With a practice spanning 40 years many clients will return for update horoscope readings. A returning client is especially nice as I know they wouldn’t pay my fee again unless they had a positive experience.

I’m fortunate to have grateful happy clients who are also kind enough to provide a testimonial and share how their readings helped them. Here’s what some have to say:

Rob is extremely gifted! I feel very positive after my readings and more prepared for my future. The precision of his readings this year alone leave me speechless. During a stormy time in March I had a reading from Rob but he outlined that things would not be in my favour for some time. This ended up being true! He also told me things would turn around as the summer approached (true!) and that I would find happiness starting a new career at the end of July. I started July 27th and I can say with gratitude this is the best job I have ever had. Not only was he spot-on with the positive events that came my way he also provided me with the ability to prepare for the negative periods. I am very grateful and blessed to have Rob acting as a 3rd eye for me through the accurate readings he has given me.

J.S. – Stouffville, ON – 8/27/20

I have always looked forward, with great anticipation, to Rob’s astrological readings. They are delivered with detail, insight and humour. He has shed a spotlight on my path when I didn’t see the way, foretelling a career in sales, and an ability to write. At the time I never dreamed those things would become two of my passions!

J.D. – Grimsby ON – 8/13/2020

The first time I had a reading from Rob was in 2002.  He blew me away at the beginning of the reading when he asked me, “Have you broken the bone below your knee yet?”  I had broken my left fibula (bone below the knee) just a couple years earlier. He has continued to be accurate with his guidance and advice on present and future circumstances in my life.  As recently as this summer he asked me a very specific and direct question with respect to a family member and again, blew me away.  I have trusted Rob for years and I have found him to be very accurate and insightful, direct and compassionate. 

C.G. – Toronto ON – 8/9/2020

Rob did several readings for me over the past 15 years, and I am very happy with our appointments as he is very accurate. He has helped me with advice for my marriage and family relationships and also for work. His advice to go back to school and expand my work skills helped me greatly in my career.

M.F. – Toronto ON – 8/8/2020

Was such a great chat with Rob. He reassured me about where I’m at in life right now and gave some great guidance for what’s to come! Very excited to see how things pan out!

K.Z. – London UK – 8/7/2020

When Rob said I would have, or someone close to me would have “water issues” I couldn’t believe it. My son had just purchased a new house and that first night a pipe broke in the upstairs bathroom and there was water everywhere. If you want to know where you are heading or what not to do, let Rob Shaw complete an astrological chart for you.

L.G. – London ON – 8/7/2020

I have had  astrology readings from Rob over the past 20 Years! His approach is to give you insight into yourself and your life using astrology. He has a way to turn a negative aspect into a positive. He saw in my chart a major change in my life that would involve moving. I would never have imagined that within a year I would have moved to British Columbia as I have only moved within my own community a couple of times and I do not like to be uprooted. I value and trust Rob’s interpretations of my astrology chart over the years. He gets to know you and refers back to previous readings that can give further insight into changes that are coming. 

M.H. – Victoria BC – 8/6/2020

I wanted to let you know that it has been wonderful to have your readings as they surely have helped me navigate through these last few months full of obstacles. For example, back in January when you told me to save my money and avoid spending it on non essential items, I am sure glad I listened to you because shortly thereafter Covid-19 hit, and I lost my job! Another example is just recently when I came to you full of stress wondering how I was going to survive without a job, you told me my reading showed great promise, and that a positive change would happen at the end of July. Guess what Rob? You were right! In fact I received two wonderful job offers at the end of July, so wonderful that I could spend a week trying to decide which one was best. So thank you Rob – what a talented man you are!

J.S. – Rochester NY – 8/6/2020

Rob did my daughter’s chart when she was a baby and said she would be very intelligent and be a performer.  Well, she is a straight A theatre kid.

C.S.  – Riverview MI – 8/5/2020

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