Astrology Is Not A Pseudoscience

astrology is not a pseudoscience

Pseudoscience is the pejorative term used by scientists of several disciplines to describe astrology and other ancient arts or practices which they do not study or understand. Astrology is a Mantic art or a form of divination with a history much longer than established science. Most astrologers today recognise astrology as a distinct language.

Due to their own egos and ignorance some scientists throughout history, and similar to organized religions, set themselves up as the authorities on what is “real” and what isn’t due to the “absence” of what they say is proof. Yet, as in the case of the humorously named former CSICOP organization (now known as CSI) which falsified their own scientific results that supported astrology when they set out to disprove it, fake science is as old as fake news.

With many scientists, it’s a matter of “it’s true or not true because we say so” which is hardly scientific as most science “fact” is accepted by consensus and not just evidence or “scientific repeatability”. Also, some scientists in their arrogance generally try to convince us they are the only source of “real” knowledge yet like to sweep under the carpet their many mistakes throughout history which clearly show they are far from infallible, and they constantly contradict their own pronouncements when new evidence is found. E.g. The German physicist, Ernst Florens Chladni published his scientific booklet in 1794 suggesting meteorites originated in outer space. The scientific community of the day mocked him (just as they mock astrology and religion) and questioned his science credentials calling into question his previous scientific achievements (i.e. they tried to ruin him). Just several years later Chladni was proven correct by other scientists but after having his reputation severely sullied.

It always surprises me that with many people when one mentions astrology or zodiac signs they immediately say, “Oh I don’t believe in that stuff”. With some of these people, it sounds like they are repeating the misinformation given to them by “science” and religion and they are afraid to actually think for themselves, preferring to toe the religious or scientific line and not appear deluded or out of step with popular consensus. However, we all are entitled to our own beliefs and that is as it should be. Unless you’re a member of CSI which claims to support skeptical inquiry yet may set out to discredit you or anyone that may believe in any “pseudoscience”. This sounds similar to the masculine toxicity spouted by a certain delusional US president when anyone disagrees with his lies. Like him maybe they believe that if you repeat a lie often enough it will be believed.

In my opinion astrology will one day be found to be valid by science although it has resisted a comprehensive explanation as to exactly how it works for thousands of years. Just because science is unable to explain phenomena does not mean it doesn’t exist or is not factually sound. Further unbiased research may achieve this, but not “skeptical inquiry” which just by that term denotes bias.

It doesn’t matter whether one believes the sun will rise and set tomorrow because it certainly will. In other words, your own belief, or disbelief, or the fact that you may have a doctorate or science degree has no bearing on the fact that the sun will appear to rise and set every day of your life. Whether this is actually seen or unseen or even understood by you or anyone else it is an established scientific fact (according to consensus). Belief is perception, and not always reality.

In the late 20th century, Dr. Michel Gauquelin (statistician and psychologist and his then wife Dr. Francoise Gauquelin) of France set out to prove the validity of astrology or what he called cosmobiology perhaps to distance himself from the negative bias of science. He discovered a statistical correlation between Mars and successful athletes which he named the “Mars effect”. The Gauquelins later found correlations between Saturn and other planets and certain career choices. He committed suicide in 1991 and one must wonder if the rejection of his statistical evidence was a contributing factor.

The association now known today as CSI and formally known as CSICOP or the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Claims of the Paranormal set out to disprove his claims yet actually were able to repeat his results. They then falsified their own results which resulted in a scandal and the resignation of one of their founding board members. Perhaps this was just one of the reasons they changed their name to CSI having failed at being the “psychic cops”. But it is more likely possible they absconded with the name of a very popular TV show of that era to lend popular credibility to their efforts and to distance or hide themselves from their heinous attempts to ruin another scientist they disagreed with who actually provided evidence for his claims.

Gauquelin’s research stands as proof that there is a statistical relationship between several planets and their placements in certain houses of the horoscope and one’s choice of career. Ironically, in their own web site’s history page (link above), it is stated, “… lawsuits [against CSI for libel] were an attempt to ‘drain skeptics financially’ and tie up all their time and resources” while they “believe deeply in a free press, freedom of speech and scientific inquiry and the importance of dissent.”

Apparently some scientists don’t like when we disagree with them and call them out on their attempts to control the narrative, i.e. astrology is a pseudoscience because they say so and we better dare not disagree. So freedom of speech and dissent is only for scientists?

Today, physicists are exploring quantum physics and quantum entanglement which may some day prove a relationship between the Earth’s inhabitants and astrology and maybe satisfy some scientists. If that happens, you can bet many will sweep under the carpet any relationship to astrology and quantum physics in the same way that some astronomers generally treat astrology as their old whore of a mother that they are ashamed of and they pretend doesn’t exist. Astronomy was born from astrology is my point and deserves a tiny bit of respect from science.

Visit here for a list of other “scientific truths” once believed by science yet later “superseded” or proven incorrect, although in this list they still persist in stating that practices such as homeopathy and numerology are “pseudosciences”. Because they say so.

Perhaps some of the most conceited of these scientists may be cured of their ignorance by medical bloodletting.

Title image by Rafael Moura Sb. from Pixabay

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