Uranus is different from the other planets although it shares a similar composition with Neptune, the other “ice giant”. The atmosphere of Uranus is similar to Jupiter and Saturn in that it is primarily comprised of hydrogen and helium but it is also made up of ammonia and methane in the form of ice which also gives it a blue hue. It is primarily rock and ice and it is the coldest planet in the solar system, rotating in an east to west direction like Venus. However, Uranus is unique in the solar system in that it’s axis is tilted sideways so that the poles are where most planets have their equator and it appears to roll like a ball in it’s orbit because of this.

There is a bit of confusion around Uranus’ name and discovery. It was officially discovered by William Herschel in 1781 but it had been observed for hundreds of years and was thought to be a star. When Herschel discovered it he was convinced it was a comet. Other astronomers correctly calculated that it was a planet. Herschel was of German descent but his patron was Great Britain’s King George III. Perhaps to curry more favour, Herschel named it the Georgian Star but this was not popular outside of Britain. There was even talk of naming it Neptune but it was finally decided to call it Herschel after its discoverer. Technically, Herschel’s sister Caroline is actually a co-discoverer as she assisted her brother a great deal in his astronomy work and historians today are finally giving her credit.

Some time later and after Herschel’s death it was decided to rename the planet Uranus in keeping with the pattern of naming new planets after Greco-Roman gods, and because Uranus was the father of Saturn and grandfather to Jupiter.

Uranus is the only planet with the ancient Greek version of the god’s Latin name, another fact that makes it the oddball of the solar system. It has 27 moons and has 13 rings similar to Saturn. It takes Uranus about 84 years to orbit the sun and travel through all 12 zodiac signs, spending about 7 years on average in each sign.


Uranus (also spelled Ouranos and meaning “heaven”) is the name of an ancient Greek primordial deity of the night sky and who is associated with his more minor Roman counterpart Caelus or Coelus, and from where we get the word celestial. Coelus was a minor deity as Rome’s sky god Jupiter was already installed as king of the world and the official Roman religion. Coelus also is identified as another name of the Jewish god Yahweh and is cited in literature from other cultures mentioning this ancient sky god such as Nut to the ancient Egyptians.

Married to his mother the primordial earth goddess Gaia, Uranus is considered fatherless due to being divinely borne of Gaia and he has bizarre if not gruesome origin stories. With Gaia he fathered the Cyclops, the Hecatoncheires (actually means “the hundred-handed ones”) and the Titans including his son Kronos/Cronus/Saturn.

“Saturn Castrates Uranus” Image from Giorgio Vasarihttp://www.uwm.edu/Course/mythology/0200/titans.htm

In the ancient Greek creation myth, Uranus mated with Gaia every night when he covered the earth but did not like the children (why is unknown) who he kept imprisoned underground. After some time, Gaia felt pain from this and wanted to free her children. She fashioned a scythe from flint and Saturn, the youngest but bravest child used this to attack Uranus. From the blood of Uranus that spilled onto the earth sprang forth the Giants, Furies and Nymphs. From the castrated genitals of Uranus and sea foam, Aphrodite the goddess of love was created.

Uranus is also associated with a Babylonian sky god Anu with a similar “overthrow of the old regime“ theme. The Uranus mythology illustrates the oft-repeated story of an older father god overthrown by his son and creating a new religion. This is a legend repeated in several cultures and even includes the theology of Jesus Christ to some degree. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Uranus is a symbol of overthrow, rebellion, revolution and “out with the old and in with the new,” or progress.

Uranus was usually portrayed as a middle-aged or older man encircled by a zodiac wheel, it being a symbol of the sky surrounding the earth.

“Uranus and the Dance of the Stars” By Karl Friedrich Schinkel – Unknown source, Public Domain

Sudden Change & Upheaval

Upsetting the status quo, changing what has been accepted as stable or normal especially suddenly is often considered negative or bad. Is it always? No, and in general, most people recognize that change is a necessary part of growth. Uranus particularly is a symbol for sudden change for good or for bad, and often that viewpoint is subjective. Uranus is not a personal planet so in itself is considered neutral and although an instrument, symbol or force of change is not inherently good or bad, it is just sudden change. Saturn is often considered the planet of slow change.

Changes symbolized or brought upon by Uranus are often considered erupting or striking like a “bolt from the blue” and now that we know Uranus is blue it makes the cliché even more appropriate. Although the changes indicated by Uranus occur suddenly, when transiting, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all seem to cast a shadow that foretells the influences about to occur. In the case of Uranus, it is an “unsettled” feeling that some will have just before a new Uranus transit. Uranus also seems to have a “eureka” influence that is also very sudden discussed below.

Uranian changes usually occur without any warning like an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Some Uranian changes are truly devastating in their effect. Uranus is often in play when people endure personal upheavals in their lives such as during a loss of job, a loved one, the end of a relationship, or even during a catastrophic event. However, Uranus also has a positive side in that it may be involved with sudden positive changes such as an unexpected pregnancy or birth, a sudden job promotion, raise or bonus, a lottery win or receiving another surprise windfall. Some upheavals are very good changes.

The sudden unpredictability of the change is the hallmark of Uranian change. Uranus may represent what happens to us, but also how we react to change.

We respond to life with the Sun with our personality, the Moon our emotions, Mercury our intellect, Venus our feelings, Mars with action or reaction, and with Uranus we respond with a desire to change the present situation. Similar to the flight or fight reaction of Mars, with Uranus we know we have to react with change but sometimes cannot tell when, what or where the change is needed. Sometimes, just any change is the solution, although the relationships between Uranus and other planets and signs or houses involved will provide many clues as to what is the right change.

Sometimes, change and upheaval occur deep within ourselves. We feel or recognize we are changing yet there appears to be no external forces for change at work. A thought occurs, or through analysis a solution is found, a new development unfolds, and voila insight or an invention is born. This too is Uranus.

As mentioned, Uranus is not considered positive or negative in itself. If you view change as good then it is; if you view change as bad then it likely is too. However, Uranus is not malleable due to our perceptions. Changes indicated by Uranus will not usually be stopped. The pain of Uranian changes occurs when we fight it, try to stop it, repel it, or refuse to accept the inevitability of change. Uranus is a planetary energy where it may be best to just go with the flow of change if it cannot be redirected.

Uranus can be a great power of good or bad change and the aspects and relationships to Uranus may provide clues to transform one’s life or a situation. Uranian style changes are often intended to take us to a new level of understanding or insight.

Invention, Insight & Higher Intellect

With Uranus there is a connection to the higher intellect and the fore-brain which separates us from other animals. In the previous planets closer to the sun we think with Mercury, feel with Venus and so on. Uranus has a relationship to the senses that are beyond the normal five and instead of character and qualities based on personality or our actions, the higher intellect of Uranus is reflected in ESP, insight and intuition. Mercury is like wired communication, such as in a home phone or electricity carried to the house by cable, or a sound device connected to a speaker by a cable of connection. With Uranus this connection is wireless and perhaps more efficient. Mercury may give a steady stream of information; with Uranus the connection is wireless and at times a bit erratic.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Perhaps it is because Uranus rules the fore-brain that we have a higher intellect in the first place. The fore-brain, which contains the cerebrum, is the part of the brain related to processing thoughts, perception, and evaluating sensory information. Here is the seat of higher intellect and the ability to evaluate and reason and invent. With Uranus, a deeper understanding is available which may result in little insights or those larger “eureka” moments where we come up with an amazing new idea that moves us forward greatly in knowledge, wisdom or resolution of a problem.

When Uranus is in a sign or house it creates an opportunity to dig deeper into what the sign or house represents. Its influence is generally neutral and not always so earth shaking. Sometimes Uranus arrives when a change that has been planned is implemented and we are “carried along” with the change to a better place. E.g. Uranus making a positive aspect to Mercury denotes a time when higher knowledge is obtained through schooling or apprenticeship. When Uranus aspects Venus your love life may greatly improve or you meet someone who is very different from the usual but Uranus alone does not maintain relationships. Uranus may introduce you to a change that is sudden, unexpected and ongoing while Uranus is active, but the change is completed after the cycle, or another planet may need to maintain the longevity of the relationship begun by the “lightning strike” from Uranus.

In learning, relationships, or wherever Uranus is connected in your horoscope you are asked to reach for a deeper understanding of the matter at hand. With Uranus you have an opportunity for change that is inventive, and with greater insight into the situation which may brings clarity as well as resolution. After Uranus has had its way with us we are left smarter and with a greater understanding. A major change may occur so suddenly that damage is created such as in a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. There may be changes in the physical seen world, or the changes occur below the surface, or the change erupts and brings things to the surface to be fixed, explored, used or discarded during a clean up process. This seemingly destructive force can lead to a pathway that is more clear and provides insight for positive growth or to be on more secure footing in anticipation of future unforeseen upheavals. Insight, therefore, may be just developing ways to be more prepared for the unexpected next time around.

Uranus is one of five (and possibly six outer planets if including Chiron) that deal with transpersonal experience. All of the transpersonal planets take us outside of ourselves, or they add to the development of our personality or life in general in their inimitable manner and that ultimately is to help us grow as spiritual human beings. Read more about this on each of the transpersonal planet’s individual page.

The Higher Octave of Mercury

Uranus is the first of the three “higher octave” planets. It is considered the higher octave of Mercury. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. In astrology, to say a planet is a higher octave of another means that there is not just a relationship between the two but that the higher octave may be a better and more complete manifestation as it occurs in the non-material plane. These planets may be considered to transcend knowledge and experience meaning they rise above or go beyond the usual; they symbolize an ability to exceed the limits of understanding or elevate the extent or degree of knowledge. A synonym for transcend would be surpass; to go a bit above and beyond. Mercury may be a symbol of personal thought and knowledge. Uranus as the higher octave brings us into universal knowledge, the collective unconscious and the mysteries of the universe and learning about it.

As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus brings knowledge as insight. Mercury may form ideas, thoughts and information we analyze to gain greater knowledge; Uranus goes beyond language and learning and is where we retrieve the wisdom of the ages, perhaps through the Akashic Record or the collective unconscious as Dr. Carl Jung described it. The akasha or collective unconscious is a repository of all knowledge that can be retrieved through extrasensory communication or intuition. Jung believed that the collective unconscious was a compendium of knowledge, archetypes and images that every person has available from birth as a resource. Generally, we are unaware of the items contained in the collective unconscious but we have access to this information during very deep thought, prayer, mediation and while sleeping. Uranus is the first exposure we have to the deeper and higher recesses of the mind.

Mercury may give ideas but Uranus gives insight and taps into a greater pool of knowledge or a higher awareness. Mercury is bright; Uranus is genius. Mercury has dreams; Uranus has technicolour visions. Mercury develops a short list of steps; Uranus is an entire tome of standard operating procedures. Mercury is a quick sketch; Uranus is a highly involved blueprint. Mercury may be a flickering flame of knowledge; Uranus is the great star, a source of all knowledge, a higher octave of Mercury.

While discussing Uranus being a positive influence due to making itself available as genius intellect we must note its potential negative impact. It has been said that a very fine line divides genius and madness and this is never more true than when dealing with Uranus. With Mercury we can sometimes get the wrong idea about something, or a certain learning evades us. With Uranus we can develop a whole doctrine that is mad and dehumanizing and criminal at its worst.

When a crime is committed police focus on motive as one part of the investigation. When Uranus is afflicted in a horoscope one’s motives can get pretty mixed up with irrational and destructive thinking; some crimes are committed in a moment of passion when someone loses their rational mind and acts upon their irrational thoughts; other times there is no reason involved with destructive crimes, it is just a sick mind acting out. These antisocial thoughts can be self-destructive or aggressive to others in the form of a sudden eruption of violence. Uranian energy that is channelled incorrectly is extremely destructive at its most negative and may lead to madness or losses due to a rebellious or explosive temperament.

Unfortunately, being the higher octave of Mercury does not necessarily denote a positive expression to Uranus. Like Mercury, there is a neutrality to Uranus’ influence that can be for the betterment of humankind or that is dehumanizing or destructive that is associated with marginalization. Uranus separated himself from what he thought were his ugly children. He judged them as unworthy and banished them to the underworld merely based on their appearance. That is not rational, that is not at all humane, that most definitely is prejudiced and does not help bring people together. It creates chaos and chaos may be Uranus’ natural state. But from chaos and destruction, creativity, rebirth and new activities can take its place the way Venus was created as the aftermath of a violent act of castration. From bad ideas and bad governance, new creative ideas and even beauty may be reborn. Order created out of chaos is the promise of Uranus.

Wherever Uranus is in your horoscope is where you may be a little mad, or ingenious or where change may be required. When afflicted Uranus can be destructive, rebellious, antisocial, anti-establishment, oppressive, fascist, extremely violent and perverse. Its energies are not always easy to harness but when well aspected Uranus can indicate sudden growth, sudden increase in wealth or celebrity, it is insight and inventiveness, and where we are headed. It is the future.

Technology, The Future, The Space Age

Uranus has a historic place in astronomy, astrology and society. It was the first planet discovered using a telescope, the planet rules astrology and astronomy, and its discovery heralded the dawning of the industrial age. Uranus is in itself a symbol for the revolution of technology, industry and society itself. Here’s why.

Before the discovery of Uranus in 1781 there was no modern technology. The first age of technology was pre-mechanical and debuted with the invention of stone tools two million years ago. Until the Renaissance technology didn’t change much although certain mechanical inventions helped push it along; the invention of the wheel, clocks, printing press, etc. Coinciding with the era that included the discovery of Uranus, great strides in industry were made pushing first Britain then other countries into the modern world when great factories sprang up to manufacture clothing, household items and even more machinery for industry. Uranus is a symbol of the industrial revolution and technology in general.

By Linda Spashett Storye_book – Own work, CC BY 3.0

Around this time also people began to look at their systems of government and economics as industry was taking society by storm. Rebellions or revolutions occurred as many countries evolved to deal with the new emerging working class of people who started to organize into a myriad of political parties and systems of government. Power was moving away from religion and government and more directly into the hands of the general public. Leaders of industry struck it rich and manipulated government and people into consumerism and that time that was called the future evolved and led us to today and what comes next. Technology surpassed itself and became the space age.

As Uranus continues in its infinite orbit around the sun, time and technology march on. Today, Uranus has brought us computers, the internet and the internet of things. A time when reality and virtual reality are merging. Older adults of the 21st century grew up on TV shows like The Jetsons and Star Trek where the future technology envisioned 60 years ago has now become the reality of today. Robot vacuums, cell phones and tablets were just fantasy, figments of imagination yet today they are reality in every day use. Just 150 years ago horseless carriages were the future. Today, interplanetary space travel and making friends with alien neighbours are goals of humanity’s future.

Uranus, technology and the future always seems to be just ahead of us, just out of reach. But occasionally, Uranus arrives on our doorstep to bring sudden change, technological growth and the future if we can just work through the chaos and its hidden meanings to understand the esoteric insights it brings.

New Age, Astrology, Psychology

As someone who lived through the period called the New Age thirty years ago I can’t help but wonder if every generation has a new age. Society continues because we have traditions. We have rules in place and we determine what is acceptable and unacceptable for a civilized community and we expect everyone to conform so we all get along. Church and popular culture encourage us to be homogeneous, to believe what they tell us to believe in what we’re told is real and good, to wear the same fashions as everyone else or spend more money to stand out from the crowd. And why do we follow these guidelines of conformist living and thinking?

The truth is we don’t always or for very long. Change is in the nature of humanity. We may share some genes with both parents but not all as we are as unique in our DNA as we are our thought patterns. Many people want to stand out and be different because we recognize we are NOT all the same; we are all different. Therefore, there will always be a New Age yet to come. That is the nature of society and the influence of Uranus.

The way one thinks and what one believes in is what will help form their values, morals and habit patterns. Our minds are not just mental thoughts, they also include feelings and ideas based on actions, old knowledge, and knowledge yet to be learned. Our minds are always fluid; or should be. Our mind includes the conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind which collective can be called our psyche. Psychology is the study of the mind or psyche. Psychology is the study of mental health and is comprised of numerous theories and communication processes or tests to measure the health of the mind and the person in general. These theories can be used together or separately to help aid a person in self-knowledge and growth from mental or emotional problems that would otherwise hold them back. Therefore, psychology is a collection of theories and practices that can help a person find healing in their lives. That also is exactly what astrology is.

Uranus rules psychology, astrology and all the complementary health therapies that help heal the mind. Before the discovery of Chiron on 1977 all mind, body, spirit activities appeared to be the domain of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto but today, astrologers see a greater correlation between Chiron and mind, body, spirit health practices. However, astrology and psychology are ruled by Uranus as is anything dealing with future outcomes.

All of the outer planets appear to represent one part of god-consciousness or rather what we believe God to be. In Jupiter, we see a benevolent god full of gifts and growth and expansion. This is quite unlike the Saturnian understanding of god that requires sacrifice or Pluto’s understanding of god that requires rebirth. Uranus’ view of god and religion is esoteric and includes the language of the subconscious mind—symbols. Imagery, archetypes and symbols are what we use to communicate with the collective unconscious. Neptune and Pluto deal with what is below the surface; Uranus deals with concepts and ideas that are really “out there”, they are the bizarre and unusual, they are like lightning bolts from the sky, they are flashes of insight and the spark of an idea. Uranus is expanded consciousness that is not of this earth. It is alien, phenomenal, it is genius and madness. As a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus helps us to understand the more unusual aspects of life that are just ahead of us, waiting for us to discover them in a eureka moment, or through careful analysis of the “signs”.

The Bizarre & Unusual

As mentioned, Uranus is a weird planet. Even his name causes giggles and scatological humour. Technically, the planet should be pronounced ‘YER-ah-nus’ but when pronounced ‘yer-A-nus’ the jokes ensue. Both pronunciations are acceptable and just part of the bizarre folklore that follows Uranus. It’s almost like the ancients just decided anything weird had to be Uranus’ domain.

Yet in ancient times the sign of Aquarius and the 11th house were ruled by Saturn. Astrologers first proposed that Uranus rule Aquarius less than 50 years after its discovery but it wasn’t universally accepted for another 50+ years. Few astrologers today even glance at Saturn as having anything to do with Aquarius tossing out 2000 years of history. But astrology and astrophysics like anything else evolve. What’s more exciting to me is that science has finally caught up to astrology, an unusual, bizarre and ancient esoteric mantic art with a five thousand year history that just may finally be explained by quantum entanglement. That is bizarre in itself.

Aquarians or people with strong Uranus influences in their horoscope are generally unusual at least and they are often the oddball of the family just as Uranus is the oddball of the solar system. They may be the only one in the family with blue eyes or red hair, or left-handedness, or they just look or behave in an unusual fashion. Some Aquarians are unusually or ethereally beautiful or what is unusual is what make them stand out.

All of what was once called the occult or new age philosophies is governed by Uranus. It is a symbol for all higher esoteric knowledge which includes astrology, psychology, cryptozoology, and anything that is not common, is extraterrestrial or beyond the earth or realms of normal understanding. This can include bizarre religions, beliefs and spirituality, arts and entertainment, topics, communities, sacred or unusual places, outer space, the inner mind, and unsolved mysteries. Science fiction and fantasy are very much governed by Uranus as is new media such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), animation and CGI, or an electronic image/ video, the internet, and anything with hidden meaning or interpretation (Rorschach test, tarot, numerology astrology).

Wherever Uranus appears in a horoscope natally or by transit and progression is where you may need to experience change especially to bring about a resolution of a long standing problem. Uranus may force you to deal with the bizarre or unusual situations and people you would rather not. Just when you think something is impossible or could never be Uranus has a way of bringing it to your doorstep, and remember, that is not always bad. Coupled with Jupiter Uranus can bring huge and unexpected rewards, afflicted with Saturn or Neptune and you may have huge and unexpected upheavals. Positively aspecting any of these planets Uranus can help you formulate a blueprint to build structures or systems materially or figuratively that help you leap forward, speeds at which Saturn and Neptune do not normally work.

Uranus is all about the crazy things in life; those things beyond our true understanding and that could be good, bad or both. It is mystical, at times confounding, not easily harnessed or endured, yet it is also those exhilarating, euphoric, esoteric, fantastical, and joyously bizarre experiences that suddenly arrive or erupt and make life so much more enjoyable. If we didn’t have Uranus in astrology, life would probably be pretty boring.

Other Influences

Uranus is associated with foreign people and anything alien or extraterrestrial. It rules foreign countries, governments, people, and their languages. Uranus rules outer space, the space, space travel and everything not of this world, earthly plane or solar system. Perhaps not even of this universe.

Uranus may be connected to the 3rd eye (pineal body, often more active in psychics, spiritualists and spiritists) aka the 6th chakra, or pineal chakra of universal connection. If Jung is correct then we are all born with what he called racial memory, inborn psychic abilities, and the memories of all previous existing knowledge from other lifetimes available through what he termed the collective unconscious and what the mystics call the Akasha or Akashic Record. Uranus may therefore rule all mantic arts and divine knowledge and retains its connection to religion and spirituality in this manner.

As the progenitor of Venus, the unusual connection to art should be noted for this planet and the sign Aquarius and even the 11th house. In the Venus birth story, her father-god’s blood was a divine creative force and when spilled on the ground created new beings/children. The creative force theory continues in the mingling of Uranus’ severed genitals (matter) blending with sea foam to again create a new being, a fully formed and the most beautiful female of all time Venus. This is notable as the 18 other children created with his mother-wife Gaia (including Saturn) were said to be deformed and ugly or mutant as in the giants or cyclops children. With Uranus then it seems we can create the most ugly things in life or the most beautiful and as we know when viewing art; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is ugly to one may be beautiful to another and therein is how beauty itself is bizarre.

The association to Aquarius is appropriate as the sign has always been unusual and associated with humanitarianism and providing help, compassion and social services to the community. Artwork is generally considered to be a necessity to society and humanity and we most definitely value artworks very highly. Art is recorded history, emotion and is considered pleasing to the senses while it also moves our emotions and entertains. It is the projection of thoughts and feelings into imagery, sound, music, colour, and so on. Art can be created from anything, in any colour, material, size, and to appeal to one or more senses. Through the unusual, bizarre and even at times ghastly reality of Uranus —the weirdest and at times scariest, most unpredictable planet, we are also introduced to feminine beauty, art and love. And as any artist, mother or lover will tell you, it takes a lot of angst, tears, pain, blood and sweat to endure the creative process.

Because of this I see Uranus as a creative force to be reckoned with, but a creative force of the mind, and with no outlet into the physical realm is at once self-destructive.

Uranus when involved with personal planets or in affliction can have a bizarre influence on people. Uranus can be utterly mad, insane, possessed, dominating, violent, explosive, and very destructive. It can denote mental stress or illnesses such as anxiety, madness, sociopathic, neurotic or psychotic behaviour, bi-polar and schizophrenic behaviour, and phobias of all kinds that generally have them act out. The planet Uranus can be found afflicted in the mentally and developmentally challenged, those with birth defects (often when afflicting 1st house), those who are severely victimized due to nature, war, rebellion, crime or prejudice.

Uranus can also be people with a high vibrational level and who can achieve higher states of mind especially through prayer and meditation. As it rules all transcendental states of mind, religious ecstasy, trance states and hallucinations Uranus appears bizarre. Neptune also deals with hallucinations and visions and altered states of mind. The difference between them is that Neptune’s alternate reality is often induced with a substance. The alternate reality or hallucinations involved with Uranus are not generally substance induced but more an emotional or mental reaction, or a symptom of a state of mind. E.g. feeling very calm and relaxed while meditating and allowing the subconscious to communicate with imagery, or using creative visualization or NLP and other practices to train the mind. Hallucinations with Uranus may be more to do with impairment of cerebral activity as in dementia, a head injury, or mental illness.

Uranus rules all travel by air such as ballooning, planes, jets, spaceships, rockets, space stations and satellites. Technically, air travel has been a good thing for society getting us to other places faster and statistically a safe way to travel. Unfortunately Uranus is the harbinger of sudden tragic disasters such as serious accidents with loss of life, accidents in vehicles of any kind that crash but especially air travel, explosions, volcanic eruption, wars, earthquakes and other tectonic activity. Uranus is anything to do with space travel and outer space for good or bad. It is very much involved with media, especially broadcast media, internet, video, TV, and all electronic communication devices or computers.

Bizarre is sometimes fun. Riding on roller-coasters and other entertainments at amusement or theme parks, extreme sports, parachuting, gliding, and some adventure sports are the domain of Uranus. Uranus is often involved in arts using unusual media or practices such as with blowtorches, airguns, explosives, firing and sealing or transforming materials. Uranus is very fond of colour but especially bright peacock blue, metallic or luminescent colours.

Martial arts of any kind and working out with machinery, and alternative religious, health or political groups are all ruled by Uranus. Especially political concepts based on anarchy, fascism or a revolt, coup or overthrow is usually Uranus.

Physiologically Uranus rules the fore-brain and the spinal chord. Taken further all electrochemical processes in the body in general may be the domain of Uranus as it also rules electricity and electronics. Synapses and other brain activities that happen very quickly seem to well suit the nature of Uranus. Uranian energy is usually experienced with lightning strike speed; “like a bolt from the blue” or “it came out of nowhere” have been used to describe sudden Uranian change. Through Uranus may be associated with the shins and ankles. Illnesses involving Uranus occur very quickly and often due to falls, accidents or fights. Some Uranian accidents are bizarre and “shouldn’t have happened” but do. Close calls with death such as “I should have died but didn’t” are Uranian too as the planet has been associated with mysterious recoveries and unexplained phenomena.

Some illnesses attributed to or exacerbated by Uranus involve the need for quick action and emergency actions when they occur or flare up. Anaphylactic or toxic shock, rare diseases, sudden heart attacks, strokes and brain/spinal chord conditions may be due to afflictions involving Uranus especially with sudden loss of life.

Uranus is an air planet through it’s association with Aquarius and so conditions with Uranus may involve the air, or things flying at you, or in the air and sky. This planet’s energy is not at all easily contained and can be very explosive. Uranus’ energy occurs suddenly, like a flash of lightning, or a bolt from the blue without any warning, and although it is over quickly, the aftermath can have very long-lasting effects.

Uranus and all the other planets except the Sun and Moon have a retrograde cycle. Read more about this here.

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