(Astrologers refer to the sun as a planet and also a luminary, along with the Moon.)

Sun through the Houses

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Sun through the Signs

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Sun through the Modalities

This video link takes you to AstrologyTV at YouTube. In the video we detail some common associations of the collective qualities of the sun signs as they are divided into their traditional quadruplicities and triplicities (or modes and elements).


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The sun is at the true centre of our solar system and enjoys prime status in astronomy and astrology. A horoscope places the native at the centre of the universe in astrology, like we are our own unique walking solar system in a way. In astronomy the celestial bodies revolve around the sun in the centre. In astrology, the sun is the centre of the human personality. It is the masses continued interest in sun sign horoscope columns that keep astrology alive and in the public mind more than anything else perhaps. In essence this is what most people believe the zodiac chart or horoscope is, just their sun sign; although it is an important component the sun is not the only one. Each planet has significance and astrology is so much more than just sun signs.

But why not allow the sun aka the planet (or luminary) that governs the general personality of people (or anything with a beginning) be seen as the personality of astrology itself? That’s how rulerships work; the emphasised relationship is understood. Using the astrological language of words, archetypes and symbols we can understand and make sense of the ‘why’ the rulerships work. The sun at the centre of the solar system has a direct connection with the astrological symbol of the sun as the ego or self.


The sun has fascinated human beings across nearly all indigenous cultures. Early civilizations worshipped the sun as a God giving it many names such as Sol in ancient Rome whose name we borrowed for words like solar and solarium. The ancient Greeks called the sun Helios.

Our sun was also worshipped as Ra and the Aten in ancient Egypt. Notably for the latter, pharaoh Akhenaten (changed his name from Amenhotep IV) tried to convert his people to a single deity 1360 years before Jesus Christ. Known as Aten the sun god, and derived from Ra, the sun god was also believed to have spawned several other gods and was merged with a few others as well.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped Ra as the giver of life and creator of the universe beginning about 2400 BCE and for a few hundred years also Aten until soon after the death of Akhenaten circa 1333 BCE. Eventually Ra rose to be considered King of the Gods and the pharaohs became known as the Son of Ra and a godhead in their own right as a physical representation of the sun god. The sun was of prime importance to the ancient Egyptians who identified their civilization, power and religion very closely with the sun and its energy.

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Helios was thought by the ancient Greeks to be a sun god riding his golden chariot across the sky in the day time and returning in a golden cup by night and repeat his journey the next day. Helios was not a primary god to the Greeks but he was honoured through daily affirmations, and he was more eagerly worshipped on the island of Rhodes where he was depicted as the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Sol, the Latin word for sun, is tied to the very beginnings of ancient Rome about 750 BCE. One of the first gods honoured shrines, temples and feast days were attributed to Sol Invictus who was seen as the unconquerable with great power.

Life & Energy

In the sun’s position in the horoscope we see the essence of life itself. A great light that is vital to our life on this planet. The rising of Sol over the eastern horizon every day assures us of the constancy of life. The sun gives life to everything on this planet, just as our personality gives life to who we are as people.

Our ego needs are also represented by the sun. It is unchanging, always there, the centre around which everything else revolves. Through self-expression our personality is expressed and very much constant throughout our life like our ego. However, the personality can change as we grow and express ourselves in different ways. Yet the needs of our ego do not change. It could be said that our ego is our driving force, our energy, our self-direction in getting what we need to get us where we’re going. Our personality is how we express ourselves.

Basic Personality

It’s important to remember the ego is not the self and vice versa; the self is so much more. And so the sun is just one part of our entire personality. It is through our ego and our self-expression that our general personality is observed and we may show a different personality throughout different times of our lives or in different places.

The sun is not just ego, but it is a symbol of our self, our body to some degree, and it is our spiritual vehicle. Each of us is a soul or spirit that has an inner light. The sign under which we’re born may be seen as a work of stained glass through which our spirit or inner light shines. This also is our personality and an indication of why people who share the same sun sign are different. The stained glass artwork is our spiritual vehicle that filters the inner light unique to each of us. The sun in the horoscope is our unique sun sign and basic personality yet shares the same recognizable traits with different people born under each sign.

How You Are Seen

How we are on the outside is how we want to be seen but not necessarily who we are on the inside. We portray different faces and traits at different times and for different reasons. All of these are indicated by the sun and its relationships in the horoscope.

Often, other people choose to see us in the manner they wish, sometimes so far from who we truly are but it is what they see. You may not feel like a charming and gregarious Sagittarius but that could be how others see you.

Just as often, we intend to portray ourselves in a certain manner but our execution is not right and we embarrass or humiliate ourselves. Those are learning experiences in the right use of will likely but everybody fumbles at being their best at times

Every effort should be made to align or when needed correct the image we portray with the image seen by others with the image we feel we truly are. One can change personality throughout life and for certain people or situations, but the basic personality will always be there, even if not expressed at all times.

Wherever the sun is in the horoscope is the house where the native really can shine. It tends to brighten up the house it occupies but more common sun sign personality traits may be hidden or erased when in certain houses or relationships. We are all challenged to strive to be the very best version of ourselves possible to bring greater good and balance to the world. Both good and bad traits of each sign may be manifested through the sun sign placement and activities. It’s up to each person to ensure they are seen in the best light by being the best they can be.


The sun is the inner power that manifests a major part of the self and our identity. Our personality and who we are has an attractive force even if we don’t believe we have charisma or a nice-looking exterior. How others perceive us adds to our self-identity. If everyone tells us we’re smart, we will believe it. If many tell us we’re stupid, we’re just as inclined to believe it and form a negative self-identity.

More important than how others see us is how do we see ourselves? We can use our self-awareness and the power of our personality for motivation or drive to succeed and all the while build our ever-changing self-identity and self-expression.

Life challenges us to manifest our identity in a way that is best for ourselves and others in a good balance. We should have control over our selves and our own destiny to succeed yet some may lack the self-control and sense of needing to do more or be better. Many are content with having the universe or others just take care of them. That’s not how the Universe works and giving over your control to another person or fate is not going to be in your best interests.

Unfortunately, some feel weak or less than others and will give this control to others, or worse, try to take control of others through insecurity and fear. People who self-identify with being domineering, overpowering or aggressive are just creating negative karma for themselves.

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The sun is traditionally a masculine form of energy in astrology and there is nothing wrong with having a forceful personality or self-identity to further the greater good for others. Masculine energy is the instigating force that transforms its own and collectively with feminine energy into the miracle of recreating Life itself. The sun is such a positive energy that it is sad and even perverse when people work against their own natural energy to try to be someone they’re not. It is devastating for everyone (you and us) when using personality to try to control or dominate another as the negative intent harms both.

In general, we are all challenged to grow into becoming the very best version of our sun sign personality as possible. It is intended for us to shine with our own unique light to share the journey with the rest of humanity and perhaps provide a light for others. That would be the highest expression of every sun sign and every life.

The lowest expression of the sun is ego and self-centred self-absorption. We express the best parts of ourselves when spending time with others usually so seeking relationship and community is generally very positive for everybody in society. With others’ needs and egos balancing our own we achieve a common ground. But when the personality is expressed without regard for others and to emboss one’s own ego one’s own downfall will often follow but now without first destroying other people in the process.

To deny oneself or to be denied the joys of the bright and lighter side of life can only dash one’s spirit and darken a person’s inner light. Whether self-centred or self-denying, neither extreme is optimal; the sun’s light is to benefit all and each one of us is just one ray of light emanating from a universal Sun.

Father & Other Influences

The sun in astrology is also an indicator of the native’s father and the placement and sun’s aspects in a horoscope can describe the relationship with the father. Saturn may also be an indicator of the father but more often grandparents pr the father’s family in general.

Many people grow up to emulate their father in some way whether by choice or by emotional imprint. Just as many try not to be like their father if the general personality was too domineering. Losing our father at an early age, or in homes where the father isn’t present or involved as a loving and stabilizing force can cause a host of issues in our personal and work relationships.

Father is the first authority figure in our life. Often he is the stronger disciplinarian, someone to be feared and obeyed or else. Not all father’s use fear of course but as the bigger louder parent he is often more feared and respected than mother. From father we learn that we may be taken more seriously when forceful or aggressive and this shapes the personality we more often want to be seen as having.

A good father is everything we want to be, whom we can model our own lifestyles after and we often do. He is a symbol of discipline, responsibility, the hardworking “bread winner” although that has changed greatly in modern times, He is strength and vitality, often a symbol of good values, ethics and morals. He is a giver and a leader; many of these qualities are good for everybody to strive to be and should become a part of our personality.

Physiologically the sun rules the heart and major arteries. Afflictions to the sun can indicate cardiovascular and circulatory problems which may lead to stroke or heart attacks.

The sun rules the 5th house of creativity, self-expression, children of the mind and body, and sex; or the fun house of the horoscope. It is also the ruler of Leo the Lion the 5th sign of the zodiac, known for his ego and his great roar, a self-expression of his great masculine power.

The sun aligns with the earth and the moon several times a year during lunar and solar eclipses. Read more about eclipses here.

The sun is the giver of light and life, warmth and creative power. It is the general personality, modified by the sign, house placement and its planetary relationships in the horoscope.

The sun is a symbol of you and much more.

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