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Your Kids’ Zodiac Sign and Back to School

your kids zodiac sign and back to school

Many years from now we’ll look back at 2020 and still be shaking our heads and wondering how we got through this time. It isn’t over yet and parents have been very challenged when deciding the best options for their kids; continue to home school or trust sending kids back to public or private school. You may find this hard to believe but that answer may be found in your little cutie’s horoscope. Let’s take a look at your kids’ zodiac sign and back to school.

By now decisions have probably been made and you chose the best option for you. Whether you consulted your child or not, you can help them adjust back to school by better understanding their best options for dealing with a very changed Back to School based on their zodiac.

Education is primarily represented by the Mercury position in a horoscope by its house, sign and aspects to other planets. Without constructing an individual horoscope then we rely on just the sun sign, and for this article we presume Mercury is in the same sign as the sun too.

These descriptions are for Sun and Mercury in the same sign. Since Mercury can only be in the same sign as your sun sign, or the one just before or after it, if you find the sun sign description for your kid doesn’t fit, try the one right before or after it. E.g. if your child is an Aries but it’s not “fitting” check out Pisces and Taurus and one of these may be closer to your child’s personality.


Parents of Aries children have probably been on their knees for weeks praying that schools would open. Home-schooling a Ram kid is challenging as they have a very short attention span, they are impatient, they may not finish what they start, and they can be mouthy. Aries kids are usually very smart and quick and not easily led as they like to be the leader. They misbehave or lose attention when bored. The key with them is to be firm and lay out the rules. Then ensure you explain to them that there is a plan and a goal at the end of the activity that they must achieve. They understand goal-setting and like to have something ahead to work towards because they are competitive, natural wanderers, and they enjoy a challenge and opportunity. They like to come out on top so set the standards a little high and keep encouraging them to climb higher. They need constant stimulation to be happy so ensure they get time for sports and playtime (safely for now). Social interaction is important to them and it allows them to let off steam and be more prepared to get back to lessons later.


Your Taurus the Bull is at the calf stage and needs guidance. Taurus kids need reassurance by parents that all will be okay as they don’t like unexpected changes and Covid-19 sure is one of those. They also greatly need the socialization with friends that school provides as it also gives them a greater exposure to creative outlets, so important to young Bulls. You know by now your kid is a bit stubborn and may have fought you on whatever was decided for their schooling this year and you will have to be vigilant to make sure they adjust to the changes. Otherwise, they prefer to stay in the past and may complain about wanting “the way things were last year”. Uranus currently in Taurus is adding to their rebellion against change perhaps and can be an opportunity to teach Taurus that life just never stays the same and they need to get used to it. Of course, they can retain a lot of what is in their past or present and point out to them that they still have the same friends, or activities, or school but for everyone’s health and safety they need to be strong and patient and make an effort to adjust. Explaining how adhering to health and safety guidelines will bring them better stability and security will have them understand the situation fully. They are not dummies, they just need a little extra time to learn and will benefit from a full explanation that is age appropriate.


Likely both you and your Gemini kid are eager for them to get back to school. Not only does your child have their symbol as the Twins they also have double the need to communicate, express their energy and perhaps some anxiety; and they will have a million questions. Generally, they welcome change, seeing it as something new and they face most new challenges with excitement and a fresh approach. Your kid may be able to adjust best of all the signs but they are also a bit vulnerable to respiratory illness so catching a cold or flu this year may have you freaking out. Do whatever you can to ensure their health and safety and make them sit still and listen to your rules while you explain why they must be compliant. Make it part of a game or reading a book if needed as their attention span can be short. They don’t really want to disobey (but they may fib!) they just get sidetracked and forget details. Make them understand that during this time details like following school and health protocols are very important.


Your kid’s sign is a bit of a worrier. They are very tied to their emotions and have a deep-seated fear of not having their needs met. Okay that may be more for adult Cancerians but the kids will have free-floating fears they may not understand too. They are constantly seeking and needing security so it is very important that you have your child understand you are concerned about their security and that is why they must follow the rules. Cancer kids are usually more obedient than other signs and they will often look out for their siblings and peers. Getting them involved with ensuring any health protocol is adhered to has them feel more secure while teaching them to overcome fears and be a part of the solution. They enjoy nurturing others while needing their own nurturing but that is one of the best traits of these kids. They can be very sweet and caring. They may have preferred home schooling and whatever was decided they will adjust, but there will be complaining which is often just expression of their fears.


Lion cubs are the cutest kids, and some of the most bratty but they warm your heart. They may be a bit spoiled and are used to getting their way. Or they are not spoiled and still want things their way. It’s difficult to get some Leo kids to understand a “NO” or to abide by new rules. Unless you make them part of the decision process. They want to be self-directed but are likely too immature now to make some decisions but including them (and steering them!) towards the best choice is good. They will feel they were heard and given some responsibility (to be self-empowered) and they may be more compliant than you expect. As a fixed sign, Leo understands boundaries and how a good person also cares for others. They don’t mind rules although they may flout them. Sometimes they want to be seen as very good and will behave well. It’s good to give Leo some responsibility but don’t let them be too bossy with others. You know sometimes they leave you wondering who is the parent and who is the child. And other times as you know, temper tantrums, threats, and the inner mini-dictator can erupt. Minimize these through positive reinforcement and NOT allowing bad behaviour to be tolerated without accountability.


Your child may have a fear of germs and contamination. Getting them to not feel fearful during a pandemic may be a tad difficult. As they also may be a little hypochondriac in the making you don’t want to add to any fears they may have. As you’re aware, your little Virgo is practical and logical like Mr Spock and that is what you can use to get them to understand you. They tend to love school and learning and are often very smart. Although they can work well on their own in isolation they need to socialize to develop those skills or you will have a little “bookworm” on hand who may be lonely. Arts and activities are as important as education and it may be a good idea to combine these with the usual three R’s (I can now hear the 3 younger generations asking, “What are the three R’s?”). The basic hard maths and sciences attract Virgo and they can understand the science behind why we need to be vigilant during Covid-19. They will follow the steps you lay out for them and be sure to listen to their suggestions on how to improve on them.


Libra is an air sign and ruled by Venus so they tend to love school for both the learning and social aspect of it. They would much rather do the arts and after school activities than the actual work. As a cardinal sign they understand the importance of setting goals and doing the work first because the balance is achieved with the reward afterwards. They feel that is fair as they balance everything in their minds first. The worst part of this is they don’t like to make up their mind on their own and will seek yours and everybody’s input. They may try to tell you how things will be since you know they can be surprisingly assertive compared to their usual sweet, cheery side. Since they can be smart and they keep up with whatever is current don’t be surprised if they already have the latest news. They may even be already prepared… or not! Your Libra kid loves to procrastinate as you know and constant reminders are often necessary before they actually finish tasks. They will likely look forward to back to school even with some restrictions on their activities (if so expect complaining). Other Librans are very timid and if they know they are well-loved they’ll do whatever mom and dad feels is best and they’re intuitively intelligent enough to avoid dangerous places. Start their reminders early to get things done!


It’s very possible your Scorpio child has already told you how things will be. They like to do what they want and it’s not just their need for control; they are very resourceful and great problem-solvers and they like to face a challenge and figure things out for themselves. They tend to mature before other children and can be responsible and diligent, often getting great reports from school (if they’re not a bully). They need to be encouraged to get out and socialize sometimes as isolation may not be an issue for them. But every child needs to get out and among friends and with your kid’s natural loner tendencies encourage them to socialize more but with safety in mind. If you have the more obstinate Scorpio type of child having them understand the repercussions of not following your health guidelines is best. Don’t ever hesitate to use humour to get a Scorpio child to understand something or comply. They respond way better to that than threats or punishment. It’s good to remember your Scorpio child may choose your elder care in the future. Okay I’m kidding but it is very important to instill cooperation in them and that they can’t always have it their way.


Some Archers see school as a non-Hollywood version of Hunger Games or Harry Potter and they love the creative, learning and social atmosphere that school provides. Or they may be the lazy type of Sagittarius who charms their way out of trouble and work. They also have a vivid imagination and enjoy making their dreams and fantasies come true and as this part is a bit challenged for them now a little grumpiness is understandable. As a mutable sign your little Sag is very sociable and loves group activities and sports where they usually excel. They may also excel academically and have a large number of friends. As this sounds, there are some dangers with some of these activities now so be sure to have them understand they need to cut back temporarily. Archers can be diligent but they prefer to have fun first. They like to be the hero so encourage them to get involved in any online school groups and even take charge and create a fun online space for themselves and others. They’re great at bringing people together and this can be done while observing health and safety guidelines. Encourage them to replace some fun activities with extra schooling and reward them for their extra effort. They love a challenge like this especially if there is a reward at the end.


Fortunately, your kid is one of the most durable signs of the zodiac. One of the reasons they are so strong is because they have a strong survival instinct and they have an innate understanding of right and wrong. A time of public health crisis will be remembered by your child so try to help them through this time as much as possible no matter how strong and independent they appear. As you are aware, they tend to keep their feelings inside and you may not see what they’re really feeling. Your Sea-Goat kid is strong and in fact, they handle strife well even as a child and may adjust better during this time than other kids. They handle responsibilities and like to work side by side with mom and dad especially when helping younger siblings or friends. Most times you beam with pride with this strong child but why do they always challenge authority? Blame it on their ruling planet Saturn. Laying out your back to school health and safety protocols carefully with them and asking them if they fully understand will probably be enough to get them back to school without too much trouble. If issues arise, read and repeat protocols and ask them to agree. They like to keep their promises.


Although your child’s sign is ruled by the planet of chaos Uranus it doesn’t mean they don’t get upset during disasters. During troubling times your child may get very stone-faced and quiet and there are reasons for that. At first they may be fearful; they may understand the gravity of what is going on and they really don’t like sudden changes. They also are smart and analytical even from a young age and like to come up with inventive solutions. Some Aquarian reactions may surprise you as they can be a bit different than other kids. They may be still and quiet but talk to them as they may be hiding feelings. Some may have reacted without fear at all but make sure they are not in denial. Aquarius prefers to ignore trouble and sweep it under the carpet never to be addressed again but that is not really ideal as they avoid processing feelings. Emotions may need to be drawn out to avoid this. A calm discussion of any new back to school rules is probably best. Even if you feel afraid try not to let that trickle down to your mini water-bearer. They tend to be wary of any perceived threat and may be defensive. This will probably help them happily follow the rules to stay healthy and safe. If you have the more reckless type of Aquarius child who likes to be rebellious and break the rules then allow them to do as much as they can online and reinforce your safety rules while letting them break a couple of non-dangerous rules to allow them to let off steam.


Your little pixie is quite the character. On the one hand they can be so sweet, like little angelfish, following your lead and doing everything you ask, behaving as good as gold. Then their opposite fish side takes over and due to curiosity and their desire to explore they may forget or ignore your warnings and guidelines. Your child is very trusting but they can also be very self-responsible with guidance. If you treat them like a Disney Princess then expect the whole kit and caboodle that comes with that including behaving like an entitled child-tyrant. You would serve your child better if you did not allow them to live too much in their dream world as the real world demands more from us than a Disney version of life. They may be very fearful of change or the unknown and that should be addressed first; this sign hangs on to fear for comfort and often based on childhood experiences. They will usually follow the rules as they often are sweet-tempered, but your little angel may also be a bit manipulative in wanting to get their own way. Pisces children are often precocious in one way or another as they quietly observe adults and they don’t miss much; they quickly learn how to manipulate your feelings. If you’re lucky, you can reason with your little one and have them understand that being a princess comes with responsibility and accountability and that it helps everybody to follow health authorities. They get that and will then likely follow your rules as they can be responsible children, and they have great respect for health care and nurturing people.

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