Transiting Planets

The planets are constantly moving in orbit around our sun. When an astrologer creates a horoscope (or nativity or natal chart) for a client (aka the native) it is as if our Maker took a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth with the native being placed at the centre of all the activity. The theory is that at each person’s moment of birth they begin their new spiritual life and a new life pathway as part of a universal plan that is reflected in a horoscope (like an x-ray?). Admittedly, when stating, reading or writing such a sentence anyone would immediately be suspicious and disbelieving as it sounds so impossible.

Even more unbelievable is that since the planets are constantly moving, they also make angles to this natal horoscope which can be interpreted by an astrologer for any set period of time and give information that may be considered a forecast of what’s to come. After practising astrology for 40+ years and studying it for 5 decades I still scratch my head and wonder how can it be and why would it be possible that astrology can provide information about future let alone past or present events.

As planets move through their orbits they form angles to the planetary positions charted in the natal horoscope. These movements of the planets are called transits and it can be said that one planet is transiting a sign, a house or another planet. The angles used are the same as the angles used in a natal horoscope although the orbs between the aspects used are much smaller, usually two degrees of arc or less.

The planets closest to the sun up to and including Mars are considered to be the inner planets and are also called the fast-moving planets. Jupiter through Pluto are considered the outer planets or slow-movers. Fast moving planets by transit tend to be shorter cycles (usually days but also hours in the case of the moon). Slow-moving planetary transits may last months or intermittently a couple years.

The transiting planet will usually “lend” its symbolic energy temporarily to the planet being aspected. E.g. Mars will energize Venus and produce potentially many reactions common to Mars and Venus when they come together. It could be artistic, creative, romance or a love match, activities in design and aesthetics or spending more time with the kids. The signs, houses and actual aspects will provide the more essential details.

If there is more than one planetary transit cycle going on (and there usually is) then life gets very interesting and the astrologer has a harder job on hand figuring it all out accurately and in a manner helpful to the client. At least, that should be the ultimate goal, to help a client understand what is going on in their life and what they can do about it to “help things” along.

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Title Image Photo by Aviv Perets from Pexels