Libra the Scales

Libra the Scales

September 24 to October 23 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Libra


Libra the Scales
Libra the Scales

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, and its symbol is the Scales of balance or justice. It is a cardinal air sign and the only inanimate zodiac symbol. Libra has an interesting and somewhat mysterious genesis. The constellation was known to the Babylonians as Scales or Balance but to the ancient Greeks it was The Claws, and referred to Scorpio’s claws.

The Romans created the zodiac sign of Libra about 2500 years ago at a time when the northern autumn equinox and southern spring equinox occurred in the constellation The Claws, an extension of Scorpio. They attached the vernal equinox and their goddess of justice Iustitia or Lady Justice, a blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice to represent Libra. The name Libra means “scales” in Latin and the sign was well-regarded by the Romans who saw their society as “balanced”, fair and just.

The Greeks eventually also depicted their goddess of justice Dike (forerunner of Virgo) as holding the scales of Libra, giving Libra a connection to both signs on either side of it. Later, Libra came to be recognized as distinct from Virgo and Scorpio.

There are several myths linking Libra to justice and balance. The Sumerians related the Scales to Inanna their goddess of justice, love and beauty, and a forerunner of the goddess Venus. The Egyptians associated Libra with their belief in Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the dead who led souls after death to the Hall of Two Truths for judgment. They believed the heart was weighed against the feather of Maat and if it was as in balance or as light as the feather the soul would join Osiris in the afterlife. If the heart weighed more than the feather their soul was fed to Ammit, a hybrid beast goddess that was a lion, crocodile and hippopotamus.

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Libra is a sign involved with judgment, making choices and decisions and in general Libra people have been seen as calm, peaceful and attractive since Roman times. The second sign ruled by Venus the goddess of love and beauty (the first is Taurus the Bull) Libra is also the sign of marriage and contracts and is associated with justice, law and order.

Libra the Scales endures as a universal symbol of justice, law and order and balance all over the world. Used by lawyers, government, police and social services the scales is a readily recognized symbol globally. Libra is the brand name of an interior design and home decor company in the UK, a popular brand of feminine hygiene products in Australia, and the name of a proposed Facebook cryptocurrency.

Relationship to Venus

Venus is the primary symbol of love and beauty in astrology and suits the sign of Libra who likes to dress up to attract a mate or attention. Scales people are usually fashion forward and wear clothes well and are often good looking. They usually aim to look their best when out in public.

They also enjoy aesthetics and interior design, two more areas associated with Venus. Libra’s desire to beautify begins with their own person and they are usually well turned out in the latest fashions and also hair and makeup. The home is the perfect stage to highlight their own beauty so a lot of attention is usually given to the home which may become a showpiece. Many Librans have a knack for beautifying nearly anything.

Libra is the sign of marriage and is the right place for the planet of love to take up residence. In Taurus, Venus is concerned more with what sustains and nurtures us and their love is sensuous and earthy. In Libra, Venus has a more airy expression which manifests as romantic idealism and connecting love to a more committed marriage, or the mutually rewarding benefits of a business relationship also based on shared ideals.

Venus in Libra has a less personal expression in an air sign where Venus appears to connect more with the social side of relating and group activities and not just one-on-one love. Librans often join clubs and teams as they enjoy shared group activities where they can make friends. They are not a solitary sign usually seeking and finding their balance in others.

Libra seeks balance but when they realize a balance will never be obtained they are out of there. They are an expedient sign and prefer to not waste their time even in love. Their sign’s house is the house of open enemies, rivals, troubled relationships and divorce. It seems a kind of cruel irony that the 7th house would represent enemies and marriage partners but when relationships are severely out of balance or ending, former lovers may become bitter enemies.

The 7th house is where we can come together with people and Venus as a planet of partnerships (through Libra and the 7th house) makes sense. However, resolving conflicts in business and personal partnerships when they occur may also cause them to grow in better ways. Not all relationships end; many thrive quite well. Venus ruling Libra provides hope that friendship, love and good feelings can bring about kind communication, mutual reward and balanced compromise, traits that are all natural to Libra.

Venus is the Minor Benefic and she confers benefits in one way or another wherever she is. The planet is a natural fit for easygoing affable Libra, a friendly and caring sign who likes to be of help to others. Most times Libra is naturally attached to social justice, seeing everyone as equal while despising prejudice. Their teamwork attitude is inclusive of all. Venus may give an extra gentleness and acceptance to the Scales that sees everybody as their equal and deserving of common human respect at minimum. Venus does very well ruling Taurus but her associations with Venus and Libra bring out a different loving, caring side to Venus that is beyond romance and familial love and is a more spiritual, fraternal or universal love of humanity.

It’s ironic that the only non-living and non-human sign symbol is the one that teaches us to love one another as peers and partners in life. That has to be the influence of Venus and the 7th house.

Although Libra is a cardinal sign, they love people and will kindly make time for other people, especially anyone they see as the underdog. Libra does not like injustice and is socialist in that they believe a Utopian world is possible, where all are equal in a balanced and just society. Well, that rarely happens but at least Libra tries to engage others in their kinder worldview and many try to help others by working in a career that serves others such as in entertainment, social services, teaching or upholding the law.

Some Libras can be selfless even if they are a self-oriented sign. The relationship of Venus to feelings and air sign Libra to communication and community can give some Librans a great interest in charitable or volunteer work. It is again ironic that Libra has an extra gift in their ability to relate to any kind of people from any sector of life yet Libra is the only non-living sign symbol.

They can also be detached like the other air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) but they may be more connected to their feelings because of the rulership by Venus. All air signs are idealistic and in Libra this may be manifested as very liberal views and they welcome opposing ideas to debate but they do not like arguments. In their ability to accept others as their equals Libras are perfectly suited to building relationships as Venus is so helpful.

Relationship to 7th House

Libra relationship
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The 7th house in astrology is the house of partnerships (business or marital) and any mutually rewarding relationship (partnerships, teamwork). It is also the house of close associations, open enemies and rivals, and it’s the first house of law (8th and 9th are the other two law houses) primarily dealing with civil laws and contractual obligations. Libra is so concerned with justice that they often work in law or social service. They believe in fairness for all, and for everyone to pull their own weight as this makes for a more balanced society.

Libra is a sign that is happiest in relationship and enjoys partnering with others for mutual benefit. They can be a great friend as well as spouse and are good in relationships because they are fair and equitable. They are a self-oriented cardinal sign so they fully understand that helping others helps themselves, but they will look out for theirself first. The Scales will generally do well in relationships as they put the effort in but will ensure you do as well. As an air sign communicator, Libra is expert at negotiating agreements between parties in a relationship, whether for themselves or another and they often are good mediators, helping others find a compromise.

Libra is a sociable sign and the 7th house brings us to individuals, groups and teams that work together for a common goal. Cardinal signs are goal-oriented and good at planning and scheduling each step to achieve a goal successfully. Libra ensures everyone contributes and does their fair share so that the team can all get along and get the job done. Their need for fairness is based on universal principles of right vs wrong which they seem to intuitively understand. Libra can be a wise advocate, team player and leader for this reason.

The 7th house is concerned with civil law, and a fair and just society and therefore is a house of social service between two parties. Even in marriage, civil law ensures both parties are protected legally and financially from each other, or by each other.

There is a mutual interdependence in 7th house matters. Many Librans work in social services, or in one arm of the law or another, but also in fields that beautify or where media is involved, and all of these bring people together in relationship or interaction. Quite a few Librans make the rest of the signs look good and they keep us on the right track by ensuring laws are upheld while meting out justice to those who break the law and are punished. Libra really can look out for us, but they also know how to look after themselves; they just prefer to be in relationships.

Libra’s love of people and life in general may come from Venus, but their desire to uphold universal or civic laws and relationships is directly related to the 7th house. Libra is well-suited to be associated with this social law house as they resonate so well with what it represents.

Basic Character


Libra is an air sign and good with communication and media. They can have an irresistible charisma that usually makes them well-liked. Libras are always ready to compliment people and will help out friends, charities and more; they will go above and beyond to make a good impression.

How they are perceived or seen is very important to Libra and they set out to impress. They’ll spend a great deal of time on even the smallest choices and at times are decidedly indecisive. This is related to their need to be or look their best so they also can be very procrastinating about decision-making. They do not ever want to make a mistake or leave a bad impression.

In spite of their procrastination and indecisiveness Libra is more than capable at succeeding as they are intuitively intelligent. They can be very practical and logical like Virgo but they also use their intuition like Scorpio. One might think the non-living zodiac sign may be picking up tips from its neighbours, but as a cardinal sign Libra is very independent and often self-sufficient although they prefer partnerships.

Libra influencer
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Libras are very good thinkers, debaters, speakers, teachers, and influencers as their communication skills are often highly developed. Some Libras are multilingual and they may read people very well—just one of the reasons they are very good at sales. Their intuitive intelligence helps get them through a lot of situations that would trip up others and is one of the ways they appear so cool and easy going.

The Scales are very concerned with justice. Their favourite saying, especially as children is, “That’s not fair!” Libra is often the champion of the underdog and they may see themselves in that role. They will be the first to note any inequities and speak up. Fairness and justice is exceedingly important to this sign. Their sense of fair play also generally makes them honest. They disavow any dishonesty in their dealings with people but never forget they are a cardinal sign and they will look after their needs first. Most recognize that any false claim is no real accomplishment but they are not above bending the truth to get their way or to prevent embarrassment.

Libra loves the good things in life and they have sophisticated tastes. They keep up with trends and what is currently fashionable. They also understand classic beauty as so many of them are. Libra is usually considered to be rather attractive and they like to look and feel good. They can be elegant and rather self-indulgent when it comes to beautifying themselves and will not hesitate to spend money on expensive clothes, jewellery, aesthetics, home furnishings, trips, and just about anything else to look good.

Libra can be expressive and have an effervescent personality in addition to their looks and they may be greatly admired. Their charm at times may appear facile and they are known to be vacillating and moody. They rarely spend time alone as they are socially oriented and may be a social climber. They are sweet tempered, compromising, humorous and fair but don’t thing this sign is a pushover. Some of the greatest generals, martial artists and politicians have been Libras seeking justice in the community or restoring peace. Many Scales work in security and they are also attracted to police and military to help keep peace as they loathe confrontation and fighting.

Venus is full of love, kindness and beauty and so too is Libra. They love romance and relationships and some seem to forever fall in and out of love. Peace loving Libra insists on equal stature and if they feel things have gotten unequal in a relationship you’ll know about it. They will usually hold up their responsibilities and expect you to as well. Some Librans are self-centred and have to be reminded about balance in relationships.

Libras have a need to be admired or liked and it can greatly bother them if someone dislikes them. As they are generally easygoing and not looking to overpower anyone or be greedy they don’t understand people who just want to take and never share. Libra is often generous to those they love but they may judge you or others who break the law, rules or are being selfish.

If Libra is attacked or lied to they may fight back or they may run for the hills and you’ll never see the again. Being very peace loving they have no time for aggression and rarely see any need for violence. Libra will think you attacking or confronting them is unfair, since they would rarely attack first. Libra may behave with passive aggression at times and even though they dislike confrontation it does not mean they will accept being stepped on. Some Libras are also excellent pugilists so you may want to talk it out first with them because as a cardinal sign they are not going to let you overpower them.

Libra can complain a lot about inequity and unfairness. They are always balancing everything on their inner scales of justice and they often don’t even realize it. They will notice any infraction or imbalance and take note of it to your detriment, but because they do not like confrontation they tend to hang on to it as a resentment. Then when the next little straw breaks the camel’s back they explode with, “that’s not fair!!” and perhaps all the other infractions then come pouring out.

Being a cardinal sign Libra may become overly concerned about themselves and they can be self-centred. To all cardinal signs, they have to come first yet may be unaware of this trait, seeing themselves as very caring, and they may be very caring of others but the cardinal sign will come first. They love to talk about themselves and their interests and accomplishments but they are also good listeners. Libra can be very forgiving when disputes occur but if attacked they may give up on you and move away or they disappear from your life.

As an air sign, Libra likes people and communication. They are attracted to and may be talented with most forms of communication. They may be more visual than the other air signs as they are more concerned about appearances than the other two. This helps them when working in visual arts, an area where they may excel.

Libra can be as sensuous as Taurus when it comes to romance and love. They may be the original troubadours, reciting and singing love songs to their paramours—or perhaps not but they are chivalrous and fond of romantic poetry and music. Love and sex is an elegant affair to Libra. They like candlelight, soft music and lighting, sexy outfits, massage oil; anything to help with atmosphere. Libras are good interior designers and can decorate a home, stage or set as well as Leo the Lion.

Libra is not often nasty or rude but when they are angry they can go off the rails like the other air signs, most often with a rant of vile obscenities. Some Librans take swearing to a whole new level. They also do not need to hit you as their words can be very well chosen weapons during an argument. Libra will often walk away from a dispute as they dislike confrontations; perhaps also because they know they may go off the deep end and embarrass themselves. Sometimes it may be better for Libra to fight back and air resentments to maintain balance.

Scales people may get into a black mood occasionally as they are human and sensitive people. If Libra planets are afflicted they may be very concerned with victim perpetrator or control games. They may be the victim or the perpetrator but think they’re the other. Libra’s indecisiveness arises in the oddest ways at times and when the scales are out of balance they may feel very insecure or victimized by an unfair life.

Libra dog
Image by Jane Dickson

Most of Libra’s worst traits are to do with their self-oriented nature. They can be self-absorbed, selfish, vain, judgmental, complaining and at times critical but rarely violent. They may holler but like their Chinese astrology counterpart The Dog, their bark is often worse than their bite. However, don’t underestimate how coldly some Librans may go about ensuring they get whatever they want. This is a sign that can take selfish to a whole different level with Venus as its ruler.

Lucky for us, Libra the Scales is usually the kind of friend, coworker and family member who is always sweet tempered, easy going and full of kind compliments. They will help you with your fashion and style, recommend the best choices for nearly anything, crack you up with their quick and irreverent wit, and impress you with their intuitive intelligence. They make for a fantastic partner in business, love, or fun and silliness!

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Libra rules the pelvic girdle in the body which includes the kidneys and bladder. They may also manifest circulatory issues through their ruling planet Venus’ rulership of the venous system. Many Librans suffer from a need for frequent urination or urinary issues later in life due to bladder and kidney issues. The lumbar region of the back where the kidneys are located also can give some Librans trouble and they are known for lower back injuries.

Like Taurus which is also Venus-ruled, Libra tends to be cheerful, outgoing and friendly—you know them by their ready smile. They are real charmers with bright lively eyes and they often have a nice voice and dimples; many are great singers, especially good at harmony. Libra is generally well-turned out in public; ensuring they look their best and they prefer to wear only the latest fashions. They do not like unannounced or unplanned visitors as they do not like being caught off-guard; they want to prepare for any interaction with people.

Libra has a dual nature thanks to the two sides of the Scales and their features appear softened by Venus’ influence. Most Libras are considered attractive and have natural good looks and a model’s build. They are light on their feet, graceful and poised and look born for a runway or stage.

Some Librans are lazy however and others may gain weight easily due to their lack of exercise and love of rich diets; they usually like any form of sugar which includes sweets, starches like pastas and breads, and alcohol. Sometimes, Libra is undisciplined and not as fussy over their appearance as others. Some may appear downright sloppy and messy although that is rare. Most Scales of any gender, weight or size wear clothes well and look good.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and a female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in the French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Libra males are often movie star handsome or look like a young Adonis, and females are screen goddess gorgeous and resemble Aphrodite. Either gender may have soft, fine skin and features, and they may be slim, lean, graceful and lithe. Males may be tall and well-proportioned; females are often voluptuous or model-thin and whichever gender they are their charming personality, good values and intelligence may make Libra quite a catch. Not all Librans are physically attractive but nearly all have a pleasant personality.

Libra needs to attract attention and they are a bit like Leo in this way. With Libra it is a need to be noticed and acknowledged; Leo tends to prefer to be the centre of attention but it’s a fine distinction. Librans know how to dress and accessorize for any occasion and will wear more than one outfit in a day. They dress for success and positive attention although some are more understated and subtle in their good taste and just want to look good, not be a peacock. To Libra, clothing is like a costume that allows them to be and feel how they dress, almost the way Leo gets dressed to perform a role. With Libra however, the clothes make the person and their attire may say, “I’m already a success” perhaps as camouflage while still working towards that goal. Libra is another sign that may wear a uniform in their work and they usually look pretty good in any uniform.

Libra rules bladder and kidneys
Image by balik from Pixabay

Libra has an energy level that fluctuates. Sometimes they are absolutely driven to work long hours due to their goals and ambition, or because they left everything to the last minute! Procrastination is the big giveaway for Libra. They don’t often miss deadlines but they sure come close. They like ‘just in time’ work methods and they have a knack for expedience and efficiency and often they’re improving work methods to give themselves more playtime. Generally, Libra understands the proper balance between work and leisure and adjusts their energy to suit. When they’re in the mood to binge watch film or TV then only a popcorn maker or snack cupboard will get them off the couch. When they have a deadline to meet they’ll stay up long hours and finish it as not meeting the deadline is a far worse embarrassment to them. For Libra, it’s always about maintaining balance and as a cardinal sign the status quo.

Libra usually enjoys good health but their lighter disposition can have them knocked down hard by illness. They appear to be resilient, able to bounce back to the other side of the scale and find good health again. The Scales are prone to illnesses involving the kidneys, bladder, urinary health, and many have sensitive or vulnerable skin. They may also be prone to illness or disease brought on by excess as Libra can be a hedonist. Otherwise, they tend to enjoy good health throughout most of their life except for the aforementioned areas which may be chronic for some.

Personality & Psychology

Libra is intuitively intelligent and often are very bright people. They do well in school as they are often well-liked by everyone and may attract attention by leading the pack in academics, art, sports or congeniality winning them friends and kudos. Libra is an often much-loved sign as they are able to easily see both sides of a question or disagreement. They are excellent mediators able to weigh the pros and cons and find a compromise acceptable to both parties.

The Scales may be very concerned with justice or the law; they are known as the lawmakers of the zodiac but also may break the rules now and then. They are generally concerned with social justice, society in general and the environment. Although not everyone born under Libra may be concerned with society they will usually be a fair and just person.

Libra is fond of comparison as they like people who like the same things they do. Libra is intrigued by similar or opposing forces. It gets their Scales juices flowing if they have an opportunity to compare or balance something. Someone had to have invented the “Would You Rather” game just to torment Librans. They love to compare and balance but won’t often be held to one opinion or the other, rarely making a final decision. They are also expert at fence-sitting.

Their interest in the environment enables Libra to take note of society and a wish to help shape it perhaps. They call out injustices and are often responsible for making things right, even when others don’t know it. Some are secretly kind, preferring to keep their charity between them and their Maker. Their natural sense of justice and what is right vs what is wrong may give them an inner compass that helps them succeed in life. If one side of the scale didn’t work, they’ll try the other side and back again until they get it right. Nearly everything is weighed in their scales of justice no matter how insignificant it may be to others.

Their natural sense of charm and a sweet tempered nature helps them be good speakers, top salespeople, eloquent teachers, winning lawyers, and successful PR and marketing people and more. They are excellent arbiters, bringing opposing sides together and getting them to find a compromise that works. They are very good at getting things settled and they are often very good at creative problem solving.

Many Librans have a very good sense of humour and can be entertaining. They express themselves well; they are a “writer” sign and they are terrific comedians, actors, singers, artists and dancers producing very colourful and diverse works. Some Librans are very creatively active while others just appreciate the arts. When famous, they may become just as well known for their charitable organization support as Libra likes to give back, often to environmental causes, social justice or another that will help people with special needs.

Libra’s natural enthusiasm makes them fairly popular. They are easy to talk to, and their sophistication makes them well read and interesting able to converse about nearly anything. They tend to have impeccable taste and manners and are rather elegant. Even as children their elegant, sophisticated nature may be seen although it may attract derision from other kids who think Libra is being hoity-toity and putting on airs.

Another sign that goes overboard when they go bad, Libra can be a lawbreaker instead of a lawmaker. Some of the most cunning and clever criminals are Libra because they’re so smart and their chameleon-like ways allow them to fit in anywhere. They can be exceedingly deceptive and are more prone to con or swindle than rob a bank with a weapon but some Librans may be violent. Libra can be a master of disguise due to the same ability that makes them a clotheshorse; they always dress to look the part whether it is city sophisticate or cat burglar.

You can make them angry if you purposely humiliate or embarrass them; they are very concerned about class and dignity and may look down their nose at less sophisticated people and behaviour. Libra may also be judgmental and should instead learn to utilize their good judgment more often and avoid criticizing others for frivolous things or minor infractions.

Their ability to deceive may make them a master liar. It’s been said that Gemini fibs but Libra lies and they can be very skilled at it. Some are so good they excel at undercover work but that can also be put to good use. Because they are so good at wearing a mask and they understand people well, Libra can be a very skilful con-artist, as foxy as an art forger, and as exploitative as a pimp. If Libra is lacking in honesty, values or morals, they will have no guilt at all in taking advantage of another as they are a cardinal sign and they come first.

The Scales may also be great leaders. They seek to protect the underdog and have a soft spot for the disadvantaged and those who have been victimized. Libra often joins the police, military or social services to help bring peace or justice to the community. Some of the best military generals, political leaders and other forces of social change are Libras or have the sign prominent in their horoscope.

The element of air can make Libra a real talker and they can talk about nearly anything. They prefer to talk about the loftier topics in life but are not above listening to gossip—or spreading it. Like the other air signs, Libra wants to keep up on the latest issues and they usually keep their ears to the ground, making it easier to put their foot in their mouth. Some Librans have a reputation for having a big mouth, but may pride themselves on being occasionally shocking and their humour may be at times be inappropriate, juvenile or irreverent.

Libra peacock
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Some Librans are selfish. Whether used to getting their own way, or using their looks, charm and communication abilities Libra may manipulate or bully their way towards getting what they want. Evidence of their dual nature, charming Libra may get very demanding and petulant when things are no longer easy. They may come off as arrogant, cocky or a peacock needing constant flattery or attention. If insecure, Libra may appear to be fishing for compliments by being self-critical of their appearance. They may also be sarcastic and their humour is often self-effacing. They are most concerned with the people, things and situations that affect them directly.

Librans can be very democratic as well as diplomatic and want to be part of the team, not always the stand-out. They like to take someone up and coming under their wing and be a mentor. Libra would prefer to give orders than take them but they understand chain of command and have respect for authority. They have no respect for fascism or anyone who would steal or take something not theirs. Do not underestimate their sense of competition. For a peace loving sign they want to win and be on top and will elbow their way there if necessary.

In their desire to impress or dress the part or play a role Libra can be a bit fake or vacillating. Also, their success and apparent ease at getting what they want may draw detractors who try to take Libra down out of their own insecurity. Perhaps that is why the 7th house is the house of rivals and open enemies; Libra naturally draws adversaries to them, jealous of their relationships and popularity with others. Being naturally kind and giving, and willing to share whatever they have to maintain balance is an attractant to criminal types who may try to take advantage of Libra’s good nature. Some of their greatest enemies are the people closest to them, and for whom they may have gone out of their way to help.

Libra is sophisticated but can still be a big kid at heart. They may retain the innocence and trust of a child and they have a very youthful outlook. Libra keeps up and their chronological age is rarely balanced with their emotional age. They are often mature and sophisticated as children, but young and vibrant when older. They love the arts and creativity and may try several. Libra may start a few things they don’t finish due to their indecisiveness and air sign love of multiple activities at once. Sometimes, Libra procrastinates so long it never gets completed and gets added to the box of other unfinished work.

Libra may deny it but they need to be noticed. They’ve mastered the art of subtly drawing attention to themselves and may not even be conscious of it. Admittedly, some draw attention without trying; they’re just naturally a head-turner because of their looks. Being a cardinal sign, many Librans are self-made and make it look easy, understanding one has to look successful to be successful. They’re intuitively intelligent in most situations and just seem to know how to behave. They can fit in with the very rich and elegant, then have a beer with their buddies at the pub afterwards, blending in well with any crowd.

Like Leo, Libra may have champagne tastes on a beer budget and they may spend foolishly and live outside their means. Some are good with money, naturally balancing their personal credit debit ledger while also enjoying occasional luxuries. Libra likes luxuries and will work hard for success to have more financial freedom but their love of luxury make them natural spenders.

Love, Family & Relationships

As a child Libra is very sweet, often curious and precocious and smart. They can be a bit spoiled if they are a cutey and the female relatives may fight over hugging them. The Libra child is gentle with other children and loves to share or trade their toys and collectibles back and forth. They may be very specific with what they want when it comes to gift giving but they appreciate getting gifts. Being a cardinal sign, Libra children must be taught to share and not be selfish but they’re normally sweet which makes them easy to get along with.

When it comes to rules and discipline, “that’s not fair” is the most common refrain you’ll hear but using fairness and equity is a great way to stop Libra from being selfish. You can reason with a Libra child and it’s okay to encourage them to figure things out for themselves or ask they why they think something is “bad”. They’re bright kids and enjoy problem solving which will help the parents if Libra learns this while young. They understand right from wrong at a young age but may still need to be taught that lying is bad as it may come easily to Libra. And a warning: Libra is one of those kids that will hear and repeat everything so watch the language around them or they may shock grandma. They probably will anyhow as Libra is imaginative and quite a storyteller.

Libras are sensitive as children and adults. They may be upset or hurt easily and it may be good to raise them to thicken their skin a little, as they may be oversensitive. They’re naturally gentle and an overly concerned parent who freaks at every skinned knee or teardrop may reinforce their sensitive nature.

Libra can be so honest it’s a bit too honest and they may be verbally harsh to others. Most times they know how to behave in polite company but sometimes their words can hurt because they may speak the truth but are delivered in a way that is aggressive and that no one wants to hear. They may also air dirty laundry at inappropriate times.

The Scales do not like confrontation. They’re not normally violent and believe that communication can resolve all problems and although probably they’re right not everyone agrees. Libra may have to learn to defend themselves from bullies and often their best defence is their sense of humour. Libra is charming enough that all types of people from all walks of life like them and they rarely attract violence for this reason. However, Libra learns to outwit their challengers and many practice martial arts or are quite capable of physically defending theirself when they have to. Most often, Libra is able to talk their way out of conflicts.

Libra is a very private person and although not overly secretive they just don’t care for people prying. They can be really turned off by gauche people and dislike being grilled or asked a lot of questions. They give a lot of freedom because they want it in return and believe it is healthy for people to have their own space for retreat. Many Librans will have a meditation room, art room, garage or tool room or garden to retreat and be alone. Librans don’t mind their own company but will get hungry for company after a while since they tend to be sociable. Lack of socializing may indicate problems.

Although private in their personal life friends and family of Libra know they may be willing to over share information at times. TMI may be an acronym created for some Librans, and they can be unabashed at discussing topics others find uncomfortable or off limits. The Scales is surprisingly open at times and is likely just shocking you with their humour or showing you they are more liberal than they let on. With other Librans, this may be their way to learn more about you by opening up which may encourage you to do the same. They are expert communicators remember and that includes the art of manipulation.

Their naturally easy going nature makes most Scales people easy to be around. As a spouse Libra needs intellectual stimulation and they like a relationship where both do things for each other. Libra can be very romantic, attentive, affectionate and sexy and they are most comfortable in a relationship. They need a peaceful, balanced marriage or there will be fights. Libra is not one to keep quiet when unhappy and if they do it will just build resentment until they explode with a lot of unkind truths. They’re not hard to please but may insist on their way for some things as a cardinal sign. They may also be a tad selfish in relationships but this may be their worst trait.

Libra has a busy home life and although their children are expected to behave, stay out of trouble and make their parents proud, Libra is often too inconsistent as a parent to be effective. Often, Libra is the soft parent the kids learn to work to their advantage; it is also expedient to just give in to what the kid wants. Sometimes, Libra can have a melodramatic family life with issues around parenting or child care, perhaps due to divorce or step-family or child support issues.

Otherwise, Libra is a good host and they enjoy entertaining loved ones in a nice, comfortable home where every guest will be made to feel part of the immediate family. Libra is capable of spreading a lot of love around and exactly how they do that may tip the scales one way or the other or perhaps be perfectly balanced.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Libra can be a very creative sign as it is ruled by Venus the planet of arts and crafts, and famous for being the goddess of beauty, art and love. Libra has an aesthetic eye for balance. They are good with nearly any form of art because of this innate ability for spatial form and order. Libra often has a natural flair for geometry and creative balance enabling them to be particularly talented at graphic arts, sketching, painting, interior design, fashion design and beauty aesthetics. They almost always straighten your pictures when visiting your home or office as anything out of balance drives them around the bend.

The Scales likes bold vibrant colours but also pastels. Any colour of the rainbow can do as they like all colours, shades, shapes and textures but are fond of shades of pink. They tend to like classic art and design, as well as modern abstract and any elegant artful design really, and they keep up with the latest trends. Libra people are inclined to be sophisticated in their fashion sense and in their home decor which shows their good taste. They appreciate luxury and comfort and aim for both.

Beauty, aesthetics, fashion and celebrity may not exist without Libra as so many Scales work in these fields. Today especially these give one status and this is something the industries remind us in their marketing. Everyone wants to wear the best clothes, have the best hair and makeup and be famous for it right? Although ultimately shallow interests at heart these industries are all multi-billion dollar earning and proves that seeking attention and status is not just a Libra desire. But Libra just can’t help trying to beautify nearly everything, or see the beauty in it waiting to be released perhaps, but if you want help being beautiful, ask a Libra as they will love to share advice.

Some Libras are great writers and may write or compose music, poetry and more. They often pen sweet or witty notes for their loved ones but their eye for mistakes make them great editors. Libra can enjoy playing the clown or comedian as they like good fun and making people laugh. They may try nearly any art or craft and some become talented artisans in one thing or another. If not artistic Libra often admires the creativity of others.

Libra may enjoy arts and creativity for hobby interests but the Scales also may have an interest in fitness and sports and not just to look good. They like the camaraderie of hanging out with the team and they can be competitive. The whole idea of wearing uniforms and just having playtime and fun while doing sports could be appealing enough. Top athletes are paid well and get a lot of attention so Libra is good with that too. They wear anything well, even branded apparel and they can enjoy a good workout or the playing field to stay in shape and look good. Libra loves to be a glamour puss and that can include being a sexy and fit athlete. Librans make good coaches and trainers too and are often into kinesiology or aerobics.

Libra may be a huge lover of nature, the outdoors, and the environment. They are avid recyclers and have respect for the beauty and aesthetics of Mother Nature. Librans are also open to alternative forms of worship and health care, often being attracted to personal growth and health activities such as meditation, herbal remedies, chakra balancing, etc. They are very open to alternative and foreign practices and usually are ready to try something new.

Many Librans enjoy the garden and may be a good florist. They also enjoy pets and are drawn to pet grooming, breeding, and pet athletics or best in breed shows. Librans who live alone happily talk to their pets or plants. Some Librans design and sew their own clothes, and many are excellent cooks and bakers. Libra is a bit of a hedonist and they enjoy rich, luxurious food, drink, places and things.

Work & Career

Libra is an air sign and like Gemini and Aquarius has a natural affinity for media and communication and they often show a flair for this from an early age. Many Librans become educators, writers, speakers, editors and publishers working with nearly any media. They are good lecturers and may use their communication skills in sales and marketing.

Libra can be a real sales achiever. They love the challenge of presentation and asking for the sale as they are competitive. Libra will compete with themselves as well as others. They will set their own sales goals and work hard towards achieving them. Like the other cardinal signs, Libra does well to set goals and then work up a plan to achieving them. They know surpassing targets not just meeting them is the road to success and they will do what they can to reach the top.

Libra fashion
Image by from Pexels

Libra’s interest in the arts is most often focused on fashion and aesthetics. Many Librans work in jewellery, clothing and accessories stores, just as many are hairdressers and make-up artists, and dog grooming, interior design or flower arranging are other areas in which Libra can excel. It doesn’t matter what it is; Libra appears to have an innate need to make everything beautiful and will gravitate to careers where they can flex their creativity in one way or another.

Sometimes Libra does only enough to reach the top as certain skills may come easily to them and they have an innate lazy streak. They’re not as changeable as their cousin Gemini but their indecisiveness can also manifest as changing direction suddenly then back to the other side of the scale again as they try to find balance. They expect to be paid well and be appreciated for their work and if they don’t receive it they will move on. As Libra bounces from one side of their scale to the other they will likely find the right balance at least for a little while. Some don’t amount to much as they change or move around too often.

As leaders Libra will aim to be fair but they can’t help but have favourites. They are more than approachable as managers and will listen to both sides of any work dispute and try to get the two sides to compromise and work together. Sometimes, Libra is surprisingly and wisely decisive. If they would only lose their fear of making a wrong decision and let their intuitive intelligence kick in helping them be more decisive.

Libra likes to climb the ladder socially and at work and will utilize whomever they can to achieve their goals. They may exploit others in their climb but they will also shepherd or mentor others. Libra can be a great advocate for others and they may help others achieve success. Many are good business and project managers who are efficient in bringing people and projects together while building camaraderie and a highly functioning team. Others are so indecisive and inconsistent that it creates turmoil as everyone around them jockeys for position.

The Scales enjoy advertising and marketing for the subtle manipulation that it is. It’s a challenge to use their intuition and intelligence to think up ways to manoeuvre people into buying. They are quick learners and whether through education or observation they develop an understanding of what motivates people. Libras can uncover what people want and need, or get a bit personal and then use that information to get a sale. They are constantly weighing people’s attributes in their scales to glean knowledge.

Libra may be self-employed or an independent contractor as they like to be their own boss. They are so self-governing that they don’t really enjoy being told what to do. They don’t like to be the boss so much either but would rather be the boss than the employee. When self-employed they need to be very motivated or may just bag off and accomplish little. Many are self-employed in jobs entailing health, beauty and aesthetics or some other pastime they greatly enjoy. Libra is smart enough to seek work doing something they enjoy and that is lucrative but they need ambition to go with it or they waste their time and effort.

Libra can be the sophisticated person at work happy to share golf tips or beauty advice and they are usually popular. If they are not popular it could be due to their need to show off or brag and it’s gotten more than occasional. Libra loves to impress but to them it is a constant undertaking that others may find tedious, obnoxious or boring. As talented and attractive as Libra is deep inside they may not believe it and their insecurity is covered up by being the opposite; a bit arrogant and self-aggrandizing. True for any insecure sign perhaps but the need for admiration in some Librans is pronounced and counterproductive.

When Libra feels life is balanced they are relaxed, cheerful, easygoing, willing to share all their positive vibes. They are a real charmer and a great person to spend time with. When they are feeling out of balance they may feel insecure, jealous, envious, unloved, victimized, unappreciated or disrespected. They may also behave with an uncharacteristic lack of kindness and concern or insensitivity to others. The type of Libra that is selfish and boastful is not much fun to be around. Fortunately, the majority of Scales people are charming, kind, magnanimous, fair and just, and a real sweetheart to have around.

They may be creative and at times flamboyant but Libra is a sign that has a lot of positive qualities and when they can pull all their best traits together they often become a noble and much-loved leader, worthy of the admiration and notice they crave.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay