle is its previous devastation of our societal structures. Each planetary ruler is “at home” in its own sign or house and may more fully manifest all that their planet, sign and house rulerships represent. Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is especially beastly and this year the major malefic and Lord of Karma (aka Saturn) exhibited its raw power as a destroyer of status quo in the public, government, the economy and our personal life structures. These most often involved career, social, parental or family relationships vs home life structures.

coronavirus pandemic
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Many innocent people endured suffering while Saturn was in Capricorn and the solar 10th house. The world suffered immeasurable losses and loss became the worldwide public story in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The dirtiest actors in politics were on full display as some authoritarian leaders ignored the crisis or lied through their teeth, made light of a pandemic, and sacrificed the lives of thousands while pursuing their own political agendas. Politics aside Saturn in Capricorn in the solar 10th house worldwide beat nearly all of us to the ground and left some in the most miserable of circumstances. The 10th house and Capricornian pillars of society came tumbling down as the structures of government, health, labour and commerce were shaken to the core like an earthquake (Pluto in 10th).

Jupiter follows Saturn into Aquarius just days later on the 19th of December. While in Capricorn this year, Jupiter was in “fall” meaning the planet doesn’t quite fit the framework of the zodiac sign it’s in. We learned how detrimental these planets together in Capricorn can be. Pluto with its mass population associations helped spread negativity out of proportion worldwide and it’s conjunction with Saturn early in the year heralded the pandemic’s manifestation. What Jupiter in Aquarius brings into this cycle is its ability to expand, heal and recover from negative situations turning them into positive ones. It is called the major benefic because Jupiter appears to be almost magical in the way it can symbolise great and reversal of fortunes. It is the planet of miraculous healing and instilling hope, optimism and faith in potentially positive experiences as a rule.

In mythology Jupiter defeated his father Saturn and a new, more positive age then followed. In a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, there is more of a chance for Jupiter to overshadow the negative influence of Saturn. Some people may first experience a Saturn devastation during a great conjunction but sooner or later, most people will recover or move on from losses and use the wisdom gained to do even greater things. This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may ultimately be more positive than one might first believe as the world has already suffered terrible decline. There may be some setbacks but along the lines of “one step back, two steps forward.”

aquarius the water-bearer
Image by Momentmal from Pixabay

As it moves into Aquarius, the great conjunction is in a perfect place for it to begin a cycle of rebuilding and renewal, as well as a gradual healing from the pandemic itself. Aquarius is a sign that exists to benefit all of humanity. The Water-Bearer is an apt symbol for nearly any essential service that provides life or vitality to humanity in general not just water. This sign assists at the community level to develop and sustain a healthier society by providing for us all.

Why Was 2020 So Bad?

The year 2020 has certainly shown us where we need to heal and retool our activities for everyone’s benefit. We all have witnessed the effects of the previous great conjunctions in earth signs for the last 200 years. The focus has been on white male privilege, separation of classes, and a benefit structure based on capitalism, a world where whoever owns wealth in all its forms holds the power. This is a way of life that does not fit the multi-faceted society of today. But the world is still mostly run by a few old white male dinosaurs who will do anything to hang on to their power and status quo as evidenced by US president #45 and the leadership in other places.

But there is power in people. There is power in community and Aquarius well-defines the 11th house view of caring for all in the community, not just one sector. In Aquarius and the 11th house are the hopes, dreams and wishes of all the people, not just the rich and privileged. It is the sign of all humanity and people in general regardless of age, race, gender, sex, religion, financial position, or politics. Aquarius is our future but at our doorstep and change is coming.

The first step in developing a “brave new world” is a dismantling or destruction of the existing, unbalanced power structures governing our world today. The Capricorn planets have indicated rough times now and for the near future as this dismantling occurs. We have been left with a harsh reality of a society that conditioned generations of people to focus on money and worship of public celebrity instead of human values. A world where children are separated from parents and locked up like animals in cages and human beings are exploited and trafficked. In all countries people continue to be marginalised, abused and murdered for not being old white straight males in essence. There is no longer a middle class; most of the wealth in the world is held by just a small number of people while millions of people worldwide have nothing to eat today and no shelter. Maybe we needed something like a pandemic to draw our attention further to these global humanitarian inequities so that we should once and for all do something about them.

What Does Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius Symbolise?

The push me-pull me influence of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn may be compared to a machine or engine that appears to have the effect of knocking things down so they can be rebuilt in a better and more positive manner. Jupiter seeks to transform through expansion. Saturn seeks to transform through contraction. Working together they indicate a period of great change and potential growth in society and on an individual basis.

As Saturn moves into Aquarius and the 11th house for the next two and a half years, we need to not only hope for a better future but also begin rebuilding our new world. Saturn may appear to only destroy but it can also rebuild in time and with a sense of responsibility and discipline. Saturn is a symbol for cutting back, like cutting off dead wood, or withdrawing to some degree to allow a healing process and new growth to occur.

Horticulturalists recognize cutback as a healthy way to stimulate new life in plants. As a race of people, we need to cut back the dead wood in society that is stunting our growth and causing us to love and worship money, status and celebrity instead of God, others and life itself. Aquarius can help us do that and be prepared; it may do so in a very sudden, cold and unfeeling manner but for the benefit of all.

Image by Shany Kasysyaf from Pixabay

As a community, we have already been cut back, restricted to our homes as the waves of pandemic wash across many communities. Some are impatient, unwilling to follow the rules or guidelines from health experts as they have lost trust in government and society in general and disbelieve the current state of conditions. Everything is now a political statement or personal stand thanks to Capricorn. Already some feel the need to rebel or “push back” but this comes from a place of fear; a fear of being displaced, of not having enough, or the lack of power. Justice itself appears blown out of proportion focusing on justice solely for individuals instead of justice for all. But that is going to change.

The Cardinal Capricorn “me-first” attitude is still in effect for now as the anti-maskers become anti-vaxxers, refusing to be part of a healing solution and politicising a deadly health crisis. Some believe this is due to rampant narcissism or greed, or perhaps all these planetary aspects have just revealed the state of our current society and it’s not pretty. Conspiracy theories abound and as always appear to be rooted in fear and misinformation, blind to common sense. Some are still feeling the need to destroy and further take down individuals, groups or community structures with anarchic or rebellious actions instead of helping to rebuild community and follow laws.

Perhaps that will continue to be an initial reaction to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius but this aspect is about laying down the law too. Some people who suffer may finally get what they deserve as Aquarius is about accountability and correcting wrongs. Some communities may continue to suffer from those seeking retribution as their version of justice.

Generally, Aquarius is all about building utopia, a society where all are cared for and equal no matter the sex, gender, race, age or religion one may be. Aquarius sees a society where we all should “bear water” for each other. As a sign, Aquarian people love to right wrongs. They like to fix things. Capricorn protects its own interests whereas Aquarius wants to work for the benefit of all of society. Aquarius is many archetypes but most prominent is its symbol of the water-bearer which in ancient times was a very important position for any person to hold. The responsibility of bringing life-giving and life-supporting water to others, whether it was the reigning monarch or the community was a primary role for sustaining society or individuals. Therefore, as a symbol Aquarius is the original community worker who provides an essential social service or utility that may provide for all of society and help all those within our communal circle.

How Will This Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction in Aquarius Manifest?

Jupiter is usually applying to Saturn as it leads up to this conjunction and as per astrology aspect basics, the planet applying may have predominance or empowerment over the other planet in influence as it overtakes it. In other words, the beneficial and positive aspects of Jupiter are very likely going to eventually outweigh the negativity of Saturn in general as they change signs and continue a conjunction in Aquarius lasting just several weeks. The energy bond however will endure in 2021 and for 20 years until the next conjunction.

Here is what we may expect in 2021 and beyond because of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius:

  • a gradual recovery from the social health, labour and economic devastation wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic
  • sudden or immediate changes in legislation and government practices that will serve to protect the community better
  • a greater pulling together of people in the community for rebuilding society with continuous but restructured social services and charitable care
  • an ousting of the dinosaurs in politics and business who do not serve the interests of all the people whether by election or rebellion
  • more taxes for the rich and the beginnings of a more equitable distribution of wealth and charity especially by businesses and government wishing to be seen as more community-minded in their marketing
  • continued growth of home-based business and work-at-home programs, education and services
  • increased personal, business and government investment in technology platforms to support home-based business, education and services
  • more online and digital business, education and socialisation practices in general
  • advances in science, technology, energy, astrophysics, metaphysics and space travel
  • continuous advances in new media such as holography, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and all digital arts and media in general
  • enhanced regulation of media and internet industries to improve individual security and privacy
  • increased reports of sightings UFOs or “evidence” of extra-terrestrial life and alien visitations
  • potential for increased natural disasters due to wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, nuclear power, air pollution, and explosions
  • growth of alternative and renewable energy industries affecting most manufacturing sectors
  • greater acceptance of alternative lifestyles and personal identity choices in fashion and gender
  • more legislation to support and protect minority groups and all groups as equal

Some of these may be seen as logical reactions to what transpired in 2020 yet all are also the domain of Aquarius, Jupiter or Saturn.

The last two times Jupiter was in Aquarius in 1997 (Asian financial crisis) and 2009 (recession) economic recovery was a primary concern for a lot of people. Perhaps a result of Jupiter being in Capricorn previously. No doubt the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will highlight financial deficiencies again but with a greater need for personal income or investment stimulation as well. Economic recovery will likely be a major concern for 2021 almost everywhere with some winning the battle and some losing ground but with potential to reap again once a lesson is learned.

How Can Someone Use This Time Well?

When observing the behaviour of people with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in their natal horoscope many become very successful in life over time. It may be at a great cost sometimes, and they may go through their fair share of troubles and devastation like the rest of us. What is different is how they react. They have an innate ability to turn a disaster into good fortune or make lemonade out of lemons. They often develop great wisdom and learn from their liabilities. Some appear to use the push me-pull me quality of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as a “power source” that like a good plug-in makes the whole app work better. In afflicted charts they may sabotage their natural endowments with foolish choices and bad decisions yet many still end up landing on their feet. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may even “save” some horoscopes with otherwise nasty aspects so it is not all doom and gloom.

If we utilise the responsible discipline of Saturn and the blessings of Jupiter we can all work towards, hope, and dream that their conjunction in Aquarius will translate into recovery. We may see the beginnings of a more enlightened global community of people that continues to heal and recover as the year goes on. Aquarius the Water-Bearer may yet provide salvation and a better world for all of us through this major configuration whether we are actually in the Aquarian Age or not.

A personal horoscope consultation with a professional astrologer may reveal exactly how the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction may affect you personally, not only in the next coming 4 weeks but carrying through 2021. Below is a brief general description for each sun sign.

Aries – You’ve been dreaming all year about what you would like to do next but have been restricted by the pandemic. In 2021 you can expect to be able to get out into the community much more and many of you will be involved with spearheading the potential changes necessary. Many benefits are possible for you next year if you are willing to be a tad more patient, and if you utilize your wonderful leadership abilities to help everyone, not just yourself. A new career involving social service is possible or maybe it’s the realisation of something you’ve wished for that serves a greater good.

Taurus – You may finally get the recognition and reward you deserve and find yourself more popular not only at work but also at home. If a work disaster does occur then 2021 is not the year to take your sweet time developing a new career. Whether you want to or not, be prepared to learn about and use a lot more technology and keeping things flowing is your primary goal. If you are stubborn and refuse to move with the times it is more likely the Universe will provide an earth-shaking event to roust you out of your complacency and it won’t be jolly.

Gemini – Being quarantined and social distancing is no fun for you. You are probably already in recovery or a new career situation and if not that should happen very soon. A raise or promotion may be forthcoming. To help that along you may choose to or need to upgrade your education to further your career and it is recommended you do so. Your work or schooling may require a move or commute but online schooling is not out of the question or a combination. Legal matters may arise so you should pay closer attention to important warning signs and learn all the rules as you won’t be able to break them as easily this year.

Cancer – This may be one of the best years to invest in your financial future. When you tally up the year the losses may be large but you also have a wonderful opportunity ahead to reap the reward of other people’s money. If you were really wise in years past you hung onto something of great value which you can now sell or reinvest if needed. What you need to stop doing is scattering your energy with too many things. Bring greater focus into just a couple areas of life and let the other stuff slide. This is similar to that cliché of focusing on the pennies and letting the dollars take care of themselves.

Leo – The coming few weeks or later in the year may be one of the best yet for forming new partnerships. Whether you are getting married, creating business alliances, or welcoming new people into your life 2021 should be a great year for relationships. Your energy level will be high but so too may be your fiery and competitive nature. Flouting authority or being bossy and domineering will not work for you now although you may need to put your foot down. You would be better off trying to negotiate and form a truce with any open enemies. Reparations in relationships may also be possible if you’ll only admit you’re not right all of the time. Have fun and be you but harness your ego!

Virgo – Work is the focus of this conjunction for you but do not neglect your health. Great career strides may be made in the coming year and beginning soon. Be prepared to be more involved with technology or to have to learn new technology or procedures in your job. If returning to the workplace after a work-at-home or unemployment situation it is best to be open to adapting to the new routines or procedures without complaining too much. You also may decide that you don’t want to adapt you could just do something else. Don’t be surprised if a new job or career choice you make is much more suited to you than the old one.

Libra – Your sign may benefit the most from the great conjunction because it shows up in your FUN house. There was little fun to be had in 2020 but very soon you will begin to feel much better. Your love life may heat up and you may become a parent/grandparent or welcome new family members another way. You may expand or creatively innovate your work into a new area and it’s possible to turn a hobby interest or art form into a career with this aspect. The pay may not be so great at first but your emotional satisfaction will be. The Capricorn planets really kicked you hard but you will recover.

Scorpio – Family matters become more important and especially if there was prolonged separations, easing quarantine restrictions may contribute to improved family time. Home renovations may be top of your list soon or planned for 2021. Moving to a new home is also not out of the question. Some may see very major changes coming and discover the end of one chapter in your life but replaced by a positive new chapter. The worst thing you could do is resist change especially as it affects your home and family life. You don’t really like major changes yet sometimes you’ll find yourself in a better space afterwards. You’re more adaptable than you know when you let go of control.

Sagittarius – Your sign may be the perpetual student and education is as attractive to you as wealth to a gold digger. If you were newly enrolled in school no doubt the pandemic caused some major issues or delays. Those will give way to progress soon. If you had already been in school success is again in sight as you likely adjusted to the unexpected changes or delays since you’re naturally flexible. You may consider a new vehicle this year or consider other form of travel as borders reopen and restrictions ease. Communications may increase or become challenging but you’re a wordsmith pro and can turn ideas into positive action.

Capricorn – Finances and your work are all in major transition now as are some of your attitudes to life. All of these may have been brutalised in 2020 which at times is the only way the Universe can get your attention when asking you to change. You are often resistant to follow other people’s rules and need to always be on the top of the heap, or at least not on the bottom. However, this great conjunction is encouraging you to adjust your attitude and be more diligent, responsible and striving for recovery wherever it’s needed. It just so happens that you are very good at rescue and recovery so get going and watch a more positive future unfold.

Aquarius – You often have an innate need to take care of others but insist on having it your way or when it suits your agenda. Oddly, when things don’t go well for others you’re one of the first to drop your schedule and run to help those in need. Bizarre but we love you anyway. This great conjunction may affect you more than anyone else on a personal level. You (or others!) may call into question some current conditions or decisions made resulting in you making very major changes in your life. Just make sure you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Responsibilities to self vs others is a 2021 theme.

Pisces – This great conjunction may have some hidden and surprising effects on you. You’re more likely to disappear into the deepest waters when troubles arise. Fear is often a big factor or a need for quiet private recovery and both may be part of your motive to lower your profile. You sometimes prefer to disengage in fear instead of dealing with problems. If so, come out of isolation now and then as your emotional health will suffer and you need to take better care of your mind, body and spirit in general. This is a great time to quietly plan for the future. Start a rainy day fund in 2021 and don’t ignore financial issues when they arise.

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