Pisces the Fishes

Pisces the Fishes

February 19 – March 20 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Pisces


Pisces the Fishes
Pisces the Fishes

Pisces in many ways is the sign connecting all other signs and humanity—at least as spiritual beings, yet each Pisces person is as unique as the variety of fish populating the sea. The 12th sign of the zodiac and the 12th house which it rules can be a bit murky and they end up being seen as the “dustbin of the zodiac” to the inexperienced. In other words, Pisces is very misunderstood. It is a mysterious and at times confounding sign (ruling mysterious Neptune and 12th house too) but some Pisceans make life so simple for us and clear about what being a good human is all about they inspire love.

To understand Pisces is first to realize the symbol is not one fish, but two fish and they’re swimming in opposite directions. Some Fishes are not simple or friendly and are considered deadly, dangerous and best to be avoided. But let’s dive deep into the sea of history for Pisces first before describing sign qualities.

Pisces is Latin for fishes as it is the plural form of piscis, a fish. Ancient Babylonians and Sumerians recorded Pisces as three different constellations, Pisces the Tails, Pisces the Great Swallow, (first two combined sometimes as The Tail of the Swallow) and Pisces the Stag. Due to this somewhat confusing situation it is unclear whether the ancients then used a 17 or 18 sign astrology. By about 500 BCE astrologers more commonly began to use the existing 12 sign Western astrology of approximately 30 degrees each and Pisces “shrank” or “enlarged” to become Pisces the Fishes, a new zodiac symbol and making it the youngest of the sign constellations used in modern astrology.

Pisces fish joined by a cord
Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Other mythologies of Pisces or revered fish had the two fish tied with a cord or ribbon at their tails. This alone adds so much to understanding the mindset of Pisces people. Most of the associations for Pisces from ancient Greek legends has the two fish saving the lives of Aprhodite and her son Eros (Roman Venus and Cupid) or shape-shifting into fish to swim away. They were in danger of the most heinous of Greek monsters Typhon, a many headed, fire breathing, serpentine colossus of a monster who fathered many other monsters that frightened and tormented mortal humans and gods alike.

Typhon sounds nightmarish for sure and this serpent monster was said to have been schooled by Python, a serpent guardian god of subterranean waters located at the centre of the earth near Delphi in Ancient Greece. Originally called Pytho, Delphi was decided to be the centre of the earth and became the site of its primary Oracle, consulted for all major decisions. Typhon had quite the teacher and became a very smart although terribly angry behemoth it seems; he almost defeated Zeus the king of the gods in battle.

Pisces, or fishes appear in other legends and stories often associated with magic. Christians believe in the miracles of Jesus where at least twice He transformed 5 to 7 loaves of bread and just two fish into enough food to feed four to five thousand faithful who had gathered to hear His sermon. The fish is used as a symbol of Jesus Christ and Christianity in general. The word fish is used in some language idioms to represent certain people and expressions. E.g. A fish out of water; a kettle of fish.

Relationship to Neptune

The ruling planet of Pisces is the planet named for the Roman god of the sea Neptune. Known as Poseidon by ancient Greeks and Varuna in Indian astrology; their mythologies are similar in that all are considered the god of the seas and rains in the case of Varuna. Neptune is a water planet in astrology whose domain includes all waters of the earth depending on the mythology. It is well suited as the ruler of the sign of the Fishes.

Piscean people are very much influenced by their planetary ruler who as god of the sea has dominion over all life in the sea. Pisces people come in as many varieties as there are fish in the sea and in chameleon-like fashion they can change on a dime or have two or more natures. Pretty little goldfish types may have a shark living inside them; someone who is an angelfish at work is a piranha at home; the always-joking clownfish at school may be imprisoned in an aquarium of nastiness at home.

King Neptune
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The many moods of Pisces is very involved with Neptune for it is the planet of the subconscious. It is also the planet of creative inspiration, dreams and nightmares, altered states of consciousness, the unconscious mind, perhaps any state of mind but also the Collective Unconscious and our religion or perception of God.

For this reason many Pisceans work in business areas well-served by Neptune and the 12th house. Much of the qualities of the 12th sign and 12th house are related not just to Neptune but also Poseidon and Varuna. Poseidon was the god of earthquakes and after many of these a tsunami may occur. Heavy rains cause great flooding. In some ways, Pisces is “too” watery and sensitive as their emotion may ebb and flow like the tides or erupt in a tidal wave or geyser of emotion. Explore more of Neptune here.

The story of Neptune and Pisces includes many legends involving the sea or fish. Humans must have water to sustain life but Poseidon’s trident points to three primary associations with Neptune that are often found to be important to or involve most Pisces people: creative inspiration, art and craft activities; health, medicine and social care; spirituality and religion. As we explore the sign of Pisces it becomes easy to understand its rulership by Neptune.

It must be noted that before Neptune was discovered in 1846, astrologers ascribed rulership of Pisces to Jupiter, and some astrologers still do today or have Pisces sharing both planets as rulers. To this astrologer, Neptune solely suits Pisces rulership more than Jupiter, known as Zeus by the Greeks and considered a sky god and brother to Neptune/Poseidon. Pluto, another brother in the pantheon of gods ruled the Underworld making these three the primary deities ruling the world according to the Iliad.

Although Pisces is considered the last of the dual signs (like Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, & Aquarius) and there is a dual nature about their character and personality, the number three also figures prominently (through Neptune) and as another mutable sign, multiplicity is natural to Pisces the Fishes (Pisces the Fish is also acceptable but the other plural form reminds of the sign duality).

Relationship to 12th House

The 12th house in astrology is a house of confinement and hidden matters. Located just behind/below the ascendant and 1st house, the 12th house and its secret matters may be hidden from the self or others. This smacks of matters of the subconscious and unconscious mind but events and places are also part of this house. E.g hospitals, jails and the military can be considered places of confinement, all ruled by the 12th house and many Pisces people work or spend time in these places. So do others, but the relationship to Pisces and their secretive or mysterious nature may be seen here.

Pisces health and medicine
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

As a house of hidden matters, the 12th house is appropriate to Neptune as bodies of water are very good at obscuring or hiding what is beneath the surface. Water may provide a lens effect making things appear closer or farther away. Water distortions can make rocks look as though they are moving and living; fish and other wildlife develop camouflage or the ability to hide from danger in deeper waters or underwater caverns. The 12th house is symbolic of anything that can be hidden below the surface.

Pisces the Fish is a symbol for all of humanity; we are as plentiful and come in many varieties for good or for bad. We evolved from the sea itself but we have a deeper connection to life in the way of our attachment to spirituality and creative beauty. Unfortunately, human beings can be loathsome and despicable, savage and more murderous than any other animal in the land or sea.

In the ocean of life, we keep many secrets, we harbour talents known and unknown, we nurture and heal, and we also consume and destroy. Yet matter and energy are never truly destroyed, they are always transformed or changed, sometimes unseen but going on below the surface. Exploring the 12th house is like exploring the ocean depths; one may never know what new discoveries may still be found.

Psychology, psychiatry, therapy, counselling, medicine and even astrology may enable you to discover hidden matters that can heal, change or transform a life. Whether it is in a secret place or a secret in our hearts and minds, this hidden transmutability of life is perfectly suited to a dual, changeable zodiac sign of many moods and feelings like Pisces.

The nature of all house relationships is that they are often best understood, expressed and utilized through their own planetary and sign rulers. However, any planet or sign may utilize the 12th house in an infinite number of positive or negative ways.

Basic Character


Often the first quality seen when meeting a Pisces is their sensitivity which makes most of them shy and reserved. Their deeply emotional and feeling nature may create a true humanitarian; one who cares because they also share the trials and tribulations of life like the rest of us but because they feel pain so deeply they are empathetic to ours. Truthfully, empathy is just one emotion and Pisces has the ability to feel or manifest every emotion for good or bad. Most will gravitate to vocations and hobbies that make them and others feel good or better. Their compassionate emotions are very well used in health, medicine and social care, but also in the arts, politics or government and religion.

Many people and some Pisceans are not comfortable with emotions. Perhaps their sensitivity is over stimulated and emotions become less controlled and more reactionary. Most Pisces people are exposed to excess emotion at times, their own or others, and suffer because of it. Like water, we can’t live without emotion happily but too much will drown us. Water is called the great leveller and the universal solvent as it will always seek its own level and in time can dissolve nearly anything, absorbing or dissipating it into itself. So too are the emotions of Pisces. Compassionate or romantic love performs miracles of health and the development of life itself. But in nature polarities exist and the opposite of love is indifference or neglect which will tear down health and destroy life.

Pisces people learn quickly that emotions can become a tool. A baby cries and the parent rushes to its aid. Giving love and compassion builds trust. But the opposite of these emotions also occur and in Pisces is clearly illustrated by its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces people can be confounding because just when you think you figured them out they show another side of themselves; good, bad or anything in between. Still these main character traits are almost always true making Pisces easily one of the most lovable signs of the zodiac.

Adversity build character it’s said and that’s why most Fishes are such characters; their sign attracts troubles at times which worries them to no end. However, if they could get over their fear of being hurt they would learn that resolving problems are one of the best ways to grow in life. Of course many Pisces know this and they are great problem solvers because they have good character, intuition and sensitivity and understand right from wrong. Most times. Some of the most deluded Pisceans in history and perhaps in your life commit evil in the belief that they are right and the rest of us are wrong. Pisces can have very sneaky and criminal tendencies which makes them great at police, undercover and forensic work but not so good at making nice. How we perceive a Pisces character and how they perceive themselves can be very different with one, the other or both being all true.

The deep, watery ways of Pisces are attributed to their Neptune rulership but the secretive 12th house environment adds to this and their dual nature. Living very much in their minds and emotions a bit too much is where the Fishes may get turned in the wrong direction. As water seeks balance in travelling to find its own level, Pisces needs sensory stimulation and positive emotional self-expression to find their balance (they love to read, learn and be creative or entertained). Trying to hide emotions, feelings and their real selves may create barriers to happiness and instead they should rely more on their intuition and a balancing act of compassion and sensitivity to themselves as well as others.

Each zodiac sign is challenged to bring the very best character traits to the fore and become a version of their self using their own unique natural gifts. These gifts have good and bad expressions, meaning people will use them in different ways. One Pisces who has wealth will be very generous to those in need, the next may be stingy; it depends on each person’s intent and will as to how they will use their abilities.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Pisces is a mutable water sign which are two separate qualities that are similar in that both water and mutable signs display traits of changeability. The Fishes is certainly the most flexible and easy going of signs and their physical appearance may show this as they are good on their feet. Pisces rules the feet in the human body and many gravitate to music and dance, foot health care and jobs where they may work on their feet standing, walking, etc. Of course most of us get on our feet for work but with Pisces there is a stronger association.

Pisces dancers
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Fish are good swimmers and many Pisceans love the water and athletics in or on the water. They may have a swimmer’s build and truly this sign can be tall or short (though usually petite), slim, lean, muscular or obese (some retain fat and water too well). Neptune rules fluids and some Pisceans’ appearance is due to an illness or state of health, such as in hormonal/glandular issues, blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies, or the lymphatic system. They are often thin skinned and may have pale and or sensitive skin.

Many Pisces people look like pixies, fairies, sprites or other mythical folk. Many are smaller built, have sweet heart-shaped faces, soft skin and large deep soulful eyes almost like children. The eyes are usually any colour of the sea or deep water. They often have lines running from either side of their nose/nostrils down to the corners of the mouth and may have an unusual nose which attracts comments. Be careful relating this to the sensitive Pisces. When I described this once to a Pisces female she said, “so you’re saying I have sunken eyes, a big ugly nose and a wrinkled mouth.” A male Pisces got angry because he thought I said he was ugly and misshapen. Not at all what I said, but it’s what they heard. An example of how Pisces perceives things differently from the rest of us. Overall looks and body image issues are just two areas a Pisces can find to feel bad about themselves or create problems where none exists.

As a mutable sign, the Fishes can be fast on their feet, move quickly and are often athletic and powerful. Not all are built like jockeys! Almost every sport will attract Pisces but they are best on their feet, in water or as a rider/driver. Gaming and team sports suit this sign, but some are so uniquely gifted they become champions in one way or another. Professional dance, performing, hockey, football, soccer, speed or figure skating, skiing, equestrian and water sports are areas where Pisces may excel and many more. Even if not athletic many Pisceans are considered to be some of the most beautiful people in the world and often they have a youthful “ethereal beauty” such as Elizabeth Taylor, Rob Lowe, Adam Levine and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Many Pisceans are interested in health and hygiene and good mental health. They understand the need to balance and find peace in religion, prayer, meditation, good nutrition and any self-care method. Unfortunately, Pisces is a sign that when ill they really do a great job of it and get knocked flat by illnesses that won’t normally leave the rest of us so knackered. They are also known to make a miraculous recovery from near-death. Elizabeth Taylor suffered a fair bit of tragedy in her life and health issues were just a part of that but contributed to her appearance throughout her life.

As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and all liquids, gases, toxins, poisons, drugs and herbal medicines Pisces has sensitivity to these areas. They may suffer allergy or intolerance to certain foods, toxins, additives, drugs or other substances and especially while taking medications Pisces should monitor side effects carefully. Disorders of the endocrine system and lymphatic system are common for afflicted planets in Pisces and any illness may involve skin or systemic inflammation, infection, or allergic reaction due to sensitivity, excess or deficiency.

Personality & Psychology

The last sign of the zodiac may just be the most interesting. As with all the zodiac signs, character and personality traits are directly related to the ancient mythology and legends for each and there are plenty of stories for Pisces. Their ruling planet Neptune has many legends from Roman mythology as does his predecessor and Greek namesake Poseidon, illustrating how the Fishes can come in many sizes, shapes, intentions and varieties. When dealing with Piscean personality and psychology be prepared for contradictory information. What else would you expect from a sign whose symbol is two fish attached at their tails and swimming in opposite directions?

Like other mutable signs, Pisces are group-oriented and enjoy environments where they can interact with their own kind but nearly anybody else too. Although often shy at first, Pisces loves company, enjoys conversation, and socializing with others at home or in public. They love the holidays too and sometimes are the people that bring the family together for celebrations while they try to keep everybody happy. Pisceans are very good at reading other people and know just the right thing to say and do to make you smile and feel good. They are often very sweet and gentle people.

But like the other mutable signs, Pisces can be manipulative and in fact can take that to quite another level. There’s a saying in astrology, “Gemini fibs, Libra lies, but Pisces outwits them all!” With many Pisceans, and like other manipulators, they often set out to manipulate you “for your own good” and see nothing wrong with their attempts to manoeuvre people like chess pieces. This is contradictory to their normally sensitive, kind and empathetic nature yet they seem to miss the fact that they are refusing to acknowledge that people have a right to dictate their own decisions and actions in life. Their shrewdness extends to how they deal with people.

Pisces is most famous for their emotional blackmail which can be very effective and very hard to resist. Ask anyone who lives with or has interacted with Pisces and they will be familiar with some form of this phrase: “If you really loved me (cared about me, or your job, your family, etc.) then you would do this for me.” When Pisces sets out to control and manipulate they usually play the victim card. It seems odd that they don’t equate their own behaviour with them being the perpetrator and instead pretend or believe they are the victim “because you won’t do what I say/want”.

Some Pisces have a lack of drive or motivation and don’t much care about work. Those Fishes usually have successful spouses or some other income. They can be very changeable and hard to pin down and they can be as slippery as a fish which allows them to get away with bad behaviour. Pisceans like to play the strings of your heart, or play both ends against the middle and pit one force against another while they come out on top.

They are capable of changing their mind a bit too much which can be frustrating. Fishes are indecisive, impractical and vacillating. They may avoid commitment and carry a lot of fears and can be too self-interested. Others seem to be completely incapable of caring for themselves and it is amazing sometimes to see how easily people just give things to Pisces. It’s also difficult to stay angry with Pisces as they present as being so innocent but you never really know whether their innocence is real or they’re just pretending. They like to be catered to and love to play the martyr. Fishes can also love to be a shit disturber, enjoying seeing others get upset and this shy, retiring sign may also enjoy dominating others.

They will purposely confound you at times, they’re cunning and may lie or deliberately misunderstand. Some will rationalize their bad behaviours and then set out to make you feel dumber or less than they are. They are expert at mind games and you have to be at the top of your game to outsmart them.

Some Pisceans seem to enjoy the victim/perpetrator game. I suppose for a sign whose symbol is the Fishes and seen as prey or food to be hunted and consumed one would understand their control issues. In the fish world it’s eat or be eaten. Indeed, some species of fish have been hunted to extinction. Their need for control may derive from a self-preservation instinct.

It is true that many Pisces people suffer a horrible childhood which could contribute to their future undesirable adult behaviour. Yet many others have every conceivable support while growing up but that never seems to be enough. They still want what they have and what you have too and can be very narcissistic and cold about it. The key to cutting through the fog of mystery with the Pisces people who set out to deceive is to pay attention to their ACTIONS not their words. They dislike confrontation and will try to lie and worm their way out of trouble and some are expert con artists so you must be on your toes when dealing with the slippery Fishes.

The good side of the emotional nature for Pisces is expressed in their ability to be extremely caring, kind, sympathetic and self-sacrificing when it comes to helping others. A Pisces parent will ensure the children have all their basic needs first. They will put aside their own needs to make others happy and look out for the downtrodden. Pisces offers help when no one else does. They want everyone to be able to feel happy and loved, just as they desire to be loved and appreciated. They can be expert at bringing loving joyful feelings to all and appear to have a deep inner need to be helpful to others.

Pisces is an impractical sign (unlike their polar opposite Virgo) and this too is rooted in their emotions. Life to many Fishes is a fairy tale; they want to live a Peter Pan existence and never really grow up and take on responsibility. They can be lazy and their child-like ways may be very charming. Many people love a boyish male or a girlish female but if also emotionally immature their desire to never grow up can be problematic. With certain planets in Pisces you can get an individual who feels entitled, and they will find someone who ends up always “feeding the fishes” while offering little in return.

The psychology of Pisces is very diverse and may be based on a perceived or actual lack of a basic need. Growing up in a family deficient of love, money, kindness, opportunity, education or another need leaves Pisces with a very large and deep hole in their heart. This hole can be a bottomless pit to some and no amount of care, love, money or anything else will ever fill it if therapy is neglected. The ruling planet of Pisces, Neptune is greatly associated with psychology/psychiatry and any state of mind, good or bad. Therefore, it appears that nearly any state of mind or emotion is possible with Pisces people and often the whole gamut is there. When therapy or spiritual guidance for resolving mental and emotional issues is obtained then miraculous recovery is obtainable. Pisces may require more time to heal from deep mental and emotional pain than the other signs.

Although their psychology is probably the most complex, not all Pisces people are deceptive, weak or vulnerable at all. Many more in fact recover from the pains of life and not only recover, they then decide to help others feeling an empathetic connection with the pain of others.

As graduate students of the School of Life the Fishes seem to attract more than their fair share of testing throughout life yet their ability to learn from pain and mistakes and avoid them in the future make them excellent healers and advocates for others. Many Pisces people grow to be very wise, capable and often are the unsung heroes looking out for us all.

Love, Family & Relationships

The adult lives of Pisces people is very much rooted in their childhood and family history, perhaps more than any other sign. It has been said that the lessons in life aren’t in what happens to you, but in your reaction to what happens to you. For an emotionally reactionary and watery dual sign like Pisces their reactions may go this way or that way and maybe everything in between. All children are impressionable but never so much as Pisces children it seems. Both good and bad experiences are stored away in our minds as well as our reactions to those experiences. With Pisces being more sensitive than the other signs in general we can understand how their childhood experiences could contribute so much to their relationships as adults, even the events they don’t consciously remember.

As children (and adults) Pisces is very lovable. They are usually sweet, kind, considerate and loving kids. They like to be happy and make others happy and can be emotional children for good and bad. A parent finds out soon that Pisces is hurt very easily. How the parents react to the sensitivities of a Pisces child is very revealing in explaining their later conscious and unconscious behaviour. True for all signs really, but especially more so for impressionable Pisces. It is important for parents to explain the difference between truth and imagination to Pisces children.

Many gifted children are Pisces. Neptune is not always a negative influence and bestows many gifts to the sign it rules. The most accomplished Pisces people throughout history often began their illustrious careers in childhood. Arts and entertainment, music but also science and the humanities attract the Fishes at an early age and they may produce works or be enlightened and successful beyond their years. Some Pisces kids spend a lot of time around adults and grow up quickly. Some do not have much of a happy childhood which can translate into deep troubles as an adult.

It is important to be gentle and kind to Pisces children and adults but they must also be made to understand that people are allowed to make their own choices in life and sometimes even the wrong choices. Some Pisces people do not recover easily from deep emotional hurt or painful childhood experiences and are truly devastated leading them into a lifetime of repeated tragedy due to their own emotional reactions and poor choices. It is better to allow a healthy expression of emotions with Pisces rather than try to stifle them, however they must be taught which are good emotional responses and which are not good. In other words, teaching a Pisces emotional self-control may be the greatest gift they could receive as they are often victimized by their own emotional failings.

Pisces hopeless romantic
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The Fishes are capable of showing great love and concern for others. True humanitarians, when in romance with a Pisces one feels they are in another world. Rarely have you been so cared for, listened to, cajoled, supported or made to feel so loved, relaxed and comfortable as when you are in Pisces’ world. That’s why we love them so much! They can be very romantic, they believe in fairy-tale romances wanting to be the princess being rescued by a knight in shining armour, or be the prince in the shining armour rescuing their damsel in distress. Some Pisces people can find and give this kind of love successfully, but the rest of us recognize this isn’t just how relationships are for the most part.

Most of us in love will kiss a few toads before that prince or princess shows up. Never is this more true for Pisces. Perhaps because they are trying to live in an ideal, make-believe romantic world that is not based in the realities of today’s society many Pisceans get their hearts broken a few times. Their ruling planet Neptune has a lot to do with heartbreak when aspecting the personal planets or houses in a horoscope. Pisces’ romanticism contributes to their lonely heart and may find themselves in love with people who lie, cheat and manipulate; or they themselves resort to this kind of behaviour to try to hang on to someone who wants to move on. Pisces is not good with relationship breakups as they are often victimized. This may translate into fears that sabotage future relationships.

Pisces comes to recognize their own sensitivities and strengths and intuitively learn they can get what they want or need by using emotional sensation as a tool. They learn getting what they want makes them feel happy and become unhappy when they do not get what they want.

Because of their innate ability to understand emotional motivation and reward they may reach an “AHA” moment and learn to use emotion as a form of communication or manipulation of others.

On the positive side Pisceans feel happy when giving care to others and recognize the joy in giving freely and to show kindness even when others are not kind. On the negative side they will use every manipulation tactic in the book and even create new ones which will include emotional blackmail and worse in their selfish need to be happy by controlling others or the outcome. Of course this negative behaviour is rooted in fear (as all negative behaviour is), the fear of not getting what they need to be happy and justifying the manipulations to obtain the end result.

Because Pisces is rarely outwardly aggressive they believe they are taking a softer approach when manipulating and somehow don’t see it as the dishonest (Neptune) and covertly aggressive approach that it is. Or maybe they do and don’t care. This reinforces or justifies their feeling of victim-hood which becomes ingrained in them but forces others into a role of perpetrator because there can only be one suffering victim; Pisces.

For many people in relationship with Pisces of any age, their need to be the constant victim places the other person in the constant role of caregiver or perpetrator which can wear thin after a while. Then they abandon the Pisces emotionally or physically reinforcing their pain and perhaps furthering a desire to remain in pain. Pisces needs to learn there is no valour in being a victim in relationships but also there is no joy in life when avoiding all relationships because pain may be involved at some point. As for all signs, Pisces is a victim of their own psychology.

For those Pisceans that are in touch with their feelings and learn to express them in healthy ways, everyone benefits as the Fishes love to share and can be a lot of fun. This is a sign that recognizes that sex and spirit are just two sides of the same coin. As spiritual beings we all crave union with an all-powerful but loving Higher Power. Sexual union may be a promise of the spiritual union we all will have when we leave this earthly life. Pisces is connected to this sexual and spiritual power through their planetary and house rulerships. They understand we are all just a drop of water in the ocean we call God. Pisces can be very sexual or very spiritual and maybe both. Sex can be just another way to show and receive love but should not be the only way. Many Pisces people can transcend physical sex and likely enjoy the emotional and spiritual union with another much more than the sex act. When combined, sex and romance for Pisces and their partner can be truly otherworldly.

In families, it is often Pisces that looks after the kids, the elderly parents, the spouse, the pets and just about everyone else in the neighbourhood. Often while having very responsible jobs in health or social welfare. Pisces cares about everybody really and may be the right person to go to for advice. They’ve seen and heard it all and they read people well.

The Fishes can be the delightful talented child of the family, the always-present parent providing material and emotional needs, the romantic lover who feels like your soulmate, or the much admired teacher, social worker, doctor, artist or some other successful fellow worker. It’s likely everyone has enjoyed a deep and satisfying relationship with a Pisces somewhere in life as they have that ability to touch us in a deep and profound way. Sometimes, we put up with a little bit of nonsense as the rest of them is so giving and caring.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Pisces is a water sign which gives them a sensitivity and emotional depth well-used in the arts. Additionally, they are ruled by Neptune, the higher octave of creative Venus so many Pisceans are accomplished artists in one way or another. The interests of a Pisces appear to have much to do with Poseidon’s trident.

The trident is thought to symbolize a number of things in mysticism but in astrology it is the primary symbol for Neptune. In Greek mythology Poseidon could touch his trident to the seas to generate storms. As a weapon, the trident could be used as a pole-arm but as a tool it was used for spearfishing. The trident symbol also pertains to the number 3. In astrology, Neptune is largely involved with three primary areas of life: health, spirituality and the arts. These are all areas that usually hold great interest for Pisces the Fishes.

Many Pisces find work in health, medical and social services, and may approach health as an art form as much as a science. Some hobbies and creative interests for Pisces may involve crafts that literally support health such as knitting scarves and gloves, etc. They also recognize the spiritual benefit derived from the enjoyment of hobbies or the arts. When they are artists or craftspeople their work will often elicit emotions and feelings as all good art should.

Pisces artist
Image by Murtaza Ali from Pixabay

Generally meticulous in detail, Pisces may produce exquisite miniatures or reproductions. They are attracted to all colours and textures and art forms as a rule likely because art is aesthetically pleasing and evokes positive emotions. Their ability to manipulate the emotions is well-used (and certainly better used) in the arts. Some of the most successful artists, musicians, composers, singers and actors are Pisces. They are often accomplished at nearly any art form they will attempt but mostly enjoy watercolours, miniatures, and fine art; their music may be soft or soothing or richly colourful and they gravitate to woodwind instruments but are just as talented with stringed and percussion instruments such as piano.

With a ruling planet like art-loving Neptune and a sign that rules the feet it is no wonder that Pisces may be very good dancers. They tend to have good rhythm and being emotionally expressive their music and dance can be very appealing. If athletic, Pisces is good in water, on water and that includes frozen water. Many Fishes are excellent skaters, hockey players or compete in swim competitions.

Some Pisces are very good with tools. Usually good at detail work, the Fishes are accomplished at home projects generally and are good at plumbing and decorating. They tend to be avid boaters and swimmers and may enjoy living near water.

As Pisces can be very good at self-expression they excel in film, TV, and traditional theatre not only as performers but also working behind the scenes directing, writing and producing. Many work in stage or set design and the other creative portions of the arts. They are excellent composers and writers and their work is often capable of reaching deep into our hearts and souls finding connection with humanity across culture and geography. Or in other words become celebrities in many parts of the world as their artworks speak to a greater audience thanks to Neptune.

Work & Career

Pisces can be very successful in their work and career as most of them are self-actualizing, disciplined and handle responsibility well when all grown up. Pisces needs to be very spiritually evolved to tap into their better leadership qualities as an oversensitive or emotional person will often be swayed by emotions that are as changeable as sea currents and not provide good leadership. They are excellent at being second-in-command and can be very hardworking people. Often the everyday person we pass by at the workplace doing menial work, Pisces can often be found rolling up their sleeves and doing the dirty work most of us find too unpleasant.

Their work may be in the creative field but they may do better having a trusted manager as they are not so good at selling themselves. They tend to not really like the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job unless it has a lot of freedom. They can easily daydream and their mind may wander for this type of role. But, they are so capable at picking up the slack of others or in handling the details no one else wishes to that they often become indispensable at the workplace.

Pisces are loyal and responsible at the workplace but may lack in seeing the “big picture” and may be easily swayed by others which does not always make for a good boss due to inconsistency. They may be too nice and get pushed around a bit by others. If the more negative traits come out at work they can be gossipy, manipulative, passive-aggressive, attention-seeking and just downright deceptive. They may also bring personal troubles to work. On the other hand, as a boss and coworker, they are very understanding about troubles at home and may become a confidant and supporter while the employee sorts things out.

Their ability to be incredibly multi-talented has Pisces working in nearly any work sector but they gravitate to jobs in podiatry, pediatrics, gerontology, nursing, medical, psychiatric or veterinary health. They also do well in social work, chemistry, pharmacology and in natural health. The person who taught or cared for your kids today, served you your coffee, decorated your cake or your home, did your nails or hair, sewed your new clothes or entertained you may have been a Pisces. They have strong administrative skills and when achieving good life-work balance they can also make great managers and supervisors who really care about their staff.

They can also be very shrewd with money and may work in finance or with mathematics. Their kind heart has them seek careers in charitable work and they are often concerned with people no one else cares for. Their ability to do and say the right things at the right time make them successful fundraisers and politicians.

The work and career of Pisces may have an association with water in one way or another and are often found working on or in the sea. They have a vivid imagination and may be great at problem-solving as they see things others don’t. They can have many wonderful qualities that work well in the workplace but they may try to be the queen bee which can get them into trouble.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay