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Mars Retrograde

This autumn Mars is turning retrograde in the sign of Aries on September 9th which will probably make the next two months even more interesting. It will make a station and turn direct again on November 13th. During this approximate 66 day retrograde Mars is in square to Saturn in Capricorn until the 6th of October. Shortly after on the 13th as Mercury turns retrograde Mars will square Jupiter for several weeks. Pluto is also in Capricorn squaring Mars off and on possibly blowing this all out of proportion. Once Mars moves direct again it will then square a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in 2021–but let’s stay with what all this means to a Mars retrograde in autumn 2020 and how it may affect you.

Firstly, it may not affect you at all. That all depends on what your sign is and what your personal horoscope looks like. It is most likely to affect the cardinal signs but fire and earth signs may also be influenced. Even if you are none of these signs you could still feel repercussions as you may have a planet or point that is in the pathway of this major planetary cycle.

Secondly, if this major planetary aspect affects you don’t panic as it may be a sign that something better will be found later that may not have been able to arrive until the deck got cleared so to speak. Below, there are some details on how it may or may not affect your sun sign.

The problem with Mars turning retrograde while squaring Saturn is because Saturn is a planet of discipline, restrictions, delays, frustrations, tyranny, and also responsibilities and the general past. In its own sign of Capricorn it is especially strong. Mars, a planet of action, reaction and conflict and the Minor Malefic is in its own sign of Aries and is in conflict with the Major Malefic Saturn. This makes this time period particularly powerful and potentially dangerous.

The fury and energy of Mars steadily increases in equal and opposite form to the resistance or blockage that Saturn symbolizes. A powerful and true impasse is at work with these two planets. Something has to give and if a workable deconstruction or compromise cannot be found then destructive forces may take over. Some people will find Saturn brings back people or situations from the past and sometimes the same problems.

You are more likely to be affected by Mars retrograde if you are a cardinal sign born after these dates: Aries born after April 4, Cancers born after July 5, Libras born after October 6, or Capricorns born after January 5. This group may suffer major conflicts, losses, an accident or illness as life event(s) that may tear down a part of their life, or to be deconstructed and then rebuilt after the retrograde.

It may be difficult for the cardinal signs to avoid the worst this retrograde Aries square has to offer but know that reconstruction is the ultimate goal and a destructive event is part of the process. Proactively working to dismantle old, outworn life structures or personality traits can help defray the pain somewhat. Any blow-ups or destructive events are pointing to the area of your life that needs reconstruction or renovation.

Fire signs born after these dates: Ariens born after April 4, Leos born after August 5 or Sagittarians born after Dec 5 may actually experience a big step forward after this configuration is over. If the Mars connects positively with other fire signs progress can be made but again, a deconstruction may have to occur first but will be less destructive than what cardinal signs will deal with. Rebuilding after the retrograde should prove to be a time of immeasurable growth for these signs.

Earth signs born after these dates: Taurus’ born after May 14, Virgos born after Sep 15 and Capricorns born after January 11 may even benefit from this configuration, although perhaps after a struggle. If Saturn connects positively with other earth planets in your horoscope the energy of the square could work in your favour now or in the future. Saving money and resources for future need is the highlight of this for earth signs ultimately. If the Jupiter square is also involved with earth or finance signs an influx of money is possible.

Lastly, after all this if you have planets other than your sun in the pathway of this planetary wrecking crew you could be affected still no matter what your sun sign is.

The Mars retrogrades are intended to make us see where previous actions have taken us, and allow us to reconsider or redo actions we’ve undertaken. Like a Mercury retrograde that has us retrace our steps in areas that involve Mercury, the Mars retrograde is a time when we renegotiate and retrace activities related to Mars. It may do this first by creating a conflict or impasse that must be resolved. Accidents and injuries are more likely to occur during this time and may be warnings to slow down and pay attention to what’s in front of us, or what we’ve ignored for too long.

Mars appear to have us retrace our steps in relationships, activities for work or personal matters, or any activity that may have to reformatted. Mars is often a catalyst for change and this period may bring a few changes to some with so many planets involved. How positive or negative these changes are may be better understood by looking at how Mars retrograde may affect your sun sign.



This Mars retrograde is in your sign and there is good and bad in that. The good news is you are a pro at dealing with Mars in Aries as it is your ruling planet. The bad news is that it tends to over-activate your already less-charming Aries’ traits including impatience, irritability, surliness, complaining, and your pushiness and these may increased during a Mars retrograde. You’ll probably piss somebody off. A good rule of thumb during the retrograde is to give the other person the benefit of the doubt as you are feeling especially aggressive and may or may not be aware of it. If you feel you are the victim of someone else and their aggression defend yourself as you must but remember reacting is not necessarily as good a defence as resisting any reaction at all. Opponents are usually trying to elicit a reaction from you and they know since you’re reactive you’re liable to blow making you look like the perpetrator. Conflict will not exist if one does not participate. If you want to win, turn the tables on any opponent and give them Saturn in Capricorn’s brick-laden, indestructible wall instead of your usual reaction while you and Saturn are keeping so cosy. Keep your Aries and martian impatience to yourself or better yet during this time learn a healthier way to release your stress and impatience that doesn’t include fighting with people. Meditation is a great way to learn self-control and will teach you mastery over your own actions. Or learn martial arts now if you need to really defend yourself from harm and in the future you’ll be ready to kick some ass, but try to be a peacemaker now not a warrior.



Your Mars retrograde is going on partly behind the scenes. Some of you are not aware of the trouble coming as it is hidden but it will be revealed soon. It is likely that something or someone from the past is creating trouble again but this old information is going to be very valuable to your present situation. If there is no conflict in your life now thank your Higher Spirit as the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are shielding you from the current martian Arien wrath. The signs on either side of our sun sign may be helpful at times and Mars in the 12th may be your hidden reserve of energy and defence. It can also indicate a hidden enemy so keep your eyes and ears open. Your sign is skilled at conflict resolution and if anyone is taking you on they could be sorry. Saturn is in a position to help you and if it is also bolstered by Jupiter and Pluto now you are not going to be the loser. You could choose to step aside and go your own way during this time. By the new year your life is more self-directed and your energy level will steadily increase helping you to move on from any devastation that occurred in 2020. For now, resist and be patient while the rest of the world goes crazy.



The Mars retrograde may be helpful to the Twins but not if you are the reactionary kind of Gemini frightened of every pip and squeak. You are easily spooked but also easily fired up with anger so steamrolling Mars in Aries retrograde may at first have your back up and you’re on high alert and potentially freaking out. Relax. For your sign, the retrograde square may be experienced somewhat positively as Mars sextiles Gemini from Aries, and Saturn in Capricorn forms a quincunx to Gemini, an aspect as unusual as it sounds. Also called an inconjunct and safer to say when around family and the hard of hearing, a quincunx brings together two signs that don’t often work together but may have a special skill in common. In the case of Gemini and Capricorn it is their ability to work with their hands as extensions of their powerful minds. Gemini ruled by Mercury is smart, Capricorn ruled by Saturn is wise. The combination could be terrific together but the quincunx aspect requires a “sacrifice” or something to be given up for the positive influence to kick in. I know it sounds crazy but what do you expect from a planetary aspect called a quincunx? The point is, if Gemini is willing to do the work the Mars Saturn square is pushing during this time the special talent discovered (or rediscovered) will prove to be very helpful to you in the near future and worth the effort. I can’t be any more clear than this so call me a mystic if you must but the special problem and resolution may have something to do with your ego (Aries) your thought processes (Gemini) and your responsibilities to yourself or others (Capricorn).



On the one hand you’ve been dealing with the Mars Saturn Jupiter Pluto configuration for a while off and on. Even your Cancerian patience has been tested to the limit by this one and unfortunately this is not over until the end of the year. The good news is this is the last couple months you should have to deal with this problem. Also, someone may be coming into your life that will help resolve the problem. Make sure you can rely on this person as s/he/they may become a long-term partner to you. Here’s how the Mars retrograde breaks down for you. It may be taking you back through old ground in your work and career. It is very likely you do not want to be doing this but it is necessary. You tend to live in the past as it is so this planetary configuration may be intended to shake you out of your complacence. Sorry if that happens but it may be for the best. You don’t always defend yourself properly as you like to help others and like to be nurturing. But all that giving may also give you a great thirst to be “fed” emotionally (you’re moon-ruled and it is all about emotions and hormones) and if you are not being nurtured you are not good for yourself or anybody as you feel “off”. Healing and recovery should be your primary goals now. Unfortunately, Saturn in Capricorn has been putting heavy brakes on you getting what you need and want. Some of you may get very irritated and angry over this and blow your top but will that really achieve anything? Instead, use this Mars retrograde time to explore your history only to follow your step-by-step progress to the present day and search for clues. Then you may see what went wrong and where and have an opportunity to reconstruct this part of your life when Mars is direct again in November.



Like Gemini and other signs you may not have to endure major troubles at this time but some frustrations are bound to occur. Mars even in retrograde is friendly to your sign as a trine, usually the most positive aspect in astrology. Its retrograde allows you to redo something the right way this time. Although it squares Saturn in Capricorn there is a positive transformation possible for you but you’ll probably cause yourself more pain by resisting changes at first. Mars tends to fire up any planet or sign it activates and your sign does not need firing up as Leo is a fire sign so try not to be overbearing or impulsive. What Mars can do now is give you an amazing boost of energy that will be really positive for you as you start a new job or project, or it could fire up your ego and your need to control and uncover a few problems you weren’t aware of. Be the Leo hero now and not the vainglorious villain creating unnecessary disputes. Fortunately, disputes with a positive Sun Mars connection are often easily resolved. What is not so easily resolved is the Saturn part that quincunxes your sun in Leo. As this aspect’s other name implies, an inconjunct is two planets challenged to work together while having little in common. But, the two incompatible signs actually harbour a secret power they share and utilizing this skill is what will bring out the secret talent or skill the quincunx denotes. For you, Leo and Capricorn are both fatherly and paternalistic signs. They are often responsible disciplinarians when not verging on the tyranny both signs are famous for. Unfortunately, your past actions Leo, represented by the Saturn Mars square may come back to haunt you but only so they can be resolved once and for all. Resolution should be your goal not continuing the dispute with revenge or complaining. Your skills as a kindly, avuncular or paternalistic positive influence is very much needed now, even if you are female. Channel the positive energy your sun symbolizes to spotlight the darkness symbolized by Mars and Saturn in conflict so you can bring about a resolution that works for you.



Saturn has been very kind to you Virgo while it has kicked most everyone else in the gonads. Thank your lucky stars for that and you may also come out unscathed from this Mars retrograde if you do not also have cardinal signs in your horoscope. With Saturn in Capricorn trining its fellow earthy sign Virgo, to you Saturn is like an old friend that does nothing but help you progress and grow in life. You don’t usually need to see the negative side of Saturn because you understand what it represents. You are disciplined and hard-working just like Saturn and Capricorn. This planet and sign are like Daddy Warbucks to Virgo’s Annie. Especially when working together Virgo and Capricorn are tremendously successful together due to their work ethics, and then add Jupiter and Pluto to the mix and the next couple months may be a huge upgrade for you. And if it wasn’t for that darn Mars in Aries in retrograde we could just say Bob’s your uncle. Truth is, you probably still can but people around you may be hurting and will need your special kind of love and nurturing to help healing and recovery. Your work over the next couple months may be the ticket for a future promotion or raise by end of year. If you are feeling fear or indecision now then that is just old fear represented by Saturn and if you don’t ditch it now you are going to miss out on future growth. Mars retrograde may allow you to retrace your steps and fix any financial or work issues that need to be in better balance.



If you are the lazy type of Libra who feels entitled or better than others I bet you had a helluva last few months. The pain and loss endured was the Universe’s way to say you have some things to look at and fix and one of those could be your attitude to life or people. If you are the type of Libra that has their work, friends, family and activities in balance, then you may have had to embrace unexpected changes in one or more areas but you can be a pro at maintaining balance during tough times. The main problem is that both Mars and Saturn are in conflict with the cardinal signs and you are the cardinal sign that abhors confrontation and conflict the most. You like every day to be rosy and nice but that is not realistic and you know it. You would get bored if you didn’t have something come along to upset your scales occasionally because you love nothing better than trying to achieve perfect balance. Still, this aspect may be more than you bargained for and the last several months likely reflected that. The good news is that Mars and Saturn in conflict have pushed you to look for new solutions to maintain your status quo. Some things may have to be sacrificed now. You could avoid some trouble by reviewing all important areas of your life now. Take note of anything needing repair or resolution and then add it to a list. After reviewing the list pick the easiest and most pressing concerns first to get in proper balance and just get to it Libra. This is not a time when you will be allowed to be lazy. The Universe will give you a big swift kick in the backside if you don’t start moving in the right direction so you could wait for that or work with this configuration by focusing attention on whatever is out of balance.



With big bad Pluto ruling your sign a Mars Saturn square wouldn’t scare you. Except this isn’t a little one, it is the big one. Mars is in its own sign of Aries in major conflict to Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn and both are bolstered by Jupiter and Pluto also in Capricorn. You may not have to worry though because these signs and planets have your respect and you can work with them. Mars is like the foster dad who raised you for your real dad Pluto and in the sign of Aries is not a real threat to you. In fact, this package could help you greatly get ahead at work assisted by Saturn in Capricorn who gets things moving for you as it positively sextiles your sign. The Mars Saturn square and retrograde Mars has to play out but they may eventually give you a boost in your career and involve a move to a new place or up the ladder. Your standing in the community and at work may also increase. But issues with peers or neighbours or people at work may arise. They likely can’t hurt you but the noise or trouble they make could affect everybody and is annoying and in your view possibly selfish. Crisis brings out the worst in people but for your sign it can bring out your better qualities as you are terrific in an emergency. Mars retrograde enables you to backtrack a bit in the workplace and gives you an opportunity to take another stab at something but this time armed with more knowledge and experience. Let Saturn’s or Capricorn’s experience and dedication guide you into making the right decisions for yourself and others. In other words, your attention to your responsibilities and commitments made should be honoured for the very best outcome. Leave the conflicts and strife to others.



The Mars retrograde may be helping you move or get it together in new territory. You don’t mind the influx of energy Mars provides as you’re always up to try or do something new. The problem is the square from Saturn brings potential for the same problem to come up again but with somebody else. If that is the case then is this the same problem only with two different people and situations? Is the common factor here you? Could it be your problem to resolve and not to be blamed on someone else? Compounding this aspect is Jupiter and Pluto also in Capricorn and aspecting Mars at some time in the same retrograde cycle. That can be a bit overpowering for you. You have great strength and endurance at times but like a racehorse that runs full tilt. After the race the horse is very stressed, tired, foaming at the mouth and needs to rest. If you are antagonistic or irritable during Mars retrograde then that is a sign you need to rest. Your fire sign energy is mutable which means it is changeable and intermittent not constant. Sagittarian and Jovian energy works best in spurts with frequent rests. If you are not getting rest in between all the demands that may come up during this time you may become ill or very irritable. So be warned and make sure you get some rest and relaxation time, unless laziness is the major issue, then this whole planetary package is designed to get you off of your butt and contribute more.  In this case, use the next two months to develop your skills and education or to work harder to bring the best results. And stop being so bossy.



It’s not your fault your ruling planet is so troublesome. As a cardinal earth sign you are very strong and could probably survive a blast from an alien spaceship. Saturn is one of the reasons for this and you can certainly handle your ruling planet even when he’s being tough on everyone else. Secretly, you’re happy that everyone else is dealing with what you deal with on a daily basis, admit it. you get tired of whiny baby adults quite easily. You believe that people get what they deserve. Ruled by Saturn the Lord of Karma you know that what you put out there is what you get back. What we all don’t understand is why do you persist on being your own worst enemy by putting negative energy out there when you know it’s only going to come back to bite you in the ass at a later time? Like during a Mars in Aries retrograde when it’s squaring your natal planet. Like Leo, Capricorn can learn to be more empathetic to the needs of others as you handle Saturn so well you forget how tough it is on the rest of us. You can stay underground forever when even Scorpio will come up for air as you take so long to go through your transformations. Are you transforming or are you hiding from yourself? The problem is that Mars is in Aries and it is very impatient with any behaviour that delays progress. So Mars and Saturn are having it out for the next couple months and this is mostly occurring in your own front yard. But why you say? Well probably because something you are hiding from yourself or have been avoiding is demanding you do something about it. Sometimes you need an aspect like this to bulldoze you out of the hole you dug for yourself. This retrograde square builds up a lot of stress, conflict and negativity. With a sign like yours the anger can burn and fester for a while and you may strike out at others. Remember that acid can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to the object on which it is poured. This square may be the straw that breaks your camel’s back and cause you to act out or strike out with fury and anger at someone else but it will come back to kick you in the backside. Your own behaviour may be the issue now, not the behaviour of others at present or in the past. You may be the problem that is preventing you from moving forward. Any kick in the ass you receive now is probably necessary to open your eyes to areas of life that need your positive attention. Work with this powered up square and you may achieve tremendous gains. If things are out of your hands then accept your losses and move on. You may find it is best to leave some people or a situation behind during this time and start anew for a better 2021.



The Mars retrograde in Aries makes you want to run for the hills but maybe just for a vacation. You’re getting weary of all the trouble this year and although you can deal with emergencies you have a shorter time limit on patience than other signs. The interesting thing is that Mars in Aries can move you in some valuable new direction when direct again. Not during the retrograde part but during this cycle you may discover something hidden that comes to light. This knowledge can be turned into or used in tandem with a skill that can help you move forward in one or more areas of life or in your career specifically. Sometimes travel is required to obtain this new skill or to develop a new chapter in life so a relocation or move is not out of the question. Just try not to do that during the Mercury retrograde too as that could be asking for trouble during the Mars Pluto square occurring during Mercury’s autumn retreat. Mechanical breakdowns can occur at this time requiring a postponement of travel plans or a new itinerary. Repairs are better now than an actual replacement so try not to be impulsive and replace anything broken down at a later time if possible. This period is actually a time when the Universe is asking you to slow down or just take some more time looking at where you are versus where you want to be or think you should be. If you haven’t been realistic about your life this time period will show you the reality of your situation and what needs to be done. It’s not that dreams can’t be realized, but you will have to work harder or compromise to obtain what you want. Anything you worked hard to have or keep in 2020 you will give more appreciation to and value more.



The retrograde Mars Saturn square may not be so terrible for you so you can put worry aside. For one, your ruling planet Neptune is in your own sign now making positive aspects to the Capricorn planets. That is especially opportune for you when most everyone else is suffering. Count your blessings! These Capricorn planets are helping you realize a few dreams and fantasies now. Whether these were huge dreams you’ve had since childhood or more recent goals your hopes and wishes have a very good chance of manifesting now. If you’re lucky enough to not have the Mars retrograde involved with that then there is no catch. But if Mars is involved then you have some relationships that need healing. Most squabbles between friends or lovers is over boundaries being crossed. Sometimes people lose track of boundaries and put their foot in their mouth or say or do something they regret. This is one of those times now potentially so guard what you say and what you put in writing so it doesn’t come back to haunt you. Consider being more forgiving now if someone was offended as you may be oversensitive now. Try to keep all communications clear, short, friendly and concise to keep out of trouble. People are more sensitive to take offence now in our call-out society where everybody thinks they’re perfect and it’s okay to point out other’s deficiencies. Nobody gets away with anything anymore unless you’re rich. On your worse days you may strike back at criticism or for being called out but is that really wise? Karma is a bitch but only if you are one. Unfortunately, this Mars retrograde Saturn square may bring out your reactive and sensitive side. Try not to take things out on your boss or people important to you or you may just increase your pain. If you can dig deep into the Saturn aspect that is calling you to answer your dreams then this is a better use of your time than getting involved in the petty disputes this configuration may indicate. If you find yourself in conflict during this time a sincere effort at compromise could quickly soothe bruised feelings.

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Title image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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