Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull

April 21 – May 21 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Taurus


Taurus the Bull
Taurus the Bull

The constellation of Taurus is one of the oldest signs and largest constellations of the zodiac and Taurus is a Latin word for “bull”, its sign symbol. It is a fixed and earth sign by quality. Around 4000 BCE the entry of the sun in Taurus was set as the vernal equinox until about 1500-1700 BCE when Aries was assigned the role.

The importance of the bull to the rites of spring and agriculture was widespread in many ancient civilizations. The mythology of the bull has been associated with several cultures that have attributed many qualities to the archetype. The bull has been a major deity in a number of ancient religions and cultures and originally Taurus was called the Bull of the Heavens in Mesopotamia.

Relationship to Venus

The Sumerians, Mesopotamians and Babylonians worshipped a goddess of sex and power known as Inanna and later named Ishtar. Ishtar was associated with the planet Venus and represented as a lion, a dove and an eight-pointed star. She was known as the Queen of Heaven and was the progenitor of Aphrodite (also represented by a dove), the Greek goddess of love, and eventually the goddess Venus her Roman counterpart. Ishtar was also worshipped by ancient Hebrews before their full conversion to Judaism.

Perhaps because she was a goddess of sex, followers of Ishtar observed a variety of “sacred marriages” involving sex (we’d likely call them orgies today). Another interesting bit of history is that some cults of Ishtar were bending sex and gender distinctions during gay and transgendered rituals. Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus were all said to be goddesses of prostitutes bringing an interesting connection to Taurus’ 2nd house money connection—sexual currency—humanity’s open secret vice since time immemorial.

Eventually, the cult of Ishtar gave way to Aphrodite and later Venus while her influences in all or most of these incarnations were as the goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility and a bit more. Aphrodite had many more associations with the sea while Venus represented many things to the ancient Romans and sometimes they sacrificed a bull in her honour at one festival or another.

Venus and her progenitors have many associations that appear to resonate well with the sign Taurus. The Romans pretty much just adopted most of Aphrodite’s attributes and added some of their own but not all attributes of the Greek goddess Aphrodite are retained in the symbology of Venus in astrology.

The Birth of Venus
The Birth of Venus – Sandro Botticelli

The cult of the sacred bull had primary importance in many other past civilizations such as the Egyptian, Celtic, Minoan and Druid cultures. As an archetype Taurus the bull is still used today as a marketing symbol and corporate brand for financial wealth, bank and investment companies, and power and endurance in sports and gaming. The bull has been used as an icon in agricultural records throughout history (some archaeologists believe that is what early cave paintings may depict). Many other industries today utilize the bull as a popular icon, logo and brand worldwide attesting to its longevity in human consciousness.

Relationship to 2nd House

The 2nd house rules the people, places and things relating to money, currency, sex, food, our early upbringing and also how we make our money through our work. All of these things relate to what sustains or nurtures ourselves and others.

Venus symbolizes any influence that is also nurturing and sustaining like a mother’s love, or the love of friends or lovers. Traditionally, females were in charge of food stores and cooking food and livestock to sustain the children and family, as well as the entire household, farm, ranch, etc.

Most currency is based on a gold standard; gold is mined from the earth or recycled (melted down, reformed and resold all over the world). Precious gems and natural resources from deep within the earth also have great financial value.

Taurus the Bull represents sustenance with its 2nd house association—and the sign literally represents food to all beef eaters! Many Taureans are carnivores and omnivores, and it seems just as many today are also vegan, vegetarian or adopt another special diet that may or may not eat certain foods. Food and sustenance is very important to Taurus and lack of either is very distressing to them.

One can easily see how the 2nd house of money represents all that will come to us to sustain us throughout life, and with its ruler Venus to even create life through sexual reproduction. The experiences of our early life and upbringing greatly shape out present and future life experiences.

The nature of all house relationships is that they are often best understood, expressed and utilized through their own planetary and sign rulers. However, any planet or sign may utilize the 2nd house in an infinite number of positive or negative ways including its own rulers.

Basic Character Traits


Anyone who knows a Taurus person most admires their ability to be patient or weather even the worst calamities in life. Their gentle kindness and generosity is as well-known as their stubbornness and hearty laugh. Their loyalty may stem from their connection to Venus the planet of love and feminine mystique but the fixed signs usually all feel loyalty.

Throughout history but especially today, we understand that femininity means many things and is not restricted to women. Traditionally, females provided sustenance and nurturing at home, first as mothers through childbirth and child rearing, feeding and managing the household. Females as wife and consort to a male are also represented by Venus. The idea of equality in ancient times between the sexes was an acceptable notion of “woman stay home, man go hunt or work” for the most part although it doesn’t mean women didn’t have power. Although millions of people today are loyal to that sex-determined social structure, many more find it archaic that spousal, parenting and house duties would be assigned solely to the gender or sex of the person giving birth to the children.

The archetype of one nurturing parent staying at home is likely not to change soon and the 2nd house of nurturing is the domain of Venus regardless of the parent. Most parents today share the duties with each other while juggling their own careers. Whatever identity they may take, Taurus will usually opt for the best solution for providing a stable home and lifestyle for their family as they deeply care about them.

Taurus seems to know that providing food, love and care is the way to create wealth and stability. We only need to look around at our world and see that it is the opposite of this that has created most of society’s ills. The bull may be stubborn but most often because they value sustaining and nurturing Life, not tearing it down and destroying it. All fixed signs are stubborn and some even more so than Taurus. Of course, any sign can be stubborn but Taurus the Bull is the real pro.

Bull market
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Sometimes stubbornness is not a bad thing when one remains stubborn to values and morals that sustain and nurture everybody. Unfortunately Taurus is very attached to earthly things at times such as money, wealth, possessions and beauty and that is seen through their connection to the 2nd house of money, nurturing and sustenance and also attitudes to sex.

As a house that governs attitudes to sex and ruled by Venus you can bet that Bulls are very sensuous. The goddess of love blended with the earth is an earthy sensuality and Taurus has that covered. Taurus loves romance like her Venus ruled cousin Libra but Taurus may feel their sexuality and romance more internally as a fixed earth sign. Libra is airy and full of romantic notions and the buildup to love; Taurus engages every one of their senses to deeply feel love and sexuality and that bodes well for the Bull and their partner. With their level of endurance, you will wear out before Taurus does.

Each sign is challenged to develop into being the very best version of their self they can be using their own unique natural gifts. These gifts have good and bad expressions, meaning people will use them in different ways. One Taurus who has wealth will be very generous to those in need, the next may be stingy; it depends on each person’s intent and will as to how they will use their abilities.

Taurus people really shine when they use their fantastic energy and gifts in finding or growing resources to help nurture others. Their ability to conserve and preserve is what sustains all of us and they will find more success in life by focusing on helping to nurture others.

Some Taurus people at times may try to barge through life like a bull in a china shop or a raging, charging bull. An aggressive bull is dangerous to both themselves and others, but when Taurus finds the right balance between their polar attitudes of standing still or charging they enjoy more security and stability.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Taurus rules the ears, nose and throat regions as well as the lower jaw in the human body. Being Venus ruled they are often seen as being very beautiful and their beauty extends to music and speech as they may have strong, deep and sultry speaking and singing voices. They are known for their prominent, almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones. Their easy smile can light up a room.

Unfortunately they may suffer through vision and hearing loss, sinus and throat issues of all kinds. Allergies, sore throats, thyroid problems, rhinoviruses, headaches and dental issues are just some of the illness a Taurus may face more often than the rest of us.

Taurus footballers
Image by Patrick Case from Pixabay

Taurus may be squarely, broadly or thickly built and short or tall; but it seems almost as many are slim or big and muscular or obese. Taurus can be very good at sports and make for a powerful opponent. When they don’t take care of themselves they are prone to increased weight and corresponding cardiovascular difficulties. Sometimes the weight gain is due to thyroid issues or other illness or treatments.

Taurus males often resemble teddy bear types and have an earthy masculinity. Females may be slim or full-figured and have an earthy femininity. They love anything au naturel and they look good wearing nearly anything or nearly nothing too. (Venus was normally depicted nude.) They are natural beauties, often having an attractive round or square face, with males being more ruggedly handsome (often bearded or hirsute) while females tend toward soft, voluptuous beauty. Many Tauruses are professional models, actors and entertainers.

Likely because of their Venus rulership Taurus the Bull is often considered to be very sexy. Some of the most attractive people in the world are Bulls so many of them work in fashion, aesthetics, beauty and other trades that support entertainment industries. They often dress for success and enjoy the latest fashions favouring earth tones, tweeds and textures, or naturally sourced apparel and accessories. Taurus loves jewellery and any form of wealth including priceless art, antiques and valuables.

Personality & Psychology

Most people want to spend time with Taurus. They are magnetically attractive and charming, they never seem to be in a hurry, and they have a green thumb with people and the earth. They are usually good and kind people at heart, the type we often refer to as the “salt of the earth”.

Mother and Father Nature seem to reside in Taurus people as their work and interests usually involve the earth somehow in a wide variety of career choices and activities. A love of nature seems to include a love of people and life itself and these qualities are often manifested in Bulls. This makes Taurus wonderful friends, family members and coworkers.

Taurus people tend toward being passionate, sensuous and earthy in nature but not usually overtly sexual, keeping that for private time. Their hobby and creative interests may be approached in these ways as well as they rarely show off. When in the public eye or at home most Bulls are seen as stable, loyal, steady and capable and are the people we can rely on as they are always available for us.

As ruler of the 2nd house Venus and Taurus are both involved with material needs which includes food and drink and child care; Taurus is usually a very good provider for the family. They may be old-fashioned and conservative regarding finances, religion, politics and society in general, but they are also capable of moving with the times; but at their own leisurely pace and don’t rush them.

The Bull of the Heavens appears to have it all and be very gifted. But this should not take away from how hard Taurus will work to succeed in life. They have power, strength and endurance to spare. Their ability to sit still for long periods of time allows for a magnetic effect; things may come to them like a planet attracting meteorites. Astrologers joke that Bulls collect dust and everything else by just standing still forever. They move so slowly they may be the most road-rage abused zodiac sign on the highways.

In mythology the planet Venus was seen as the sister or spouse of the Earth in some cultures, while Mars is more traditionally seen as the consort of Venus. There is no doubt that Taurus and Venus have a special relationship with the earth when you get to know people of the sign. In many ways, perhaps Venus only reflects back to us here on earth our own planet’s beauty and wealth of resources through Taurus. After all, most currency and wealth is derived from the earth in the form of gold, gemstones, oil, green energy and much more.

A fixed earth sign, Taurus can be very slow to move. Taurus is deeply rooted in whatever they are attached to and even dynamite may not make them move. Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration until you set out to try to push Taurus around and you understand how deeply stubborn they can be. Like the zodiac sign polar opposite, the fixed watery Scorpion, a Bull can cut off its own nose to spite its face.

They can be slow as molasses at nearly anything, taking their time to get things just right. That is not always a bad thing when it comes to art, cooking, gardening, and sex. Because they take so much time doing things nearly everything produced by a Taurus is done well. They know taking a shortcut can ruin an effort and they prefer to practice standard operating procedures at most things, following the rules and regulations. But they take forever to do everything.

Society used to dictate that men were masculine and women were feminine but we understand now that certain sex and gender descriptors are not only plain wrong for some individuals but potentially offensive. Traditionally, Taurus females were seen as peace-loving, soft and feminine like Venus-Aphrodite, and the sign itself is considered passive and feminine. Many Taurus people are far from soft and feminine, such as burly football and soccer players, yet they often show litheness and grace on the sports field. The feminine power is strong in Taurus through Venus but masculine power is the domain of Mars and the Sun.

Astrologers generally use sex and gender specific terminology in a way that is not necessarily denoting sex or gender but more as a modifier as in language. In English both a male and female cat is a cat. In French a male cat is un chat and a female is une chatte. The gender modifier is needed to make sense in the French language. This is also true to some degree in astrology which is also a language but of behaviour and events.

Love, Family & Relationships

As children, if Taurus is raised by at least one good reliable parent whom instills in them kind and generous human values, then like any other sign their best qualities will arise. It can be destructive and painful to any adult life when a very unpleasant childhood is endured but especially so with a Fixed sign like Taurus. A harsh upbringing or a painful period in their lives may leave them with deep seated wounds that are manifested in hurting others as bullies.

Taurus child
Image by Satya Tiwari from Pixabay

Corporal punishment should not be used on Taurus children (or any children really for the same reason). A conservative, stable upbringing with accountability suits them best and they may greatly benefit in education and opportunity if the family has wealth. At their best, Taurus will give back to the world and for a very long time.

Usually very warm and pleasant the temperament of the bull is well known. As any bullfighter knows, get in the way of an angry bull and you may be gored or worse. They can be powerful opponents due to their strength and endurance. You will wear out before Taurus will in most arguments or competitions although many walk away knowing their temper can be destructive.

Taurus is a steady and constant companion. They are kind, generous bon vivants as a rule. Their levels of stamina and endurance are almost superhuman. They seem to have limitless generosity yet can also be frugal and even stingy.

With all these abundant gifts for just one sign nature appears cruel in demanding balance. In one sense, to have so much may come at a great cost as Taurus may suffer due to their bountiful gifts. People will try to take advantage of a Bull’s generosity and kindness and they can be magnets for grifters, criminals and others with spurious intentions. Sometimes the people closest to Taurus are the worst offenders.

In a secondary sense, although any person of any sign could be judged as good or bad, when naturally good signs like Taurus go wrong they seem to really go off the deep end. Some of the most heinous and dehumanized crimes have been committed by Bulls out of control. Usually, it is planetary activities that would indicate this more than one’s sign but some signs react in ways that are particularly negative and common to their sign.

The worst traits one will see in Taurus the Bull involve their stubborn refusal to move or catch up. Their rigidity can be frustrating and their unyielding nature can certainly be called bull-headed. Their refusal to change with the times may give them a reputation as a ‘stick in the mud’ or a ‘flat earth-er’. Sometimes they feel only their way is the best way and become uncooperative or uncompromising. At worst, some Bulls could be very violent.

As a reserved, conservative sign, some Taureans hold in their feelings. They are also known to hold grudges for long periods. Some will hold in feelings until exploding in angry reaction. Bulls can be dangerous to themselves as much as anyone else as they may rage like a bull in a china shop hurting one and all, not just who annoyed them most recently.

It has always amazed me how long Taurus will sometimes sit in their own figurative shit and never get up and move. Some can live too much in the past, never letting go of old hurts or grudges. Taurus can become vengeful, aggressive and violent when Taurus planets are afflicted in a horoscope. They can be a flat-earther and denier of anything else that may be deemed progressive or social change. They may decry how the old ways are gone and completely reject progress or technology they are that old-fashioned.

Sign polarities and relationships have much to do with reactive behaviours. Taurus is normally so gentle and respectful of others that it’s more than just surprising when their negative traits are seen. They can be as cold and ruthless as the other fixed signs and you most definitely want to avoid Taurus when they are angry.

Like any other sign with so many wonderful gifts, Taurus needs to ensure they use their abilities to help themselves and others and find the right balance. Their over luxurious nature leads to many problems due to imbalanced attitudes in diet/health, sexuality and finances. They may eat or drink too much or the wrong things, overspend or gamble foolishly, or be highly amoral, overbearing or controlling.

Taurus usually will create some wonderful family relationships. As spouses they tend to be loyal, secure and reliable and pull their own weight. They lean to more traditional relationships and often enjoy shared interests with their spouses and families.

Changing family values in the 20th and 21st centuries such as suffrage, civil rights and gender bending sexual roles are at first shocking to Taurus and their conservative old-fashioned ways. They’re resistant to sudden change —not change in general although it appears that way. If you want to change a Taurus’ opinion be prepared to be working at that for a long time but they may come around. Unfortunately this resistance in Taurus can damage relationships creating alienation and family rifts that can last quite some time.Some divorces and relationship problems Taurus may have can be particularly acrimonious.

Taurus enjoys love, romance, sex, family and friends because they are people people. As parents Bulls are strict but loving, doting parents. Excellent providers, their children are afforded most every luxury and the best education. Doing arts and crafts or cooking with their kids brings Taurus parents great joy. With Taurus children humour or removing fun activities is better as a form of discipline than corporal punishment.

Normally easy going as kids or adults the importance of rules and regulations are accepted more when patiently explained than when forced on them. Although they can be pushy, none of the fixed signs like being pushed around and will be sure to let you know or resist like a stone wall. Some Tauruses are bullies and their patience will only go so far. They may channel a bit of their opposite sign Scorpio by being vindictive and vengeful. When a bull charges it is often surprisingly quick and unexpected, and in total defiance to their usual slow, easily predictable ways.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Taurus is soothed by art, beauty and nature. They understand that time should be taken to enjoy theses things and they are ponderous and will take their time for everything (sometimes annoyingly so). Bulls are very practical; they do not rush into things like their astrological neighbours Aries and Gemini.

Taurus has an affinity for all colours of the earth especially tan through dark brown but green, blue and many other colours are seen on earth as well and like the other Venus-ruled sign Libra, they are pretty good at blending and contrasting colours or shades. They love pigments, textures, touches, tastes, smells, sounds, and beauty—and anything else that appeals to the senses. They tend to have good taste and a flair for fashion, art, gardening, cooking and home decor.

Taurus garden
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Their creative and artistic gifts often begin in childhood. They have an ear for natural harmony and are very accomplished singers, composers and musicians, enjoying nearly any style of music or art although partial to traditional, conservative, Country & Western, or classical music. Bulls can also be talented artists, painters, sculptors, writers and artisans of all kinds, creating with nearly any material derived from the earth including pigments, food and building materials.

They like naturalism and the tried and true and their artworks may reflect this. Taurus doesn’t mind getting dirty at all digging in the earth. Nature and the earth itself attracts them and many Bulls work in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping and their gardens are often the envy of the neighbourhood. The gardening Taureans seem to have a knack for recreating a veritable garden of Eden as it evolves and develops over time.

They greatly appreciate luxurious and comfortable homes and furnishings. They will graciously share their generosity and wealth with others giving them a green thumb with people and the community while developing strong family and friendly connections. Their homes are usually tasteful and well-decorated with a well-stocked kitchen, pantry and root cellar full of wine and preserves.

Taurus is often old-fashioned and lives in the past, sometimes too much. They like old things, antiques, collectibles, and valuables that give them a sense of nostalgia. Taurus can be very resourceful at accruing art, jewellery and other wealth. They understand that what was once old and outworn can become valuable over time and they are often reluctant to throw anything away. All the earth signs tend to be collectors and appear to dislike getting rid of things giving some a reputation as hoarders.

Work & Career

Taurus is often attracted to artistic fields where they can flex their creative abilities. They enjoy working with nearly any art form but are particularly drawn to music, nature, classical and fine arts, and they gravitate to hobbies or careers involving the beautification of just about anything.

Whether artistic or not, few signs have a head for business like Taurus does. They like to be near money so many work in some capacity dealing with finances. Anything from mining to CFO may interest Taurus working with one form of currency or another. Many are accountants and bankers.

Their involvement in fashion and beauty industries benefit the human race by encouraging attraction, love, romance and sexual reproduction. Just imagine the amount of money people spend on their appearance annually. With your planetary ruler being Venus the planet of love and beauty, using currency for beautification and mate attraction would only be practical. Taurus is a very practical sign most times.

Lovers of literature, many Taureans are excellent writers, composers, teachers, speakers, and ministers as they take their time in organizing their thoughts or creative works.

In the workplace, Bulls are usually much-admired as they are the solid, reliable, easy-going coworkers. They’re good at avoiding office politics and although their slow, plodding manner may annoy some, bosses know they are often the clay holding the place together so give them leeway. It must be said that although Taurus may take their time about things they become experts in their fields of interest and they understand a slow process of career or business growth may be more rewarding than a quick rise and potential fall. They are the sign that will earn the gold watch for seniority. Unfortunately, they do not move quickly with the times and some are left back.

Taurus can be very sexy and not just in the way you think. Sexual reproduction has been used as a tool in animal husbandry and agriculture to produce our food for millennia, as farming is a way of life where Taurus has excelled. Their work in these industries nurture and sustain all of us.

Taurus people usually love animals. Many will have multiple pets or at least one. They are fond of hobby farms or farming and agriculture for work which has them working closely with animals. Because they love animals so much, many veterinarians and others that work with animals have a preponderance of Taurus planets.

Taurus tends to value all nature so highly they are often at the forefront of green, vegan and pet-friendly or animal rights initiatives. Fond of animals, you may find nearly any pet in a Taurus home and often it is a menagerie. Some are true animal whisperers and Dr. Dolittles. Like their cousin Libra, also ruled by Venus, Taurus is fond of animal grooming, “best in class” pet shows and competitions. They’ll spend hours snuggling up with pets and will spoil them with their pets’ favourite foods and treats.

Loyal peace-loving Taurus seeks stable long-lasting relationships and generally has all the tools to make for successful enduring kinship whether with family, friends, coworkers or their four-legged family members.

Here are just a few famous Taureans that appear to manifest at least one of their usual abilities even if in diverse career choices: Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of UK Commonwealth. April 21, 1926), Adele (singer. May 5, 1988), Cher (actor/musician. May 20, 1946), Barbra Streisand (actor/musician. April 24, 1942), Saddam Hussein (dictator/president of Iraq. April 28, 1937), John Cena (actor/wrestler. April 23, 1977), Pope John Paul II. (Pope of Rome. May 18, 1920), Melania Trump. (First Lady of USA. April 26, 1970).

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay