Sun Sign Horoscopes

Sun sign horoscopes may reveal your general personality or character traits but other planets can reveal even more. The zodiac signs are primary components of a horoscope and may reveal helpful information when interpreted correctly by a professional astrologer. In addition to the sun being located in any of the 12 zodiac signs, the moon, asteroids and planets are also mapped in a horoscope chart based on the zodiac signs they occupy at a moment in time.

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Each person’s unique horoscope chart contains all 12 zodiac signs but popular astrology generally focuses just on each sun sign. Although this may describe one’s personality, much more information is available from your unique astrology chart which may be revealed during a personal horoscope reading by a professional astrologer. Click the HOROSCOPES button at the top primary menu to learn about the variety of personal horoscope readings offered by Rob Shaw.

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