Monthly Horoscope Subscription

monthly horoscope

Because astrology is based on predictable astrophysics (planetary cycles mostly) an astrologer can provide a unique horoscope forecast for anyone or any beginning or birth. Although daily, weekly and annual forecasts may also be prepared, a personalised monthly horoscope subscription is the most practical option.

Some web sites and apps offer a free monthly forecast for sun signs that may be useful (such as our own sun sign horoscopes) but these are generic and not created using your personal horoscope which is based on your unique birth data.

A monthly forecast based on your own horoscope chart gives the best option for personal life skills guidance. A convenient monthly horoscope subscription may help you not miss out on any advance warning of upcoming opportunities or challenging periods and much more. Here is what your forecast by astrologer Rob Shaw may reveal:

  • when hidden talents, creative abilities & skills should be manifested
  • upcoming problems, situations or people that will challenge you
  • the right timing for educational pursuits, or changes in work and career
  • forewarning of immediate changes in health, relationships, family, romance, or finances
  • how to improve family, romantic & other relationships based on adjusting activities and new information
  • when to create or change short-term or long-range planning for all of life’s major objectives


Monthly Horoscope Subscription Service

monthly subscription
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Before the last day of each calendar month you will receive your individualised monthly horoscope forecast for the month ahead in a format of your own choosing. And all for the same cost!

When ordering a subscription service choose to receive your forecast in any ONE of these three optional formats: 1. audio or 2. video (either sent via email, no appointment necessary), or 3. by appointment in audio or video (15-20 minutes). You choose which format to receive that suits your time schedule or preference. There is no need for you to set aside time for an appointment for option 1. or 2. Option 3. is conducted via audio or video and by appointment only. At this time a text format is not available.

Our personalised monthly horoscope subscription is convenient for you. Once you’re registered there is nothing else for you to do but look forward to your forecast each month! In the medium you prefer.

Although our subscription service is automated each monthly forecast is created using your own unique horoscope and birth data. This is not the generic cookie-cutter computer “print-outs” offered by other apps and web sites.

Monthly forecasts will be emailed directly to your inbox in your chosen media format (audio or video by downloadable link) and will cover a time period from the 1st day to the last day of each month. We will send your personal horoscope in the last several days of each month for the month ahead directly to your inbox. With option 3. a 15-20 minute personal appointment must be registered for each month and you will have the option to record the reading.

Note: a six consecutive month subscription is our minimum and subscriptions must be purchased in advance. Please allow up to 3 to 6 weeks to receive your first forecast as each is prepared personally for you.

6 consecutive months – $100. CAD*

12 consecutive months – $175. CAD*

* This cost is solely for a monthly horoscope subscription. Appropriate Canadian taxes for your province will be applied. No tax added if outside of Canada.

Depending on the time of month when you register, it will take a few weeks to receive your first forecast as all are prepared in advance and are unique to your individual personal horoscope.

Your complete birth data is required and you may order your forecast at the same time as an Adult Horoscope Reading. In that case, please complete our birth data submission form instead of the registration form below. Check the box for 6- or 12-month subscription on this form. Thank you for your interest in our services.

After submitting our registration form, please check your inbox, or spam/junk folder for our confirmation email. A separate email will be sent to confirm your information. Use our Purchases page to complete your payment and after full payment is received a final confirmation of registration will be sent. Note: you must register your subscription and submit birth data first before sending payment; registration is not fully confirmed until payment is received. Please read our Agreement of Services before purchasing any seminar, appointment or gift certificate.

Title Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay