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Quarterly Horoscope Subscription

6 month horoscope subscription – Two appointments – $100. CAD*

12 month horoscope subscription – Four appointments – $175. CAD*

Choose a Term

NOTE: This option is for your quarterly horoscope to be conducted every 3 months as a personal forecast appointment.

Register for your quarterly subscription before making payment. The options above are for a quarterly horoscope forecast subscription only.

Personal Horoscope Readings by Appointment

Adult Personal Horoscope – 1 hour appointment – $125. CAD*

Child Personal Horoscope – 1 hour appointment – $95. CAD*

Past Life Reading – 1 hour appointment – $125. CAD*

Relationship Reading – 90 minute appointment – $225. CAD*

Choose Reading Type

Adult 6 month transit forecast – $75. CAD*

Adult 12 month transit forecast – $125. CAD*

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* Appropriate Canadian taxes will be added at check-out. No tax is added if outside of Canada. All transactions are in Canadian dollars.