Astrology and Physiology

It was noted by ancient astrologers that certain signs or planets seemed to be lurking when the monarch or somebody had a certain illness. In fact over many centuries it was found that each sign and planet had an association with the physiology of the human body and some organic systems. Even wellness, recovery or onset of a particular disease could be diagnosed or treated using astrology throughout several periods of history.

Fortunately, most astrologers do not practice medicine today but may be involved in many other health or energy-based practices. However, physiology in relationship to astrology developed over time and perhaps in part by the health associations ascribed by ancient astrologers.

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Health and hygiene in astrology are traditionally associated with certain planets, signs and houses. Generally speaking, the first five signs’ planetary rulers, Mars, Venus, Mercury the Moon and the Sun have more to do with the human body and its experiences than the outer planets. Mars represents the human body in general, or our physical form; the Sun represents our general personality and state of health; the Moon represents our emotions; Mercury represents our thought processes and Venus tells how we feel.

The outer planets and centaurs used in astrology; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto all have specific associations with healing arts or sciences and the human body too.

The sign of Virgo, perhaps as ruler of the first house dealing with health specifically (house 6) is traditionally associated with health and hygiene, fitness or exercise and other health practices such as herbology and medicine. Any sign could have a strong liking or dislike for healthy practices however. Pisces and the other mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius also seem to enjoy playing nurse or doctor more than other signs.

The first house is associated with a native’s appearance, general health and well-being. It often is activated by transit or progression when an illness, injury or accident occurs. It also is an indicator of inherent birth traits for good or bad. Mars is the ruler of the first house and represents the body so an association is understood, however any planet and sign in the first house can have associations to a native’s health.

The health houses are generally thought to be houses 6, 8 and 12. The signs and planets ruling these houses are also more associated with health; Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, and Mercury, Pluto and Neptune. Capricorn and Saturn also have strong association with health, illness and healing.

The physiological and health associations for the signs and planets are further detailed below.

Let’s Get Physical

The Signs

ARIESHead, skullUpper jaw
Head injury, headaches, migraines, circulation, high blood pressure
TAURUSEar, nose & throat,Lower jaw, thyroidSinus issues, the entire neck, allergies, diet, obesity
GEMINIPectoral girdle,Shoulders, arms, handsMobility, mental health, therapy
CANCERStomach, breastsDigestion, food assimilationUlcers, child home care, convalescence
LEOHeart, spineChestBlood circulation, spinal health, general back area
VIRGOIntestinesOrgans related to digestion & GI healthAbdominal region, bowel health
LIBRAPelvic girdleEquilibrium, carriageLower back, upper hips (kidney region)
SCORPIORegenerative organsPenis, vagina and all organs associated with reproductionSexual health & identity, obstetrics & childbirth, midwifery
SAGITTARIUSUpper legs, thighsHips, carriageButtocks, hips and legs, athletics, kinesiology
CAPRICORNKnees, entire skeletonCartilage, tooth enamel, hard body substancesSkin, bone & dental health through Saturn association
AQUARIUSLower legs and anklesLeg circulationAlternative health practices such as chiropractic, psychiatry, “new age” health & technology
PISCESFeetFeet and toesMobility, foot health, podiatry, chiropody

The Planets

SUNHeartMajor arteries
Cardio health, circulation, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart & stroke
MOONEyes, involuntary nervous systemDuctless glandsMemory, vision, perception, emotional health & desires, a woman’s menstrual cycle, hormones
MERCURYBrain, voluntary nervous systemSenses , hands and arms through Gemini
Hands & activities (as tools of the brain), intelligence, learning, thought processes, belief systems
VENUSVenous system, kidneys, bladderVein health, capillaries, circulation
Food & drink, urinary issues, copper infused health appliances, children’s health
MARSArterial system, blood, large musclesRed blood cells and corpuscles, minor arteries
Long striated muscles, minor arterial system, circulation, strength, endurance, general physical health & surgery
JUPITERLiverGall bladder, spleen, lipids and fatty tissueRomantic or business partnerships, marriage and arrangements of mutual dependency. Open associations, enemies and matters of civil law. Recovery from poor health
SATURNSkin, bones & teethDermatology, dental health, bone health
Health issues dealing with skin, bones & teeth, broken bones, skeletal health
URANUSForebrainBody’s electrochemical systems
Alternate states of mind, chakras, alternative energies, new scientific technology and practices
NEPTUNEIntercellular fluidsMost bodily fluids. Elements of infectionPsychological health especially altered or impaired perceptions of reality, especially addictions, delusions.
PLUTOImmune system, DNA, reproductive cellsPlagues, pandemics, birth defects, anti-immune response and diseasesPsychological health especially dissociative states, antisocial behaviours, compulsions and obsessions, mass rebellion, coups

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