Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the Virgin

August 24 to September 23 approximately

History, Mythology & Archetypes of Virgo


Virgo the Virgin
Virgo the Virgin

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury, and its symbol is the Virgin. It is the 2nd largest constellation after Hydra, and the largest zodiac constellation. The name Virgo means “virgin” in Latin. It contains one of the brightest stars in the sky Spica (Latin for “ear of grain”) and over 20 of its stars have planets in orbit.

Many ancient civilizations revered virgins as a sacred archetype and Virgo is thought to have her earliest roots in Sumeria where a constellation called “The Furrow” represented Shala, a goddess of grains and compassion who became associated with agriculture and fertility. In ancient Greece, Virgo is most often associated with their goddess of agriculture Demeter (known as Ceres in ancient Rome, and the root of the word cereal). Other stories relate her to the goddess of fortune Tyche and a few other goddesses of agriculture and grains. In the Middle Ages, Virgo was associated with the Virgin Mary of Christianity, the most enduring virgin symbol still revered today.

The goddess of innocence and purity Astraea is also associated with Virgo, the most common story being that Astraea became disgusted with the depravity of human beings so she abandoned the earth and took up residence as Virgo the constellation. The most common symbols for Virgo are of agriculture, the harvest, virginity and purity especially in service to humankind.

Persephone image by Leslie Troisi from Pixabay

Demeter, goddess of agriculture, also enjoyed sacred mother status and a myth involving her explains the seasons. Her daughter Persephone was picking flowers one day when she was seen by Hades (aka Pluto) god of the underworld who was so taken with her he kidnapped her and took her to his kingdom underground. Demeter was grief stricken over this and caused the earth to experience winter while the crops withered and died. Hades was very powerful and feared but his brother Zeus, king of the gods, commanded that she should be released back to her mother’s care. But because she had eaten a bit of pomegranate (and possibly didn’t mind Pluto’s realm where she could be queen of the underworld) it was decided by Zeus that Persephone was to spend six months of the year with her mother above ground and Demeter would once again allow crops to grow. The other six months of the year Persephone would spend in the underworld with Pluto as his consort while Demeter grieved every year causing winter.

The Virgin is still a popular archetype today and was the name chosen for a record store in the 1970’s by Richard Branson and his partner Nik Powell as they were “virgins” in the business. The brand evolved over 50 years and Virgin is now a large multinational company involved in space travel, communications, venture capitalization, and much more than just music.

Relationship to Mercury

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury the Roman messenger god; Hermes was his Greek counterpart.

As both Hermes and Mercury he was known as the “trickster of the gods” and was often depicted with winged sandals or a winged hat to represent his great speed. Another symbol for Mercury was the caduceus, a winged rod with two serpents entwining the rod, which he carried and it was reported when it touched the dying they would pass peacefully. When it touched the dead they could return to life. Interestingly, the caduceus is often mixed up with the Rod of Asclepius and mistakenly used as a symbol of health care, medicine and doctors. To the Greeks, the caduceus was a symbol for Hermes and trade and commerce in general.

Mercury’s primary role in mythology was as an intermediary between the gods and mortals which he performed in a variety of ways. He delivered goods and messages and was held in high regard as a benefactor to merchants and trade in general. He was thought to look after travellers and escort dead souls to the underworld; some believed he was a deliverer of dreams also. He was widely known as a trickster who pulled pranks, and admired for his cunning and intelligence, but also known for being deceitful.

It was accepted by me that Mercury ruled Virgo because my astrology teachers and books said so yet it never resonated with me. Mercury is all about communication and intellect and Virgo is very smart but we’re to believe that the trickster of the zodiac is serious, sacrificing and virginal when in Virgo? Mercury was a god of male fertility and very sexually active whereas Virgo is female fertility but also a symbol of virginity, purity and innocence. I can’t see Mercury in this role. He has more to do with trade and commerce than health and service which is Virgo’s domain (and Chiron’s as we are learning).

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Mercury is exalted or elevated in Virgo and that makes sense. Service and health care for others takes versatility and intelligence while acting as an advocate for the sick or underprivileged. Mercury is used most positively in service to others and would find a wonderful outlet in mutable, earthy Virgo. Otherwise, it is difficult for me to see that Mercury is well-suited to rule Virgo especially when you learn more about Chiron the Wounded Healer and maverick of the zodiac who spent his entire life in service to others as a trainer of healing arts among his many diverse skills.

Relationship to 6th House

The 6th house in astrology is the house of dharma, or how you are intended to serve the world during this lifetime. For most people service is work and the 6th house is the second of three houses governing work and career and represents your work environment. The first house of work is the 2nd house of how you earn your money; the third house of work is the 10th house of your status in society and your greatest career successes or failures.

The 6th house is also the first house of health most often representing hygiene, simple illnesses and acute conditions or injuries. The 8th house is the second house of health most often symbolizing chronic or long-term conditions that may require surgery. The 12th house is the third health house representing hospitalization and other places of confinement. The 1st house can be a health indicator for birth defects, our infant health and our physical being in general; Mars represents our physical form and all of these may indicate health conditions as well as the 6th house.

As the house of work environment one’s place of work is important in dictating overall work conditions. Planets transiting or aspecting this house may indicate changes of employment and working conditions. As Virgo is a hard working sign, often concerned with work that cares for, heals or serves other people it’s relationship to health can be understood. Most Virgos have an interest in health and hygiene even when not working in the field. Some Virgos are hypochondriacs they worry about health so much.

The 6th house is very important as we spend 1/3 of our entire day sleeping and 1/3 of our day is spent working. Issues around work and service can be detrimental to other areas of life; conversely, if we are very successful in our work we are often paid well and enjoy less stress-related illness. Work and career can cause anyone to feel anxious and Virgo is a sign that often frets considerably over their job, sometimes to the point of inducing stress-related illness.

In our service to the world we may enact our dharma but at the same time we are earning karma. Everything we say, think or do is recorded in the Akashic Record. The good works we do that help other people should earn ourselves positive karma and much of our service to others may be exactly what we planned to do before incarnating into this life. Our work record can go far in describing who we are by what we do and have done.

In the 6th house and through Virgo we have concepts of self-sacrifice, service to humanity, sickness and health, and where or how we earn a living in service to our own needs of self-care. Virgo and the 6th house were meant for each other.

Basic Character


Virgo is a serious sign. There is little fun and fooling around with Virgo as they are concerned with getting things done. Their mind is like quicksilver and unlike Gemini, the original Mercury-ruled sign, they can focus and concentrate more easily. Sometimes that’s the problem, they can’t tear themselves away from what they’re focused on and when that is something they believe needs fixing they won’t give up until it’s perfect.

Virgo is very concerned with making everything function perfectly. They analyze the merits of everything. They are beyond expedient as they are not looking for the quickest solution, they only want the right solution. That takes a lot of analysis and trial and error and a logical approach.

The mutability of Virgo is easily seen as they will adapt to change if it’s the practical or logical thing to do. The earth side of them resists change but provides rich resources for them to analyze, test and use for practical means so Virgo can be absolutely brilliant when at work.

Virgo does not usually have the split personality that Mercury-ruled Gemini has. Virgoans are more reliable and consistent due to their earthiness and they are much more serious. They can be so logical and analytical the character Mr. Spock from Star Trek comes to mind. They are definitely more cerebral than emotional but Virgo’s earthy emotions are very deeply buried where they suffer eternal self-analysis. What we may see is emotional anxiety due to their constant self-surveillance which is not logical but that’s Virgo.

Virgo cybernetic
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Virgo’s critical mind sees flaws immediately. Their logical and analytical abilities are then applied to repair what’s not right and when practice makes perfect, they will move on from that chore to the next one. They are so much like this that they often apply logic and critical thinking when they should be emotional and vice versa. Emotions and feelings can wait when there is work to be done and it is impractical to allow feelings to delay the job that must be done. That’s how most Virgo’s think while it drives others around them crazy.

Virgo can be so logical and analytical we wonder if some of them have feelings as they hide them so well. They do, as you will learn when they get upset and become very complaining and critical or they focus on worry and anxiety. Some Virgos don’t much care about what you think although they may ask for your input. Only the job in front of them is what matters.

But don’t think that Virgo has no feelings. They are an earth sign and many Virgos are very kind, caring and warm when you get to know them. If you have something that needs to be fixed ask Virgo and they may squeeze you in. They love to tinker with whatever is broken so they can fix it. Sometimes they tinker with people and maybe this is the root of their interest in health care and mental health. Like Aquarius, they have a need to know how things work and will take things apart to find out. Many are armchair psychologists.

Virgo is ruled by the trickster god of the zodiac Mercury but when expressed through Virgo there isn’t time for fun and games. Unlike Gemini a mutable sign cousin also ruled by Mercury they concentrate on what’s in front of them and keep at it until it’s done, but there may be a lot of other projects on the go, just put on the back burner for now. Virgo can multitask but it may make them irritable.

With Gemini Mercury is focused on fun. With Virgo Mercury appears to be focused more on learning, skills development, and apprenticeship than travel or silliness. Truth is, Virgo often has a great sense of humour which is dry and sarcastic and they have a quick wit. They will surprise you sometimes with good cheer and a quirky silliness that appears to contradict their serious nature.

Their practical side can be maddening. They can be spontaneous but are usually more serious and methodical disliking surprises. They use the scientific method on everything and their approach to life is so serious. Their over attention to work and logic is not practical but they can’t seem to help it. Even when Virgo takes a holiday they may still try to stay connected to work somehow as they are duty-bound.

Their involvement with their own health is at times a bit much and they portray tendencies of a hypochondriac. They are born worriers and their logical mind observes every little detail and they end up self-diagnosing symptoms as some life threatening illness with imminent death. Perhaps a slight exaggeration but it doesn’t occur to them that their health paranoia is illogical and impractical. Worrying about their own or other people’s health is like a hobby to some Virgos it seems as they focus on averting disastrous illness.

With Mercury as their ruling planet Virgo can be blunt but they may also appear secretive as they keep a lot of feelings inside. At the same time they can be reactionary and easily provoked if you interfere in their work projects or they feel attacked, and then you find out Virgo is not a nerdy wimp. Generally, Virgo is a bit gruff and critical but they tend to be good people at heart. They really care about others but prefer focusing on the little things than the big picture as they fear making mistakes. At least they are so self-sufficient they’ll be able to fix whatever is necessary and move on to the next imperfection they feel the need to make right.

Physiology, Health & Physical Appearance

Virgo sore tummy
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

In the body Virgo rules the abdomen and intestines. Through Mercury Virgo may also be associated with the brain, the five senses and the voluntary nervous system. It has been said that the hands are the outer organs of the brain. The palms and fingertips of your hands contain many specialized nerve endings, some modified to muscle and bone specifically for the use of tools. Most Virgoans are very good with their hands and their brains; although nearly every sign will use their hands in their work and everyday activities, Virgo has excellent manual dexterity and are capable of finely detailed work.

Virgo is often strikingly good looking and usually slender. If Venus or Jupiter is in Virgo they may be more voluptuous. Both signs may appear athletic and they may be active with one or more sports as health and hygiene are very important to Virgo.

Female Virgos can be stunningly beautiful such as Shania Twain or Sophia Loren, and males may have a carefree, sexy ruggedness about them such as Idris Elba or Keanu Reeves. Many Virgos exercise and take care of their bodies and health and often look like cyclists or runners and in fact may do either and many other sports often done alone. They are shy about their bodies to say the least and at worst neuroses may develop around their appearance.

Some Virgos look bookish like the librarian or lab worker but when Virgo loosens their hair or removes glasses and a uniform, once out of their work attire they can look pretty sexy; and sometimes while still in their work attire. Many Virgos wear uniforms at work. But Virgos are usually far from vain and narcissistic and often they are just the opposite; they can be a bit too self-deprecating or self-effacing. They have a bad habit of only seeing their flaws or the flaws of others and may appear severe or unhappy even when they’re not. Some Virgos have RBF Syndrome.

Most Virgos are very relaxed in their fashion choices and often don’t care much about their appearance wearing only what feels comfortable; when it’s practical to dress up then Virgos wear fashion very well and look gorgeous and you wonder why they don’t always dress up. However, other Virgoans wouldn’t think of leaving the house without being fully and fashionably attired. Often their fashion choices are earthy, conservative, classic and tasteful.

Some Virgos are known to dress like professors and techies; i.e. a bit nerdy and they don’t give a tiny whit how they’re attired and they happily mismatch plaid, wear socks with sandals, and break all kinds of other fashion “rules”. Many Virgos dislike shaving or having chemicals or tight brassieres against their skin, and may forego extraneous accessories or practices. This sign loves au naturel in all its forms.

Virgoans tend to have an almost nervous energy but can be still for long periods when focusing their attention. Some may worry and be anxious so much it seems they’re chronically critical or negative or they just cannot shut off their minds; some may develop emotional or mental health issues.

Their rulership of the intestines appears apt as many have digestive illnesses that may be inherent, or caused by an erratic or poor diet, food allergies and food intolerances. They can be very picky eaters and although normally attentive to diet and hygiene some do not eat regular healthy meals which can contribute to a host of health problems for them.

Some Virgos prefer natural health therapies and food as medicine and may even work as a nutritionist or dietitian. As practical as they are some are not practical when it comes to diet and self-care and if fortunate they will have a spouse or family who ensures they eat right. Others must be on a special diet due to a health complication. Virgos are vulnerable to the more common illnesses of digestion and assimilation in the entire GI tract even though they rule the intestines specifically.

Personality & Psychology

Virgo often appears to work in a lab, repair shop or in health care even when they don’t. In fact they are the type of person you can bring nearly any problem to as they like to help out. They love to be of service and most of them are very bright and good at fixing things.

They are perfectionists and are very reliable. Virgo likes to get the job done and they can be a very conscientious worker. They have good manual dexterity, are well-organized and they love research. This makes them very capable at nearly anything and they are usually multi-talented. They like to know what makes things tick and their favourite words are “why” and “how”.

Like Gemini they can be a bookworm but are usually more selective in their tastes. They have an excellent memory and learn quickly making them very efficient. They like to learn and never stop learning and may be bitter if their education is cut short.

Virgo tends to be shy and they shun the limelight. Notably, Virgos who become famous often have a difficult time adjusting to their fame and really value their privacy. It may even contribute to emotional issues as in the case of Michael Jackson and often they play down their fame, seemingly a little embarrassed by it.

Virgos are smart enough to be able to learn nearly anything. They especially excel wherever their critical eye or logical mind is put to good use. Virgo tends to be very good at math and sciences. They also may have a well-developed intuition as they are able to sense when something is wrong and will not appreciate being lied to. Life and everything else has to be common sense to Virgo and they can be impatient with impractical and illogical people.

When Virgo planets are afflicted they can really go bad; like the opposite of all their good traits. They are prone to neurosis, anxiety, being hypercritical, nasty, and they may become a hypochondriac popping a lot of pills to assuage their worry. Some of these may be herbs and vitamins as any health modality may be tried.

They tend to like their food very plain especially as children and have strong food dislikes or even allergies. This may be rooted in childhood allergies and which may give them an extra need for awareness of what they eat. Most Virgos are good cooks and bakers but will often remark they don’t like to cook. Some have a great love of food since they are an earth sign.

Virgo can be one of the biggest meddlers of the zodiac, they can be terribly critical, tactless and insensitive. If they don’t like something they will let you know. Their behaviour can earn them a reputation as a busybody, gossip or trouble-maker and also earn resentment from others. They are usually very self-critical and may be prone to obsessions and compulsions due to their worrying nature. They are a real stickler for detail and they can be nit-pickers.

Prone to being a workaholic, Virgo is so dedicated to the job sometimes they become brittle physically and emotionally and the smallest thing can set them off. They need to learn to balance their work with fun activities like gardening, horticulture, arts and crafts, and light exercise which can do wonders.

They are very observant and notice all the little details. Virgo will greatly appreciate any time you spent on details when giving them a gift and they can be very thoughtful when gifting you. They are naturally curious and will share or listen to stories and offer advice or constructive criticism. They’re not always critical in the negative sense.

They have a love of gadgets, psychiatry and “how things work” giving them a scientific mind and manner. Virgos can become experts in their field and they work until they drop. They like to feel indispensable and as a friend and family member they often are.

Virgo mind
Image by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Virgo may have body image problems. They tend to be insecure and worried about things most of us don’t worry about and may be very self-critical or feel they are lacking in their appearance or personality. It can really hurt your heart to hear Virgos who are normally so nice and kind to others be so unkind to themselves. They may have invented self-criticism and they are rarely happy within themselves, often feeling they don’t measure up, or they’re not good enough somehow somewhere.

Because of their nervous disposition Virgoans may have anxiety or other ideations that cause them worry and resultant stress-related illness or phobias. Often their relationships will suffer and they can be prone to sudden changes of tone or emotion, evidence of their hidden dual nature or underlying unresolved issues. They are not very good at talking about their problems when irrational and even harder to get them to do something about them. That is if they are not the hypochondriac sort of Virgo. Those ones have a medicine chest full of drugs and home remedies. Fear of illness, injury, pain or calamity of any kind may preoccupy many Virgos.

Virgoans like to work in fields of health care or social service and just through this exposure may learn to take better care of themselves than those Virgos who don’t. Many Virgos are Wounded Healers; taking such good care of us and helping us return to health while suffering through their own private and hidden pain. (Read about the centaur asteroid Chiron here.) Some Virgos have tragic and painful episodes in life than leave them feeling hurt and vulnerable for years or a lifetime. Their own healing can be elusive and perhaps because they don’t seek or receive help.

Love, Family & Relationships

The Virgo child is forever curious and into everything. They just have to learn how things work and may have many interests. They can usually be trusted to play quietly and they tend to be well-behaved. Some Virgo children are intellectually gifted but this can create issues in socialization as children can be insensitive and unkind. Virgo children need activities that have them interact with their peer group or they won’t and may remain terribly shy and isolated.

Reason works well with Virgo kids. They can understand why something should or should not be done and may not be hard to discipline. Virgos tend to like homework and can be responsible finishing all schoolwork and chores before playtime. They may even help the lazier siblings. Virgo is not very competitive and could care less about who’s on top and who’s not. They often appear embarrassed when rewarded for their own successes and accomplishments.

Virgo may need to be taught patience as they may try to push others as they push themselves but should be taught to understand that everyone has their own pace and others may not keep up with them. They may also be tactless especially to family members and be very critical and at times bossy because, “they know better than you”. Their overly meticulous and mean nature can be embarrassing to you. They’ll clean the cutlery in restaurants or snatch the sugar and creamers off the table to take home.

In love, Virgo can be uptight especially about sex. They may not be overly affectionate but they can have their moments. Some Virgos love to cuddle and can be sensuous but they may also fall asleep while making love. They may be methodical in their romance and lovemaking and often are an old-fashioned romantic. They give amazing massages and can be an attentive lover too not missing any details. Other times they appear they may be thinking of something else and be perfunctory.

Any sign could have extramarital affairs but Virgo rarely does. People who cheat are naturally polyamorous or selfish and inconsiderate of their partner’s feelings. Virgos may flirt and play hard to get but they are naturally insecure and if cheated on may feel very devastated and unable to trust the cheater again. Some Virgos can nag and live in the past and will bring up any hurts or indiscretions long after you thought they were settled. Romance can make Virgo neurotic if they worry too much about perfection as people and relationships are never perfect. Virgo tends to be devoted and faithful to partners in their relationships but the hidden secret to Virgo is their Virgin exterior may be camouflage for an animal in heat in private. They believe in mating for life.

Virgos tend to look out for family even if they are a workaholic and some are. They try to be there when a family member is in need and they can be devoted and a true help although they may fuss over you a bit. Being bookish, shy or quiet may cause Virgo to be bullied which can leave them with lifelong scars. Virgo is a rather vulnerable sign as a rule but they are an earth sign so they are much more resilient than they usually believe they are.

Some Virgos are very strong and not at all a pushover. When physically powerful or if they are involved in martial arts some Virgos can be imposing and not people to bully. They rarely attack first and are not a coward; they just don’t need conflict in their life and tend to avoid it. Usually they’re just irritable and anxious and may criticize but they can also have a very cruel tongue as they’re more prone to attack verbally than physically than the other earth signs.

At home Virgo can be a neat freak. Known to be meticulous messy Virgos also exist but it’s probably an organized mess and they can be collectors. They ascribe to the “everything has a place, and everything in its place” mentality usually and can drive housemates crazy with, “that doesn’t go there” comments. The greatest advantage is they are often happy to do all the cleaning especially because you probably don’t do it the right way, which is their way. But they can nag. And nag.

Virgo usually prefers to look after the money as they worry about it so much. The good news is they mind the pennies and let the dollars look after themselves. They can be good at budgeting but should splurge now and then as they may be ultra conservative and will usually go for the bargain option. They can run a household on very little because looking after money is practical and logical and they analyze every purchase before and after it’s made.

As parents Virgo may be a bit critical but they can also be loving and warm enjoying spending time with their kids if work is all caught up. They are very good at teaching children life skills if not too nagging and critical. They expect their children to do well in school and will help them. Virgos recognize the importance of a good and fully rounded education. But they love to tell you how good you have it, “because in the old days…”.

Virgo isn’t much for bars and clubs but they don’t mind getting out of the house and they can enjoy seeing new places and faces too. They may prefer the home away from home style vacation over exotic adventure and may enjoy learning about local history and customs. Culture and customs interest them as they enjoy being an armchair anthropologist.

Creative & Hobby Interests

Virgos treat avocations like a job; they take them very seriously. Some understand the value of playtime as good balance for a busy work schedule. Virgos can be very creative and very skilled at their art as they are perfectionists. Virgoans are commonly capable of producing very fine crafts. They pay close attention to detail and their natural sense of order gives them a fine eye and expert hand work. They are expert builders, modellers and carpenters.

Being an earth sign, many are excellent gardeners and horticulturalists as one would expect with a sign related to the goddess of agriculture. Many Virgos work in agriculture and natural resources but just as many or more enjoy these as hobbies. A Virgo needs to return to its earth element to refresh perhaps as they often are happier in nature. Virgos are avid pet lovers and may even work with animals.

Virgo is scientific and they like a laboratory and to some, the kitchen is like a lab where they can experiment and whip up some wonderful dishes. They may complain about the chore of cooking but they understand food science and chemistry.

Music is the most common creative pastime for Virgins. They love music and may be excellent singers, composers and musicians. There is a mathematical order to music that naturally appeals to Virgo and their manual dexterity can make for an accomplished musical performer. Playing in a band is a common avocation for Virgos who work in other fields and their love of music enables them to look past their naturally reserved nature and get on a stage. Many celebrated musicians and composers are Virgos.

Virgo also is fond of literature and may be an accomplished writer. They can write textbooks or fiction and may write music and poetry. Their writing may have meticulous detail and impact; Stephen King is one example who single-handedly revived horror fiction, and he’s known for his detailed characterizations and work that preys upon the readers’ fears and anxieties.

Virgo is intelligent, curious and may love to work long hours on a hobby or art form. They can be very talented and skilled people who can produce finely crafted work as they are perfectionists. Some Virgos are a bit scattered with a racing mind and like Cancer can be a bit of a pack rat, saving everything for that rainy day when they know they’ll have a use for it. Their garages, attics and storage and even living areas may be filled with half-completed or future projects. They tend to be very good with tools and manufacturing things from scratch.

In summary, Virgo can be good at nearly anything and they can be interested in nearly anything due to their great curiosity and hungry mind. They need a lot of stimulation but tend to overstimulate their minds with too much information and detail causing just another thing to stress about. This is counterproductive to the whole idea of a relaxing hobby but it may just be Virgo’s nature.

Although they may criticize and find fault with us we can’t help loving Virgo because they can be very nice and we hate their criticism because they’re often right. Virgo is an intriguing sign and when you discover their hidden earthy side usually you will find a forthright but warm personality and one who can be very engaging once they decide to open up a bit.

Work & Career

One could write a whole book about Virgo and their approach to work but one word can often sum it up; workaholic. They love to work and will usually work long hours. They can be very dedicated to their job and even if retired or on vacation they must keep busy.

Virgo scientist
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

They are multi-talented in their skill set and are able to analyze most any job requirement and come up with the most practical method to get it done. Virgoans will drive themselves hard and may drive others a bit hard as well unless they’ve been taught that not everyone has their work ethic or energy level. They despise lazy people.

They may have a 9 to 5 job but the bosses love that they work a lot more outside those hours. Virgo is known to work all hours of the day or night when they want to get something done. Many are like the scientist who locks theirself in the lab and leaves implicit instructions to not be disturbed while they create Flubber or some other nifty thing. They love research and testing.

Virgos may take a lot of time to do something as they are so detail oriented but being so smart they will find a way to be expedient and usually meet deadlines. They can be critical of their own work and yours too. Some of them think only their way is the best way and can be vocal and critical especially when they find mistakes. This can create enemies at work who then want to take them down.

Although they may build resentments at work and cause trouble employers often put up with their odd ways as they are hardworking. Virgo can be very successful as their work may garner them promotions but Virgo is best if they only reach as high as the number 2 position. Virgo is a bit paranoid and anxious to be the CEO as they will forever worry themselves to death about everything and they are better followers than leaders as a rule. They often don’t get into the corporate culture or don’t care what people think of them and behave or are treated as an outsider. They may need to work on camaraderie in the workplace.

Virgo has an excellent work ethic and will often go above and beyond what is expected of them. If they do not ignore the need for social skills at work they can become very successful in their job. They are usually willing to help coworkers but prefer to offer than be asked. Virgos will work until they drop and their work is not half-assed like other signs. They are task oriented and often make themselves indispensable.

Virgo can work in medicine, health care or social services as they like to help their fellow humans. They are also attracted to working outdoors even if its not within agriculture, natural resources or with animals. Many Virgos work in construction, energy and earth sciences as these are close to the earth they love. They also are very organized and structure and make good administrators, architects, accountants and computer engineers. They are great critics, reviewers, editors, appraisers and quality control specialists. Virgo can work in manufacturing, logistics, food and chemistry, psychiatry and therapy or any other practice that helps heal or serves people in some way.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay