Scorpio the Scorpion

Scorpio the Scorpion

October 24 – November 22 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Scorpio


Scorpio the Scorpion
Scorpio the Scorpion

The 8th sign of the zodiac and the stars that make up its constellation have an interesting and mysterious history, much like Scorpio people. The constellation contains the star Antares which literally means “rival to Mars” and is notable since Mars was the first planetary ruler of Scorpio. Soon after Pluto’s discovery in 1930 astrologers noted its relationship to Scorpio and the 8th house and assigned the planet of transformation to the sign and house of transformation.

This makes sense to me and most other astrologers regardless of its demotion from planet status by astronomers, although some astrologers discount the rulership of Pluto (or share it with Mars) for Scorpio. Oddly, the size/mass of Pluto is partly what led to its demotion, yet in astrology its tiny size is a symbol for the inherent huge power that may be contained within, such as the power hidden inside an atom for example. Pluto is a symbol for hidden transformations, microcosm vs. macrocosm, rebirth and renewal, and tremendous unstoppable forces such as nuclear explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the government, organized crime, the masses, and a global society.

Exploring the mythology of Pluto/Hades actually brings a greater understanding to the planet Pluto’s symbology and also to the sign and house of Scorpio. But first continuing with scorpion mythology, the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and other cultures revered the scorpion in male and female forms. Various stories are described where a scorpion kills Orion with a sting in Greek mythology, although the sting of the scorpion is well-known in a few cultures with various positive or negative outcomes.

The constellation of Scorpio is as mysterious and confounding as the zodiac sign having gone through a few transformations in the past to include the neighbouring constellations of Libra and Ophiuchus—because they invade Scorpio’s space in the sky. This old story of Ophiuchus being the 13th sign of the zodiac and astrologers having it all wrong is trotted out every now and then by some astronomers. Astrologers don’t care about the actual star constellation; it is the area of the sky that concerns us, the part of the heavens where the constellation once was 2500 years ago.

The qualities of Scorpio people like the other signs and planets are illustrated well in a variety of mythologies surrounding the scorpion including topics such as retribution, vindication, attack and defence, being secretive, mysterious and ruthless. Yet borrowed from other mythologies the sign has relationships to swans, serpents and eagles which more often highlight the positive qualities of the sign. Recently, medical science is exploring scorpion venom as treatments for diseases such as arthritis, brain tumours and cancer.

Relationship to Pluto

To explore the planetary ruler of Scorpio we must first mention the displacement of rulership of Mars by Pluto. The story is interesting as we all know some Scorpio people who have sought to displace another in the form of stealing another person’s money, spouse, child, parent or job. When Scorpio wants something there is very little that could deter them. Scorpio can be the master of disguise and although the overthrow of Mars by Pluto occurred only in astrology their relationship can be pieced together like circumstantial evidence at a crime scene. See Pluto for more on its mythology.

Mars was traditionally considered the god of war and assigned to rulership over Aries and Scorpio. There were only seven known planets and two luminaries when the rulerships were first handed out and as the trans-Saturnian planets were discovered astrologers found logical places for them in astrology. What is fascinating is that for all of astronomy’s efforts to be distanced from astrology they have an uncanny knack for enlivening astrology by giving each newly discovered planet or asteroid or centaur a name that is totally appropriate to its mythological relationship to the sign that astrologers choose. It’s like we’re working together but unknown to one another like concurrent and independent inventions.

Back to Mars, it made sense to the ancients that a scrappy sign like Scorpio would have a ruler like warring Mars. Scorpio can be very physical (Mars rules matter in physical form), they are ruthless in conflicts, and they’re attached to weapons and armour. These things can also be related to Pluto, unknown 2500 years ago before powerful telescopes were invented. After its discovery at the onset of the 20th century civilization moved from agrarian societies to one of mass manufacturing and voila consumerism was born. One hundred years later, we are seeing the effects of our global identity and it is far from mature or even healthy. It is likely that a full understanding of Pluto will not be achieved by astrologers until we have seen it make a full 248 year transit around the sun after its 1930 discovery which will not occur until 2178.

The relationship of Pluto to Mars is similar to that of Pluto’s two nearest planetary neighbours. Astrologers believe that in influence Neptune is a higher octave of Venus and Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury. The term “higher octave” in astrology generally means the influence is more advantageous and may make better use of the gifts symbolized by the planet closer to the sun in certain aspects or placements. As Pluto deals with energies and matter in a microscopic or quantum form this makes sense for it to be a higher octave of Mars. E.g. A seed is exceedingly tiny compared to the fully grown adult tree or biologic that it will become.

Compare building one weapon by hand (forging a spear) with mass manufacture of weapons today, or compare a bow and arrow to a nuclear bomb. One can see that the relationship to Mars in ancient times was appropriate but something else is at work with Scorpio and the 8th house in modern times. That something else is Pluto, the secretive lord and master of the Underworld and a symbol of immense power.

Pluto is a symbol of transformation and slow change, hidden matters that are especially in the dark or shadows or buried deep below (underworld) but also a symbol of great wealth. Pluto’s name is derived from plouton the Latin word for wealth and riches. (The underworld and this god are actually named Hades. The ancients were so fearful of Hades they dared not speak his name so they gave him the moniker Pluto in an effort to reverse his potentially devastating and destructive power, perhaps even sarcastically or humorously.) As most wealth today comes from below the ground (gems, gold, oil, natural gas) and the 8th house is other people’s money and investments the connection to Scorpio can easily be seen.

Lastly, as the planet of hidden transformations, Pluto can be associated with internal processes such as metabolism (nutrient/waste exchange), immune function, the genes and DNA. Qualities that can relate to the sex sign Scorpio and Pluto also include sexual reproduction where a female’s body is completely transformed to create another human being from a zygote. Here the relationship with Pluto and Mars as a ruler of the body and male fertility is seen.

When one explores mysterious Pluto further, it is easy to see how it relates more to Scorpio and that Mars is really better suited to its rulership of Aries. Today, Pluto and Scorpio are both regarded as brands or symbols of great power, wealth, resourcefulness or connection, and occasionally dark forces.

Relationship to 8th House

The 5th house in a horoscope represents the children of the mind, body and spirit. Putting it another way our creations are conscious manifestations of ourselves, although many artworks, pregnancies, and epiphanies are accidental. Accepting this, then it can be said that the 8th house represents areas of personal and subconscious manifestations including attitudes to hidden health issues and sex problems, money shared with other people, or our investments or other hidden resources. The 8th house involves ideas, matters, situations that never quite break the surface, remain hidden or undeveloped to become dead-end or unfinished projects.

The 12th house represents secrets and hidden matters that pertain to our every day lives and that requires separation from others. As the house of places of confinement, it is where we all as individuals may bump into one another in a hospital or a jail or another place where special needs are required to be there. It represents the outside things and places that govern us including government, big business and multinationals, social services and more that we all as a society share. In the 8th house only our own deeply personal unconscious matters are manifested here including the things that make us sick or where subconscious thoughts may remain dark and hidden. The 8th house is an area where we can harm ourselves or be harmed by those closest to us—our spouse and business partners—as it is a house of joint finances.

The 8th house is known as the house of dead-end projects. Much has been made about it being the house of death but a person’s death is more likely to be indicated in other houses. This house is more to do with the death of projects that didn’t work out or the death of liquidity as it has more to do with money problems than physical death. Most people believe that a person’s physical death is the end of their existence. Others believe that at that time, we are transformed into a purely spiritual being that hopefully finds its way to heaven or perhaps another life time. Scorpio is often associated with transformations and hidden matters but they may also be involved with businesses serving the dead or dying and that includes funeral, interment and spiritual services. To Scorpio and the 8th house, death is a transformation not an ending.

Scorpio subconscious
Image by Wiki Commons

Deep-seated subconscious urges, health or sex problems may be found here. If addiction or a mental or social health problem is involved, the person’s own activities may bring about health, financial or sex problems. When people are not mentally healthy or suffering from severe loss or stress, health and romance often suffer too. At times, it’s difficult to know which was the cause and which was the result.

The symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion with its venomous stinger poised over its own head. Some negative Scorpion energy is directed as a hidden desire to dominate or harm others but often they end up hurting themselves literally or karmically. Some may sting themselves or behave in a self-destructive manner. As the only species on the planet that has a sophisticated conscious mind we often seem to victim ourselves by our own personal psychology and creating a host of potential life problems. Scorpio may indicate where we need to heal, transform or build ourselves or resources for the future, all things dealing with Pluto and the 8th house.

The nature of all house relationships is that they are often best understood, expressed and utilized through their own planetary and sign rulers. However, any planet or sign may utilize the 8th house in an infinite number of positive or negative ways including its own rulers.

Basic Character Traits


The most common character trait of Scorpio is their intense nature. This is usually revealed in how they obsessively pursue one or more interests empowered by a tenacious need perhaps to obtain whatever it is they seek.

The mystique of Scorpio is very involved with their reticent nature. The word literally means “remaining silent” in Latin and most Scorpions don’t necessarily intend to be secretive; it’s more a non-volunteering of information. Of course, some will be secretive purposely to manipulate or to vindicate themselves over a perceived wrong. Often they will give short answers to questions and sometimes they just have nothing to say and enjoy listening or being quiet. Scorpio is very observant and often the quietest people are the smartest as they will learn more about you than the other way around.

Their reticent nature is revealed in a myriad of ways and they may be reticent for a reason. Unfortunately, many people carry deep dark secrets from their childhood or past that are very painful. In a personal horoscope, when Scorpio or their ruling planet is in conflict with another planet or sign it can indicate deeply hidden pain. E.g. Pluto in square to Venus could indicate a painful, unrequited love or loss of a loved one which could lead to problems in romance and sex.

As we know, heavy emotional pain occurring in early life or a dysfunctional family for any zodiac sign can be seriously detrimental to a happy adult life in the future by preventing the formation of healthy relationships. For this reason, family and friends should encourage the more reticent Scorpios to open up a little now and then with someone they trust. Holding in anger and other negative emotions may build up resentments and if this distorts into prejudice or not finding a release the insecure feelings can turn into jealousy and vindication. These kinds of feelings can result in great evil. When Scorpio decides to release their vengeful vindictive tendencies many people can be hurt, including Scorpio themselves. (Stinger poised over their own head.)

Is tenacious a different way to be stubborn? For some Scorpios they are as bullheadedly stubborn as their polar opposite sign Taurus. But for others their tenacity is more persevering and persistent. We can thank many Scorpios for their tenacity in pursuing progress for humanity in a multitude of ways; e.g. Marie Curie who sacrificed her life to tenaciously study radiation and x-rays which have helped save millions of lives around the world.

Scorpio people have a naturally tenacious mind for knowledge as well. Their capacity for deductive reasoning is rarely matched by other signs making them excellent detectives. Their ability to retain information, analyze and reorganize or recalculate gives them an unmatched brilliance especially for problem solving.

Each sign is challenged to develop into bringing the very best character traits to the fore and become a version of their self using their own unique natural gifts. These gifts have good and bad expressions, meaning people will use them in different ways. One Scorpio who has wealth will be very generous to those in need, the next may be stingy; it depends on each person’s intent and will as to how they will use their abilities.

Scorpio is a very resourceful sign; they understand that knowledge, money and sex are power and having some wealth is necessary for survival. They seem to know that saving and also providing food, love and care is the way to create stability for all; a fixed sign quality to conserve and a water sign’s ability to care can be a wonderful combination.

Scorpio people really shine when they use their wealth of talents and gifts in finding or growing resources to help others succeed. Their ability to understand conservation and preservation is natural to their sign, as is a natural ability to lead. Like other fixed signs, they usually like to follow the rules but just as often create their own rules for living and will not care one fig what you think about it.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, the bladder, and the urogenital system. This includes the internal and external sex organs, and the rectum and anus. Since one of the signs had to rule these normal human body parts it may as well be the sign of the underworld, unmentionable, nether regions and hidden matters.

DNA strands
Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

Some astrologers believe that Pluto should be associated with genetics and also the mysterious immune system both of which have such power over our entire physical well-being. It would make sense that tiny DNA molecules or microbes that help or harm human development and immunity would be governed by Pluto. (The microscopic having telescopic effect.) Genetics and immunity are health and medical fields that Scorpio may gravitate to when pursuing a science career. Neptune is the planet of intercellular fluids and cellular tissue generally but Pluto symbolizes what is deeper, right down to the tiniest building blocks of individual skills, talents and more; the entire DNA blueprint of our body. Pluto and Scorpio together make sense for human reproduction.

Scorpio can have an incredible sex appeal at times. They may have striking, piercing or dark flashing eyes that appear to look into your soul with an unwavering stare that lets you know they have hidden powers and it’s almost hypnotizing. Although they may have a serious expression or RBF syndrome (Resting Bitch Face – it really is a thing) they commonly appear on the all the sex symbol lists. Not only are some of the most beautiful people born under the sign of Scorpio but some that may normally be considered not-so-attractive by certain standards of beauty will still turn heads and attract many romantic suitors. Often described as dark, mysterious beauties most Scorpions know how to accentuate their very best physical or sexual features, whatever those may be, yet appear indifferent to it all. They don’t really see what all the fuss is about them being so sexy but it won’t stop some from using it to get what they want.

Scorpios are generally not huge people in size and many are small or petite; but remember that power comes in small packages sometimes. Scorpio’s appearance is prone to transformation at times too; larger people lose weight or gain muscle, slim females retain weight after childbirth, some are fluid in fashion, sex and gender appearances, and so on.

Scorpios may also be as large as the biggest football players and as athletic. The fixed signs tend to be more solid and squarely built physically even if not tall and Scorpio is no exception. Scorpions may come in many shapes and sizes in nature but all will exude a dark power or sexuality in one way or another, even if only to their devoted and happy spouse.

As a sign that rules a house of sexual and health problems many Scorpions have issues that may involve Scorpio’s reproductive organs such as a difficulty conceiving/bearing children, prostate issues or a low sperm count. Females are prone to menstrual or gynecological problems while males may suffer prostate, penile or testicular illness. As Scorpio rules excretory organs some will have to deal with hemorrhoids, UTI’s, dietary/excretory issues and infection and inflammation involving these areas.

Generally Scorpio is a strong sign enjoying great health but when they are ill it is often serious and systemic. Many Scorpios enjoy sports or fitness which helps but their constitution is generally strong compared to other zodiac signs.

Personality & Psychology

Some people say Scorpios have an animal magnetism. Like the other fixed signs that appear to attract whatever they need by standing still we seek out Scorpios to spend time with them. We recognize their innate power, and in some cases we dash ourselves on the rocks of their silent siren call.

As mentioned earlier, Scorpio is fully cognizant of their own power and capabilities and may use this to their advantage. They must be encouraged to use their gifts for the good of all as then it works out best for everybody. Scorpio is very dangerous when their energies are used negatively because of their ruthless, unforgiving nature. Some can be immune to your pain and suffering and will not be moved or manipulated by what may affect the rest of us. This trait is not always bad as the Scorpions of the world are able to stomach certain jobs and situations that would make most of us pass out in disgust while attempting them. They often know what to do in an emergency having coolly prepared ahead of time for nearly any disaster.

Never forget the attachment to power that Scorpio can have. They know they have a personal power but may still be or appear modest. Many don’t bother to hide this part of their nature but some will appear to be sheep while really being wolves hiding behind a mask. Scorpio has a natural affinity for espionage; Pluto could wear many masks or disguises and in fact his entire name is a disguise; his real name is Hades.

Cerberus the 3-headed guard dog
Image by 15225406 from Pixabay

The ancient Greeks were extremely fearful of their god Hades. He was seen as an angry destroying god, showing ruthlessness and no mercy if you were found in his fiery underworld domain. Hades was a hell of a god to the Greeks accompanied by a three-headed beast called Cerberus. Their fear of him grew to a point where he was referred to as the Zeus of the Underworld as a nod to his almighty power.

Hades was also attached to the Greek god Plutous (eventually shortened to Pluto), the god of riches and wealth because most wealth came from underground. Perhaps in fear they decided to just not say his name at all, thinking even to utter his name could draw his wrath and eventually Hades came to represent just his hellish realm. Like the phantom of the opera, Pluto must wear a mask to hide his true nature and not upset our delicate natures.

Anyone who has watched Scorpio celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows can easily understand this unholy relationship between Pluto as the angry, cruel, dictator ruling over his Hades kitchen. You must be worthy to even be in his kitchen to not suffer his wrath; your worth being decided by your level of skill or success. Scorpio is a hard taskmaster sometimes which results in them being hated or targets of severe criticism for being out of touch. This sign is unmatched in creating their own personal Hades somewhere in their life. Scorpio’s stinger is poised over its own head.

Not all Scorpios are aggressive. Many are warm, kind and often quiet people who have no need to dominate or seek power. They have evolved and learned to use their strength and power as a way to tuck into their lair and weather the trials of life. They survive through their strength and the resilience to pick themselves back up and resurface to move forward again. The Scorpion’s strength is in it’s hard shell and power in its ability to maintain and defend its life. Scorpios are born survivalists.

Scorpios are so keenly observant you may think your mind was read. They would like you to believe they have mystical powers, but its more a Sherlock Holmes thing. Their observant and resourceful mind givens them an affinity for acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is power too and their detective work may include not respecting your boundaries and invading your privacy or sovereignty over your own affairs. That is only if Scorpio had the lack of respect to do so or if it was part of their work.

Scorpio people can be strong hardworking people at work but if it is a negative environment where it’s everyone for theirself, then they will stake out their territory and ensure they are not at the bottom of the totem pole. Some Scorpios are rather ambitious and scrabble to the top by any means necessary. Pluto’s influence is a bit mafia-like at times, like an immovable force.

This works another way too. Whether they actually do any of the above or not it is recommended you do not cross their boundaries. Many Scorpios may lash out aggressively or covertly or become vindictive but they don’t need to. Like Hades who controlled his people with fear Scorpio will train you on how to behave around them. Believe me, most of them love their reputation for being a holy terror or aggressive and scrappy—it helps them maintain control over you and some wear a bad reputation like a badge of honour. Power can be very enjoyable to some Scorpions.

So what is up with this need for control that Scorpio has? It involves dark family secrets and you can blame Pluto/Hades and the 8th house (click on each for this back story). For all signs, the 2nd house can indicate what early childhood and upbringing was like. If there are afflictions between any planets in its opposite house, the 8th or to this house’s planetary ruler it could suggest a great pain or loss occurring in childhood for which the native probably had no control over. Any sign then with afflictions between the 2nd and 8th houses, not just Scorpio, would then perhaps develop an intense need to be in control or manipulate to avoid future pain or loss.

How does the need for power and control manifest positively? Scorpio is very intuitive, wise and resourceful. As mentioned they don’t need to wield power negatively and many are satisfied being the dictator of their own intense obsessions and don’t cause trouble. In fact, Scorpio will often take care of other people happily. If you need to come to them for any basic need they are often the friend who is just happy to help and expect nothing back.

Some of the traits of Scorpio are like their sign opposite Taurus. They can be charming, salt of the earth people but more quietly so. Scorpios have no need to blow their own horn unless insecure. They can be modest, industrious and conservative people; the ones that are usually there for you and they can be strongly supportive, compassionate and comforting.

With all that stuff smouldering beneath the surface of course Scorpio will tend to be passionate about nearly everything that would interest them including you. Be sure to establish boundaries early on with Scorpio to avoid feeling controlled. Not all Scorpios want to control you but they will make sure they will not be controlled by you usually. A Scorpion who feels powerless may become a dangerous enemy whether at home or at work.

Their intelligence is usually high, as is their common sense and wisdom. Often sophisticated and cool on the outside they may be at a full emotional boil inside. They tend to be a very emotional sign (like all water signs) but they keep it to themselves. That would be undignified; dignity and appearances are very important to Scorpio and if you embarrass them in any way publicly they may hold that against you.

Like the other fixed signs, Scorpio is a proud sign and if you hurt their pride it is better you know about it and make amends. No one wants a Scorpio in their life with a secret agenda or vendetta against you as there can be an inordinate amount of intense feeling or involvement in taking revenge. This is a sign that may also cut off its own nose to spite its face.

Love, Family & Relationships

About Scorpio’s sexy nature; if sex is what they are into then yes many Scorpions have a very healthy sexual desire and appetite. But just as many Scorpios are not personally that interested in sex (like any other sign) so they perhaps are more intensely aroused by intellectual, spiritual or some other physical pursuit.

Once stung by Cupid’s bow Scorpio is pretty intense yet they may play hard to get. That is partly how they get most of what they want, they wait for the right moment to strike. You think they’re playing games but this is how their energy works. Cardinal signs set goals, Scorpions set traps to capture what they want and this can be verbally and in behaviour. You have heard they can be a little sneaky right? They like to be sure of your intentions before they will make theirs known and they prefer to have the upper hand. They may not take no for an answer the first time or two as they know their charms will work on you eventually. Some are deep, mystic and serious in their manner but we can’t help but be fascinated by them.

Children and family of Scorpio are often exceedingly well-taken care of in all ways, leaving them feeling secure. A Scorpion rarely comes home after a workday without something for the kids or spouse or which will add to the family larder. They are always looking at ways to economize and save resources for a future need and are excellent providers. Their family is very important to them and generally well-cared for.

Scorpio wisdom
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Not all Scorpios are dictators. Some are as gentle as a lamb, as wise, kind and generous as any other sign. They are a water sign, an element that is naturally nurturing and who can access bottomless wells of sensitivity, care and love. All the water signs have a strong ESP and are naturally intuitive, knowing exactly what it is you need. Being a fixed sign, they maintain long lasting strong ties with family and friends and are generally consistent which helps one feel stable and secure. Scorpio can be great at helping you realize your own self-potential and making a success of yourself because they are usually very good at running their own lives.

Scorpio can be successful in life as they are usually confident and well aware of their plentiful powers and are unafraid to use any of them to obtain whatever their heart desires. They do not need to use words like mutable and air signs, their sexuality is very deep yet just below the surface and we are attracted to them. Their snake charming eyes invented love at first sight and if they set their gaze on you they will come after you like a country to be conquered slowly.

In business Scorpio may be circumspect as they undercover your needs and exercise all due diligence to develop their best approach. They are thorough in love and business in learning more about you. Especially for Scorpio, but like any other sign they will respect you more if you do not yield on the first date (personal or business), nor will they yield so quickly (unless they really want or need to) as they understand that not being so available makes one more attractive. Scorpio waits patiently for the right moment to quickly grab what they need to survive and will outlive all of us perhaps they are so good at surviving.

Like other fixed and water signs, they may be old-fashioned and conservative regarding finances, religion, politics and society in general, but they are also capable of moving with the times; just don’t try to push them or shove anything down their throat as they have a long memory.

Scorpions can really dig in their heels like the other fixed signs. They may be inflexible, vindictive, and devastatingly cruel. Their cold anger may erupt as jealousy and ruthlessness, or be hidden and stealthy like a master criminal, manoeuvring and manipulating you into the prime position for a sting. When attacked they are very capable of strong defence and are loyal to their home, family and business.

Wherever the sign of Scorpio falls in a person’s horoscope will indicate where they may dedicate a great amount of time. Many are married to their job which may create difficulties at home when the proper balance isn’t created. Scorpio may be the person left by a life partner more often than the other way around due to their infinite patience and perseverance, or maybe because of their controlling or domineering tendencies.

As children Scorpio can be reasoned with and temporarily removing their favourite toys and using humour will go far. No child needs corporal punishment and it can have the opposite effect on Scorpio. This sign can be so obtuse they become easy to manipulate; tell a Scorpio to turn left and they may turn right just to let you know “you don’t control me”. As kids, boundaries must be firm and they need to learn the importance of rules and boundaries or you may have quite the rebel on your hands. They love to challenge you.

It has always amazed me how long Scorpio can live too much in the past, never letting go of old hurts or grudges. People can become vengeful, aggressive and violent when their Scorpio planets are afflicted in a horoscope. Sign polarities and relationships have much to do with reactive behaviours. Scorpio is normally so cordial and respectful of others that it’s more than just surprising when their negative traits are seen. They can be as cold and ruthless as the other fixed signs and you most definitely want to avoid Scorpio when they are angry as you can be stung and it will hurt.

Like any other sign with so many wonderful gifts, Scorpio needs to ensure they use their abilities to help themselves and others and find the right balance. Their over luxurious nature leads to many problems due to imbalanced attitudes in diet/health, sexuality and finances. Some may eat or drink too much or the wrong things, overspend or gamble foolishly, or be highly amoral, overbearing or controlling.

Scorpio can create some wonderful family relationships. As spouses they tend to be loyal, secure and reliable and pull their own weight. They lean to more traditional relationships and often enjoy shared interests with their spouses and family. Scorpios are very good at entertaining and may take out the good china if they think you’re pretty special.

Society used to dictate that men were masculine and women were feminine but we understand now that certain sex and gender descriptors are not only plain wrong for some individuals but potentially offensive. Traditionally, females were seen as passive and feminine and men were aggressive and masculine. Today, many people of any sign live far from the older outdated sex or gender based expectations and which just marginalize those who don’t conform. Although Scorpio is traditionally described in terms of aggressive and feminine today these qualities are better understood as motivated and receptive or other non-gender adjectives.

Once Scorpio loves you it is “till death do us part”. Sometimes I wonder with some if they stay married to not have to give up half their wealth. Just kidding, because really, if they were that greedy they would just find a way to take or keep it all anyhow. Like the other fixed signs Scorpio attracts money because they like it; it is the ultimate resource. What Scorpio is talented with particularly is investing money for future reward. Their 8th house is all about shared money and investments. Scorpios tend to be shrewd with their money and investing.

Although any person of any sign could be judged as good or bad, when a sign as powerful as Scorpio goes bad they can really go off the deep end. Some of the most heinous and dehumanized crimes have been committed by a poisonous Scorpion gone mad with vindictive jealousy. Charles Manson being one of the most notorious examples.

At best appearing aloof and indifferent, at worst Scorpio may develop fascist and oppressive tendencies, behaving like a mafia enforcer demanding you believe and follow what they do; or else. They may be self-imprisoned in their belief systems, and once a certain belief is held they will defend it to the death, ignoring all evidence to the contrary or changing times.

Pluto’s influence is very powerful and Scorpio may be attracted to the power involvement with these crime, police or military services could provide them. Although Scorpio may do well as an executive they can have high expectations of their staff and run a tight ship due to dictatorial tendencies.

Before you believe that Scorpio is a bad sign; know that most of them are extremely ethical, honest and very patient. They can be very sensitive to the needs of others, will often be the first to lend a hand and they can be very charismatic and loyal friends. They utilize their natural intuition, intelligence and resourcefulness for the benefit of all, not just themselves. Many Scorpions have a noble bearing, are courageous, and willing to endure a lifetime of hardship showing great reliability. Scorpio’s dedication to the needs of their family, friends, workmates and the community often makes them the unsung heroes.

Pluto is a powerful influence but also an influence that ripples out and reaches the masses or a greater effect. It can be destructive and painful to any adult life when a very unpleasant childhood is endured but especially so with a sign like Scorpio. A harsh upbringing with corporal punishment, or enduring a painful loss or circumstance in childhood may ripple inside and leave them with deep seated wounds that could manifest later as antisocial behaviours. Scorpio children feels things so deeply abuse or pain is felt more intensely too.

A conservative, stable upbringing with structure, grounded in social or spiritual tenets to guide them and a good education will benefit them greatly. In spite of a tough upbringing those Scorpios often overcome their past and become very successful in life. Scorpio is probably the sign that would outlast the other 11 zodiac signs and is likely the most resilient. When Scorpio is at their best they will give back to the world tenfold or for a very long time.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology as in many ways, that is what astrology is; a language.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Scorpios like shiny things and have a keen eye for hunting down antiques and rare valuables like gems, jewellery, nostalgia and collectibles. If they believe it has value they may quietly amass a collection of nearly anything; they may secretly acquire some of their wealth in this manner.

The fixed signs enjoy helping out, as do the water signs that care about humanity so deeply. Many Scorpions are deeply spiritual and religious finding this connection the greatest power of all and the backbone to their success in life. Scorpios throughout history have facilitated great transformative personal change for others in religion, or in business, health, society and culture in general.

Scorpio will have many interests and hobbies over their lifetime and may lean more to literature as they are often good authors. They may enjoy most any fine art form and can be artisans, jewellery designers working with precious metals. Many enjoy fashion as they like to dress for business success; wearing the latest fashion which attests to their financial success.

Scorpio fabric crafts
Image by Th G from Pixabay

One talent that surprises for a sign that loves power and control is their innate talent for sewing, knitting, crocheting and weaving. Scorpio can be very patient and although not generally restless they like to keep busy even in downtime. How better to maintain self-control and not misuse your own power by being able to apply self-discipline to creativity while making fine, wearable crafts. Their resourceful mind can focus on fine handwork of all kinds, not just sewing. They literally can fashion nearly anything from any material of the earth, oftentimes transforming it and then wear it exceedingly well or display their handy works as art.

Scorpio has a skill at refurbishing nearly anything. They are a pro at finding things most of us would toss into trash and giving it new life. They are attached to the transformation process of death and renewal through their planet and sign rulerships. In what we see as dead or useless they see potential new life and use their abilities to make it useful again. They are born recyclers and that person at the garage sale or driving around on recycling day is likely a resourceful Scorpio.

It is actually an excellent idea to reuse the earth’s resources in this manner and this helps you understand the relationship between the polar signs Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus is everything of the earth but so is Scorpio, and their axial relationship is understood by returning matter to the earth or transforming earth’s matter into a new matter or energy form. Scorpio ultimately recycles what originates in Taurus and ultimately recreates life.

In nature, a scorpion is its own order in the arachnida class of species which includes spiders, well-known for their web-spinning skills. In a Roman myth, Arachne (for which arachnids are named) was a mortal girl challenged to a weaving contest with Minerva their goddess of crafts and wisdom. Arachne’s weaving was perfectly exquisite which enraged Minerva who beat her and turned her into a spider. The Greek goddess equivalent to Minerva is Athena who was sometimes represented as a snake. Here we see the connections to spiders and serpents which are often associated with Scorpio, along with the eagle.

Scorpios enjoy all dark colours especially black, metallic and colours of the earth and water. As a water sign they prefer the darker watery shades like deep ocean blue. Ice fishing, hockey and skating are enjoyed by Scorpions as they can move over frozen water well. Fishing, boating and water sports or industries may also attract them. Many enjoy sports and other competitions that involve power and strength such as tougher team sports like rugby and football, martial arts, bodybuilding or contests.

When Scorpio bonds with the environment it is intense. Many feel a connection to the earth perhaps because most scorpions in nature live underground the domain of their planetary ruler. Astrophysics may attract them as the stars are also part of nature and Scorpio, the sign of reproduction can relate to the mystery of life itself, created from the transformation of love, matter and energy.

Many Scorpions will fight for causes that support the environment, green living and reducing waste and are champions of nature and the earth. Their planet, sign and house has much to do with recycling, regeneration, and repurposing anything due to their transformative themes. For the same reason, many Scorpions work in power and energy, fossil or green and eco-friendly fuels and other sources of power or energy utilities.

Scorpio’s relationship with the earth and heavenly bodies may be very spiritual. Whether it is traditional religion or an alternative faith many Scorpions keep to a positive path because of their connection to Spirit. Perhaps just as many may use their version of religion or spirituality to further their own aims. It is well known that some organized religions or alternative faiths use their religion to marginalize another group of people, or control, manipulate and exploit their own faithful to make the leaders wealthy through donations.

Just because one says they are spiritual or go to church doesn’t mean it isn’t a method of control and manipulation. But that is true for all signs, Scorpio would not be the only sign to use faith or religion to exploit others. If sexual or spiritual exploitation occurs the 8th house or an outer planet is more likely to be involved than the sign Scorpio.

Work & Career

Because of their incredible resourcefulness you will find Scorpions working in nearly any work sector. But this quality and their other gifts make them especially good in fields of science, health, medicine and psychology or personal growth. They are excellent therapists, writers, speakers, actors, preachers and politicians; they do very well in any kind of police or military work, especially as detectives and they also excel in law and government work as they are the second of the three “law” signs. (Libra and Sagittarius are the others.)

They can be very focused at whatever they are doing and rarely accept defeat. They are hard to take down because of their resourcefulness and strength and often are workaholics. Then they spend their spare time volunteering or helping out family and friends.

Some Scorpios may get a bit too much into your business but more will completely respect your privacy and individuality as they want their privacy respected and secure understanding the need for both. Perhaps this is why some end up in security or police work of one kind or another. Legally the police can spy on you! Of course many Scorpios protect our security and safety with their strength and resourcefulness in a variety of career choices.

They enjoy investing and watching their money grow slowly over time and they make good financial advisors and bankers. Like Taurus, they like to be surrounded by money in all its forms and seek to have the best of everything; but at the right low price. They are indefatigable hagglers when they want, but will endure nearly any cost to own whatever it is they obsess over.

Scorpio is good at postmortem activities. You will usually find them underground in the basement morgue or laboratory, as the testers and auditors of the zodiac digging deep inside the vaults of banks, libraries and other secret places. These days that could be done entirely online or on a computer. They love the kind of dissection and detail of certain matters that most of us would find either boring or revolting. Excellent with plumbing and anything else going on beneath the earth’s surface Scorpio may even join their buddy Taurus in archaeology and geology or natural earth sciences.

Many Scorpions are great consultants, counsellors, ministers, managers, motivators and leaders. Their resourcefulness, intuition and basic good ethics are great strengths to have in these fields. Not all are attracted to power and control and may use their skills to help you be more self-empowering.

A sign that is a natural researcher, Scorpio will never say die when it comes to learning about someone or something. They are enormously resourceful, and they may even play possum to obtain information. They are born detectives and will hunt down people, places, objects, details; anything that will give them a complete picture of information.

Their natural affinity for pathology likely stems from their ruling planet and sign. Pluto was the god of the underworld dwelling below the surface of the earth where many mysterious happenings occur. Scorpio understands that digging deep can unearth amazing knowledge, wealth and other resources that all contribute to power.

But be careful, just like a bank or investment company also well represented by Scorpio’s ruling planet and house, there may be a price or expectation of something in return. Scorpio does well in business as they can create transactions beneficial to them.

Scorpio can have what seems to be an inexhaustible amount of energy at times. They can work to all hours of the day and have a quiet stamina. Whether this is to diligently work at completing a duty or responsibility or to acquire information, wealth or position. They may become experts in their field due to their deep penetrating thought processes, intuition and intelligence. They are the ultimate problem solver as they will not give up until a solution is found.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay