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What is Your Zodiac Sign’s Superpower?

what is your zodiac sign's superpower?

Let’s end the debate right here. There is no best zodiac sign and there is no worst sign. The truth is a person of any sun sign could be a psychotic sociopath or a kind, loving saint but most of us are somewhere in between these two extremes. And hopefully closer to the saint part. Intrinsic to each sign is the potential for an individual to manifest the very best of what their sign offers. So, what is your zodiac sign’s superpower?

Just like each person on the planet, each zodiac sign (and astrological planet) can lean more towards the positive or negative. In fact, it appears that our own human intent and responses to life are what is being reflected in the planetary activities in our solar system. It’s not a matter of celestial bodies compelling each of us to behave in a certain or collective way, it’s more that their relationships are “algorithms” of predictable patterns of events and behaviour which we seem to follow. I’m sure a physicist describing quantum entanglement can explain this better than your astrologer here. This site may help if you’ve never heard of quantum entanglement.

There are theories as to why astrology has this capability of interacting with human beings but let’s leave that to another article for now. Instead, let’s just accept for a moment that the signs can reflect back to us a number of qualities we share with others of the same sign. Each zodiac sign is challenged to manifest their very best qualities and many people do. When they are very evolved and in tune with their own higher self these qualities can act like real superpowers propelling one to even greater success in life.

When this happens people can really shine. Manifesting the very best your sign has to offer can go far in advancing your own lives, the community and the world in wonderful ways you may not even imagine.

Jump to your own sign below to discover what is your zodiac sign’s superpower!


Your superpower is being a creative and energizing force. Normally creativity is the domain of Venus but your sign initiates as an active force and includes any tools needed to create, leaving Venus to merely become a canvas upon which you develop your self-expression. Your active energy is fiery and direct making you a born leader and your ultimate goal is to explore new places and develop new ideas and things that help others. Rams can inspire others to greatness by showing us how to use our own energies. They glorify in their selves and any representation of art itself and even those Aries with little artistic talent are still good at making things. Your ability to create or appreciate artwork leads us to understand that we also can be like you. We can create good stuff too. Like Aries, we can believe in our selves and our own abilities to lead and be an initiating force in our own lives or others. Aries has a knack for pulling other people together (you’re bossy!) and for an egocentric sign many Aries actually do a lot to help other people. The smartest Aries know to have friends from all walks of life to have many hands and talents create the very best work together. You stand out because of your leadership skills and you are often multi-talented and born with self-recharging batteries. Aries people tend to really love their fellow humankind and you can offer so much to the rest of us when you allow yourself to be active and creative. Some famous Ariens are Leonardo DaVinci, Lady Gaga, Maya Angelou, Vincent Van Gogh, Celine Dion, Saoirse Ronan, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Chaplin, Billie Holiday, and Mariah Carey.


The Bull’s superpower is your ability to sustain. That is a hidden skill really but one you can access at any time. You have a real knack for creating or developing nearly anything considered to be a resource of sustenance and even nurturing. You are a resource of the earth which sustains all life, the true Mother Earth who cares for so many. You will always work in a career or in the home to ensure everyone you love about is taken care of. You feed us, clothe us and provide a roof over our head. You grow plants and tend animals that feed us all whether actual farmers or food chemistry scientists. You build and sell us our homes, or maintain them or the land. You are the sign that grows their own food, cooks it, preserves it and sells it and we all benefit because you are a great provider of what sustains us. At times you’re a bit too luxurious but your sign like Mother Nature provides all that we need from the earth itself. Your ability to nurture and teach us how to use the earth’s resources to sustain ourselves makes you a sign we can’t be without—you literally give us life! Your sign may work in mining, geology, gemology, jewellery, the arts, aesthetics, fashion and entertainment industries. You help us sustain our financial, material, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual health. Your superpower is the cornucopia of life and all it has to offer in sustaining our health and happiness. Some famous Taureans are Adele, Dwayne Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II, Lizzo, Mark Zuckerberg, Salvador Dali, William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Oskar Schindler, and Mary Kay Ash.


Gemini’s superpower is pure communication in any form. Communication also denotes connection between two people or things, for example symbiotic relationships in nature. In the way that Taurus sustains us all the Twins are born teachers who help us learn and grow in knowledge ultimately supporting not just individuals but all of society. Your sign is generally knowledgeable and well-read about nearly every topic possible. You also help us develop in so many different ways by getting us to engage our minds and entertain the ideas and thoughts of others. Sharing ideas and knowledge has helped human beings develop our individual consciousness but also a collective consciousness and you may live a Robin Hood philosophy of “All for one and one for all.” Your superpower is that ability to connect with everybody, to learn from them and mutually exchange knowledge and ideas. Not only that, your superpower has allowed you to originate what became mass communications and now you help sustain us through computer technology and advanced logistics to keep us informed. You deliver the messages and goods we need to make decisions and enable us to have community and connection with others. That is a pretty amazing superpower to have and as we have learned during a pandemic, keeping communication and the delivery of basic needs are essential services, making Gemini and their superpower essential to our livelihood. Some famous Geminis are Jamie Oliver, Gladys Knight, Ted Rogers, Jim Walton, Awkwafina, Octavia Spencer, Mike Myers, Heidi Klum, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Laverne Cox.


The Cancerian superpower is your deep feeling nature. Your kind sensitivity to the needs of others is like a mother hen; you cluck and worry over your brood and basically we all are your brood because you mother everybody. Like Taurus you sustain and nurture us, like Aries we look up to you for leadership, and like Gemini you listen and teach us but all through the power of your emotions and your superpower of sincere care for the well-being of others. You are the original soccer mom, the stage mom, Mother Goose, and Mother Superior all rolled into one. In every role you take on ultimately you take care of at least one of our needs. You need to care, and at times you will give the shirt off your own back. You care for those no one else cares about and also for your extended family, neighbours, friends, business associates, and strangers. Because of your loving care, we learn the greatest power of all; unconditional love. You treat everyone like family and rarely do we meet people as kind and as concerned for our needs as you Crabs. You always have an extra meal, bed, bath, ride, money or time for us. Because you lead with your heart we learn the right way to live and treat other people. We learn that love is healing. We learn that love is honest as a mother’s love and as sincere. As the mom of the zodiac your maternal moods and feelings have many expressions even kooky at times and yes Cancer, you even make us laugh, reminding us that to love best we should not take things too seriously. Some famous Cancerians are Dave Thomas (Wendy’s), Louise Blanchard Bethune, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tesla, The Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sandra Oh, Prince William and Princess Diana.


The Lion king of the zodiac has a lot of powers but your superpower is you shine your light and lead the way for others by sheer power and courage of personality and sense of self. You are so unafraid to be the hero for others and remind us we all should strive to be there when needed by loved ones. You make it clear we all benefit when aiming for the sky, to rise and shine the light of our unique gifts for others too. You are our original Superman and Wonder Woman, our shiny happy superheros who were born with or developed their own superpowers used to protect, defend and guide us all. You shine like a sun-king when at your best and provide great value of life for all. We need you as much as you need the rest of us. You know we’re all equal and no one needs to stand above another, but when the going gets tough our superhero Leo steps up and says, “We can get through this, let me show you how.” Cancer may be our protector at home but Leo is our protector outside the family home. An evolved Leo is a fearless crusader for the benefits of all no matter anyone’s “station” in life. They know right vs wrong and they stand up for all of us, not just their selves. We know just as the sun will rise every day to warm us, then set and rise again, Leo will always use their superpower of being their best self, a shining example to all humanity of what being the best YOU can actually be for all of us when we try. Some famous Leos are Henry Ford, Martha Stewart, Barak Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Lucille Ball, Melinda Gates, Steve Wozniak, Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, and Viola Davis.


Your superpower Virgo is your sacrifice of service to humankind. Without your services to all humans and nature itself our world would be a much different place and not as healthy for us. You serve our needs primarily when working which you love to do. Your services to us include your roles in education, food service, health care, manufacturing and all service industries. You often are the silent ones we barely notice yet you’re toiling away on behalf of all of us. As the official Virgin of the zodiac you are the vestal servant to us all, sacrificing even your own personal needs to help sustain all of us for a greater cause of caring for humanity. Your sacrifices and service to us all deserve every award yet normally you are far too humble and uncaring about that kind of attention or recognition. You may prefer to be in the shadows, or shut away toiling away at whichever task ensures we live, breathe and wake up tomorrow. You keep the wheels of life turning in your service to humankind in trades that few of us would actually do and therefore are almost always an essential service worker. You readily recognize when someone is in need and are the first to stand up and say, “I can help with that.” You forsake much of your own happiness in caring for others and because you give others thrive. Your contribution of service to all is your greatest superpower and that’s saying something for a sign that is so brilliant and multi-talented. Some famous Virgoans are Idris Elba, Mother Teresa, Zendaya, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Warren Buffet, Stephen King, and Margaret Sanger.


Libra’s superpower is your chameleon like ability to relate to everyone without prejudice. You provide balance or change for the greater good in people and society and this makes you a gift to us all. Perhaps because you are the only non-living symbol in the zodiac Librans need to be very involved with people at many levels. Your ability to accept, understand, and support anyone else working to maintain the balance of community, teamwork, life and even nature is your greatest gift. Like Taurus you understand the earth is not just a resource but a living organism seeking balance in life with all other organisms. Like Venus your ruling planet you help breathe life into us in the forms of art, creativity and entertainment. Your care and concern for all of life sees you helping in services that protect our environment, support ecological living, sustain our energy and other resources, and you love to adorn us with your artistic flair in fashion and aesthetics. You also take care of us in society through your work in the media, social services, justice, law, social justice, and also mental and community health initiatives. You intuitively understand what the rest of us need to feel better and to relate better to one another. You are the original non-judgmental best friend, business partner, spouse, coach or team member. Together with you Libra we make miracles happen; that is your superpower, an alchemical ability to balance out the best mix of each individual’s gifts for even greater benefit to the community. Some famous Librans are Mahatma Ghandi, Julie Andrews, Hugh Jackman, Kamala Harris, Kevin Durant, Martina Navratilova, Confucius, Ray Kroc, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Pierre Trudeau.


You are the original super transformer able to reinvent yourself and modify any existing power you are given or discover into something more amazing and that is your superpower. You will protect and defend us while also providing resources for generations to come like a magical investment advisor. Cancer may care for all their children and grandchildren but Scorpios care for the families they make through friends, education and social interactions and thereby take care of society and others like family. You are so good at taking care of yourself that of course your resourcefulness is given to help humanity and do things that all the other signs wouldn’t want to do. Scorpio is the sign picking up the pieces with us in dire emergencies, when humans are most in need, when we suffer tragedy and trauma. It is often your sign that rescues us, heals us, feeds us, pays our bills and cares for our us and our loved ones. You are so smart you understand the value of investing in tomorrow, putting resources away for a rainy day and saving anything because life is all about interest accrual (karma). Your transformative powers are nuclear in nature. Through any storm or natural disaster you have the greatest talent for recovery of resources and rebuilding. You pick up the pieces of life and transform everything into another resource to nurture and sustain life. Your superpower is reinvention through transformation. Some famous Scorpios are Marie Curie, Bill Gates, Kris Jenner, Joe Biden, Indira Gandhi, Colin Kaepernik, Maria Shriver, RuPaul, Elizabeth Smart, and Billy Graham.


Your superpower is the ability to enlighten us in a way that benefits all. You’re the original team player who understands many hands and organization make quick work. Then there will be more time to play and you are very playful! Your superpower enlightens us to realize there is so much more that life has to offer than just duty, responsibility, and what we can only see and touch. Your charming powers of persuasion and discourse inform us with knowledge and hypnotize us all as you seek to connect us as one super-mind to a greater Creation. To you, all people are equal and you are blind to the common differences most humans focus on. You understand that what is below the surface is not to be feared but where we are all connected in life in shared experience. Knowledge and understanding must be expanded and you are so good at helping others expand their worldview and wisdom that it almost is or actually is spiritual. You may be the original communist but lets be honest, you do a good job of caring for yourself too and that is the way it should be; self-care first to ensure enduring strength to care for others. Nirvana is understanding that we are all just one drop of water in an ocean called God or the Universe. Your superpower is helping the rest of us transcend the daily grind and understand there is much more going on in life. Your gift is helping others understand that true power is in connection to and giving to others and we should aspire to transcend the physical universe to include spiritual giving. You help us be the very best human being but also the best spiritual being possible. Some famous Sagittarians are Sarah Paulson, Chadwick Boseman, Tina Turner, Winston Churchill, Mary Todd Lincoln, Pope Francis, Sojourner Truth, Ridley Scott, Margaret Mead, and Nostradamus.


You have so many innate talents and skills it’s difficult to call just one a superpower but your ability to manufacture and build structure is yours. This derives from your sense of duty and responsibility. You intrinsically understand that your skills are in helping others and in ways that are life changing. Whether you are helping manufacture food, furnishings, homes, cars, services or buildings your superpower in creating usable things we need to live is at times amazing. You are the finest of craftspeople, your work ethic is top notch, you succeed at nearly everything because you recognize that success takes time and persistence. No wonder we look up to you as parents, bosses, religious and political leaders and much more. You’re the original Daddy Warbucks industrialist pouring all your wealth into building even more things to help yourself and others making you very reliable. Through putting in time and effort you are able to transform the most dire of circumstances into miraculous recovery. And the older you get the better it gets because you just get smarter, and you’re a natural teacher so we all get to benefit from your wisdom and work success. Your superpower builds not only physical structures but also systems and the structures of society, community and civilization itself to bring order and accountability to humanity. You remind us that we all have a responsibility to keep life going by contributing to it and helping others succeed. Your superpower helps us mature and grow. Some famous Sea-Goats are Betty White, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Dolly Parton, Jeff Bezos, Greta Thunberg, Stephen Hawkins, Justin Trudeau, and Dian Fossey.


It’s almost unfair Aquarius that you have so many unusual powers and skills the rest of us wish we had, and your superpower is definitely your inventiveness and originality. You are the born inventors of the zodiac because you like to do everything different from the rest of us. That’s okay we love ‘different you’ because you are so brilliant. Your inventions have literally been world-changing at times and we have so much to thank you for. Your talent for innovation is not found strictly in science. The opposite side of that coin is probably art and you are a real pro at creativity too. You are a creative genius when you want and probably it’s because you don’t view life and society the way the rest of us do. You can transform your view of life into art and science that entertains or benefits as you see more than we do. Your unconventionality is what makes you a little bizarre but we mean that in the good bizarre way usually called eccentric. You are the oddest sign of the zodiac maybe but that also is your superpower. Your unique abilities makes you a real original. Your superpower skills can be found in the electronics and computer industries, broadcast media, film and theatre, social services, and you love the arts and media. You are also skilled with aesthetics, beautification and design like your fellow air signs and you love to come up with secret formulas, potions, ideas and philosophies. Some famous Aquarians are Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Ed Sheeran, Ayn Rand, Mozart, Marguerite Vogt, Thomas Edison, Millie Bobby Brown, and Adam Lambert.


The Fishes have so many hidden skills and is another sign that can do nearly anything really well. But your superpower is definitely your deep level of universal love and care for your fellow humans, and often all of nature. Because of your ruling planet Neptune you have the ability to tap into deep wells and reserves of resources we all didn’t even know existed. Sagittarius’ superpower may be in leading us to higher knowledge but your sign can tap into the secret mysteries of the universe and higher connections to art, healing and spirit. You also transform us like your fellow water signs but in ways that are transcendental and other worldly. Your superpower can take your imagination out to beyond the stars or very deep within the atomic levels of life and energy. You transcend the earth with ease and can lead us to the magic of healing and manifestation. Life reveals its secrets to you and you in turn reveal to us what we can do to become a better person and spiritual being. You can be mystical in how you are able to win over people, encouraging them and nurturing them to be their best. You inspire us to blend our differences in a melting pot of social interaction that is alchemical and transforms life for all of us into an ultimate shared experience. Your superpower pulls us up out of the drudgery of life to be healed, cared for, raised into Spirit, or entertained. Some famous Pisceans are Simone Biles, Fred Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs, Tammy Duckworth, Albert Einstein, Kalpana Chawla, Edgar Cayce, Yuri Gagarin, and Caroline Herschel.

In summary, you hopefully will see your superpower at work in your own life already. If not, what are you waiting for now that you know what your superpower is? If it’s hidden from view just dig around inside yourself a bit and you’ll find it. In no time, you’ll see how working with your innate superpower can begin to perform miracles and help manifest a life that brings you more joy, while also helping others. Now isn’t that the best way to use your superpower?

Feel free to give yourself a new superhero name and share it in any of our social media if you like.

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