Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius the Archer

November 23 to December 22 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Sagittarius


Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarius the Archer

Sagittarius is the Latin word for “archer” and the glyph for this sign is a stylized arrow. The constellation of Sagittarius is one of the largest and is near the centre of the Milky Way so it contains numerous star clouds and nebulae in addition to the several stars that make up the constellation.

The symbol for Sagittarius is an Archer who is also a centaur; human from the waist up and a horse from the waist down and usually depicted as male. Some historians thought Sagittarius was Chiron (read more about Chiron here), but the Archer predates Chiron who has his own constellation Centaurus which contains the two stars closest to earth, Alpha Centauri and Proxima.

Sagittarius is actually rooted in the mythology of Crotus, a Sumerian legendary satyr (two rear legs of a goat and human from the waist up) known as Krotos by the Greeks and said to have invented archery. Their story is that when Krotos/Crotus asked to be immortalized as a constellation he was upgraded from satyr to a centaur at that time to honour his speed and agility but given a satyr’s goat tail as a reminder and not a horse’s tail.

It is likely that the Greeks borrowed some stories of Krotos and Sagittarius from the Babylonians who associated Sagittarius with a mythological hybrid deity Nergal who had a scorpion’s stinger above its horse’s tail, two heads, and it had wings. Krotos (Crotus in Latin) became known as a companion to the muses and he had the heart of an artist it was said, and was peaceful and charming. Although the satyr part came out now and then with some wild carousing.

Primarily, Sagittarius is Crotus/Krotos but in his constellation as a centaur there is a kinship as well as confusion with Chiron. Both Crotus and Chiron were considered to be peaceable and wise centaurs whereas most centaurs were heavy drinkers, adulterous, wild and undisciplined. The difference is that Chiron was a centaur with a full human form with his butt and lower back attached to only the rear hindquarters of a horse, not all four horse’s legs as for Sagittarius.

The rich and convoluted hybrid history for Sagittarius is interesting and provides clues as to why the sign is generally considered to be so accomplished and wise when expressing its higher qualities. The lower qualities some Archer’s manifest seems to relate to the more beastly qualities of a centaur or satyr.

Sagittarius the centaur
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The many mythologies and high regard the ancients had for centaurs, especially Chiron and Sagittarius make this sign intriguing because of the variety of skills and symbols associated with them. Nergal the satyr was associated with war, Crotus and Chiron with the arts, music, medicine, military training, astrology, philosophy, teaching and education in general. All of these qualities and interests may be seen in Sagittarians.

The centaur and Sagittarius are nearly interchangeable archetypes today but there was an army of centaurs trained by Chiron. Today, the centaur endures as a symbol of the arts, medicine, philosophy, good cheer and a powerful, yet gregarious personality.

Currently working on a theory that astrologers should give Chiron rulership of Virgo instead of Mercury. The Sun, Moon and Pluto sign rulerships show that a sign ruler does not have to be a planet. I also propose that Chiron is exalted in Sagittarius.

Relationship to Jupiter

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is the planet named for the Roman king of the gods Jupiter. Originally named Zeus by the ancient Greeks he was also the god of the sky, weather, justice, law and order, and wisdom. He presided over Mount Olympus as ruler of the pantheon of gods and mortals and is the most revered deity in ancient Greek mythology.

The name Zeus is directly derived from a Hindu god of the sky named Dyaus and is similar to the word “god” in other languages such as deus in Latin, theos in Greek, and deva in Sanskrit. Fitting for a god who is also associated with the Norse gods of sky, thunder, war and justice—Odin, Thor and Tyr. Zeus and his Roman counterpart Jupiter are nearly identical as are their mythologies which are very colourful, entertaining and scandalous.

The association of Jupiter with Sagittarius appears to be related to Jupiter/Zeus elevating Crotus as a centaur constellation for his many accomplishments and abilities in war and hunting. Sagittarius portrayed the qualities admired by Zeus in many ways while leading battles and victories and protecting the populace as Crotus. The double-sided nature of Crotus/Sagittarius gives talents and abilities in both warfare and the arts. This blends with the qualities of Jupiter the god of war and wisdom.

Jupiter in the past (and still for some astrologers today) also co-ruled Pisces. As an astrologer of many years, my experience tells me that Neptune solely suits Pisces rulership more than Jupiter his brother. Jupiter is more suited to the sky. Pluto, another brother in the pantheon ruled the Underworld making these three the primary deities ruling the entire world according to the Iliad.

Jupiter’s standing as the authority on leadership, wisdom, philosophy and the primary deity and religion of ancient Greece gives this planet a great connection to 9th house matters and the sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius or Krotos portrayed many qualities of Jupiter and was immortalized as a constellation placed at the centre of the milky way by Jupiter himself. Sagittarius rules the 9th house which is the house that ascends to the midheaven, a point in the horoscope of a native’s greatest gifts and achievements and what we have to offer to the world and the 9th house deals with spiritual and philosophical growth which is more valuable than material goods. The 9th house is generally a favourable place to be for Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Relationship to 9th House

The 9th house in astrology is a house of philosophy, religion, higher education, travel, foreign countries, a house of law and politics and located right before the midheaven, the horoscope’s highest point. The 9th house contains many positive and powerful components of life. Many of these pursuits shape our thought processes, our responses, our everyday contact with the rest of the world. Much of the 9th house is what shapes our attitudes, values and morals. There is a connection to higher life philosophies that lifts humanity within this house, so it is fitting a zodiac sign known for teaching, higher education and personal qualities of goodness, peace, wisdom and justice should be its ruler.

The 9th house connects the native to a greater good through learning and religious ideals. Striving for higher life philosophies helps humanity and each individual grow in wisdom and character. Travel is another way to develop wisdom and observe the character of people from other cultures and places. Travelling to pursue education is second nature for many Sagittarians.

As a university professor of sorts Crotus excelled at learning from the arts he was exposed to while being a most revered huntsman and hero. This sounds like a Sagittarius to me who often leads the charge in social justice and other social and community interactions of growth.

There are very few and perhaps not one Sagittarius who does not like to travel. The sign is usually always on the move or chasing down too many projects, travelling to wherever their hunger for knowledge may take them. Sagittarius often tries to raise the bar for themselves and others. Their expansive wise nature is well-suited to a house that rules immigration, travel, education and higher communications.

Basic Character


Sagittarius is usually a very charming sign. Nearly all of them are skilled at conversation and meeting new people. Many are comedians as well and yes, many Sagittarians are beautiful. All of these things are attractive to others and I present it this way because we should honour that the Sagittarian ability to attract is far more than skin deep. You feel good around a Sagittarius. They tend to be warm, fun-loving and kind, always willing to listen and offer straight up advice. They are outspoken people and as they age they develop the art of diplomacy.

Sagittarius in sales
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Their ability to be attractive makes this sign excellent at sales and executive work. Many Archers work as ministers or entertainers they are so good at playing to an audience. Most are not as egotistic as Leo or Aries but they are one of the fire signs so egotism is more aligned with that than their mutable nature. It’s the fired up mutable connection that makes them so good at communicating, being a mimic and playing many roles to attract buyers or fans. Nobody can sell it like a Sagittarius when they’re on a roll. They are eloquent speakers.

Their broadminded nature is rooted in their desire to have new experiences and greater knowledge. Jupiter allows them to see that we all have points of view, we all come from different places which they appreciate and they like sharing and learning the opinions of others. Most mutable signs do. They speak their mind knowing it may provoke thought, debate and discourse. Sagittarius seeks knowledge probably to feed their broadminded and restless mind as they are always thinking and open to learning new information. They are also excellent teachers and communicators.

Their ability to utilize the gifts of their ruling planet Jupiter makes the rest of us sigh. Some Sagittarians seem so lucky. Most often that belies someone who was motivated and ambitious and perhaps worked very hard to achieve whatever others thought just magically appeared. However, their restless and independent nature can also trip them up if they start too many things without finishing others.

Jupiter also is the Major Benefic and some Sagittarians are born with wealth or lack nothing materially growing up and may not have financial worries like most people have. It doesn’t mean they are immune to losses, pain and suffering like the rest of us. Jupiter can be an excessive influence and sometimes that includes self-indulgent or addictive behaviours, escapism, laziness or a lackadaisical attitude most commonly manifested through Sagittarius.

Yet Sagittarius is often on the move. Their attention can be easily distracted while pursuing more new interests and activities. The Archers are some of the most fun people to be around. Their independence and restless side keeps them active and many are involved with fitness, personal growth or sports. They love to hang out with the gang or one on one and encourage your own healthier attitudes. They can even help you take better care of yourself, always willing to lend a hand, but sometimes they are hard to tie down or commit to things.

Sagittarius is one of the zodiac signs that mostly has really good traits. Oddly, when these mostly good trait signs go bad they really go overboard. Jupiter’s expansiveness and their commitment to their own agenda and not yours can cause others to get pretty hurt in consequence, and if provoked they can display the anger of Zeus/Jupiter and be very aggressive.

They have a huge desire for personal freedom yet may not care if their actions or activities limits or impinges on your freedom. Some Sagittarians can be domineering and controlling, critical and nasty, deceptive and manipulative, and truly Machiavellian if they decide you are an enemy and are in their way. They can be master criminals as they are pretty good at anything they set out to do. Fortunately, most Archers are peaceful, gentle, kind, compassionate, caring, supportive, honest and aboveboard.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign which mostly seems to be complementary energies. The fire and Jupiter gives an energy and athleticism and a desire to compete and be the champion. Zeus always had to be the champion in Greek mythology and he often was. Fitness and competitive sports are areas where Sagittarius may excel so they often look athletic and all genders often sport very sexy bodies. Females are known to be large-hipped with long, beautiful legs, while males are often tall and lean or muscular. However, some Sagittarians may also be petite, especially if there is a preponderance of mutable or water signs in their horoscope or ascending.

Many Sagittarians look sexy because of their commitment to physical health. They tend towards team sports and are excellent skiers, skaters, runners and anywhere else their long legs take them. They like any kind of racing and speed. Many equestrians and racing fans have Sagittarius prominent in their horoscopes and they tend to enjoy the more “gentlemanly” sports such as golf and polo, but if the sport involves chasing or hitting a ball then Sagittarius is usually a player or fan. They are also the ultimate armchair athletes whether in great physical shape or not.

Sagittarius is known to have a lantern jaw, long face and big teeth and a big, broad smile. Many Sagittarians are taller than their peers or they are the tallest one of the family. They often have large, sparkling eyes and sport a mane of hair that may look tousled as they can be pretty relaxed about their appearance and just sport a ponytail or another “gym style” of hair. They tend to be long boned and long legged and they wear clothes well, generally choosing athletic wear.

Jupiter is the culprit or cause with the Sagittarius type that is very large or obese. It is the planet of expansion and sometimes that includes the waistline as much as the height. Archers can have a huge appetite at any age and they love “wine, women and song” as the saying goes. Women, men, whatever doesn’t matter as Archers love everybody.

Many Sagittarians are left-handed. Sagittarius may also be a great dancer. Dance involves the entire body but strong legs help. They like a challenge including any that will have them compete to win a prize, lose weight, gain muscle, improve diet, etc. or prove their athleticism or commitment to physical health. They also approach athletics as an art form perhaps and may seek extreme sports and unusual games or sporting activities, especially if outdoors and travel or adventure are involved.

Personality & Psychology

Sagittarius has a big personality. As with all the zodiac signs, character and personality traits are often directly related to the ancient mythology and legends for the namesake signs and their ruling planets. Their planetary ruler Jupiter has many legends as does his predecessor and Greek counterpart Zeus.

As king of the gods, Jupiter is bigger than life. Everything about Jupiter is bigger and better than everybody else. Yet, Jupiter was victimized by his own inability to be truly committed creating a lot of family melodrama. He also could take delight in being a trouble-maker at times. He appeared to have little regard for his spouses or family as there was always another female to ravish, or community to invade, and much time was spent maintaining his power as he was often challenged. Not always the family man this Zeus and it may explain why Sagittarians come from families that have some bizarre characters like this, or be apparent in Sagittarius theirself.

When dealing with a Sagittarian personality the sky is the limit due to a fiery nature and their mutability; throw in expansive Jupiter and wow they can be real characters. Truth is, some Archers are pretty amazing people who do a lot of good for us. They may be the essential workers, first responders, the police, the law, the judge, the social worker, or they take care of us in another way. They are often forgiven for their bon vivant playboy/playgirl lifestyle as we admire them so much for wanting to help in the community and they’re so darn charming.

Jupiter king of the gods
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Jupiter was in control of everything on Mount Olympus and everybody had to toe the line to his majesty the king. In general, Jupiter was very good at leadership and everyone knew who the boss was. He was admired for his victories and protection of the entire populace of gods/goddesses, demi-gods, nymphs, creatures both immortal and mortal including us. Just as pharaohs were considered god-kings in ancient Egypt, so too was Jupiter to the Romans and Zeus to the Greeks.

So maybe this is why some Sagittarians can have a bit of an ego. They are very talented and may be very accomplished and they know it. Jupiter was known to be a bit arrogant at times but no harm was usually intended, although he could occasionally be a bully. Jupiter can be inflating to the ego and Archers like to be in control and that can get obsessive sometimes. Power may be very attractive to some Archers and they will obtain it anyway they can so it’s best if you’re not in the way.

But really, when Sagittarius is allowed to be their true self they will give the freedom they need and allow others to shine as well. They may be better at sharing the limelight than their other fire sign cousins Aries and Leo. Their expansive nature would rather find a peaceful settlement to any dispute but their competitive nature will not have them back down from a good boxing match. They like to win but they are usually a good sport. They are very skilled and sometimes lucky in games and also in politics, sales and any other form of gambling, risk or marketing manipulation.

Like other mutable signs, Sagittarius is group-oriented and can generally be found at the club. It doesn’t matter which kind as long as it’s out in public and music may be involved. They don’t mind crowded concerts, theatre, etc. and enjoy most any entertainment.

Sagittarius fits in with everybody. They are charming, erudite, yet also just “one of the guys or girls” and maybe the leader of the pack. Many others just enjoy being a part of background or the bit players in your life being non-committal. Some may prefer to be the centre of attention but are usually subtle about it and as mentioned, they will share the limelight. They are natural speakers, writers, comedians, singers and entertainers. It’s hard not to love them even when they’ve hurt you.

Some of their worst traits include arrogance, egotism, self-righteousness, cheating, being mean, critical or dishonest and all these are the bad side of king Jupiter. Some of the best traits of Sagittarius include humility, humanitarianism, leadership, concern for social justice, loyalty, honesty, kindness, caring, and inspiring others especially within a team environment.

But like the other mutable signs, Sagittarius can be manipulative, cruel and insensitive at times. Some need to learn better self-control as Jupiter runs fast and furious. Many Archers age well and often become wiser with age due to Jupiter’s positive influence of becoming aware of higher life pursuits. Sagittarians may have interests in religion, spirituality, and mysticism through their ruling planet and the 9th house. As indicated earlier, Sagittarians come in many shapes and sizes and personalities. As we all do, they must decide whether to manifest the higher or the lower qualities of their sign.

Love, Family & Relationships

As children (and adults) Sagittarius is precocious. They can be sweet, creative and cheerful kids with a great sense of humour and intelligence but are also bold and competitive. All fire signs can be aggressive and with Jupiter ruling Sagittarius they have a good balance by also being a mutable sign so often appear less aggressive; they’ll use their energy to benefit others. Mutable signs think of the group and others first so this can temper the arrogance and self-absorption royal king Jupiter instigates. Sagittarius children may need to be taught not to be a bully however as they are assertive.

Sagittarius the athlete
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Archer kids are often the ones excelling at sports, art, dance, or some other championship but some Sagittarians are shy. The fiery Jupiter side needs to be drawn out of the shy mutable Sagittarius type as it’s better if Sagittarius doesn’t spend too much time in their own head. Obsession and compulsion and worse are dark sides of Jupiter when in certain planetary aspects. Generally, Sagittarius is a kind and loving child but like the other fire signs may need to be taught to share and be considerate of others’ feelings.

In romance, Sagittarius can be broadminded in love and in the bedroom and enjoy experimentation or open relationships. Sagittarius is one of those signs often cited for enjoying a sexuality that would be called free spirit. They are attracted to the exotic and may seek a relationship with someone of a different culture, race or age. Gender and sexuality may be fluid for Sagittarius as they are not so hung up on tradition. Interest in mild dominance and submission games, costumes and role play are not unusual for some mutable signs and one would guess the only mutable fire sign (Sagittarius) would be an avid participant in trying nearly anything.

Sex is about taking or giving control ultimately and whatever adults do in the bedroom is their business is how Sagittarius thinks, so their acceptance of others makes them very popular in and out of the bedroom. Many Archers are as skilled with lovemaking as they are with anything else they pursue due to their experience and practice.

Jupiter was a very sexy god-king and fathered lots of kids with a variety of mothers. Most Sagittarians are good parents, pushing and expecting their children to excel somewhere in life, and spending lots of time with them. Others are very lenient, not providing enough discipline or encouragement, or will let the kids run wild and have to bail them out of trouble, perhaps remembering their own wild youth.

Sagittarian mothers tend to be better equipped for parenting than Sagittarius fathers who often leave the parenting duties to females. Some Sagittarius dads, like the other fire signs are excellent and energetic fathers, spending a lot of time with outdoor family activities, family vacations and helping their kids achieve in school, the arts or sports. They often have high expectations of their children.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and a female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in the French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Traditionally Jupiter and his other sky god counterparts were often considered father god and father to all the people. The one to turn to for settling disputes, to protect us, take care of us; this seems to be at the root of the Archers’ great interest in social work or health care. They can be filial in their personality and they enjoy work that cares for others and serves the greater good.

As friends, Sagittarians are loyal partners in crime. They will bail you out knowing they may be calling on you to return the favour in the future. They’re good folks and a lot of fun. They like to see other people sparkle while having their own special way of attracting attention. When they’re bored or tired they’ll just leave or go off to bed till the next party.

Sagittarius has an extra connection to humanity with its Jupiter rulership. Maybe because he was father god the king and protector of us all, Zeus inspires Sagittarius to be caring, kind, sympathetic and self-sacrificing when it comes to helping others. A Sagittarius parent will usually ensure the children have all their basic needs first. They will help those in need and offer help when no one else does. They feel we all should be socially responsible and they are generally too. Sagittarius just likes to break the rules now and then as they need to feel freedom from responsibility it seems.

They can be the life of the party or one of the gang but for sure you want Sagittarius in your circle. The Archers are fun to be around but also complex. They have a changeable nature yet their values will endure. Their social consciousness looks out for all of us or at least their own circle as they will pitch in when the world is in need.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Sagittarius is a fire sign an element which imbues them with energy, drive and ambition. Jupiter is a planet that expands any interests, is a team player and a creative force in the universe of astrology. The 9th house is a place of learning, travel and transcendence, a place to escape the reality of the world. Tie all these together and you will find a sign that is often highly creative and with a zillion avocational interests.

Like other mutable signs, Sagittarius may use their hands prominently while doing their work but this also helps them be good with the handwork of arts and crafts. They also have an expansive imagination and their larger than life attitude helps them capture life in art. Their abilities in manufacturing (literally making by hand) creates a skill at assembly of most any work. Modelling, sculpting, painting, carving, architecture, or arts involving metal or fire attract them.

Sagittarius loves sports cars
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Many Archers are handy with engineering and machinery and they love cars. Sagittarians enjoy working on their cars and often learn to do repairs themselves. They LOVE sports cars and will usually own at least one in their lifetime. They’re fond of racing and most any organized sport. Being good on their legs help them be accomplished athletes involving running, skating, skiing and speed whether on land, snow, ice or water and many enjoy aerial adventures like flying, gliding, parachuting, and any kind of competitive jumping.

Clubbing and hanging out with friends is very important to most Sagittarians. They enjoy being in the “scene” whatever that may be and are often part of the “in” crowd. They are fun to share any creative or hobby activity and make great best friends that help get you off your butt to be more creative or active.

Sagittarius is a born entertainer. They are excellent at self-expression when they wish and are some of the most celebrated people in music, theatre, film, TV, and other traditional or non-traditional arts. Their academic achievements are also well-known again, whether in traditional academia or not. Learning appears to be an art form for many Archers.

Work & Career

Many Sagittarians are interested in physical, spiritual and mental health. They understand the need to balance and find peace in religion, prayer, meditation, good nutrition and any self-care method. Their interests in self-improvement and helping others get better lead some to become therapists, religious leaders or officiants, doctors and health care workers of all kinds. Archers can be found in the classroom, places of worship, government buildings, hospitals, gyms, clinics and jails and they often wear a uniform while doing their work.

Sagittarius can be very successful in their career and often in more than one enterprise. They are self-actualizing and handle responsibility well as born leaders. Not always so disciplined, some Sagittarians will put fun before work and work hard enough only to just make do. As a boss they may have some high expectations but are usually typically easygoing about details. Some can be very detail oriented, even tedious and persnickety (like all mutable signs). That’s the more fascist, tyrannical type of Sagittarius and some may even be dictatorial.

Unfortunately, some Sagittarians can be power hungry due to Jupiter’s influence. Sagittarius is good at climbing the ladder. They can reach inside their quiver of tricks and tools and be quite manoeuvring, playing bosses and peers alike as if in a chess game where Sag is the winner of course. As long as you acknowledge their authority there won’t be trouble but if you take them on or compete with them be prepared for a battle and one that is not always aboveboard. Winning is very important to this sign as they need to maintain their position while climbing to the top.

More often Archers are the type of peer, employee or boss who makes no trouble, is easygoing to work with and relieves the doldrums or stress of the work day with stories, jokes and fun.

Sagittarians dislike the usual daily grind of a 9 to 5 job unless it has a lot of freedom They are more inclined to work shift work, an odd work week, a couple part-time jobs, by contract, or only when they need the money. Most Sagittarians would rather play than work and are smart enough to pursue a job they love doing so it doesn’t feel like work. They would much rather enjoy fun and entertainment.

They are multi-talented and Sagittarius has many different work sectors to choose from. The Archers gravitate to jobs where they wear a uniform or have actual power so many join the military, police or a health or social service where they may be saving lives or providing another essential service.

When working in health or medicine they gravitate to sports medicine, kinesiology, orthopaedics, and alternative health therapies. Massage, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, family therapy and veterinary health are all fields where the Archers may be found.

Many Sagittarians work in manufacturing or logistics. Mutable signs often work in fields that create or deliver needed goods to the rest of us. They serve the people. They may do this while working in factories, the trades (auto mechanics, carpentry, bricklayer, etc.) and travel, delivery, mail or courier industries.

Like the air signs, Sagittarians are good at developing expedient methods to save time while working and to get ahead faster. They know all the shortcuts, the SOP’s, the rules and how to break them, AND the workings of the entire organization sometimes as these are all part of their plan to get ahead. Their behaviour can be very political in nature and many Archers work in law, social service or politics. You want a sign like Sagittarius the Archer on your side as they will pull out every dart, arrow, javelin and anything else in their quiver to get the job done. When they go in the other direction they can be quite good at eluding the law as they know all the tricks.

They can be good administrators, teachers and professors, drivers, service men and women of all kinds in religion, social service, the arts or health. The person who taught or cared for your kids today, delivered your Amazon package, wrote you that speeding ticket, sang on the radio, or lobbied you to vote may have been a Sagittarius. It’s the sign that helps keep a lot of things humming for you and me.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay