Past Life Reading

past life reading

A horoscope chart can be cast for the past, present or future so it makes sense that astrology can be a tool of discovery for past lives. Particular planets, areas of the horoscope, and time frames in astrology can reveal past life issues. A past life reading highlights what these are and may help you focus on specific areas of your present life. Your general karma, the unique gifts you bring with you into this life, and major problem areas can all be determined. Here is what a past life reading may reveal:

  • the talents and skills brought into this life and what you could be doing with them
  • the kinds of problems, situations or people that crop up from time to time that need to be addressed
  • love and romance issues from past lives; unrequited love, fated romances and karmic debts in close relationships that may need your attention
  • what you are intended to learn, develop or manifest for a happier present life and how to achieve better karma
  • karmic health issues; why you may have particular pain or illness & how past life health problems may be manifesting today
  • problems with finances from the past and determining what carryovers may be present in the current life
  • where and how you can “pay off” karmic debts or reap greater rewards now and in future lives

Past Life Issues Are Often Brought Forward

past life reading
Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay

This type of reading would best suit anyone wanting to become more aware of past lives, problems and situations and is based solely on your personal horoscope. It is not likely a past life reading will determine particular incarnations that may be identifiable. However, a past life reading can help fill in the blanks when incomplete past life information has been determined previously whether through clairvoyance, a medium, a dream, an “inner knowing” or another manner.

Although specific verifiable details may not be given, most clients report they agree with or “resonate” with the information given during a past life reading. This experience can be a unique gift idea for anyone interested in reincarnation.

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TESTIMONIALRob has been a valued source of guidance for me for many years. I recently consulted him for a past life reading and was blown away by how detailed and insightful it was. The events of this year have caused me to feel some confusion related to my path in life: how I have developed as a person, how I express my interests and skills through my work, the challenges I face in relationships. Rob shed light on all of these areas in such a thought-provoking way that I now have a clearer vision of what comes next for me. I can’t emphasize enough how worthwhile this session was and I highly recommend Rob’s services.

J.M. – Toronto, ON – 11/17/20

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