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Tips to Reduce Pandemic Weariness and Boredom

TReduce Pandemic Weariness

One side effect of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic for many people has been the increase in feelings of anxiety and depression. You may fear for your own safety or feel overwhelmed with concern for elderly or vulnerable family and friends, and as it drags on this can really wear anyone down. Attempting even the simplest activities in public such as shopping for groceries may even make some feel panicky. However, your horoscope can reveal some tips to reduce pandemic weariness and boredom.

The pandemic has left many of us on high alert due to living in a “red zone” which feels as dangerous as it sounds. We may fear for ourselves and family members who may need to go to school or out to work providing essential services. While self-quarantining may help preserve our physical health, ongoing isolation due to social distancing is contributing to the lowering of emotional wellness which may lead to pandemic-induced depression.

5 Tips to Help Reduce Anxiety Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus

1. Limit Exposure to News and Social Media

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The way the news is presented by most outlets is in an atmosphere of doom and gloom and repeated throughout the day. It may be best to avoid the entertainment style news shows for now and tune in to government internet sites or media which will focus on accurate health and science information without the melodrama.

Like the news media, most social media outlets present only what is deemed popular and not necessarily what is real or healthy. Many people use social media for their negative emotional expression which may add to your anxiety potential if a post touches on one of your own chronic fears or if you are attacked by a troll.

What is often missing in both the news and social media is the balanced reality that there is a lot of news regarding the pandemic that is also encouraging. Relying too much on negative news and social media for interaction may contribute to anxiety.

2. Cope With Anxiety

The pace of life today demands everything must be dealt with quickly. The pandemic has telescoped ongoing problems out of proportion for some. This is when you need to make time to relax.

Pandemic worries and fears must be put aside for at least a portion of the day to keep things in perspective. Choose to cope with and not ignore any feelings of anxiety. Increased anxiety limits your ability to fully address change in a way that is healthy. This creates greater feelings of panic and anxiety which if ignored may lead to depression. Set aside a little time each day to specifically address reducing anxiety.

3. Stay Active Positively With Primary Relationships

Don’t stop checking in on family and friends. Focus on sharing good news between you and don’t forget your sense of humour. It may be difficult to cope with feelings of separation from loved ones but there are ways you can keep up via phone and internet video meetings.

Try to keep connected with peers at work as well as in your social circle. Encourage a “we’re all in this together” team approach and don’t be surprised if there is more support available at work or in the family than you thought.

4. Remember This Too Shall Pass

By the time we reach adulthood we learn that nothing lasts forever. Life is a constant ebb and flow and we all go through good periods and bad, and sometimes both at once. Amid all the stress-inducing news today we can also enjoy the little things that make us feel grateful. These tiny blessings can go far in making you feel gratitude for what you have and help dispel negative feelings that may lead to anxiety and depression.

5. Remember Your Strengths

Mona Lisa MASKED
Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay

It is vitally important to deal with anxiety and prevent pandemic depression by utilising your strengths until social distancing diminishes. What are those strengths exactly? Each horoscope sign may have a unique strength outlined down below but here are some extra tips for all signs:

  • do anything that you believe helps make you strong and is not a harmful coping mechanism (like drinking or eating too much). Be you!
  • rediscover your art and creativity to redirect your mind away from worry. Be creative!
  • choose prayer, meditation or breathing exercises to calm yourself. Create a greater connection to yourself or your Higher Power!
  • keep to your routines for diet, health, exercise, and contact with loved ones. Feel loved by others by sharing your love!

If you are reading this then you have already had the strength to cope and survive thus far. That’s awesome! Give yourself credit for whatever inner strength and wisdom brought that about. Once public health and social services have the pandemic more under control our lives will return to a new version of normal and Covid-19 will become part of our past.

Tips to Reduce Pandemic Weariness and Boredom for each Zodiac Sign


Staying active and exercising is very important for you otherwise you get impatient and grouchy. If you live with others get them together to exercise and feel free to be your bossy self as they will thank you later because exercise releases feel good brain chemistry which refreshes you personally and will help the family from not getting on each others’ nerves. Start a game night as you love competition but no fighting! Just play nice and as better weather is coming get outdoors when and where you can do so safely because the fresh air will do you good, especially if you can explore a new hiking trail.


If you sit still for too long you may grow a fungus so get busy doing the things you like to do. The family usually loves your cooking and you may have baked so much bread lately people are putting on weight so aim for some health food too. If you’re alone or with people aim to shop for some spring greens too as they’ll help cleanse your blood and vital organs (your ruling planet Venus rules the veins). Explore all of your creative abilities by listening to soft music, dabble with some paints, redecorate your home or catch up on some sewing or knitting. Now is a good time to plant seedlings for the garden.


If the Twins cannot keep busy you get very bored and anxious so keep remain active as this time of year gives you added energy. Whether you live alone or with family consider starting a group chat online for jokes or silliness, or better yet get a bunch of friends or family together via the internet for games or artworks which may be more engaging. You like to clown around and if you create some fun videos to show off to friends or via social media you’ll feel good and entertain others. Discover new ways to use your wonderful communication skills or sign up for online courses.


Like Taurus you’re often in the kitchen whipping up culinary magic but you excel in every room of the house. Now may be a good time to redecorate and if funds are tight just move around the furniture or décor to freshen up the home. You’re great with kids and spending time with family makes you very happy. If you live alone you really need your family contact so keep up with everyone by calling or internet chatting. Since you’re the packrat of the zodiac you could dig through storage areas and rearrange your collections or even manage to purge and create a box or two for donations to charity.


You have a natural warmth that we all love and because the other signs look up to you do not hide yourself away Leo! Get online and go ahead and show off a little now as we won’t mind being entertained. You are able to really spin a yarn and act out all the parts and it succeeds in spreading good cheer. Even when melodramatic as you often are we snicker a little but would never tell you and hurt your pride. You can’t help it as you do everything in such a big way but don’t forget to poke fun at yourself. You love a campfire; figure out a way to do it online and invite everyone along.


Opposite to your preceding sign you don’t like a lot of public attention but you crave it in private. If you live alone this is not good so be sure to reach out to others now but try not to complain too much as most everyone is dealing with this public health crisis. It’s more likely you’re working in essential services so you especially need some down time. Try to meditate and relax if working and if not then this is a great time for some home repair or spring cleaning. Virgos are often good with tools and implements so get crafty with sewing, knitting, carpentry, horticulture, music or model-building.


As a very sociable sign you need relationships to feel balanced. But you also like your space and people you live with could get on your nerves by now so retreat to separate spaces if needed. You often enjoy binge-watching filmed entertainment but you need to be active too so now is a great time to renovate rooms or redecorate and show off your good taste. You love to work with the colours of the rainbow and drawing, painting, and any other form of arts and crafts may attract you. As aesthetics and fashion are your most common interests get busy in your clothes closet and experiment to have fun.


You don’t mind being alone or quarantined but even secretive you needs to feel connection to others. You prefer having just a few but intensely close relationships and with your resourcefulness you’ve probably already found ways to keep up with them. Most people aren’t aware that you have a knack for sewing, crocheting, knitting and weaving until you surprise them with one of your wonderful creations. Not only do you have a deep, penetrating mind but you are also very creative when you like and you’ll relieve boredom by being innovative. You resent being told what to do so I wouldn’t dare! LOL.


You tend to have two speeds; full tilt or dead stop which is why some people think you’re lazy. We don’t see you working as you may be out of reach when doing your job. When quarantined you likely took the time to enjoy your interests in the arts especially music, philosophy or learning and educating others. No one needs to tell you how to have fun as you’re the expert on that but you do need to be reminded to have a more consistent approach. Relieve your boredom by writing poetry or music, playing musical instruments and singing. Make it really fun and do it online with your fave peeps.


You’re a zodiac sign that is very self-sufficient. You pretend to not need people but that is far from the truth; you just dislike appearing weak. You can be very supportive and encouraging and maybe that’s because you often do for others what you yourself need. You don’t ask for help or appreciation as you expect others to read your mind and you’re not the best verbal communicator. The pandemic has pushed you to keep busy with what you are so good at: rebuilding structures and renovating but you have secret talents in nearly any art form producing works of art that are full of depth and emotion.


You have no trouble detaching from the world but you need to be reminded sometimes to rejoin it! Your unconventional ways raise eyebrows but so too does your artistry. There is no other sign that can create such wonderful artworks like you and we love to admire your talents although it may embarrass you. You’re attracted to unusual activities and a blowtorch is not an uncommon art implement for you along with found objects, metals, wild colours, and other things that the rest of us would never see as art yet you transform these into amazing pieces. You also can create beautiful music and literature.


Your sun sign can be prone to feeling lonely, misunderstood and disconnected from others and a pandemic quarantine could have been just awful for you. But, through adversity you tend to translate that into the beautiful and artful creations. You are multi-talented when it comes to the arts and can do nearly anything creative but you especially excel in the performing arts and in music. Sometimes, you put others way ahead of yourself and your job is likely an essential service. But you need periods of rest equal to the effort you put out but meditation, prayer, singing and comfort food help you feel better.

Title Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

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