Relationship Horoscope Reading

relationship horoscope reading

A relationship horoscope reading involves comparison of your natal chart with another person’s. This can be a spouse or any other adult or child. It’s recommended both are present for the appointment.

You must have their permission to share their birth information and obtain this reading. In a comparison reading with a child under the age of 18 the child’s permission is not required. A comparison of any two children or adults can be completed but the permission of at least each adult or parent of each child is required.

A relationship horoscope reading can reveal a lot of information about how two people can get along. Clues to improved interactions or how to resolve problem areas may be determined. Here is specifically what this reading may reveal:

  • shared talents or different skills that can be utilised for mutual benefit
  • hidden problems or situations within the relationship that may arise
  • your best options for a balanced relationship
  • any hidden communication issues & how to improve relating to one another
  • when & how to improve mutual investments or activities together
  • how to improve or maintain a healthier relationship whether that be with family, friend, romantic partner, or a work relationship
  • previous life or relationship issues affecting the current relationship

Relationships Take Mutual Support & Understanding

relationship horoscope reading
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As the planets are constantly orbiting the sun creating harmonious or challenging relationships they appear to indicate cycles of change or events in life. Sometimes a partner in life goes through changes, or you both do. We are all subject to changes whether under our control or not. Astrology can indicate when and where these changes may occur and how to weather relationship issues when undergoing certain planetary cycles.

Knowledge of your relationship horoscope can put you both in the driver’s seat of change to create a better future and healthier relationship. Click here for our FAQ page to answer the most common questions about a horoscope reading.

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90 minute relationship horoscope reading – $225. CAD*

* This price does not include a monthly horoscope forecast. Appropriate Canadian taxes for your province will be applied. No tax added if outside of Canada.

After submitting birth data you will receive a confirmation reply. Payments can be made on our Purchases page via debit or credit card using our secure PayPal account but you do not need a PayPal account. You may also pay for any reading via Interac eTransfer using the email address given in the confirmation reply. Thank you for your interest in our services.

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Rob did several readings for me over the past 15 years, and I am very happy with our appointments as he is very accurate. He has helped me with advice for my marriage and family relationships and also for work. His advice to go back to school and expand my work skills helped me greatly in my career.

M.F. – Toronto ON – 8/8/2020

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