Rob’s Bio

This site is written mostly in the first person so yes Rob Shaw wrote this bio.

I was born and raised in Essex County, Ontario Canada. One summer night when I was about 5 years old I was able to sneak outside to play with some cousins who were visiting. While playing tag I ended up on the ground on my back and for the first time I saw a clear starry night sky. I literally gasped out, “WOW!” when I saw that beautiful sight and to this day I still love to go out when it’s clear and observe the nighttime sky. I believe I was born to be an astrologer.

Image by TweSwe from Pixabay

Fifty years ago on another summer’s day when I was still a child I was flipping channels looking for cartoons when I came across the Phil Donahue show who had a guest appearing claiming to be an astrologer and able to tell people what was going on in their lives based on their birth date. I thought to myself that it sounded like a lot of bull, so I watched the show and it caught my interest. I was amazed that audience members confirmed the astrologer’s statements or questions and I thought, “how can this even be possible?”

In 1970, at the dawn of that crazy decade I discovered astrology and began a lifelong study of an art that today I am still studying. For the first time ever I am now working full time as an astrologer. Previously, astrology was always a weekend and evening pursuit while I worked full time in sales, marketing and media. I enjoyed seeing astrology could help people.

I never set out to make a full time living as an astrologer although I have performed thousands of readings for a few thousand clients over the years. I felt that it was wrong for me to market something that became so much a part of my heart and soul. I felt I was channelling higher knowledge from the Universe and a low-key approach was best. I had no need for celebrity or making bold claims about what I did. I focused on sincerely trying to help my clients.

I taught astrology for many years, as well as meditation for over 25 years. I was a guest lecturer or conducted classes in interpreting dreams and other such things once called New Age. I even co-hosted an alternative health radio show in Toronto for a year. In the late 1990’s I published a magazine called Healing Arts.

Today, the world, our families, neighbourhoods and friends are dealing with a shocking pandemic. Because previous clients told me so, I know that a horoscope reading may help someone find some firmer ground in their life. I know my work as an astrologer is far from an essential service but I also feel it really could help some individuals not knowing what to do next.

Astrology may not be a choice for everyone and it does not need to be like anything else. Most of what the average person believes about the art is misinformation or downright silly and my articles are intended to correct some of these common beliefs. Astrology is not and does not have to be a part of any religion today and it sure isn’t mine but it is an art form that I have worked with for a few decades and I understand it operates within a realm of what we call mysticism.

Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

Astrology also suits Jungian theories of archetypes and its history is rooted in religion and worship of multiple gods or ancient archetypes that still have a resonance with today’s archetypes.

Over my decades of study I see that astrology has similar roots to a language in some respects. It is as much a form of language as English or French with a defined structure of words, symbols, phrases and parts of speech that when all strung together tells a story or gets a meaning across.

Archetypes such as those used in astrology have been with us for as long as humans have been around. Astrology is a theoretical tool applying interpretation of the planetary cycles in their orbits through the zodiac signs for information using these archetypes. Some say it is a form of divination; others believe it is a celestial map of Jungian archetypes.

Astrology persists in spite of the aims of science and religion to demonize it as a pseudoscience or form of devil worship. Ancient peoples called their archetypes gods and today these archetypes represent our values, morals and ideals in much the same way the gods did to the ancients. There is no pseudo-devil anything beyond astrology being a very old art form.

The aim of this bio was for you to learn a bit about me and my astrology background. At an age normally reserved for semi-retirement I’m thrilled to be able to do a job I love.

Rob Shaw, Astrologer