Agreement of Services

By clicking “agree”, “subscribe”, “submit birth data”, or “buy now” on any of our forms or pages you also agree to accept the following terms of services.

  1. Rob Shaw conducts personal horoscope readings and Rob Shaw Astrology business in English only. We apologize and hope to speak more languages in the next lifetime. We provide readings only to the person requesting the reading and using their own birth data. We do not read horoscopes of people to other people except in the case of dependent children under age 18 when a horoscope for a child may be read to one or both parents. Once a child reaches legal age of 18 in Canada they do not need a parent’s consent or presence during a reading. For children and youth under age 16 it is requested they not be present during the reading but both parents should be if possible.
  2. We cannot guarantee any outcome discussed during the reading. The information and advice given is in the spirit of guidance as a consultant based on planetary cycles contained in a personal horoscope. The goal is to guide the client to better decision making when obtaining a personal reading using their horoscope. Rob Shaw Astrology has no influence on the stars, people or outcomes and you accept that information discussed during any appointment is acted upon solely at your own discretion.
  3. We conduct appointments only as live Zoom meetings for mutual security reasons but we cannot guarantee the reliability of client internet apps and connections. Please aim for an appointment time where you have the highest bandwidth to have best video and recording results. Setting your recording bandwidth to best settings to improve your video recording quality is also requested (this may mean telling the kids, spouse or cat to get off the internet).
  4. We guarantee the security and privacy of information exchanged during the meeting but no information is retained by Rob Shaw Astrology except for a digital format horoscope chart for any future horoscope appointment. The Zoom meeting is live and not recorded by Rob Shaw Astrology. No personal information about any client is retained in any recorded manner by Rob Shaw Astrology except the client contact and subscription information. Our client information is not shared with any other party except for conducting some of our services such as Mailchimp. This is expressly to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of our meeting and the information shared between us.
  5. Clients may record their personal horoscope readings through Zoom during the appointment for their own personal record and it is recommended they be alone. Rob Shaw Astrology does not give permission for the use or reuse of the recorded images, video or any image, likeness or voice audio recording of Rob Shaw, or portrayal of his person or the business known as Rob Shaw Astrology other than as a record of the meeting for private viewing by the client. No other reproduction or reuse of any client horoscope reading is authorized and you agree that this is understood. In turn your private and identifying information is never shared with other parties. Anonymous horoscopes which are unidentifiable are used in classroom settings and through online learning by Rob Shaw Astrology. We are serious about our security and yours.
  6. Refunds cannot be given for any reason but we’re humans still and if any issue arose from a reading contact us for discussion and resolution. We aim to help our clients but the fee is for services rendered only at the appointed time, or for gift certificates. Subsequent and future appointments are subject to usual fees or an hourly rate of $100./hour CAD and missed appointments will be subject to 25% surcharges for re-booking.
  7. Any free reading won or obtained by a client at no cost to them would have to be redeemed within one year of receiving the gift certificate or free reading.
  8. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for any security concerns or FAQ for more info, or contact us with any questions.

Thank you for checking us out or for being a client and subscriber! On to your purchase.