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Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury retrograde occurs 3 to 4 times per year and appears to really foul up communications, travel plans and electronic devices. We’ve created our Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide to help each sun sign be aware of potential conditions.

It’s kind of thrilling to see a term from the lexicon of astrology become mainstream. Just ten years ago very few people had even heard of Mercury Retrograde but the term now falls casually off the tongues of comedians and reporters in all media. Like most things comedians make fun of and the media exaggerates, their comments are interesting because it shows how commonplace the term has become. Even more, many understand its association with communication and electronic breakdowns. Obscuria such as a regularly occurring astrological planetary cycle isn’t the usual domain of comedians, and lately lifestyle news media segments appear to take Mercury retrograde semi-seriously when discussing it which is refreshingly awesome.

How Can the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Help?

Mercury retrograde is explained fully in this article here. Unfortunately, as mainstream media and entertainers do, they highlight the most attention-getting quality of the astrological event which is that things can be rather frustrating during Mercury’s retrograde cycle which happens occasionally throughout each year. But Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be scary and the weirdness can be managed.

In essence, the cycles give everyone an opportunity to review the areas of life Mercury touches for you and to fix them or hit the reset button. After enduring a year of pandemic and USA election misery perhaps we could all do with a positive reset in our lives.

Fortunately, our Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide is intended to help you reset 2021 so things are more positive in the year ahead. For each Mercury retrograde this year we’re going to give each sun sign some advice on how to not only survive it, but to also increase your awareness of the areas of your life affected by it. Astrologers can show you how to work with Mercury retrograde cycles and potentially improve your life; which is always the ultimate goal of understanding every planetary cycle. Check out our Horoscopes page to find the variety of horoscope readings offered by Rob Shaw.

Here’s How Mercury Retrograde May Affect Your Sun Sign

January 30 to February 20, 2021 – Retrograde in Aquarius


Mercury retro
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

While retrograde in Aquarius communication difficulties can occur when dealing with people in local government, friends or community associations. Try to avoid miscommunications and frustration by being more prepared when interacting with any group or person. Have all paperwork/data, passwords and codes ready before you contact businesses. If filling out forms or negotiating verbally for any services aim to be extra calm and patient during Mercury retrograde and record calls or make copies instead of being aggressive. The usual rule of thumb is to not sign on the dotted line during Mercury retrograde if you can help it but ongoing negotiation can serve both parties. Take extra care mutual understanding is achieved before going forward. Don’t rush things especially while Jupiter squares Mercury retrograde in the last week of the retrograde Feb 13 to 20!


Your sign may have a more difficult time for this first retrograde due to Mars and Uranus being in your sign, planets already stressed by Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. There is a great possibility of the straw that breaks the Bull’s back during this time so watch you don’t explode. Even your famous patience has been far stretched during a pandemic year that has seriously affected national and personal economies. You especially need to avoid any more stress or conflict now so don’t be shy about making yourself scarce for awhile. Some of you may be so overloaded with work that it may form a bit of escape for you IF too much work isn’t at the heart of the problem! Get more physical exercise now to release some of your stress if you have a desk job and if your work is physically taxing take some down time and rest! Consider meditation and prayer as treatment for acute and chronic frustration.


A general rule of thumb during any Mercury retrograde is to take care when travelling and expect potential delays. While retrograde in Aquarius this period that is especially true for you. You tend to leave everything to the last minute enjoying spontaneity but being spontaneous is antithetical to Mercury retrograde. Instead, you need to take extra care when making plans and it’s best to not schedule or partake of travel now if you can help it no matter the weather conditions. Follow pandemic travel restrictions for foreign travel in particular. If your vehicle is due for servicing get it done but don’t be surprised if another problem is found. Get it fixed too to ensure your safety, and any other electronics that may need it but it’s best to not buy new electronics during Mercury retrograde. Shop around for anything electronic or travel-related but don’t click BUY NOW until March.


Hopefully you took care of financial situations at the end of last year or early January. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius may cost you money. Depending on how these planets are affecting you personally, sometimes while Jupiter and Saturn are also here this is a time you are seeking a loan or making investments for the future. However, right now isn’t the best time while these planets have been squaring Taurus there may be special hurdles to overcome. Likely, complications due to the pandemic economy. If you had previously saved or invested money now is the time it may need to be used. It’s best to live a bit frugally now to be cautious and to wait for major purchases. With investments or joint finances be sure to read the fine print and delay signing financial contracts until March. Avoid “questionable” places, activities and “get rich quick” schemes especially now to avoid being conned.


Mercury retrograde in Aquarius occurs in your 7th house of relationships where Jupiter and Saturn already are. If their squares to Mars and Uranus have challenged you the last couple months then this cycle is likely to as well. However, by resolving issues brought up by Mercury retrograde here, better communication may result in a reset cycle that may assist business or your closest relationships. Generally, miscommunications rule during Mercury’s backtracking yet in opposition to your Leo sun and other potential Leo planets there is opportunity to build bridges. Remember, conflict can help reset relationships with new boundaries that may lead to stronger bonds. Any relationship issues now need closer attention. It is also possible that one particular relationship comes to an ending as the best resolution. If that’s the case, let it go as Uranus and Mars are urging you to leave the past behind.


Mercury retrograde
Mercury Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

This new year of 2021 brings a lot of hope but there is still much improvement ahead. You may feel like it’s “two steps back” during a Mercury retrograde and get frustrated but this one in Aquarius can be helpful. If Mars or Uranus in Taurus is in positive aspect to your Virgo planets the retrograde Mercury in Aquarius may help you squeeze through an impasse. You are great at problem-solving so the misunderstandings and breakdowns now once resolved can assist you in moving forward. You may have to get entirely through the cycle into March for this to occur but progress may be made. Your work environment is the area that may endure the most problems and you’ll be challenged to keep it together. Instead of getting angry or upset, why not take a different attitude and view the wrench in the works as kinks that must be worked out and take the time to review protocols and procedures.


This Mercury retrograde cycle is going to test your ability to maintain balance while enduring changes that involve your love life, kids or friends. Misunderstandings can occur more often during a Mercury retrograde and this one will square Mars in Taurus around the 10th of February creating potential for a serious dispute. There may be disagreement between you and a friend, lover/spouse or with your children that may require some time apart for a bit to give each other better perspective. In quarantine that may be difficult but establishing or renegotiating boundaries will help. You dislike confrontation but sometimes clearing the air is a good thing. If your work involves creative endeavours as it often does for the Scales missed communications can be especially problematic now. The best advice is to step carefully during this cycle and to double-check and triple-check your work for errors.


When Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius this may indicate misunderstandings in the family around the 10th of February. Sometimes the squabbles don’t involve you directly but you are still affected due to your strong family connections. It’s also possible that the usual Aquarius austerity combined with a quarantine is just too much detachment even for a Scorpion. You may be feeling isolated or alone. Fortunately, you are a sign that likes to keep busy so you could challenge yourself with a room or home renovation or be considering a move. Try not to buy or move to a new home during the retrograde but investigating upgrades to your home or a move to a new neighbourhood later is fine. Getting your home ready for sale is okay because a retrograde Mercury cycle is the perfect time to clean out the closet, attic or basement. And maybe you’ll rediscover a hidden treasure.


This Mercury retrograde cycle may not be as unkind to you as it will for other signs. It will make softer aspects to Sagittarius generally and a preponderance of Aquarius planets mid-month may foretell a lucky break for you. The very challenging Sun-Mars square in the first week of February may kick up the work deadlines some but your energy level is equal to the task. Some people may respond negatively to the stress of Mercury retrograde and try to pick a fight but you prefer to discuss philosophies than argue. If you are pushing your point of view a little too strongly expect to be upbraided for it this month. Misunderstandings are more possible now and even after the retrograde in the last week of February there could still be a fair amount of mess to clean up. A quick skiing trip or other fun outdoor adventure is possible from the 9th to 15th.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Unfortunately Mercury retrograde this month hits you in the house of finances and how you make your money and may indicate increased financial demands. There is a lot going on in government, the stock market and the economy that are all stretched to the limit and some financial news early in the month is not good. You have been tight with your budget already and this is going to be necessary for some time yet. It’s possible you are looking for new financial investments or a new career. Go ahead and investigate these areas but it’s best to not make any moves until mid-March and after for best results. When Mars moves on and conjuncts Pluto from the 19th on there is opportunity for you to establish some new roots or have some other new start that may prove very fruitful in the future. Give it time as you are only planting the seedling right now in February. But nurture your ideas this year and watch them grow.


Mercury retrograde in your sign is pretty unpredictable but provides opportunities for you to take a second or third stab at something to finely tune it and get it right. You get very attached to your ideas and your ideals but now is a time when you are being asked to detach from your old ways of doing things. It’s likely that you can identify some area of life that is not working to your satisfaction. This month, if you tackle it with the goal of expediency, renovation or repair as a solution progress can be made in a long-term but previously unresolved problem. Your new viewpoint on things is taken into account and a Eureka moment may be discovered between the 9th and 15th of the month. Great, sweeping and creative change may be initiated now but don’t expect immediate completion. In fact, it’s best you do more research this month, analyse where you’re at so far and what is yet to be done. Planning is a good thing in February; acting on new plans is not so much.


This cycle of Mercury retrograde occurs in your own 12th house of hidden matters. You may be encouraged now to take devious means to accomplish a goal but if you do there is a great possibility you will be found out and humiliated or worse. Try to keep things on the table now as you are easily swayed to take an easy way out if you are anxious, frustrated or in despair. The first three weeks of February are very stressful, especially the first and third weeks. It’s best to avoid disputes and new endeavours during these times but it’s a perfect time for planning or creating a new schedule of activities for later. Just try not to initiate any of them until the retrograde is finished on February 21st or after.

Check back with us at the next retrograde cycle in late May when we will update this article.

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