Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

July 24 to August 23 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Leo


Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac, ruled by the sun, and its symbol is the Lion. It is a fixed fire sign. The name Leo means “lion” in Latin. It is one of the brighter constellations as it contains several bright stars including Regulus which is Latin for “little king” or prince. Ancient Babylonians called Leo “The Great Lion” and Regulus was “The King Star” which is the likely root of Leo’s royal status.

Leo is one of the oldest signs of the zodiac and has been known as Artan by the Turks, Aryo (Syrians), Arye (Hebrews) and Simha in India; all these names mean “lion”. The mythology most often attributed to Leo is the Nemean Lion myth involving the ancient Greek hero Heracles (Hercules to the Romans).

The first of Hercules’ twelve labours was to kill the vicious lion that terrorized Nemea. The Nemean Lion’s hide was impervious to weapons of the day, knives, swords and spears so Hercules subdued the lion in its own cave where the beast was eventually strangled to death in a fierce fight. Heracles then used one of the lion’s own claws to skin the lion as a knife would not cut through the hide. After this, Heracles wore the lion’s hide as armour while Zeus immortalized the lion by placing him in the sky as Leo the Lion.

Leo is often associated with courage and strength most likely because of Hercules and developed its royal status through its Sun rulership. Sun worship was a dominant religion in antiquity and a winged sun image was used as a symbol of God and royalty in several ancient cultures in Egypt, Persia and the Middle East. The sun was used to represent divinity and the ruling monarch of some civilizations and became a common symbol of the king or royalty in general.

Leo the sun king
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Today, the sun is still seen as a symbol and metaphor of power, strength, divinity, and royalty. Leo and the lion are also still a popular archetype. Images and statuary featuring lions are everywhere and a roaring Leo the Lion was chosen by MGM Studios in 1916 as a brand symbol and mascot.

Relationship to the Sun

As mentioned, the sun is a universal symbol of power, divinity and courage. Leo is ruled by the sun which has often been used as a symbol or crown atop the head of monarchs and some deities reinforcing it as a royal symbol. As noted, sun worship and sun deities were common in ancient times with the most notable sun gods being Sol (Rome), Ra (Egypt), Helios (Greek, Sol’s counterpart), Nanahuatzin (Aztec), and Apollo (Greek). The sun has more male god symbols than female but Aurora was the Greek goddess of the dawn, and Päivätär was a Finnish goddess of the sun who was associated with silver instead of the more common gold or yellow sun god symbol.

Louis the XIV of France was nick-named the Sun-King by himself or his supporters depending on the reports. He was especially fond of sun symbols using one to symbolize himself, and the Grand Apartment at Versailles used by King Louis was named the Apollo Room in honour of the Sun God. Although not the most successful conqueror king as he lost several wars, his 72 year reign is considered France’s golden era for arts, philosophy, culture and literature. However, Louis was a Virgo sun sign not Leo although he had Moon and Venus in Leo. His nickname implies pre-eminence and is used to describe some Leo qualities.

The sun is used in everyday words to evoke feelings and emotions. We describe someone very smart as bright, a cheerful person is said to have a sunny disposition, and we use warm, light and sunshine to describe positive people and feelings. We’re told to seek the light or to be a light for others, so the sun and its light are equated with “goodness” and positivity.

In a horoscope, the sun tends to brighten most activities in that house and it’s where the native may spend the most time. Lastly, sunlight causes our bodies to manufacture vitamin D, an essential vitamin that only recently research has shown has a myriad of uses for maintaining health and vitality and preventing disease. When looking for Leo they are usually out under the sun.

The sun is generally a beneficial influence in the zodiac but the sun and other personal planets are vulnerable to associations with other signs and planets that may negate some of the positive influences and bring out negative reactions. The sun is central to how we manifest our personality (our ego and our self) giving ego and self-expression a central role in conducting our affairs. The 5th house is the house of creative expression and Leo is the sign of creative self-expression in the forms of children of the mind and body. Our children and creative works are expressions of ourselves and find an excellent outlet in Leo’s 5th house.

Most Leos have a bright and shining personality that attracts attention and we mostly love them as they remind us to not forget our selves, our own ego needs and our creativity as we go through our lives. Ultimately, we only have ourselves to care for throughout life and if we don’t do that we are skipping out on the essential reason we’re on the planet; self-development.

Relationship to 5th House

The 5th house in astrology is the house of children of the body and mind, all creative endeavours, love and sexual activity, sports and recreation, and astrologers call it the fun house for this reason. In this house we all have the opportunity to explore our inner child and to be fun.

Leo likes to have fun and is a natural at self-expression. We admire them and think, “I wish I could be like them” and we can. In our own 5th house and using our own sun sign we can be creative and play games and have fun, romance and sex. These things are not exclusive to Leo but they make it look so easy as these qualities are second nature to them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be like Leo except we should be ourselves and shine brightly the way they do.

Leo, the sun and the 5th house remind us to keep a youthful and bright curiosity in life and to engage with it, to create and have fun. Like Leo does.

We often hear parents say their greatest accomplishment is the children they produced. Artists describe the creative process as putting “their heart and soul” into their art. We feel emotionally moved by some art, or we say we lose ourselves in a book, film or music. People are transformed by art. We find experiencing some art forms to be a transcendent experience. Art becomes a reflection of what may be going on inside us. Art reaches deeply into the hearts of some people. Is it any wonder that the creative sign Leo should rule the heart?

The heart is central to our health and perhaps art is central to our spirit. The sun is a symbol for what is at the centre and in fact we feel centred in our 3rd chakra, also called the solar plexus chakra and symbolized by the sun and the colour yellow.

Leo has a strong association with children and the arts and often may work in or volunteer in places that serve kids and youth. Being childlike at times, Leo relates well to kids and they usually enjoy the bright and raucous energy of kids. They’re often more patient with children than adults as we all should be. Leo recognizes that kids are not fully developed and can use some guidance, maybe not unlike how the sun can be used for direction.

Many Leos help children express themselves by teaching art or school or coaching youth sports. Leo well understands what the 5th house stands for and is well-suited to ruling this house.

Basic Character


Leo is a very colourful sign and they come by it naturally. In nature, the male of many species, and sometimes the female of the species are adorned with bright colours to attract a mate. Even plants put on a display during mating season by producing beautiful flowers and scents to attract pollinators. As the sign of romance, mating and producing children why would Leo be anything but colourful and flamboyant?

Leo the sun god
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Some Leos are mildly flamboyant and others are downright eccentric. Leo the Lion likes to draw attention as they see the world as a stage where they are the greatest performer and all eyes are on them. They may be rather ambitious in their quest to be the very best and it’s best to not get in their way.

They take their title of king or queen of the zodiac very seriously; royalty is a symbol of the greatest wealth and power attainable and they tend to seek a higher status in life no matter where they may have started. Leo thinks they can always do better and that you should always do better. To them the best is everything and it’s nearly illogical not to want the best or to strive higher.

They can be proud even without anything to be proud of, but most Leos will set out to be accomplished at something. They will demand as much of themselves as they will demand of you and combined with their famous competitive nature, courage and strength they are able to climb up in the world on their own but they like to make power plays. Leo may have many reasons to be proud; they can be great leaders, they’re generous and often kind, they love kids and are willing to work to get where they want. Unfortunately, pride is a bit too important to Leo as they crave attention and may show off flamboyantly to get it.

The sun is brightly shining and so too can Leo be brightly shining. They really can be accomplished and deserve praise and attention because of their leadership qualities. Leo can display true hero qualities at times as they often show up to save the day, or their bravery and strength can really be helpful. Being a fixed people-oriented sign Leo likes to help when needed and they can be very supportive of others. They can be decisive in an emergency and seem to know just what to do like any good leader.

Leo is usually concerned that the attention be on them and being competitive they may not want to share the spotlight. Their leadership qualities are misused as bullying or by being patronizing and demanding and don’t ever forget that they have an ego. Treat them as the hero they see themselves as and they will like you very much. Flattery works with Leo as many people who live or work with them learn and the more subtle the more effective. Leo is not a sign that is easy to push around and the direct approach may make them combative.

The fixed quality of Leo is seen in their stubbornness. It’s unlikely you’ll succeed in getting them to do anything they don’t want to do. But they are loyal people especially to those who are kind to them and just take them as they are. They probably know they are not perfect like the rest of us but there is no need to tell them or criticize. Like a spoiled child, some Leos misbehave for attention it seems and they can roar, bite and scratch like a Lion when very angry. There is a saying that says “wake not a sleeping lion”.

Leo’s fieriness may be the most endearing of the three fire signs because they can be so much fun. They are all probably still children at heart and love to laugh and appreciate comedy and good humour. They are spirited storytellers, acting out the characters, really giving you a sense of the drama or melodrama and can be very entertaining. Naturally athletic royal Leo carries theirself well with graceful ease and they aim for the winners circle as they are competitive and like to come first.

Leo can be a bit imperious at times as anyone with a Leo sibling will tell you. They’re fond of the royal “we” and may take on a royal air as they love to play the leader and they can be bossy. Some are not above being a bully or smashing you to force you to do what they want. They do not like to have their power challenged but will usually do a lot of roaring before tearing you to shreds so you have time to back off.

Leo has a very deeply feeling nature and they are passionate. Although not emotional like a water sign they’re not shy about showing their feelings and often they seem unable to control their emotions. Some Leos behave like a child. When very happy or excited emotions may pour forth with Leo and surprise you.

Leo king of the jungle
Image by JL G from Pixabay

The sign that rules the house of love and sex may be very good in the love and sex department. In their own minds for sure, but they do enjoy romance and may have a fair bit of practice so many Lions are excellent at lovemaking although it may not last long. They are as colourful and creative in the love department as they are in other areas as the bed is another stage to Leo where they can act out every fantasy.

Leo can be nasty. They like to strike fear into you as it is easier to holler and bully as forms of control than actually have to haul out weaponry and engage you in battle. Once they have control or power they do not want to part with it and this is when you may see some of their worst traits. First, good luck overpowering or controlling them as that rarely happens. Second, they’re very good at maintaining their position as they have learned or already used all the tricks needed to do so. They are highly schooled and skilled in warfare and will be a powerful opponent. However, when defeated or when their bullying is confronted they may become a whiny crybaby. Isn’t most bullying rooted in insecurity and a fear of not being good enough?

Fortunately, being ruled by the sun has most Leos trying to manifest their better qualities and when secure within themselves they have no need to feel less than another or be attention-seeking. Those Leos are an absolute joy to be around and are truly sunny, caring, kind, generous and lovingly attentive in their behaviour while not being overwhelming. As ruler of the fun house, Leo is the friend you’ll likely call when you need some spontaneous fun, excitement, a lover or an adventure.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Leo rules the heart, spine, upper back and the circulatory system. Through the sun they are also associated with the major arteries which are part of the cardiovascular system.

Leo tends to be attractive with an athletic or sexy physique. Males are often broad-shouldered with a nice chest; females are shapely. They may move with the grace of a cat or a top athlete and often exude good health and vitality. They often appear bright and animated but they carry themselves with class or a regal bearing and rarely do you see them relax and slouch. Eyes may be on them at any time so they try to always look their best. They often have a mane of hair that they may fuss over, be constantly touching or curling with fingers, or tossing around like Wonder Woman preparing to do battle.

Leo likes to look good and they know how to dress and accessorize. They dress for success and attention and many Leos look born for the runway. They also like uniforms and costumes and may wear one when doing their work. When relaxing at home they are almost always wearing athletic wear or lounge wear. Comfort is important to Leo as is wearing the right clothes for the right performance; many Leos change their clothes several times a day.

Leo has a high energy and can outlast most signs but they need their sleep. They love to sleep in and may need more sleep than the average—or they just indulge themselves as they are fond of catnaps. They can have a sustained energy but when they’re tired they need rest or will become irritable and bossy.

Leo rules the heart
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Lions are prone to heart and stroke issues or other circulatory problems due to their rulerships. Many Leos are bon vivants and may enjoy a lot of rich food, drinking and carousing which can contribute to circulatory illness especially if there is weight gain. They also tend to hurt their backs more than any other sign; some planets afflicted in Leo can indicate serious spinal injuries or deformities. Leo is fortunate to enjoy good health more than many other signs; the sun appears to be very life giving to the sign it rules, and often much is demanded of Leo enabling a strong constitution.

Personality & Psychology

Lions tend to be warm people who lead with their heart like children do. It may be a quality they don’t lose from childhood or maybe they just recognize that a heart to heart connection is the ultimate in human experience. Having a good heart whatever your sign is a symbol of good values and morals generally. Heart-centred people care about others and the society we live in.

Leo loves the good things in life and seeks status. A lot of who they are is tied to this and the need for attention. This can lead many Leos to great success. They tend to like routine and will keep a set time for certain activities which is surprising for a sign that appears adventurous and flamboyant. Some Leos are very businesslike in manner and behave like the CEO or a monarch who is just not readily available for everyone. Leo prefers to have their time respected so make an appointment and stand in line please. At least they also respect your time and appreciate kindness but they are often late for appointments.

Leo is so colourful and diverse in personality that it surprises that the Lion comes in so many types but maybe that’s attributable to the feline species which has some diversity. Some Lions roar like the king of the jungle and some only purr and meow like spoiled kitties.

Whichever type of Leo they are Lions are set in their ways like the other fixed signs and you may be expected to work around their schedule. Stubborn and arrogant are not good bedfellows and as much as we can be entertained by Leo they can also tick us off with their domineering behaviour. It often amazes me that some Leos think telling someone to do something is asking, confusing a command with a request.

Lions are impressive people and they can have some wonderful leadership qualities. They are also good at bringing people together. Most Leos have good taste as a rule and like to get the best things in life. They are competitive and sporty and can be serious but also very fun-loving. They like to be the best they can be and they believe they are the best.

Their fire sign nature gives them a high energy but the fixed nature also can allow them to sit still and even be patient. There’s no one explanation as to why but you need to be patient with Leo as you can expect to wait for them on most any appointment. They can take a heck of a long time to get ready for anything. There is a lot of preparation that has to go into things, and routines must be followed, and definitely do not rush them as you will get an earful. Leo is not usually on time for anything and some Lions are terrible at making people wait for them. Time appears to move differently in the rooms of the royal.

Leo can put on airs and appear to be well-heeled and put on a good show. They love to entertain and can be excellent hosts. They enjoy costumes and dramatic presentation as if the world is their stage. Some Leos have romantic notions and live their life like a Broadway musical and are fond of sudden recitations of quotations, cliches, mimicry or little skits to make their point. They love life but tend to have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Leo may put on a facade, dress the part, or play a role and they seem to have a natural flair for drama–at worst they are painfully melodramatic. They are expressive people, often in an exaggerated way and can laugh at themselves while also enjoying “putting on a show” and making others laugh. Their sense of humour can be surprisingly self-deprecating but it is also effective in drawing attention to guess who. Most Leos are self-assured and bold and have no trouble being who they are.

Leo needs creative outlets or they are insufferable. As children they may become petulant when not getting their way and can be a bit of a bully with younger siblings or other kids. They like people and other kids and often just need to learn that everyone needs attention sometimes and it is kind, and showing good character to be quietly proud and to let others shine in the light too. These kinds of Leos recognize that everyone has a role in the universe and we should all shine bright with inner light.

Leo loves the limelight and their sense of style and creativity will often attract attention and celebrity. They are excellent artists, drawn to dramatic arts and the supporting media, marketing and behind the scenes work that goes with it. The whole Hollywood glamour schtick seems invented by Leo and is personified in MGM’s Leo the Lion.

Leos are charming people, enjoying teamwork and camaraderie, and they can be unquestionably generous. They give because they see something in you to admire and their giving can be of their time, friendship, money, gifts, love, mentorship, advocacy, patience or a friendly ear. They don’t feel obligated to other people and they are false only when playing a role.

Leo can be patient like the other fixed signs and very helpful in problem-solving. Their natural lightheartedness can be weighed down by the trials of life like anyone else but some Leos can really take things into their heart until it’s heavy and leaden or melodramatic. Uptight Leos need to learn to lighten up as they can be too serious and it’s against their nature to be gloomy.

Lightness of heart is a goal Leo should strive for to bring out their best qualities. Perhaps this is good advice for every sign.

Leo can be arrogant and patronizing at time, examples of their famous ego and they know their own strengths and weaknesses. They may bolster the former and try to hide the latter as some Leos try to be or convince us they’re perfect. Their role playing erupts at times in surprising ways, even in ways that are self-harming or playing the victim perpetrator game.

Leo can be a little too attention seeking and their flair for drama can become melodrama. They need a gentle approach but they also need discipline or they can become lazy. Lions have natural street smarts and their formal education could be checkered yet Leo is often self-made.

They are a self-oriented sign like the cardinal signs but are fixed not cardinal; it’s their sun rulership that gives them a sense of their ego as self at the centre of their universe. In a horoscope we all are placed at the centre of our universe so I say we give Leo a break on this one for showing us the way to get by in life. Which is to look out for me, myself and I first; but always shine your light on or for others. The highest evolved Leos are noble and wise and display considerable leadership qualities.

When Leo planets are afflicted they behave like Godzilla attacking Tokyo and you had better run. There is a light and a dark side to each sign, planet, aspect and house in the horoscope and the normally good signs like Leo tend to really go to the dark side. Some Leos behave like the big ravenous dumb animal the lion is and can be aggressive, bullying, dictatorial, controlling, domineering, tyrannical, violent, nasty and very cruel. They want what they want and it better be now and are careless about how they get it.

On rare occasions, some Leos give all their power to another and may suffer dominance, control and abuse by them. No sign is immune to the evil charm of predatory abusers.

Some Leos may rob Peter to pay Paul. They can be con-artists and shameless moochers or exploiters of others. Leo may torment and pick on those who can’t fight back. They will often act in ways or tell you things “for your own good” and be rather overbearing, arrogant, paternalistic, and “the authority” on a topic; and only doing it their way is acceptable. Every form of bullying and manipulation is well-known to Leo and some will use these tactics when their charm does not do the job.

Some Leos are conceited and vain and overly proud of their children or their success proving it makes them a stellar parent. But as a parent Leo usually will spoil their kids but also push them around when they do not do as they are told. Sometimes finances or inheritance is used for control and domination of the family business or there is some other family melodrama. One wonders if Leo does so well playing roles as they had to endure so much growing up. Bullying is often learned behaviour just like prejudice.

Some Leos have a tragic attachment to being noticed or their youth and may not grow old gracefully appearing as an aging Don Juan or coquette. Virility is important to male Leos and their ability to attract admirers has Leo play roles that make them look a bit silly. Their flamboyance is more pronounced if they have a high need to be the centre of attention.

Leos have a high need for appreciation; ask nicely if you want something from them. They may also have an inability to accept defeat which is maybe why they are courageous and get back up and try again. Leos do not want to give up and be a loser but they need to learn to gracefully bow out at the appropriate time or they may flog a dead horse.

Leo will sometimes try to take a privileged position to their advantage and if they can’t be the boss and call the shots they often don’t want to play. This makes them appear childish or irrational but it’s more a power play. Leo can only move up the scale; they do not move down the ladder as gracefully and may explode if they are displaced in any way. Leo is often more formidable than they look if you decide to compete with them.

Leos are blessed with great strength mentally, physically and emotionally and many are connected to their spiritual side. Because of this don’t be afraid to fight back with them if you must, they can take it but be prepared for a long battle as they don’t give in easily. Fortunately, their child’s heart matures into the soul of a hero over time and then Leo grows by leaps and bounds and may actually manifest their sun-king kindness, grace and wisdom by old age.

Love, Family & Relationships

Leo as a child is often an entertainer. From an early age they learn that good behaviour, knowledge and talent can draw positive attention which they like. They want to be a good child; probably every kid does but if not raised with discipline and an appreciation for others Leo can become a spoiled child. They are often very cute, charming and precocious and a delight to be around but a bit demanding of your attention. They need to be the centre of attention and that may dictate a lot of behaviour.

With Leo and other fixed signs it’s important to raise them with gentleness and patient discipline. Any violent or aggressive temperament at home may be mimicked later. Some Leos are not as quick minded as siblings or other kids and again, like the other fixed signs may need more time to study. Most Leos would rather be doing their arts, sports and extracurricular activities than schoolwork so firmness is required.

Some Leos are really good with kids and most Leos love kids. They’ll spoil their own and yours and may work with children or youth. As parents they may be strict but very generous especially if the kids do well as asked. They see their children as a reflection of who they are and do not want to deal with their kids being an embarrassment. In spite of this they will usually forgive their children anything as they are capable of great love and forgiveness.

You will risk Leo being unforgiving as they do not take kindly to people who are rude, unappreciative, entitled, humiliate them, or attack them. They can be magnanimous and very friendly but they are a warrior when angry. Leo is also protective of their children and family. They are very loyal people and admire commitment.

You may need to be forgiving as Leo is one of the signs known to be prone to extramarital affairs. Yes they’re loyal but if they only have sex with others they believe they are justified because they’re loyal in other ways. Leos are a lot of fun and they can separate love and sex. Unfairly, they may want you to be monogamous while they’re not.

Their overbearing manner tends to make for lively relationships. The fireworks can go off quickly for some Leos who are quick-tempered. Other Leos are as sweet and demure as a kitten but no less a tiger in other areas perhaps. Love and romance is important to Leo. Some are forever falling in and out of love and the hallmark of most of their relationships may be melodrama. Love life for some Lions is like a TV daytime soap opera with an assortment of characters. They are adventurous in love and although at times conservative and old-fashioned (fixed sign) their fiery nature has them become impassioned like a roaring lion in love, and maybe a purring kitten too.

As a spouse Leo is usually loyal and devoted to their partner and the kids. They like to have the entire family together doing things and often know how to keep the romance alive. They view marriage as an equal partnership but don’t mind if you put them on a pedestal as they may do the same for you. Traditional home and family life suits them and they enjoy being the lord or lady of the manor.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and a female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in the French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Leo parents may be a tad dictatorial and could give the kids some space. Other times they spoil the kids too much or favour a child over another causing family drama. Leo may be the favoured child which causes issues with siblings.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Leo is all about fun and creativity as it’s part of their celestial DNA. Firstly the sign is fun-loving and talented at creating, secondly the house is all about expressing creativity, lastly the sun is life-giving and all about creating growth, expression and evolution. Hobby interests and activities that are fun make us feel alive and they help us grow as people and Leo is in tune with that.

Athletics and sports are often interests of Lions and they can be very good at them. They compete to win and are successful in team sports or one on one. They are like a lion on the playing field; stealthy, sure-footed, powerful, graceful and energetic. Many Leos turn their athleticism into a love of dance or another full body activity. They are also adventurous but enjoy the camaraderie of a team. They relate to the whole fan worship thing and can be very enthusiastic sports fans.

Generally, Leo likes to be involved with athletics and youth and the two go together. Many Leos work with youth athletics and they tend to be athletic and physically fit themselves. Many are attracted to team sports where they may excel. Some of the best athletes are Leos as they are powerful, competitive, enjoy the limelight and fan attention and they deliver the excitement or professionalism we crave. They know that looking at the top of your game attracts attention and contributes to reaching the top.

Leos like to be seen and admired so they will gravitate to the latest and most trendy places and they don’t mind crowds. They enjoy theatre, music, entertainment of any kind but they have an extra attachment to the stage. Theatre and film are associated with Leo with both expanding considerably in popularity while Neptune was in Leo from 1915 to 1929. Pluto was in Leo during Hollywood’s Golden Age from 1939 to 1957.

Leo loves to play and is fond of games and contests. Their competitive nature gives them determination to win and they can be a strong opponent. Leo has a sense of good sportsmanship and usually is going to play fair but they will utilize any advantage to get ahead or win. They are also gamblers and are known to take huge risks.

Some Leos love the great outdoors, probably because they want to be out under their natural energy. Not just for vitamin D fuel, sunlight probably livens the spirits of Leo because all the ones I know worship the sun. They love being outside whether in the garden, under a tree reading a book, or going for a walk or a run. Most likely sunshine is especially refreshing for Leos since they are ruled by the sun.

As Leos love to entertain and gravitate to performing arts many are very well known in their field, often for their flamboyance or ostentatious ways. They love to show off or put on a good show and that is to our benefit. As a patron of any of the arts Leo may be into literature, music and fine arts, so much so that Leo is often an accomplished painter.

When Leo is an artist their work is usually bold, colourful, and with large dramatic strokes or flourishes. Some Leos’ tastes are more baroque or rococo, loud or garish. Taste and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, and also subject to the amount of wealth and refinement so let’s not judge. Leo is often artistic about everything. Their homes, offices, appearance, and everything else are decorated to impress and be a showpiece for their artworks and success.

Some Leos are mechanically inclined and good with tools. Fixed signs are similar to earth in that their energy is shaping and forming and fire signs manifest material life and energy so some Lions work in manufacturing, renewable/solar energy, and hydroelectric industries. Leo may also work in mechanics, computers and automotive trades.

Leo usually likes a hot sports car and speed or luxury of any kind. They can be flashy and sporty or the strong leader type or both, but Leo is always fun to be around.

Work & Career

Not surprisingly Leo can do well in business and they are great executives. Their leadership skills get them noticed and they know how to charm everybody. They are skilled at seeing the big picture and pulling together the different components and people to get things done or created. Their creativity serves their other skills well and they make good producers and directors too as they are able to pull all the right strings.

Leo often has connections as they naturally appraise people by who may help them and who may not in their rise to the top. They like the buddy system and may represent the old guard today, those macho “Mad Men” and their privileged and prejudiced position in the world passing out favours to friends. That’s not to say that Leo does not work for their success; on the contrary they may always be working on their success when they are ambitious.

They do best in jobs where they are the decision maker so many Leos are self-employed. Leos don’t like to be told what to do as they are self-directed and are often capable enough to be successful. They enjoy telling other people what to do and can be good managers, directors, purchasers, salespeople, politicians, and they often work with heavy or specialized equipment as in construction, jewellery, computer, arts, sports and engineering. Many Leos wear a uniform while performing their work.

They can manage the process but also do hands on work. Leos will pitch in where needed and often know what to do in an emergency. Many Leos work in police, military, firefighting, health care, professional sports and entertainment industries and finance. Leo loves wealth and money as fixed signs do and as symbols of status or royalty the Lion aims for the top.

Although occasionally bullying and despotic at work some Leos are the opposite and very cooperative team players. Maybe this is based on how ambitious Leo feels but also an understanding of the right use of will. When Leo learns to not be pushy and insist on always getting their way they can be wonderful coworkers and employers who treat people like valued family. Many Leo managers and business owners are generous to their employees.

Leo needs to be proud of what they do so they don’t usually jerk people around but any sign can be ruthless when focused on greed, power or control. Leo may sometimes have a gangster or mafia mentality that goes beyond bullying. They can also be a tyrannical dictator and expert manipulator. Fortunately, most Leos are as friendly as the neighbourhood cat and have no hidden agenda.

Leo can be a very loyal and dedicated employee who hangs in till the end. Some have a real commitment to duty, routine and their responsibilities which is why they are great executives and leaders. They also keep up with trends and their competitive nature is well-used in sales, marketing and advertising.

They may be creative and flamboyant but Leo is a sign that has a lot of positive qualities and when they can pull all their best traits together they often become a noble and much-loved leader, worthy of the admiration and attention they crave.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay